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    sorry to hear every thing has been shitty
    and i hope it all turns out good.
    but welcome back, your fic has been worth the wait :)
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    43 - Is this the end?

    At first both Frank and Gerard felt it was a good idea for them to spend some time apart. And it was, at first. They had their own things to do, their own friends, it seemed like a good balance. Again – at first.

    Then Frank got a decent paying job in a guitar store, and he got free guitar lessons on the side. Brilliant of course, as it was the first time in his life that Frank had a job he really enjoyed. But it did mean longer and more days away. Then of course the guitar lessons on the side – as well as the band he helped out sometimes. Selling merch, rigging the stage before a gig etc. He was doing it simply to get a foot into the music business. Though it did mean late nights away and sometimes even whole weekends away.

    And Gerard, who for the first time in his whole life had friends, was making great progress too. He had even managed to get a part time job in a bookstore. It didn’t pay great, but it was a job. A real job, his own real job. Other than that he still saw his group three days a week and he was taking an art course every Saturday morning.

    It seemed as if everything was going great, and it was, but… they never saw each other. When Gerard was home, Frank was either sleeping – exhausted from long working hours – or he was out. And vice versa. It had been almost two months since they’d had sex, and that wasn’t like them. When they first moved in together they had had sex every day. And everywhere in the apartment; the bed, the couch, the shower, and even on the kitchen table. That left Gerard feeling so guilty (“My mother eats at this table!”) that he scrubbed it five times with every sort of soap they had. Frank was very amused, while Gerard wasn’t amused at all.

    They never ate together, or even slept together. Most of the time Gerard would leave early in the morning and Frank would be back very late. Unfortunately they were both so busy with their new things that they didn’t even notice what was happening. Frank never stopped to compliment Gerard for the paintings he had made and that now hung in their living room. And Gerard didn’t look twice at Frank’s hair even if it was much shorter and also bright red.

    They didn’t do it on purpose, they were just so busy.

    It had been two months of this, before Frank came home from work one day, knowing he and Gerard needed to have a long talk. As soon as he stepped inside on that Tuesday, much earlier than he normally would be home, he called out to Gerard.

    “Gee? Where are you?” Frank struggled with getting his converses off as he heard Gerard’s response from somewhere in the apartment. He cursed under his breath as he finally managed to get his shoes off and threw them on the floor, not bothering to put them away. His stomach was turning and his palms sweating.

    When he walked into the living room he found Gerard sitting in front of his canvas, busy painting something that strongly looked like the zoo where Mikey and Frank had taken Gerard on that first weekend so long ago. Frank swallowed nervously while taking a seat in the couch, his eyes not leaving Gerard.

    “You’re home early?” Gerard questioned, not taking his eyes off his work. Frank nodded, but of course Gerard didn’t notice this.

    “We need to talk.”

    Something in Frank’s tone made Gerard tear his eyes away from the painting and look at Frank. Now, even though Frank’s hair had been like that for almost three weeks, Gerard noticed it.

    “Wow, your hair!” He exclaimed and smiled widely. “It’s all red!”

    Frank smiled; leave it to Gerard to bring light into any situation. He sat up a bit straighter and cleared his throat.

    “I’ve been offered a new job.” He began, licking his lips. Gerard frowned instantly, as he could tell Frank was nervous about something. He’d known Frank long enough to be able to read the signs. Gerard said nothing; instead he waited for Frank to go on. “It’s a really good job, and it opens lots of opportunities.”

    “Why are you anxious then?” Gerard questioned, his eyebrows knitted together tightly. He couldn’t understand, if Frank had been offered a great job, shouldn’t he be excited and not nervous?

    “It’s in London.”

    “But you can’t leave.” Gerard mumbled, running a hand through his hair. After Frank spilled the news of the location of his new job, neither boy had said anything for a long time. Gerard needed time to process what he’d been told, and Frank – who could read Gerard like an open book sometimes – could easily tell that he should wait for Gerard to wrap his mind around the news.

