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  1. it's okay then ^.^ post when u can !! xD
  2. Oh dear! Dont worry, when you can update is when you can update. Im sorry to hear that not everything is running smoothly. Hope it gets better soon.
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    okay okay i have finally finished all three and heres what it went like as i read: CRAPOLA! SHIT! AHH FUCK IT! KILL EM! ARGHH few.... awhhh DIE DIE AHHH CRAP ARGHHH WTF NOOO HELP NOOOOO FUCK shit poop awhh YAY AHH PSYCHOS AHH and now im just like WTF o_O its been an amazing last couple days reading this.....it was amazing albeit confusing and mightlily suspenseful :D update soon as i cannot wait for the end...well i dont want it to end but i want to see what happens :D it was immense!!!.........
  4. Gahh why have you still no published the end :( i must know how it finishes >.<
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    i know right, but don't worry, i'll talk to her. she will post soon!
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    I know, I'm sorry! I'll update as soon as I can get my computer fixed. It's messed up and all I have is my phone. Thank you for all the comments and for wading through all these stories!
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    Chapter 26

    There's a little more left...I ran out of time and couldn't get it finished but wanted to get this part up. The rest will be up either tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. Love you guys!

    Frank was gone for a long time. Discontent broiled through my veins as I replayed our conversation. He acted as if I were fucking crazy; like I had no idea what I was talking about. No Frankie or Caedynce? Fuck him, fucking dick. Why was he treating me this way?

    The door finally opened and a doctor stepped in, followed by a very nervous-looking Frank. He hung back, biting his nails and avoiding my gaze.

    “Arica, how’re you feeling?” The doctor asked, his false cordiality immediately pissing me off.

    “I’m fine,” I snapped. “Do you mind explaining to me just what in the hell is going on?”

    The doctor stepped closer and patted my hand, which I jerked instantly from his reach. “Frank here was telling me that you seem to be a bit confused. That you were speaking of people who don’t exist-“

    “Don’t exist?” I breathed, unable to blink back the tears that forced themselves to the surface. “Would you please tell my husband to stop playing games with me?! Frank,” I twisted my body so I could see past the doctor. “Fucking stop this!”

    His gaze finally snapped up, and he actually looked startled. “Are you talking to me, or-“

    “Of course I’m talking to you, you idiot! How many husbands do I have?”

    He stared at me for several moments, just blinking and staring. His eyes welled up, and he finally shook his head and cleared his throat. “Just one, sweetie, just one. But it isn’t me.”

    I regarded him with my most hateful expression, but his gaze was level and so, so sad. I knew Frank better than this. He would never purposely hurt me, confuse me. That left only one other option. He had to be…telling the truth.

    Frantically I searched through my memories, very real memories. The kidnappings and my time with Frank in Texas, the 2nd kidnappings and subsequent birth of our twins, our lives since those events. Caedynce, Frankie, Aiden, and Frank: all dead. My own yearning for death. I had no one, no reason to live except for revenge. As I stared into those hazel eyes, I realized I had no idea where my reality had skewed. What the fuck was real?

    Shakily, as I was taking great care to keep my emotions in check, I began to speak. “What’s…what’s the last thing that happened to us? The last thing you remember?”

    “You, making a sacrifice of yourself to save my life.” He finally approached the bed again and took my hand. His voice never rose above a whisper. “Living without you for months. Worrying every single second that-“He took several deep breaths before continuing. “And then finding out you’re ok, and realizing how much I fucking love you.”

    “That’s it? That’s the last thing that happened?”

    His eyes took on a pained look, as if I were simply being glib about his expression of love. I wasn’t. I really needed to know.

    “Well, no, I guess if you want to know that last thing that happened, I guess it would be your…you know…” He gestured to my bandaged wrist. “You did it because of Nick and I, and all the fighting.”

    I held my wrist in front of me, inspecting it as if this were the first time I’d actually seen this particular limb. Faintly, I could remember doing this to myself, but it had been so long ago. Just after I’d escaped from Roger and Eddie, in fact.

    “Frank, did you say you were fighting with…with Nick?”

