Freak [Frerard]

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  1. wow I just read this, I doubt you'll see this but oh well, so...
    First:wow that was amazing, you had me hyperventilating, crying, heart breaking and just going crazy.
    Second:Your A/N rant you did saying how gerard was like you in a way, yeah that rant, I wish I could have managed to find that before puting this reply here cause well, I feel the same and there was something I really wanted to say about it but cause I couldent find it I can't and I shall make a mibba just to read your stuff on it and find that A/N rant and say what I wanted untill I forgot.
    third(well I think third):For english not being your first language you are amazing at it, better than A LOT of people I know who's first language is english, I swear your english is most likely better than mine. So I think thats all though I hope that I dont suddenly remember and have to double post. :D
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    I am having a bit of trouble getting to your mibbia. The link you put does not work. Could you please help and put a new link on this site?

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