    “I have already said yes.” Frank admitted.

    “But you can’t leave!” Gerard raised his voice, ever so slightly.

    “I know it’s hard to hear, but this is an amazing opportunity. And it’s just for two years. That’s all.” He tried pleading with Gerard, to make him understand. Frank didn’t want to feel guilty about having taken the job, so he needed Gerard to understand. To be on his side.

    “BUT YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE!” Gerard stood up, his canvas tipping over in the process. He was shaking violently, and somewhere deep inside him it felt as if something had suddenly broken. “You just can’t leave me!” Gerard shook his head, as if to make his words stronger.

    “Listen, it’s alright. I have-“ But he was cut off.

    “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE!” Gerard was crying now, his mind still refusing to let the information sink in properly. Frank couldn’t be saying what he thought he was. He just couldn’t.

    “But you have to understand-“

    “Please tell me you’re not serious, please tell me you’re not leaving.” Gerard pleaded, falling to his knees in front of Frank. “I can’t go with you, because I have my mum and my brother here and my friends and I can’t go, but you can’t go. Please oh God tell me you’re not going, tell me you’re making it up, please.”

    “I THOUGHT OF ALL PEOPLE YOU’D UNDERSTAND!” Frank suddenly shouted, getting to his feet, walking past Gerard and towards the front door. He stopped and turned around, just as he reached the hall. “I thought of all fucking people you’d understand! This is a great opportunity, and I thought you’d be proud! It’s just for two years, and I thought we could work it out somehow, but you refuse to be happy for me, and to understand, so it’s better if we just fucking break up!”

    And then he left.

    Gerard was still sitting on the floor, crying loudly. His heart aching like it had never ached before. His whole body shivering, and his mind racing. Somehow, this day had begun with Gerard waking up happily, and ended with Frank breaking up with him. Somehow, he had lost the one person in the world he loved most. And somehow, he knew, that there was nothing he could do about it.

    “Last call, for flight 454, to London.”

    Frank sighed deeply, as he picked his backpack up and slung it over his shoulder. And without a second look behind him, he made his way towards his gate to board the plane that would take him to the new chapter in his life.

    The End.

    First: I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second: Yes, this is the end.
    The end of this story. The end of Freak.
    But don't worry, THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!

    There's a very easy explanation to why this story had to end.
    Simply, because Gerard is no longer a Freak.
    He's no longer that little boy who throws things around and who hits himself in the head. He's no longer teased, he's no longer without friends, he's simply no longer a Freak.
    Therefor, a new story is in order. A sequel, a new chapter in their lives, a new name a new everything. The story Freak is over, because Gerard has grown up, and now we need to follow them on a different journey in the, for now, nameless sequel.

    I know you hate me for how this ended, but like I've just explained, there will be a sequel. And in that we'll see where life takes them. All I can say is, I'm so happy having made the decision to end this story here. Because the title is wrong now. The storyline is wrong now. I could go on with this, and not make a sequel, but it's not right. This is no longer the story about a boy who thinks he's a freak. It's the story of two boys who has to learn how to deal with things in life.

    They're older, wiser, and waaay different than they were when this story begun. They've changed, and so must the story.

    I'm not sure when the sequel will be out, but please stay subscribed to this, as I'll put it up here when the sequel is out. I hope you'll follow me, and Frank and Gerard, on their new journey with the sequel and not leave them here.

    I'm as excited as you to see where life will take them.

    I want to say thank you, to all of you. To the readers who's been with me from the beggining. To those who has commented on almost every chapter, and to those who has only commented once or twice. And also to those who has never commented. I want to say thank you to the new readers, as well as the old.

    I want to thank everyone, for the tears, the laughs, the kind words, the lesser kind words, the constructive critisism, the rudeness, the devotion, the banners, the jokes, the stupid questions, the really good questions and for reading/commenting/subscribing.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anyone who feels they should'be been mentioned, but if I have, please let me know and I'll mention you in the opening of the new story.