    “Yeah,” He answered, his gaze concentrated on his own lap. “You heard me out him and Jazmine’s uh, deal, and then he demanded that you chose between us.” He grasped my hand and made eye-contact again. “You don’t have to,” He told me earnestly, giving my hand a squeeze. “You don’t need to make any decisions right now, no matter what that piece of sh-“He caught himself and half grinned, half grimaced. “No matter what he says.”

    Warmth filled my eyes and I leaned toward Frank. “Nick is okay?”

    Frank snorted. “He’s fine. Don’t listen to any of his bullshit, Arica. He wants to make you feel guilty so you choose him. But I would never put that on you.”

    I began to suddenly sob uncontrollably, and Frank pulled me into his lap. The doctor must have let himself out at that moment, because an audible click could be heard from the doorway. The sound barely registered with me.

    “Arica, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Shh…please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to bring it up again.”

    “No,” I stammered, almost completely unable to speak. “It’s not…that. N-nick is…is…” I couldn’t even say the word.

    “Is what, Arica?” He looked afraid of the word I was trying to get out.

    “Alive?” I sputtered, finally pulling away from his chest to look at him.

    His brow furrowed and he looked confused, but finally he gave me a small smile. “Well give me some credit, honey. I know I wanted to kill him, but I haven’t gotten the job done yet.”

    Oh Jesus Christ. I haven’t made my decision. I’d been listening to what Frank had been saying, but I hadn’t really comprehended any of it until now. “How old am I, Frank?”

    “Twenty-six,” He murmured, pulling my face back down into his chest and kissing the top of my head.

    None of it had really happened. None of it. I never had the twins, married Frank…Somehow when I slit my wrist I’d fallen into a trance, or something, and dreamed the whole thing up. Or…the other possibility was devastating. What I’d seen was too fucking real to be a dream. I’d seen our future; this man’s and my own. The decision to be with Frank instead of Nick had been the catalyst that set this disaster into motion. With a heavy heart, I came to the realization of what had to be done.

    I smelled him, I could feel his heartbeat. His very essence had become one with my own. I had never loved another human being as much as I loved this person holding onto me. And now I had to look him in the eye and destroy him.

    The options tumbled over one another in my mind. Do I lie to him and tell him I don’t love him? He’ll see through me, he always does. If I tell him the truth, maybe he won’t want to be with me anyway, because I’m certifiably insane. No, the last thing I should do is underestimate Frank. Never, ever underestimate Frank.

    The beatings, the rapes, those hurt. Memories rushed back, and suddenly they didn’t seem so long ago, or so bad. I conjured them, engulfed myself in the feelings just to escape this. Nothing had ever felt as awful as this all-encompassing, crushing grief that I felt swirling inside me at this moment. Hold it together now; don’t lose it, I ordered myself. If I spoke right now I knew I’d shatter.

    He could feel it, this change in me. His strong arms pulled me closer still, and he held his breath. My heart spasmed; this was the most real physical ache I’d ever experienced. Every nerve tingled.

    His heart-rate quickened, and he finally sucked in a breath. “Arica,” He whispered, his voice throaty and course. He didn’t look at me or pull away, he simply held our position. “Don’t,” He swallowed, then repeated himself. “Don’t. Don’t do this.”

    Hearing those words broke something in me, something that had only been hanging on by a thread as it were. Emotions spewed from every pore. Crying couldn’t describe what I was doing, sobbing couldn’t touch it either. I felt my heart break; actually physically break. I watched my dreams die, the light, the hope in my life: gone. At that instant my soul left my body. I was no more. With what was left I conjured up the ability to speak. “I have to, Frank.”

    “But you don’t really want to.” He was crying and clinging to me. It didn’t matter. This was the only option; the thing that would save us all.

    “What I want has nothing to do with it.” The evenness, the determination in my voice surprised me. I sounded so…cold.

    “It has everything to do with it! Arica, please!” He pushed me back and held me at arms length. “You know we belong together!”

    I couldn’t deny this, it was plainly the truth. “I know,” I mumbled. I couldn’t look into his red, wet eyes.

    “So what’s the problem?” He demanded. He was beginning to get angry. I had expected this reaction.

    “You didn’t see it, Frank.” So this was the way I was deciding to go. I really didn’t know until just now.

    “See what?” He asked, obviously trying to keep his anger in check.

    “Our lives will be destroyed. It’ll seem alright in the beginning, but by the end of it you will all be dead!”

