Dusting Off The Ashes

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    Meeee toooo. I really love this story.
    I can't believe that asshole found her. :l
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    I figured I'd add some tension and I sat here for about fifteen minutes thinking about things that Lindsey could possibly do or have already done to Gerard... Pantsing was one of the first things that popped up in my mind. I'm sure Gerard doesn't go commando, but it made it funnier under the circumstances. haha.

    Anyway, college is going pretty well. Me and one of my friends are thinking about investing in a scooter because we have to run from building to building on campus. haha. I don't think the scooter idea would work; too many stairs. haha.
    I may update again tonight or tomorrow =]
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    Oh no! Good thing they had that hiding spot.
    I love how you write scenes with Lady B. They make me smile.
    Looking foward to the next update =]
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    Chapter 23: Regret

    The springy green grass beneath my bare feet has always seemed to relax me as I looked up at the various shapes of fluffy white clouds lingering in the sky. They gradually moved and changed as if they feared falling onto the people down on the earth. Theories constantly raced through my mind on why the clouds were so slow. Soon I’d find out that they were moving to another part of the world. Sky gazing after that seemed to be less amusing to me. Letting the grass caress my back, I begged for the clouds to stop so I can bask in the daylight so I wouldn’t have to scurry to another adventure the next day.

    Months wandered by and the sky changed drastically, as for the grass beneath my feet and the leaves on the tall trees. Now, those leaves lay dead on the ground and crackled under the weight of me. My insight on life had changed rapidly since the spring time. The autumn breeze made my hair sway back and forth as I kept my eyes fixated on the soil below. Stale tears lingered on my cheeks. Another family had been taken away from me, more so of me being taken away from another family.

    My aching head burrowed into the pillow of yet another different bed. The heart in my chest attempted to mend itself together as I was soon not alone in the bedroom. A dreadful sensation rolled throughout by body as I turned to see a dark figure standing in the doorway before it disappeared. I returned my face to the oversized pillow as a pair of hands rested on my waist. “Wake up…”

    “Hey… Audrey, wake up,” a voice softly state, gently shaking her back and forth. “Come on, wake up.”

    The weight on the bed shifted slightly as she awoke and rolled on her back to gaze up at the person looming over her. Warming eyes stared back at her as she groggily spoke, “Gerard, why are you waking me up so early?”

    “Lindsey wanted me to check on you because she heard you crying; I guess you were having a bad dream,” he replied wiping her hair out of her face.

    Suddenly, she rolled back over, “Yeah, a bad dream.”

    “Do you want anything? Water? Anything?” He suggested rubbing her shoulder trying not to act too fatherly towards her. All he heard was a gentle sniffle and her soft reply, “Could you just lie her with me until I go back to sleep? I’m scared.”

    “Scoot over a little,” he replied as he slowly lied down behind her.

    Scooting around, she turned to face him and lied her head on his chest, “Thanks, Gerard.”

    In the silence, he lied there and played with her hair until she drifted to sleep. The thoughts that wondered through his mind focused on the possibilities of what would happen once they commenced going to court and finally charging Herald for what he has done. Joseph would be a large amount of help, as will the fact that Audrey is pregnant with that man’s child. His lower lip quivered at that last thought. He angrily forced back his tears and attempted to calm himself down, That bastard is in this city… And I’m not doing anything about it. It’ll be an act of passion if I go after right now, any other time it’ll be premeditated… He carefully sat up and placed a pillow underneath her so he could get up. I’m going to make a few calls.

    “Oh my God, she’s crawling all by herself!” Lindsey called out joyfully, waking her up in the process. She jogged into the bedroom and shook Audrey. “Lady B is crawling! I knew she’d be able to do it once she had some playtime in the floor!” She kissed Audrey between the eyes and skipped out of the room.

    With her wide eyes, she saw the waken world outside of her large bedroom window. Small song birds fluttered through the morning air and the sun happily streamed through her window, which contrasted greatly with the mood she had woke up in; no very cheerful, but happy that Bandit was crawling. The grass outside looked so green from her position in the bed. Crawling out from under the covers and yawning, she stretched to rid herself of her aches. She stepped out of her bedroom door and saw Bandit and Lindsey in the floor crawling around, “You two look like you’re having fun.” She attempted to make her voice sound as cheerful as possible.

    “Of course,” Lindsey chirped from the floor as she played with Bandit’s hair. “I’m overly excited.”

