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    Falls On Me [Part Three]
    Rating: 18 for violence, sexual content, drug use

    Main Characters: Aiden, Frankie, and Caedynce Iero (children of Frank and Arica), Max Way, (son of Mikey and Julia) Stephen Way (son of Gerard and Eliza), Sydney Bryar (daughter of Bob and Jessie), Frank, Arica, Gerard, Eliza, Ray, Nicki, Mikey, Julia, Bob, Jessie, and many other minor characters.

    Genre: Drama/slight horror

    Summary: This story is the third and final installment that began with House Of Wolves and continued with Gone Baby, Gone. It would be easier to follow if you've already read these stories, but I'll briefly summarize in case you haven't. In House Of Wolves, Frank and Arica were brought together when they were kidnapped by a mad-man and his crazed son. In Gone Baby, Gone, they were kidnapped again by relatives of the original kidnappers, with intent on stealing Frank and Arica's twins, Frankie and Caedynce. The plan was foiled in the end when Frank and Arica killed Darrell and Isa was sent to prison.
    Now, 18 years later, 26 year old Aiden, Arica's son with ex-husband and deceased Nick Turner, and Frankie, his 18 year old younger brother, have started a band. With the help of their friends, they really believe they can grasp this life and succeed. But will the road to superstardom prove to be too much? With they be able to handle it, and the punches life throws at them along the way? And furthermore, will they ever uncover all the secrets their parents kept from them?

    Disclaimer: I do not have contact with My Chemical Romance. I do, however own or have permission to use the other characters who do in fact exist, and all others are purely fictional. This story is mine, and is no way based on reality.
    The title was inspired by the song Falls On Me, by Fuel.

    Chapter Index:
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    Chapter 2-page 2
    Chapter 3-page 4
    Chapter 4-page 6
    Chapter 5-page 8
    Chapter 6-page 9
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    Chapter 1

    I couldn't help but do this story, as I still had some ideas for this set of characters. Hope you guys like it! Comments make my day. :)

    Aiden's POV

    I shut the phone and leapt off my bed excitedly. Frankie had to hear this, and he had to hear it immediately. I was in my car and pulling up to Mom and Dad’s place in no time. It was only 7 am, Frankie was going to be so pissed that I woke him up. Didn’t matter. He’d forgive me when I told him what I’d just found out.

    I let myself in the quiet house undetected. Frankie’s room was just around the corner. To my surprise, he was sitting up already, his face cupped in his hands.

    “Hey,” He said quietly, barely glancing up. “I guess you heard.” From his tone I could tell he wasn’t talking about the news I had in mind.

    “Heard what?”

    “Caedynce never came home last night. Mom and Dad are out looking for her now.” I sat down heavily on the bed next to him. That girl was beginning to be too much to handle. “She’s in deep shit when they find her,” He continued. He stood up and stretched, hiking up his too-loose boxer shorts.

    “I’m going to kick her ass,” I told him gravely. “She probably passed out a party, and didn’t think to call. Just wait until I get a hold of her.” Frankie smirked as he made his way out into the kitchen.

    “You are probably the only one she has any respect for around here. Well, you, Aunt Nicki and Aunt Julia. She knows those two would kick her ass in a heart beat if they found out what she was doing.”

    “Aren’t you going to put on some clothes?”

    He shrugged as he poured himself a bowl of cereal. “Why?” He asked, his mouth full.

    “Because we’ve got somewhere to go today.”

    “Where?” He asked, his mouth still full.

    “Taylor Zeimen’s.”

    A few of his fruity pebbles dropped from his mouth back into his bowl as he stared at me in shock. “Are you fucking serious?” I knew this was what he’d said, but it had actually sounded more like “Har you flupping therious?”

    “Swallow, Frankie, swallow,” I grinned, slapping him on the back. Taylor was an old friend of mine from high school who I’d just recently made contact with again. She also happened to be a band manager, interested in managing our band.

    It had always been important to me, from the time we’d first formed the band, to do it all without any help from our Dad. I know we had doors open most beginning bands didn’t, but I didn’t want to do it that way. I wanted to get signed and do a tour strictly because we had talent and were good enough, not because our dad happened to be Frank Iero. I really don’t think these things were as important to Frankie and everyone else involved, but they kind of let me lead things in this fashion. I knew we had our Dads to thank for any sort of musical talent we had anyway, I didn’t want to have to rely on them for everything.

