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    Rating: NC-17 (Crude language, Disturbing content [such as self harming] and sex)
    Disclaimer: I don't own Gerard Way, Mikey Way or Frank Iero.
    Nor do I own anyone else famous I might mention during this story.
    I only own the words, not the people.
    This is not true, this has never happened, and never will.
    I don't make money by writing this.

    Freak, description;
    Mikey was forced to grow up a long time ago to help take care of his brother Gerard.
    Gerard has been diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome, and needs constant help.

    But maybe Gerard isn't really a freak, maybe he just needs someone to show him a new way to see the world.

    Maybe Mikey's weird friend can be just that person?

    One of my friends said the following when I told her about this story:
    "How can this turn into a Frerard if Gerard is retarded?"
    My answer is simply: Gerard isn't retarded, he's got Asbergers Syndrome.
    It's not even close to being retarded, and even if you have AS you can live a somewhat normal life.
    If anyone else was wondering the same thing, I can just say, read and you'll see.

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    1. It begins

    “Mikey!” Came a shout from upstairs, my eyes opened instantly. Fuck, I fell asleep again. I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep, I was just resting my eyes and leaning my head on the table. Without any further delay I got up, stretched my aching body and ran towards the stairs.

    My name was heard again, louder this time. ‘What does mum want this time?’ I thought to myself as I sprinted up the stairs. I cursed in my head as I felt my tired body cry out for sleep. No time for that, almost never any time for that. Which is why I tend to fall asleep when I’m supposed to organize next weeks schedule.

    “Mike, where’s your brother?” My mothers voice said, sounding distressed. Suddenly I wasn’t calm anymore, suddenly I wasn’t tired anymore. Suddenly I shared her feeling of distress.

    “What- I…” I didn’t know what to say. There was nothing to be said, this had happened so many times before. He would leave his room, and we would search for him, franticly. We didn’t waste any time talking, we started moving.

    First we looked through my room, then the guestrooms, then the hallway closets. I tried to calm mum down, I tried to tell her everything would be fine and that we would find him soon.

    But what if I’m wrong? What if he’s really hurt this time?

    I shook my head as I ripped coats out from the closet. I reached the small door in the closet that lead to the attic. He had never gone up there before, he doesn’t like small spaces, but what if he had this time? What if he fell?

    With my mother hot on my tail I ran quickly towards the dusty room above.

    “Never, ever do that again Gerard!” My mother shouted to the boy who was currently sitting on the couch, hugging his legs tightly to his chest and rocking back and forth.

    He wasn’t in the attic, he was hiding under my bed. I don’t know why we didn’t look there, after all he had a thing for hiding under beds. Even if he has a problem with small spaces.

    “Gerard, look at me!” I heard mum say to him. As usual it was of no use. Normally he would look at us, but not when he was upset. And he was upset now, he didn’t like when people shouted to him.

    I put a hand on my mothers arm to calm her down. She sighed deeply and put a hand on her forehead.

    “You take care of him Mikey, I can’t right now.” She whispered to me, and then she left.

    Don’t judge her, she does try. She does try really, really hard. She’s just had a hard time since dad left. She has to have two jobs, otherwise she can’t support us. I have a job as well, at a bookstore. But Gerard can’t really work. He can’t really… well, he just needs…

    I love my brother, I love him to the end of the earth, but he’s special, there’s no denying that. When they told us why he behaved as he did, it broke my parents down. I didn’t really understand back then, all I knew was that my brother wasn’t like all other children.

    My name is Michael James Way, and my brother is Gerard Arthur Way. And Gerard, has Asberger Syndrome.

    “Come on Gerard, it’s alright, she was just worried.” I said to him as I leaned down to pull him into a hug. Hesitantly he hugged me back, when he was sure I wasn’t going to shout at him.

    I think, at 18 I’m as grown up as I’ll ever be. Gerard may be 21, but he doesn’t seem like it.

    “Lets get you back into bed Gee.” I slowly pulled him to his feet and lead him back upstairs.

    We live in a two-story house. It’s got many rooms, and maybe you start thinking ‘if you don’t have a lot of money, why not sell your house and buy a smaller one?’.
    That is a good question, but I have a better answer.

    This was my mothers childhood home, she loves it too much, it’s too filled with memories. Besides, it might be pretty big, but it’s not exactly in great shape. The wallpapers are faded, the floor dirty, and the smell of… well I can’t really describe the smell, but it’s smells almost like an old basement.

    Even if we sold it, we wouldn’t get that much money for it. And we’re doing alright. With mum’s jobs and my job and our dads checks that come once a month we’re making it through. Of course a lot of money has to go to Gerard’s psychiatrists, but he needs it to function better.