    Audrey smiled at both of them and stated, “You’re going to give mommy a hard time now, aren’t ya, Lady B?”

    “You called her Lady B!” Lindsey gasped smiling. “Now, you’re a part of the family.”

    A laugh escaped her lips as she replied once more, “Do you two want breakfast? I’m going to cook.”

    Shaking her head, Lindsey replied, “Nah. We already ate. Do you want me to cook for you?” She sat up on her knees and wiped her hands on her jeans, “You’ll just have to keep an eye on your little sister.”

    Audrey didn’t want Lindsey to stop enjoying her mother-daughter time so she shook her head, “I can cook so you can enjoy her first moments crawling.” A smile grew on her face when Lindsey winked as a thank you before she headed down stairs to find an empty lower level. “Wonder where Gerard is.” She wandered into the kitchen and prepared a meal big enough to suit her until dinner. As she ate her breakfast, her mind commenced drifting off.

    Outside, I wish I could go outside. I fear doing so because I know as soon as I step outside alone, that man would come after me. He’ll take me back to Chicago and do whatever he thinks is necessary. I fear that happening. But anyone would know that Gerard Arthur Way would do anything in his power to get me back from that monster of a man. In that department of my life, I’m lucky to have founded Gerard; vice versa, and I love him. Same goes for Lindsey and Bandit; I love them both and thank God for all three of them every morning.

    I’ve always been some sort of a believer and sometimes, I’ve been known to blame God for being stuck in terrible families, but it’s not his fault. It’s fate. If I wasn’t at the Eversole’s, I wouldn’t have met my brother. I wouldn’t have been rescued either. Also, if I didn’t need rescued, he probably wouldn’t have taken me.

    On another subject; pregnancy… I can definitely tell the difference. I’ve went from barely eating to absolutely stuffing my face and feeling more motherly towards Bandit and my duties around the house. Cleaning and cooking are now higher on my list—Also taking better care of myself and everyone under his roof. I’m now a mother bear protecting her cubs.

    A hand rested on her shoulder as she finished eating her breakfast. She knew who it belonged to, well, it’s one of two people; Gerard or Lindsey. Glancing upwards, her eyes met her brother’s, which made a smile form on her almost sadden expression. She sighed and smiled weakly, “Hey, big brother.”

    The expression on his face wasn’t very promising, or amused, looking, at the same time he looked quite sad about something, “Hey, sweetie. What are you doing?”

    “I was just eating breakfast,” she smiled weakly trying to make him smile in return. “Lady B started crawling this morning. Lindsey woke me up with her excitement as she announced it to the world.”

    A small giggle escaped his pursed lips, “It’s horrible that I missed it.”

    “Her and Lindsey are probably still crawling around upstairs,” Audrey giggled a little bit signaling for him that he could leave her there and go up there to join his wife and child. “Is something wrong?”

    He shook his head and sighed, “I almost did something I wouldn’t have regretted.”

    “Do you want to—“

    “No,” he interrupted her knowing what she was going to ask. “I don’t want to mention or talk about it right now…”
    A/N: :smartass: Classes tomorrow = I don't know if I can update tomorrow, so I updated tonight.
    My nephew kind of inspires me towards making cute parts with Bandit exist in this story. This morning, he ran into my bedroom (he'll be 2 in October) and grabbed me by the neck of my shirt screaming, "Nawnie! Up! Get out bed! Ight now!!!" haha, I love that kid more than air.
    I love my readers too.
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    Awh, that sounds absolutely adorable. (your nephew) :D

    This was an amazing update, sweetie.
    I loved Lady B & Lindsey.
    And I actually wish Gerard would go kill Harold.
    But the consequences. :/

    So, I start school tomorrow, and my first day is always terrible.
    And seeing that you updated this made me happy, so hopefully this'll help my day go better. ;o
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    ^ Aw I'm happy my update made you happy. It makes me happy to make my readers happy! College was stressful today. haha

    I was "volunteered" to ask awkward questions to my friends in After Elvis today during their live podcast which will be on iTunes. They're like my best friends and they're pretty sweet and they're great guys. I've known them since I was 15. If you need a good laugh and in need of good music, search After Elvis on iTunes; the thing with the comic picture is them. <3 I love them a lot! Here's their myspace!!