    It was also important to me that people knew that we were not My Chemical Romance. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Dad’s band and grew up listening to it, but I didn’t want us to get pigeonholed. We’d grown up with Max and Stephen Way, Mikey and Gerard’s kids respectively, and we all had an affinity toward music. So it was only natural that when they heard I wanted to start a band, they wanted to be a part of it.

    But nothing pissed me off more than hearing about ‘Little My Chem’, or ‘Mini MCR’. I wasn’t ashamed of our heritage; I simply wanted deserved glory. Frankie told me I made much too big a deal about it, and I should relax. What he didn’t understand was that he did nothing but make the flack we were already getting worse. He couldn’t have been more of a spitting image of our father, and he played rhythm guitar for our band no less. If he had tattoos you probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the two apart in what our dad called his “glory days”.

    I snapped back to reality, when I realized Frankie was still staring at me with a mouthful of cereal, waiting for an explanation. “Ok,” I said excitedly, “So she wants us to play for her this morning, and if she likes our sound she’s going to start booking us. I’ve given her the cd, and she said she was blown away. She basically wants to be sure than we can duplicate it live.”

    He rolled his eyes and threw in another sloppy bite. “So we’re in. We rule live.”

    I was about to refute my little brother’s cockiness when the front door slammed. Dad came in, sighed, and sat down heavily. “Hey Aiden,” He said with a small smile.

    “Hey Dad, guess what?” We were interrupted when the door slammed again.

    “Fuck off, Mom! You can’t tell me what to do!” Caedynce screamed.

    “I sure as hell can! You are my daughter and I will not have you doing this to yourself!”

    Dad sighed again and glanced up at me. “Maybe you could talk some sense into her, Aiden? She won’t listen to your mom and I at all.”

    “She needs her ass kicked,” Frankie offered from behind his bowl as he slurped up the last of his milk.

    “Right, but bar that what can we do? We found her in bed with some random guy. When pressed she couldn’t even tell us his name.” Dad shook his head and pressed his forehead to the table. “Your Mom is ready to kill her.”

    “Don’t blame her,” Frankie said with a shrug. “Caetie needs to stop being such a sl*t.”

    “Frankie!” Dad lifted his head from the table and wagged a finger. “Don’t speak of your sister like that.”

    “I call ‘em like I see ‘em.” He scooted his chair back from the table and ambled off toward his room, hopefully to put some damn clothes on.

    “So you had some news, Aiden?” Dad asked. The poor man looked exhausted. It was obvious that he was running on no sleep, and Caedynce’s antics were taking their toll.

    “Well, Taylor called, and wants us to come in and play for her this morning.” Dad smiled widely, the most genuine smile I’d seen on him in a long time.

    “Really? That’s great news! Arica, did you hear that?” Mom came into the kitchen a few seconds later, looking in sad shape as well.

    “Hear what?”

    “Taylor called. Looks like our boys might be going places.”

    “Oh Aiden! We’re so proud of you!” She leaned over me and wrapped me in a tight hug from behind. She smelled of cigarettes, and I couldn’t help but call her out on it.

    “You smoking again, Mom?”

    She stood up quickly and glanced at Dad. “Uh, I had a couple last night, but I needed to calm my nerves. Your sister has me at my wits end.” The smoke on her smelled fresher than ‘last night’, but I decided to let it go.

    She plopped down on the seat next to me and took my hand. “I know this goes without saying, but if you guys end up doing a tour, I want you to watch our for your brother. He’s only 18, and very impressionable. I don’t want him to start using drugs or something.”

    I shook my head, appreciating her worry but shrugging it off nonetheless. “Frankie’s a good kid, Mom. No need to worry about him.”

    Her eyes lit up, and she gripped my hand tightly. “I just had the best idea! Frank, you’ll love this too!” Dad and I were all ears. What the hell could she be talking about?

    “I know this may be a lot to ask, but could you…” She took a deep breath and glanced at Dad. “Take Caetie with you? We cannot control her here, and you were the only one who could ever talk some sense into her. I know she’d listen to you if you took her with you-“

    “No, Mom. Sorry, nope. I’ll have enough to worry about without having to baby-sit Caedynce. Besides, she’s 18. Make her get a job, and a place of her own. Make her grow up.”

    “You think we haven’t thought about that? If Caetie had a place of her own she’d fall into her same old traps. Guys, drugs, and everything else that I’m sure we don’t even know about.”