    Moving out is out of the question. Gerard can’t live on his own, and mum can’t take care of him without me. Now some people might think that I’m bitter, that I’m angry, because I can’t live my own life. That’s not true. I know it’s not Gerard’s fault, neither my mum’s. It’s just the way life turns out sometimes.

    Slowly I lead Gerard into his room and tuck him back into bed, normally he can do things like that on his own, but he hasn’t been to see his psychiatrist for a few weeks and he tends to get worse when he doesn’t. More closed off in himself.

    “I’ll see you in the morning Gee.” I whisper before I make my way out of his room. If anyone who didn’t know Gerard saw his room they’d think there was a much younger boy living in there. Sure, he has some band posters and other things that teenagers have, but he also has lots - I mean lots! - of action figures. They are all in perfect order and arranged by size/colour.

    Actually everything in Gerard’s room is arranged and sorted. There’s no mess, there’s nothing that’s not in it’s right place. His CD’s and movies are sorted by genre and are also in alphabetical order. His books are sorted by size and author. In his wardrobe everything is neatly folded and sorted by the order he’ll put them on.

    Some people might think it’s freaky, or scary, but it’s just Gerard. He needs everything to be in order, and if it isn’t he’ll freak out. When we give him breakfast, he needs the cereal to be put in the bowl first, then the milk and last the spoon. If done in the wrong order, he can’t eat it. I accidentally put in the spoon before the milk once and he threw it on the floor and ran off.

    Same goes during dinner, everything must be put on his plate in a special order. And the setting of the table must be perfect and in complete order. If we have several pots and pans on the table, they must be arranged by size, or he can’t sit down at the table.

    Sounds hard? Well that’s just a few of the things you need to think about when living with Gerard. Everything has a special system, everything has a special place and everything has a special way of being done. It isn’t as hard anymore, you really get into the routine after living with it for years and years.

    Finally I can sit down on my bed with a book and just relax. Finally I have some just me time. Some alone time in my room.

    My room is the exact opposite of Gerard’s room. It’s a complete mess, with things everywhere. Which is why if Gerard has a nightmare and can’t sleep, I have to come into his room and sleep in his bed with him. He can’t relax in my room, he gets anxious and starts trying to put things in order.

    With a tired sigh I put my book down, I need to sleep, because it’s already past 11pm and I have work tomorrow. When I’m at work Gerard has an assistant that comes over to the house to look out for him. Only Monday to Thursday though, on Fridays he has therapy. Or he would have, if he would go. He used to go every week, but lately he doesn’t want to.

    And if Gerard doesn’t want to do something, it’s really hard to force him. We try, but he cries, he screams, he throws things around and he hits things. Furniture, us or himself. After receiving a black eye from your older brother, you tend to try and not to force him to do things.

    With a final glance on the clock I crawled under the covers, not bothering with brushing my teeth or changing into something else to sleep in. I simply just wriggled out of my jeans once I was under the covers and turned the nightlight off.

    Another Tuesday down, about a billion more to go.

    A/N: I've finally decided I have enough time and energy to write a new fic.
    I've read alot about AS and I'm trying my best to describe it in a good way.
    I know some of it might seem not at all like AS, but I promise there's a good reason for that.
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    I call number 1 fan spot. I love this story. It's really good. Updates soon?

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    I loved it!
    It's reaallly good.

    update when you can hun,

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    Kay, first of all when I read Asperger Syndrom I started bouncing because I work/have worked with clients having this syndrom. I really liked reading the first chapter, how you introduced there life and Gee's syndrome and I'm looking forward to read more
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    Thanks for the nice comments.
    Unfortunatly you can't claim nr 1 fanspot, it was claimed a long time ago,
    you'd be nr ... 50 or something, if not an even higher number.

    Nukyster; I've done some research about AS, as I want it to be as good as possible. Of course it's all different from person to person. I've got a friend with AS, and she's nothing like Gerard in this fic.
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    *tries not to go to off topic* Yes, I know it can be very different per person. One client is like neaty-neat and will go nuts if the red cup isn't there on the RIGHT side of his plate. Another is a walking book and knows every damn date about music and tv shows, pretty bizzare. My uncle works with kids with Autisme and I had to have a presentation about PDD NOS, that's... well if you don't fit with any other type of Autisme, you kinda have that. Autism is prety complicated because in many cases it's not 'just' autismé. So I'm very curiouse what ya all planned out for Gerard.
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    [As far as I know, discussing something that's directly in contact with the story is not OT, sorry to mods if this is OT]