    PS. If you guys hear it, Hazard (they talk about a lot) is my city. haha. I'm one of the kids they talk about.
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    Aww your nephew sounds adorable!
    What did Gerard do? I think he ran into him and beat him up but I'm probably wrong.
    Lookign foward to more =]
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    Chapter 24: The Weight of Her

    For various reasons, she seemed to not comprehend what he was saying. Why on Earth did he not want to mention what he had done? It’s not like he committed murder… Unless he actually killed someone. A solemn yet confused expression lingered onto her face as she witnessed his odd, rapidly changing facial expression until he eventually decided to silently wander up stairs –she couldn’t allow him to leave on a silent note.

    “Tell me,” she demanded stomping her foot at the bottom of the stairs. “You’re my brother; I have a right to know!”

    Awkwardly, he spun around on the stairs to gaze down at her. Everything in him urged him to ignore her and join his wife and now crawling child, yet there was a microscopic voice screaming at him to stay where he was. “Audrey, I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “I demand you tell me!” she shouted at him as he turned back around to walk on up to the top. “Tell me! I know it had something to do with me, Gerard Way! I’m not stupid!”

    Making it to the top, he turned around hearing her yelling more words that seemed to blend together, “Don’t yell at me! I’m not in the right state of mind to talk about anything right now!”

    She watched him linger around in a small semi-circle as she jogged up the wooden stairs, “I’m speaking at the same volume that you are!” Her voice projected throughout the entire house, gaining Lindsey’s attention.

    For a few moments, he stood there silently, watching Audrey stepped towards him shouting through tears that had randomly appeared on her face. As a natural reaction, he covered his ears like a child, “Shut up!” The raspy, merely heart shattering, shriek that escaped his mouth silenced her. “Just shut the fuck up! I can’t talk about it right now!” He leaned against the beige wall in the small hallway noticing that Audrey was now standing in front of him as Lindsey had stepped out of their bedroom. The man they saw couldn’t have been the one they lived with. What they saw was too fragile. Had the weight of everything caught up with him? A lot of thing had been thrown at him so quickly; Audrey being the biggest thing at that moment.

    Hands softly rested on his shoulders trying to pull him into a hug had caught him by surprise. They grasped his hands then ushered his arms around Audrey, whom was wailing by the time she had rested her forehead in the crook of his neck. The heat of her breath made him tremble as he stared at the rug on the floor that trailed up and down the small hall. He searched his brain for anything to say, but sometimes there’s nothing really to say. Racking up thoughts, he wanted to say he hated being yelled at. He wanted to say that having her around has been really tough and emotional for him and Lindsey. He desperately wanted to say that he really needed an hour or so to be alone, but he knew what she’d say and how she’d feel. She would say that she understood and she would walk into her room and stay for hours. He knew she would feel somehow hurt if he told her that. So, he didn’t.

    Audrey gently squeezed him as she finally regained composure, “I’m sorry. I’m just falling apart you know. We need to put Herald in prison.” He gently pushed her away and walked into the bedroom without saying a word. “Lindsey, I didn’t mean to yell at him… I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

    Lindsey took her hand and led her downstairs, “He just needs some time alone. I’ll tell you something about him.” She stood in the entry way, leaning against the wall as the orange glow from the sun setting outside washed over both of them. “You see, I’ve never heard him yell, at anyone. We’ve never fought by shouting, just uttering and walking away. The only time he has yelled like that has been into a microphone and today, he needs to have some time to cool off.” She bit her lip seeing the emotionless expression on Audrey’s face, then continued, “He has a lot of weight on his shoulders right now, especially after what he did today, being the reason that I’m mad at him right now.”

    “What?” Audrey murmured hoarsely.

    “Well, this morning, he went out searching for trouble,” she stated running her fingers through her hair. “He went out and literally stalked Mr. Eversole. Hah, he could’ve went to jail for following him. He called me at a gas station to tell me all of this. Right now, I’m about to go down town my fucking self to tell the police about Eversole so he can get his ass questioned, a trial later on and… BAM! His ass is in deep, ya know?” Now, her arms were crossed and her eyes flickered with rage. “You know what, I am going.” She reached into a coat pocket on the coat rack near the door, “I’m taking Gerard’s car. I have my cell and I’ll be back later.”

    Audrey watched her leave and ran upstairs with all intentions of telling Gerard, but once she made it to the bedroom door, her hand fell to her side and she made her way to her bedroom. She didn’t worry because she knew he had Bandit with him and Lindsey wasn’t completely overreacting. She sunk into her bed and under her covers hoping that they could make her disappear.

