Fave pics of Frank

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by burned_rose, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. BlackCross53

    BlackCross53 New Member

    Someone replace the microphone with me!!!

    Frank+Me=No sleep<3
  2. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member



    My concert <3333333333333333333.
  3. ldedgnz

    ldedgnz New Member

    I love this one :D

  4. Laurie

    Laurie Guest

    u are not alone on that! hes so freking hot inthat pic
  5. Rhia

    Rhia New Member


    ^^ this one is so funny :^_^:


    ^^he looks so sweet in this photo!
  6. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Wow, he looks really girly in the last one!
  7. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    I suddenly got all warm inside reading this thread :wub:
  8. Jodie

    Jodie Guest

    this is just too cute not to post
    this one is one of my favs :)
    oh and but of course it had to be posted
  9. forever_now

    forever_now New Member

    frank and mini frank are cute. lol i dont know the kids name but now he shall be mini frank.

    and the tbp.net one is awesome too. i love that he loves us :]

    is he wearing a stud instead of a ring in his nose? i never noticed that lol but he does look super cute
  10. rockprincess

    rockprincess Active Member

    some of you already saw this but:

  11. Aww Frank and Mini Frank ( forever_now's name for the kid )!
    Thats so cute!

    Ha I love the third picture!
    You know whats ironic?!
    I heard about this site from that picture!
  12. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like a ring to me.
  13. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    Me too!
  14. Woah weird!
    Well I'm glad I looked at that picture!
    Otherwise I wouldn't be on this site ..
    And then I would have more time where I would be bored ..
    And what fun is that?!
  15. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    Exactly! xD
    And just so Im not spamming,
    Have a pic of Frank ^_^
    It's one I made myself *proud*

  16. BlackCross53

    BlackCross53 New Member

    I have the ten commandments of all of My Chemical Romance.
  17. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    I do too and I made pictures of them but this was the Frank thread so I just posted the one of him.
  18. BlackCross53

    BlackCross53 New Member

    I follow all the ten commndments of Frank except the tattoo part.
  19. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    *waves hands wildly*

    i follow the tattoo part!!!!
    (i have like, 6 right now, and plans for about 7 more so far.)
    i think the tattoos are what makes me think Frankie is so sexy. well, he is anyways, but the tats definitly help!
  20. Laurie

    Laurie Guest

    ^ agreed! hes so smexy

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