    “Mom, that shit’s all out there on the road too. Touring would be even worse for her!”

    “But you’ll be there, Aiden. I fear that you are the only one who can help turn that girl’s life around. Frankie tried for awhile, but honestly I don’t think he cares enough. He loves his sister, but when she gets an attitude he’d rather knock her head off than talk to her.”

    “Right, so I’d be playing mediator like I always did when we were growing up.” Mom looked to Dad hopelessly, begging him with her eyes to talk me into this.

    “Aiden,” He began in a low voice. “I know it seems like we’re trying to push her off on you, but that’s not the case. You’re a responsible young man, and we know you want what’s best for her. We’re afraid that if we don’t do something soon, she’ll end up a pregnant drug addict.” I scoffed. They had to be overreacting. What could she honestly be doing that had them so worried? So she slept with someone and couldn’t quite remember their name the next morning. Hadn’t we all done that at least once? I almost verbalized this, but thought better of it. The less Mom knew about these things the better.

    The distinct smell of pot smoke filled the kitchen, and I glanced from Mom to Dad curiously. Where the hell…? Dad leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest while Mom sadly shook her head. Slowly, I turned around to find my sister standing directly behind me, smoking a joint.

    “Hey brother,” She drawled.

    In an instant I was out of my chair and snatched the joint from her. “If you wanted to hit it you could have asked…” She began.

    I flipped on the kitchen faucet and poured water over it while Caedynce watched me in horror. “You have absolutely no respect, do you?” I threw the sopping wet joint into the garbage and turned back to my frazzled parents. “Ok, fine, I’ll do it. If we go on tour Caetie’s coming too.”

    Caedynce’s broad smile was cut short when I shook my head vehemently. “But it won’t be a big fucking party like you think, sister. I’ll be watching you.”
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    Thank-you girls so much! I don't have anymore written, and also have to finish up Linger, but I'll update as soon as I can. I have big plans for this fic, so hopefully they work out. :)
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    Chapter 2

    Sorry for the double-post. :) And I was going to say JULIA I UPDATED! But you're offline now! So I said it here. xD

    Aiden's POV

    “Alright guys, get your shit together,” I hissed. Frankie and Max refused to stop fucking around, and they were making me nervous. We all stood holding our instruments, waiting for Taylor to give us the cue that she was ready. Frankie had started the entire thing when he swung his guitar at Max, who wasn’t looking and ended up with a guitar neck to the jaw. He’d retaliated with drum-sticks, of course, and now it was all-out war.

    Stephen shook his head and grinned in my direction. I couldn’t return it. I was shaking with nervousness; my hands clammy. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play once she did give us the cue. Frankie finally stopped moving for a moment and whispered furiously to me. “Aiden! Calm the hell down! You’re good, it’s fine. You know it’ll work out.” He grinned that goofy, lopsided grin of his and I couldn’t help but reciprocate. Frankie could wind me up instantly, but he also had a way of calming me down.

    A loudspeaker suddenly turned on in the room, and Taylor’s voice came on. “Whenever you’re ready guys, you can begin.”

    Max scurried back to his drum kit while Frankie, Sydney, and I took our places. Stephen began his count with the tapping of his foot. “One, two, one, two, three, four!” I tore into the song, my nervousness instantly vanished. Everyone was so on, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Max pounded his drums like he was trying to tear into them, and Frankie played his little heart out, as always. Syd, the lone girl in our band, nailed her bass-line with perfection. And then there was Stephen. His voice sounded so un-like his father’s; if you simply listened to him you would never have guessed he was Gerard Way’s son. I had no idea where he got that voice from, but it was amazing. He’d flubbed the last few lines of the song, but I doubt Taylor would have even noticed.

    We stood in silence, Stephen’s face red with embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” He mouthed.

    “Don’t be,” I mouthed back.

    The door opened and Taylor stood there, her hands on her hips. I couldn’t read her expression at all, and the nervousness returned once again. “Well guys,” She began, looking at each of us pointedly. Even Frankie looked a little frightened at the prospect of her answer. “When can you leave?” A collective sign went through the room just before Frankie squealed and jumped into my arms.

    “I’ll be going on the road with you, as your manager, if you guys will have me,” She continued, smiling at me. I dropped Frankie on his ass and turned to her, mesmerized by her smile.

    “Where do we sign?” I asked a little too anxiously.