    At the moment, the world seemed to be frowning down at her, like Gerard did earlier while she was following him up the stairs. She questioned why she was so emotional and the fact that she was pregnant came back to her mind, while tears commenced dampening her pillow, “Why? Why did it have to be me? Why do I have to bear his baby?” She burrowed her face even further into the pillow and gasped through her muffled sobs, knowing she couldn’t regain control of anything in her life. “Just shoot me and take this huge weight off of his shoulders; I know it’s me.”

    Reluctantly, she sat up to glanced around her bedroom to find her room the way she had left it earlier with a small pile of dirty clothes laying near the closet and a stack of books resting on her dresser. She slung a pillow at the books, sending them tumbling to the floor. It made a loud sound that seemed to echo through the room, but she just reburied her face into her pillow.

    “Audrey?” a weak voice called from the hallway after a small knock on the door. “It’s Gerard.”

    “Go away, I need some me time,” she groaned loudly into her pillow.

    “Audrey,” he stated extending her name like it was a task to say it. “Where’s Lindsey?”

    “She went to the police station,” she groaned again as she sat up to glare at the door. “I’m tired, leave me alone.” She slung a pillow at the door before it opened revealing a concerned looking older brother. “Get out!”

    “Did you say she went to the police station?” he asked as Audrey nodded and threw a pillow at him. “Fuck…” She threw her last one then smiled. He jokingly glared at her, “You’re out of pillows.”

    Audrey lied back down and asked, “What’s going to happen now?”

    “Depending on how Lindsey tells the police what’s going on… We won’t know until she comes home or calls,” he replied walking out of the room. “I’ll give you your me time.”

    “Gerard?” she stated hoarsely as she propped herself up on her elbow.

    “Yeah?” he replied stepping out of the door.

    “Don’t get rid of me,” she murmured sadly seeing him turn around. “Please. I know I’m a large pain in the ass, but I promise I’ll try harder. My emotions are so out of whack right now because of the pregnancy.”

    “Shh… I would never get rid of my own flesh and blood,” he stated pressing his index finger to his lips. “I’m going to check on Bandit. Why don’t you take a nap?” He disappeared soon after he said that.

    Audrey reached for the nearest pillow and cuddled it as she curled into a ball, while she uttered, “Don't let the weight of her world bring you down. Don't let her walk in the room and turn you inside out. Don't let the touch of her hand take you down. No, not now…”

    A/N: I just got done with my Pre-Algebra homework. I tested out of it and the developmental English class, but I'm staying where I am. I like my schedule, haha. The last thing Audrey says are Butch Walker song lyrics from a song called, "The Weight of Her."

    EDIT: I proof read it and I have no clue how you guys didn't become aggravated with it. haha. It's fixed now.
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    Hi there Shawna,

    I feel so bad for everyone. It must be hard for Gerard and Lyndsey to bring in all reality is a stranger to their house and if that's not straining enough all the shit she's going through with being raped, and now pregnant. I love how you weave their time with Bandit into the story as Gerard and Lyndsey in a way now have to change their focus to Audrey because right now she needs it.

    I feel so bad for Audrey because she hates what's going on with her and though her beliefs are she will keep the baby for the first time we see that she hates that she's bearing his baby. I'm not saying she hates her baby but why did it happen to her in the first place.

    I hope they put that asshole behind bars, but will Lindsey be causing more trouble by going to the police? Hmmmm.

    Looking forward to more!!
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    This is so amazing.
    I was in tears reading this.
    For some reason, I can just picture how they feel so clearly.
    This is brilliant. <3
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    Thanks guys; I love getting feedback from you guys <3
    Who knows if it'll make things worse if since she went to the police? ;)

    I'm back home, after nearly a month of living house to house.
    My father is also back home, my cousin asked his girlfriend to marry him and I'm actually in a good mood. :eek: (no homework).
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    Aw it seems as though the siblings have reached their breaking point. I felt so bad when she asked Gerard to not get rid of her.
    Anyway I love this story <3
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    Chapter 25: Drunken Waltz

    Cigarette smoke swirled throughout the empty space in the air and around his face nearly hiding him. Resting on the table that he loomed over was a small notebook filled with various words, ones that have poured through speakers, amps and headphones throughout the world. Some of them have yet to do so. With a cigarette balanced loosely between his lips, he scribbled down a few lines before he took a long drag then flicked the ashes out the second floor window. Smoking around his baby wasn’t the best thing at that moment, but he made sure that she was on the other side of the room and made all of his smoke go out of the window. Secondhand smoke is proven to be deadly for infants; he made sure his smoke went outside.