    Very true, and I do have lots of things planned out. From what I know, it varies a lot, and some people are like you said, neatfreaks. Other people live just like everyone else, and you can hardly even notice that they've got AS.
    As we can tell, Gerard is a bit sicker then that, but it will all be explained in due time.
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    That's the only thing you're missing, so if you would, please post a rating at the beginning of your first post.
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    if you want a good reference to Autism, read 'the curious incident of the dog in the night time' by Mark Haddon. its written from the POV of a boy with autism, and is an amazing book. i hope this isnt OT and more helpful/supplementary.

    this sounds amazing so far, im really keen to see what happens
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    Ah, thank you very much, I will see to that, last time I posted here that wasn't something that was required.
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    2. Clumsy

    “Mikey, Mikey I’m hungry, haven’t eaten, hungry.”

    I opened my eyes slowly, knowing it was only Gerard. I yawned and stretched, and felt him sitting on the bed next to me. I looked up at his smiling face, and smiled back, even though my smile wasn’t as wide as his. It seemed like he would have a good day.

    “Okay Gee, just give me a few minutes to wake up.” I said and sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes. The clock on my nightstand told me it was just after 6, so I had to get up soon anyway to get to work. I turned the not yet sounding alarm off and gave Gerard a light push, indicating I wanted him to get down from my bed so I could do so as well.

    He got off the bed and stood next to it, almost jumping up and down on the spot. He looked uncomfortable and I knew why. As soon as I was out of bed he was standing next to my desk, trying to arrange my pencils and books by size.

    “Gerard, come on, lets go.” I said and gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

    “No, wait, want.” He mumbled and I sighed, but knew I had to wait now. He couldn’t leave the room until at least my desk looked alright. Of course that’s harder said than done, so soon he started working more franticly, and his hands started shaking.

    “It’s alright, lets have breakfast.” I tried again, and this time I put both my hands on his arms, to try and pry him away from what he was doing. I knew that soon he would get angry because he couldn’t get my desk in order.

    “I can’t do it Mikey, I can’t do it.” He said and his voice cracked.

    “I know, come here Gee, it’s alright.” Finally he abandoned my desk, his hands shaking and he had started rocking back and forth slightly. I took his hands in mine and led him downstairs.

    I sat there, listening to Gerard tell me about a drawing he had made. Drawing was something he really enjoyed, but of course you had to keep an eye on him while he was drawing. Sometimes if something didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to he could get violent. More then one time had he taken things and thrown them across the room.

    Now he was just sitting there, talking too fast for me to understand everything, but I knew it was alright. I knew I didn’t need to hear everything he said, he just needed to talk.

    On his good days he talks a lot, and he is very open and happy. Of course his days can go from good to bad in a matter of minutes, so I always cherish the times when he talks like this. It’s good they say, the psychiatrists. It’s good for Gerard to talk, even if some of what he says doesn’t make much sense.

    As he talks I can’t help but study the scars and bruises on his arms that are visible thanks to him wearing a t-shirt. Gerard isn’t clumsy, but he’s not exactly graceful either. He has a tendency to walk into things, or stumble. He has trouble with buttons, and he can’t tie his shoelaces. It’s like sometimes his body just doesn’t listen to him because he doesn't know how to tell it to do things. Once he tried to open a jar and when he couldn’t he slammed it against the counter. Glass flew everywhere and he got a long gash on his forearm.

    I sighed and my eyes traced the scar from the jar incident as he kept on talking. Gerard doesn’t really need you to listen, or to react. He just… talks. Like I said before.

    Finally he finished his breakfast and carried it to the sink. On his good days he can do almost everything for himself, and on those days I can’t help to wonder if maybe he could actually live on his own. But then his mood change and suddenly you have to keep him from banging his head against the wall because he can’t open the milk carton.

    Today was going to be a good day though, I knew it. I finished off my own breakfast and put it in the sink next to his.

    “Mikey, please, I promise to be good.” Frank pleaded again, and I tried to say no again, but I couldn’t. Frank is the only friend I really have, he’s the only one I have time to spend any time with since he works with me. He asked if he could stay the weekend at my house, normally it’s alright, because mum can look after Gerard while we hang out, but mum’s going away this weekend.

    However he’s apparently been thrown out by his parents for doing drugs, so now it’s a bit more difficult to say no. I rubbed my eyes tiredly and finally nodded.

    “Just, remember that Gerard is there, and listen to everything I say about him.” I said, and he nodded almost jumping up and down.

    “I’ve met Gerard a few times, it’ll be alright, and you’ll be there.” He said and I tried to be reassured. But you never knew with Frank, he could be very unpredictable, something not good with Gerard around. However Frank isn’t stupid, or mean, so he’ll try his best.