    “Oh Arica,” He shook his head. “What did you have, a dream? Is that why you talked about Candace and stuff?”

    CAEDYNCE. Her name is Caedynce and she was our daughter, Frank. It wasn’t a fucking dream! We have twins, and Eddie has a brother, and he and Isa steal our babies, and-“

    “Arica, stop. That will never happen.”

    “It will! And that isn’t even the worst of it! You and I kill Darrell, but Isa will never forget it. She and Jazmine spend their entire lives plotting revenge, and they get us, Frank. They get us. When I close my eyes, I can still see Caedynce’s face as the bullet meant for Frankie struck her. And Frankie, dying later in the hospital. Aiden’s suicide. Your suicide a year later!”

    He stared at me as if I were speaking in tongues, and I cut in before he could say anything. “I know, you think I’m fucking crazy.”

    “No, I didn’t say that. If you say you saw our future, then you did. When did it start, with you choosing me?”

    “Yes. When I chose to entangle your life with mine forever I doomed you.”

    “No,” He shook his head vehemently. “If all this crazy shit is going to happen, and with you I believe that it could, we’ll stop it. We’ll dodge each bullet before it hits us.”

    He believed me. Leave it to him to be so fucking understanding that he would be willing to entertain my wild ramblings as truth. He was making this so much harder.

    “It’s not that easy. It’s as clear as the nose on my face.” I grimaced, as I’d never used that expression before, and it sounded stupid coming out of my mouth now. “What I’m trying to tell you is that I won’t take that chance. I just…won’t.”

    “So that’s it, just like that?” I simply nodded, as there was nothing more to say. “Well I refuse to accept that bullshit cop-out,” He said indignantly. Without another word, he took my face in his hands and attached his lips to my own. I knew I should stop him, should push him away, but instead of doing this my arms pulled him closer. It was so obviously his last-ditch effort to convince me, and I was succumbing to it fully. My mind cleared itself of thoughts completely and I returned his kiss passionately. Just as quickly as he started it he pulled away. I was left breathless and tingling.

    “I love you,” He told me simply.

    “I love you, too. But it doesn’t matter.”

    “So you’re going back to Nick because of your ‘vision’.”

    “No Frank, I’m not going back to Nick. But I’m not going to be with you either.” I had to do it now, before I threw Frank’s life away, and those of our children. My hands found his chest and I pushed gently. “Go now. Please leave.” My throat wanted to choke on the words, and I wanted to snatch them back. But I didn’t. I watched him as he comprehended what I said, his face contorting painfully.

    Getting off the bed, he took a step backward and stumbled, righted himself, then stood and faced me. He seemed so much smaller, so much less himself than he had been moments ago. I’d succeeded in destroying him, and in doing so I’d destroyed myself.

    “This isn’t over,” He whispered, nearly bent over with pain.

    My heart gave one last death rattle, begging me not to say it. “Yes it is. Goodbye, Frank.” It was over. My heart was dead.
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    Holy. Shit.
    I don't even know what else to say, except that I need more.
    I can't wait to finish reading this.
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    Oh. My. God.
    I need to read what happens next.

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw that you posted.
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    Oh No!
    This can't be happening, you so just made me cry. Tears, Tears everywhere!
    Please write more soon?
  11. :'( I'm guna cry.
    This is so sad
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    Wow I just finished all three stories and I need to go cry now. :':)':)':)':)':)':)':)':)'(
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    ^Wow, thank-you! That must have taken you forever...:) I'm off today, so I'm going to try like hell to get the last update up. If not today, tomorrow afternoon.
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    I second this!
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    I love you girls. <3
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    Love you more.
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    omg!!!! new reader, been slowly but surely reading this over the last 2 weeks, and it feels so good to finally be able to comment. i am in love with this story and soooo don't want it to end. you are an amazing writer!!!!! any hope for a sequel????? please!!!!!!!! :'(
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    ^Wow, thank-you! Two weeks...holy crap. I honestly doubt there will be a sequel, because this story has been going on for so long and I wouldn't know where else to go with it. Once the last of it's posted, there will be a finality to it all...you'll see. I know I said I'd have it up already, but I'm having trouble deciding what to do...it won't be too much longer. Love you guys!
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    It was a month ago when you said you'd update D:
    pleaseeeee update!!!!!

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