    At that moment, his mind had commenced hatching brand new ideas, ones that spoke of the emotions that he had recently experienced. Gazing outside the window, he watched the cars race by on their way home hoping to leave later on during the night to catch the newest movies. In his household, they were too worried about life to think about going out to relax below a large cloth screen or go out for dinner. He stabbed the butt of the cigarette out in the ash tray the rested on the window seal then let out the last bit of smoke. Uttering the words he had written on the paper, he realized that him and his baby were joined by someone else in the room. He gazed over his shoulder and found his fifteen year old sister, “Me time over?”

    “Whatever,” she muttered making a face then made her way towards the infant in the crib. She patted down her messy hair as she reached into the crib to rub Bandit’s stomach. “How long have you been awake, cutie?” She picked her up, letting Bandit straddle her hip, “You look so happy today.”

    Redirecting his attention from the small notebook to her, he half-smiled and sat the notebook on the nightstand nearby. In his mind, he was telling himself that they didn’t need to worry because Audrey would make a good mother, even if she has become a nervous wreck and almost always cries when anyone mentions it. His smile widened when he watched her lay his daughter on the bed to play with her.

    Right away, Bandit rolled onto her stomach and began crawling, which took her by surprise, “I almost forgot that you could crawl.” She joined her on the bed and crawled around with her, especially making sure she didn’t fall off. For a second, she felt a sickness roll through her body, but she ignored it and acted as if it never happened.

    “You know getting sick is a natural thing, especially during the first three months,” he announced standing up from the rocking chair and was now walking towards her. “I’ll do my fatherly slash brotherly duties and say go take care of yourself then come and play with Bandit.” He sat on the bed noticing that she nodded and quickly rushed out of the room. He fell back and made an oof sound resulting in a huge smile and rolling giggles from his baby daughter. “Daddy’s not that funny…” Rolling onto his side, he directed her away from the edge and towards him, “The floor is not your friend. Your uncle Mikey fell off the bed when he was around your age; I remember it well. You grandma freaked out thinking it killed him.” Bandit crawled over his arm and bumped her head into his chest, “I love you.” He kissed the top of her head then heard an obnoxious sound coming from the hallway, followed by the front door opening and closing.

    He swiftly stood up and carefully picked up his infant-daughter then half-jogged to the hallway, “Whose there?” He loomed over the railing to scan the living room and saw Lindsey lying face first on the couch, “Lindsey, baby?”

    “Yes?” her muffled voice met his ears. Anyone could tell that she was overly stressed.

    “What happened?” he called out to her then began walking down the stair as Bandit reached for a hand full of his hair, she succeed and yanked it as hard as her little body would allow her. “Ow!”

    Lindsey popped up from the couch, “You okay?” When her eyes caught up with him she laughed, “Oh, she founds daddy’s hair.”

    “She has her mama’s strength,” he winced as she yanked a few more times, making Lindsey laugh. “Where have you been?”

    “Police station,” she replied as they joined her on the couch. “They said they’d question him and asked for my contact details—I gave them our numbers and mentioned that it was your little sister that he raped, so they said she’d have to come in for questioning tonight or tomorrow. I then told them they really need to keep that man away from us and her. They said they’d keep him behind bars until they clarify everything.”

    “That’s good,” he sighed out in relief as he rested his hand against Bandit’s chest, she had finally went from yanking his hair to pulling at the collar of his black, Planet of the Apes t-shirt. “Audrey’s starting to get the sickness.”

    Lindsey made a face, “That sucks. I’ll go check on her while Lady B works on ripping that shirt off of you.” She kissed both of them before walking upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door, “Are you okay?” The flushing sound made her smile to herself for a second before she heard an uttered come in. Opening the door, she smiled weakly at the girl with her face submerged in a sink full of cool water. “It sucks, doesn’t it?” She rubbed her back.

    Audrey leaned up letting the water stream down her neck and chest, “Yes. What’s even worse is that I’m now starving to death.”

    Lindsey held in a small giggled then brought her into a hug, “Let’s go get you some saltine crackers.”

    Gerard rubbed his nose against his daughter’s as he gooed and cooed at her, “Yes, you’re too cute to be mine.”