    “This is what you need to know for this weekend.”

    There followed a long list of things he couldn’t do or say. Things he needed to remember, and things that he needed to be prepared for. Sure he’d been at my house a few times, but never when I was alone in charge of Gerard. If Gerard had a good weekend, it’d be easy. But sometimes he’d have his worst days during the weekends.

    One time he threw himself out the second story window because one of his action figures kept falling over and knocking the other figures down as well.

    Another time he accidentally fell down the stairs while I was in the shower, and he lay there without making a sound for almost an hour because I thought he was in his room.

    Safe to say, when alone with Gerard, anything can happen.

    Author's Note:
    Some people with AS needs things to be in perfect order, or they'll get really anxious.
    Of course all people are different.

    As this is from Mikeys POV his own personal view on AS is different from what you might read on the internet. Remember, he's only ever known one single person with AS, so everything Gerard does, he thinks is typical AS.

    (In my AN's I'll give you some short information about the content of the chapter, if I for instance writes about Gerard doing some weird things, I'll explain why at the end of the chapters.)

    Thanks for all comments.
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    Yeah, a few requirements have been added to keep the Fan Fiction section more organized and to warn readers what they're about to read. But thanks for fixing that.

    By the way, I don't usually (more like never), read Frerard's, but this is interesting. :)
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    I guess that's good, to make it easier to read and such.

    Thank you very much, I am trying to make it different from everything I've ever read/written before.
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    Whooo, this is so great to read. I can relate to so many things, like the 'keep on talking while no-one really needs to listen' what can get rather annoying because sometimes they just wont shut up. And the organising things.
    It's sometimes freaky, I have a client (doesnt have AS is just very autistic) and sometimes she snaps and then you can look her right in the eyes and she doesn't even notice you. She just screams and screams and screams and throws with things... what can be pretty scary.
    I wonder if Gee is going to creep us out. and I hope you updated soon!
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    Great update. I'll just settle with the highest fan spot avalible. I really don't care. Can't wait for more.
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    this is really good. i feel bad for Gerard.
    Update when you can
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    3. quiet

    “Remember, don’t tell jokes, he doesn’t really get them.” I reminded Frank yet again. I must’ve said it at least ten times already, but I was so worried. We were in the car on our way home, and all I could think about was what kind of weekend Gerard would have.

    He used to have great weekends, back when he did visit his therapist and psychiatrist and all other people he needed to see. He needed to see someone to help him with his speech, because Gerard didn’t pick it up like normal people. He also needed to see people about tons of other things. He used to be on medication for his depression that followed with his AS diagnosis as well, but he stopped taking it when he turned 20.

    He didn’t really explain why, but I think it was because it made him feel like a freak. Like he was some sort of circus animal. He didn’t like it.

    “I know Mikey, I know,” Frank said and rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell jokes, don’t mess with his things, and don’t treat him like a retard.”

    I know Frank didn’t mean it, but it still hurt when he said that. That’s what people used to call Gerard, retard. No, actually, they used to chant ‘Gee-tard the retard‘. Which was even worse. Gerard was diagnosed when he was 9, and a year later our dad left.

    I told all this to Frank, and he listened wide-eyed. I only told him so that he’d understand. So that he really wouldn’t say ‘retard’ during his weekend at our house. Even if he was joking, because Gerard has a hard time grasping jokes. He knows what humour is, but he doesn’t get the jokes. He just knows you’re telling one.

    Finally we arrived, and I sighed nervously as we got out of the car. I watched Frank grab his backpack and then I led him towards the front door. I opened it slowly, not sure where Gerard would be. I knew David would be there with him. David, Gerard’s assistant.

    “Hi Mikey.” Came David’s familiar voice from the kitchen. I smiled towards Frank and told him to dump his bag in my room. As he walked towards the stairs I walked into the kitchen, I wanted to know how Gerard was.

    “Where’s Gee?” I asked when I noticed he wasn’t with David in the kitchen.
    “He’s in his room, sleeping.” He said and got a troubled look on his face.

    “What’s wrong?” I immediately asked, I knew something was up.
    “Gerard had a bad day, one of his paintings didn’t turn out the way he wanted. So he-” David hesitated, but I urged him to go on. “He tried to tip over the table, then when I tried to calm him down, he bit me.” He finished telling about Gerard and held up his arm and pulled down the sleeve on his sweater to reveal a bandage on his arm.

    “Oh fuck, I’m so sorry David.” I said and ran a hand through my hair. I instantly felt like it was a mistake to let Frank stay. But he had no-where else to go.

