Florida Teen Broadcasts Suicide on Internet.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by static_age*, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    oh god how could someone watch that
  2. Jazzie

    Jazzie Guest

    omg i have no words... is horrible that someone take their life but putting a web cam so other people can watch it is .... no words...
  3. L1ND3N

    L1ND3N New Member

    Okay, where to begin...
    First, why were ppl egging him on to do it, unless they thought it was a joke?
    Second, it's pree selfish of the person that committed suicide to get so many ppl involved in this. I know if i was encouraging him, I'd feel pree bad and partially responsible. As for the ppl who were watching this, yeah... just a little bit life scarring... especially since they're watching it happen right in front of them, being able to do nothing while all these idiots are encouraging him to do it. Smart. As well, who knows who gets subjected to this, and who would be able to handle it? "What'd you do today?" "I watched my best friend die before my eyes..." Some ppl just would'nt be able to handle it, might become so depressed that they'll also kill themselves.

    Seriously, this is terrible. He thinks that just cause he's about to die it won't affect anyone.
  4. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    I agree with you L1ND3N.
    This story is pretty tragic and very horrible. It's the third suicide I've heard about within the last few days.
    Of course, if someone was ending their life they'd 'want attention'. It makes you wonder what the parents thought once they found out that people were egging him on through a webcast. If I was a person watching (I wouldn't watch something like that, but IF...), I would have been the person to tell him to not do it and would still feel that it was my fault.
  5. Niamh

    Niamh Active Member

    Thats so awful. I hope whoever egged him on gets hit by a bus. Poor guy.
  6. AstroZombiee

    AstroZombiee New Member

    That's awful.
    And I think that the people that egged him on are completely sick.
  7. Linzi Sky.

    Linzi Sky. Active Member

    This doesn't shock me. And it also doesn't shock me that people egged him on; someone who was suicidal jumped off a bridge and into the street, outside some shopping centre, in the UK. He was egged on and other on-lookers and passers by thought it was disgusting that a human being could even do such a thing as prompt someone to fall to their death!

    I read the suicide note and it did give off a sense of self-pity. I agree with what Juliet said about it possibly not being an actual suicide, but a cry for help. But the problems he described in the letter were like lack of self worth and esteem, I guess. The most common reason people do themselves in is because they feel that everyone would be better of without them, so perhaps he did mean it to kill him? But no-one would ever know now, will they?
  8. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

    Ain'tJustForTheFamex Active Member

    This is just so awful.
    There's no words to describe it, as he said.
  9. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    That's shoking.
    I read the suicide note as well.
    I dunno, really.
    I find he didn't really seem to have a reason for doing what he did, but he was probably suffering from some severe depression and plus, he was bipolar :(
    it's sad.
  10. DearEnemy...

    DearEnemy... New Member

    Imagine all the things he could've done with his life.
    He could've made a lot of people very happy.
  11. tomwilleatbluesface

    tomwilleatbluesface New Member

    I've read articles on this, he was obviously a very caring person who needed someone to care for him. The moderator should have been contacted way earlier.

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