    “How do you know she’s yours?” Lindsey joked leading Audrey to the kitchen. When she saw the look Gerard gave her, she corrected herself, “You’re her daddy, don’t worry honey.” A pleased look washed over his face as they disappeared into the kitchen in search for crackers. Audrey sat at the table watching Lindsey dig through a few cabinets, “Aha!” She pulled out a box of crackers, “Perfect.”

    Audrey crossed her legs and arms as Lindsey made her way to the table, “I’m not much on crackers or salt, but I’ll eat the shit out of them if they keep me from getting sick.”

    “I lived on these for the longest time; they work if you have the stomach virus and can’t keep anything down, I tested that out on Gerard when he had food poisoning,” she half-smiled. “They sober you up faster too; tested that out on Jimmy one night.” She scoffed as she opened the box then pulled out a pack, “His wife wasn’t too amused.”

    “Where is she?” a voice asked in the living room gaining both of their attention.

    Audrey bit into a cracker and looked over her shoulder at who was walking towards the kitchen. It was Joseph who had walked through the house, “What are you doing here?”

    “You went to the police without me?” he asked stumbling in.

    “Are you drunk?” Audrey asked as Lindsey stood up, readying herself as Gerard walked into the room. “I didn’t go to the police.”

    “Who did, huh?” he slurred stepping towards her as Gerard grabbed his shoulder. “Let go of me.”

    Gerard jerked him backwards, “Being drunk isn’t going to help your case. I’ll drive you back home.” He almost had him turned around before he turned back towards Audrey and murmured something incoherent to him. “Okay. Let’s go before I have to call the police on you.” He pulled him into the living room as Lindsey grabbed the pack of crackers and took out a few for herself.

    “Gerard can handle him,” she said looking in the living room to see that Bandit had fallen asleep in her infant-swing and Gerard had drug Joseph out the door. “Maybe I should call Frank or Mikey to help. Frank took good care of Gerard when he was an alcoholic before we got married.”

    Audrey nodded and bit into another cracker, “These saltines are working.”
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    That was absolutely amaazing.
    Lady B is just so cute. <3
    I love the four of them so much in this.
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    I can't get enough of scenes with Lady B. It's so adorable.
    Joseph worries me now, but nice update =]
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    Hi there Shawna,

    That is so sweet with Lady B, she's just so adorable and I can picture her doing that, babies just love to pull hair.

    I'm glad that they're going to get him behind bars.

    What's going on with Joseph I used to like his character but now he's being weird?

    Looking forward to more.
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    Chapter 26: Submerged Clothes

    A/N: Before-hand, there is a word in this that is Chinese and in italics. "Kangolai" (can-go-lie) which means "Look or gaze at me."
    I was inspired by thinking about bathing in the dark with candles when I was her age. :mmm: I use to do it all the time, until I gained a fear of the dark.

    The soft sound of running water echoed throughout the dark bathroom. Only a few small flickering candles lit a dim path being merely enough to make your way around the room without falling over anything. The faint aroma of the blended scents met her nose as she just lied in the bathtub. Oddly enough, she was wearing the dress that everything started in; the one she wore the night Herald first entered her room. To her, this was her way of attempting to cleanse the fabric of all of the sin it had witnessed, that being too gargantuan for even herself to handle—luckily she was saved before it became worse or more often. Sinking, she gradually took in a large breath of air before submerging her entire body into the warm water as her mind commenced to wonder, Maybe someone could drown me… Rid me of all of my sins and the various sins of every other person that destroys this Earth day by day. For a few moments, she felt impelled to stay under, but lacking air made her instinctively resurface.

    A gentle knock on the door came too soon, followed by a voice, “Audrey, can I come in?”

    Reluctantly, she responded by saying, “Come on in.”

    A stream of light beamed across the bathroom, landing on the tub and the once dark looking water that she had been lying in for nearly an hour. At the door stood her brother with his arms crossed over his chest. To her he was nothing more than a silhouette. “Lindsey wanted me to come and check on you.”

    It took her a few moments to reply, “I’m fine.” She sunk into the water up to her jaw-line and murmured, “I’m just thinking.” Merely a deep sigh later, she noticed that he was sitting on the rim of the tub, blocking the light from the hallway, which she had become thankful for. Now, she saw more than a silhouette of him; he appeared to be a shadow version of a loving and over protective elder brother. She sunk a little bit more, “You can go back in there. I’m not going to drown.”