    “It’s alright, but I had to convince him to take a sleeping pill, so he should be out until tomorrow.”

    I thanked David, and we said goodbye. I frowned to myself as I thought about Gerard. Why couldn’t he just take his medicine?

    I walked into the kitchen and started looking through the fridge to find something to eat just as Frank joined me.

    “Hi, eh, your room is a freaking mess.” He laughed and I couldn’t help but feel my mood lighten.
    “I know, we’ll have to squeeze your mattress in. Unless you want the guestroom?” I asked as I decided on heating up some leftover pasta for the two of us.

    “Nah, it’s fine you know. Like old times.” He said and I couldn’t help but smile. Before the money problems and before Gerard stopped most of his treatments and his medication Frank and I used to have many sleepovers. Mostly at his house, but still.

    “Yeah, we’re not staying up all night talking about girls though.” I said as I put our food in the microwave and Frank snorted with laughter.

    “Yeah, I don’t really have anything new to say on that front anyway since I don’t swing that way loser.” He said between laughs and I laughed with him.

    It wasn’t widely known about Frank being gay, but I knew. Of course I knew, we were best friends. Frank, the 17 year old boy who used to skip school with me. The boy with black hair, piercing and tattoos. Sometimes I just have to look him over, because I can’t understand why we’re friends. But then I remember that we have almost everything in common.

    Two hours later, we sat on my bed, both dressed in boxers and t-shirts, and trying to smother our violent laughter with pillows. We had been talking about the time we accidentally (uh, yeah right) put Mrs. Keith’s flowerbed on fire. She was Frank’s annoying neighbour, and she used to shout at us as we walked by her house. Finally we had had enough, so we took some gasoline from Frank’s dads garage and put her beloved flowerbed on fire.

    Yeah, crazy much?

    “Schh, don’t wake Gee.” I whispered finally as my laughter subsided. But of course, just one look on his face made me start laughing again and he couldn’t keep it in either. Soon we forgot about being quiet, and were trying to tell stories and at the same time laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.

    Of course it was only a matter of time before-

    “Quiet, you have to be quiet, it’s dark out. See, dark out, people sleep when it’s dark out. I sleep when it’s dark out. Dave gave me pills to sleep, I sleep when dark out it’s dark and quiet.” Came Gerard’s frantic voice from my now open door as I hurried off my bed and walked towards him.

    “It’s dark Mikey, and we sleep, people sleep, DARK!” He shouted and pointed towards my window, where you could quite obviously see it was dark outside.

    I closed in on him slowly, fully knowing he could freak out if I moved too fast. I felt Frank staring at me from my bed where he was still sitting. I gave him a look that said ‘just be quiet’ and took another step towards my now frantic brother.

    Gerard had started crying, and was still ranting, much too quickly about how we had to be quiet because it was dark. Gerard had gone to a lot of speech therapy so mostly he could put sentences together without many grammar mistakes, but now when he was upset like this, he didn’t make much sense and he forgot how to form real sentences.

    “Gerard, we will be quiet, and you’ll calm down. Because you’re supposed to sleep now, right?” I said slowly as I let one of my hands rest on his shoulder. His whole body was shaking violently and he was still crying and ranting, though more quiet now.

    “Mikey, not happy.” He said and I slowly pulled him into a hug.
    “I know Gee, I’m sorry, we’ll be quiet.” I said and rubbed his back.

    Slowly I could feel him starting to calm down, and when he stopped crying and shaking I could almost feel Frank let out a breath of relief from behind me.

    “Lets go into your room.” I said and quickly led him back to his room before my mess got to him. Or the fact that Frank was there.

    When he was back in bed I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving his room once more. I sneaked back into my room and closed the door, and when I turned around I saw that Frank had left my bed and was now sitting on his mattress.

    “Sorry.” I mumbled as I made my way over to my bed.
    “Hey, it’s alright, he was right, we should’ve been quiet.”

    I smiled at him as I got under the covers and turned the lights out.

    “Frank, he’s really not that bad.” I said and I could almost imagine him nodding.
    “I know Mikes, he was just angry. It’s alright.”

    And after that, we said goodnight, and all I could think was ‘Another Friday down, about a billion to go.’

    A/N: When Gerard said “Mikey, not happy.” he didn't mean "Mikey, I'm not happy."
    He meant: "Mikey, I'm angry with you." But when Gerard gets angry, words doesn't make so much sense anymore, and he has a really hard time forming sentences.

    I leave you with this update, as I early tomorrow go away until monday evening.
    Please comment!
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    awesome update
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    This is a really interesting and original idea for a fanfic. I really like it :clap:

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