    “Follow me,” She said with a laugh. “I have the paper work all ready. And honestly, I had it ready before you guys even came in today. I had faith.”

    She exited the room and Frankie was instantly elbowing me and giggling. “Did you hear that? She’s coming with us! This is like your dream come true, eh?” I glared at him, resisting my urge to punch him in the head. One drunken night I made the mistake of revealing my feelings for Taylor to him, and he hadn’t let it go since.

    The next few days passed by in a whirlwind of signing papers, packing, and making sure everything was in order. The tour was only going to be for summer, since Max and Sydney were only 17. They’d have to return to school in the fall. Aunt Julia sat me down and gave me instructions on how to deal with all these hormonal teenagers. Her advice was amazing, and still made me laugh.

    “You’re going to be stuck on a bus with five teenagers, all aged between 17 and 18. Don’t let them do anything stupid, and don’t take their bullshit. If you need to, tasor them.”

    “Tasor them?” I’d asked with a laugh.

    She nodded in all seriousness. “I can get ahold of a tasor gun for you if you need me to.”

    “I…I don’t think that will be necessary.”

    “I wouldn’t say that. But if Max gets out of line, seriously, just tell him his Mommy is going to come and get him and make him come home. That should work like a charm.”

    As I left her house that afternoon, she made me one more promise that would prove to be very helpful. “Those kids are going to want to run wild on you, Aiden. You shouldn’t have to be responsible for them all, so I’m telling you this. We as their parents will be dropping by from time to time. Don’t tell any of them or they’ll be looking for it. I won’t say which parent will be at which show, but just know there will always be someone nearby if you need anything.” She stood and hugged me tightly, then whispered, “Keep the girls off of Max, Frankie, and Stephen. There will be too many options out there for them, options they shouldn’t take. Okay?”

    I grinned and nodded. “Okay, Aunt Julia.”

    “Same goes for you too, kiddo,” She said, ruffling my hair. “Maybe you should bring a tasor gun along to keep the girls away.” I laughed, but she muttered to herself. “Maybe I’ll bring it when I come. Zap, bitches go down!”

    “I gotta go, okay?” I said, opening the door.

    “Okay! We love you! If you hear about two older chicks being arrested, it was probably Nicki and I for tasoring fangirls. So save some cash to bail us out.” I laughed as I ran down her front steps, hopping into Frankie’s waiting car. I wouldn’t put it past either Julia or Nicki to actually do it.

    We left early the next morning, after having said our goodbye to our parents. Gerard pulled me aside after the others had boarded the bus, stuffing a fistful of bills into my hand.

    “No, Gerard, I can’t accept this.”

    “You will. I don’t want you guys surviving off of chips like we did when we first started.”

    “We’ve got some money, it’s okay.”

    Dad rounded Gerard, and soon I was surrounded. Bob and Mikey stood behind me, Dad and Gerard in front of me. Each began piling more money into my hands. “Guys, stop! I said I don’t want your money.”

    “Take it, Aiden,” Dad stated, leaving no room for argument in his tone. “Gerard’s right. You guys will need money, and this way you won’t all be begging off of Taylor like we did with Brian.”

    I stared at the money as a few bills fell on the ground. “Don’t let the others know you have it, just dole it out as you see fit,” Bob said with a nod. “You’re the only one we can trust with it, that’s why we’re giving it to you.” I hugged each one of them after I’d stuffed my pockets with the money. There had to be over $1,000 on my person at this moment. If the others knew about this, I’d get jumped and robbed as soon as I got on the bus.

    “If you need more, just let me know,” Dad told me, squeezing tightly. Mom came over, and with tears in her eyes hugged me as well.

    “Take care, Aiden. But most of all, have fun. Not too much, just the right amount.” She smiled through her tears, but I wanted to shake her. She smelled like cigarettes again. After I’d hugged Julia, Nicki, Jessie, and Eliza I turned back to my dad.

    “Make mom quit smoking, okay?”

    “Yeah, yeah okay.”

    “No, I’m serious. She’s going to kill herself if she doesn’t stop.”

    “I’ll see to it, okay Aiden? Now get your ass on that bus.” I turned to leave, and just for good measure Dad gave me a giant slap on the ass to get me going.

    I held my butt where he’s smacked it as the doors shut behind me. They all stood there waving, letting their kids go for the first time. It was beautiful, almost poetic really. For once, we were leaving them. They’d had their moment in the sun, and now it was our turn.
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