    Comments will be read and adored, since this is in fact the end of Freak.
    Just reminding you to stay subscribed, so that you find out when the sequel is up.
    And if you want to make banners for the new story, they're always welcome.
    I'm concidering opening the new story with a banner competition.
    But we'll see.

    I love all of you, I hope this journey has brought you as much happiness, tears, hope, anger, laughter, etc, as it has me.

    Until we meet again,
    Frankie. xox
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    i nearly cried..and i'm at school!
    i'm btw so sorry about all of your troubles ;<
    but YAY for a sequel! caaaaaaaaan't wait!
    It was the right thing to do, I hope that Gerard goes after him and such
    ugh now I'm all sad but happy there's a sequel coming
    lol mixed feelings
    cant wait<3

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    oh awesome ending
    *slaps Frank* Don't make Gerard cry
    hes to pretty to cry
    im gunna miss Freak but i can't wait for the sequal to be up
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    *eyes twinkle with tears*
    Ohmy gosh.
    Such a perfect end to a perfect story ...
    Mh, the sequel is gonna be great
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    Poor Gerard. And poor Frank. He doesn't seem to feel bad about it now, but his character seems like the kind who would regret it later.
    Can't wait for the sequel!
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    Oh gosh; I didn't think Frank would leave.
    'Freak' was amazing, and I can't wait to read the sequel :)
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    That was a perfect way to end it!!! :clap:
    I am totally looking forward to the sequal m'dear :)
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    Perfection beyong belief. I understand why Frank would want to leave, I just don't know what Gerard is going to do.
    Very excited about the sequel. :)
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    I've now decided that I'm not returning to this site to post the sequel.
    It will only be posted on, and my username there is Monster.
    If you want to read the sequel, I advice you to find me there.
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    -thanks god i have a mibba-

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    *is sad cause she can't use mibba*
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    ^feels the same way;<
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    I'm glad I have you as a friend on mibba.
    Anyway, I think you ended it at the perfect time because I agree that he wasn't a freak anymore. I teared up.
    Very excited about the sequel. I'll go subscribe to it right now.

    -x//o-shawna (I'm Demolitionalized on mibba)
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    Ok, so I'm just at eleven and this is sooo good!! I like how Gerard has changed, and trusts Frank. I really want Frank to go give Cameron a piece of his mind. But Gerard spilling milk over Frank's head was PRICEless! I totally just broke out laughing a woke my mum up... haha!
    You're such an amazing writer! :)

    (PS. can I join the FrankMonster Crew? Or like, has that ship sailed? *goes to fin the sequel on Mibba*)
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    *Is waaay late*

    Zomg, that ending was so perfect. Truly amazing, Frankie. :)
    I don't have Mibba. D:
    But I'll try work out how to use it so I can read the sequel. :D
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    I probably shouldn't comment now since I'm just about to start the story, but I love the fact someone decided to write about Aspergers. My brother has Autism, so I think it's great someone has written something like this :)
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    Hi everyone, again.
    Ehm, this will most probably be my last post here.
    I just want to remind everyone again that I'm not going to be posting anything more here. There are new chapters of my other stories out at mibba, I even have some new ones that aren't posted here at all. And of course the sequel for Freak will also be posted there. To everyone who doesn't have mibba I'm really sorry. But it's easy to sign up and use. And if you sign up just to read Freak, you can consider me your own personal guide and I'm offering to do whatever it takes to help you while you're newbies!

    My profile at Mibba! -clicky-

    For more news, updates, etc, I advice you to check my TWITTER! -clicky-

    Hopefully I'll see you on mibba. Please apply to be my friend there if you want, and let me know if you need any help at all.
    Lots of love (L)
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    The sequel is out, but NOT here. It's on my mibba.
    If you're interested, I suggest you go there and read it.
    It's already got ten stars with only three chapters xD


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