    “I contacted Olivia about possible lawsuits against Herald,” he stated quietly, but his voice sounded as though it echoed throughout the entire bathroom. “And may I ask why you’re soaking in a tub with your clothes on?”

    A small debate begun in her mind, bouncing around whether or not she should say what she was doing or not, but eventually she admitted it, “I’m washing away everything that had ever happened while I wore this.”

    He never questioned what had happened; he more or less assumed what happened, “Okay.”

    She reached for his hand that was resting on the rim of the tub and gently grasped it as she sunk further, “I don’t want to get out.” A slight pressure wrapped around her fingers, making her eyes open slightly wider to look at him in a more panoramic view. The water engulfed her ability to hear as he opened his mouth to speak, making him sound as if he were under water. She attempted to decipher what he said because his lips curled at the sides weakly, merely showing the tips of his teeth. Rising up, she allowed the water to drain out of her ears before she asked what he just said.

    “You don’t have to right now; I was just making sure you were still alive up here,” he repeated himself and gave her the same smile he did before. “I’m going back down stairs. I’ll come back and check on you every now and again.” He bent over to kiss her forehead and turned to stand up, only to get pulled backwards into the tub. In his mind, he wandered what that was a consequence of. “That’s what I get for purchasing a huge bathtub.” That was the only one he could think of. He let the top half of his body soak for a second then gradually pulled himself up.

    “You’re clumsy,” Audrey assisted him back to the rim. “Sorry.”

    He squeezed some water out of her hair then his shirt, “I take that as a hint that I should bathe more often?” Looking down at her, he saw her shake her head, “Okay. Then that’s my one bath for the week.” Turning towards the door, he smiled receiving a quiet ewww… from his sister. “I’m kidding.” Finally, he stood up, “I’m going to call and check on Joseph, then spend some quality time with Lindsey and B. You could come and join us if you get out of the tub, but dry clothes are required to do so.”

    As he lingered out of the door, she nodded silently. The door finally closed once more, leaving her to her thoughts, the darkness and small, half-alive candles. She kept her eyes fixated on the flames that licked at the air above and around it, “Kangolai.”

    Two months sauntered by like that bath did; gradually and almost stress free. Joseph had merely disappeared and called every other day from a blocked number to make sure everything was in order and gathered up for a trail that had been scheduled during that week. Frank and Mikey had made various appearances at the Way residence to babysit so Gerard and (or) Lindsey could accompany Audrey to a doctor’s appointment to check up on her health and the health of the small bump that once was nearly a concave part of her body.

    Relaxing on a large couch, she mindlessly rubbed her stomach and glanced around the room to look at a few familiar faces, none of which belonged to anyone she lived with. A smile formed on her face when she noticed a funny expression forming on Mikey’s face, “Smell that?”

    Audrey sniffed, “Food?”

    “No…” he scoffed and continued. “Gerard’s lame-ass cooking.” He then broke into laughter, as did everyone else in the room.

    “That’s mean; he’s an alright cook,” she claimed trying to revive Gerard’s name from that status. “Some things just seem to get burned in the process of being cooked by him.”

    “Yeah, he’s like me,” Frank laughed. “Burns everything and calls it Cajun.” He fell back from laughing.

    “You two are lunatics,” she said finding it hard to not laugh at their red faces. “Mavericks.”

    “Oh, big word.” By this time, Frank had quit laughing and smiled, “We enjoy going against the norm.”

    Crossing one leg over the other, she let out a sigh, “There’s no way I can put down the spirit of two Mavericks.” A smile formed on her face, “I just like saying that word.”

    “Foods done,” Gerard stepped in and announced. “Mikey eats last.”

    “What? I’m starving!” Mikey scoffed standing up only to be pushed down by his older brother. “You fucker!”

    “Shut up, Wheeze!” Gerard extended the word for nearly thirty-seconds and sat on Mikey whom was now stuck in the chair. “You eat last! Ladies first.”

    “That’s not fair, G,” Frank protested sitting on the edge of his seat. “I didn’t say anything about your cooking.”

    “I said ladies first,” Gerard laughed lightly as Audrey and Alicia joined Lindsey and Bandit in the kitchen. “That means you can join them.”

    “I’m a sexier woman than you are,” he batted his eyelashes and stood up. “What about Mikes!?”

    “Wheeze eats last.”

    Audrey reentered the living room and gently shoved Gerard, “Wheezy made me laugh. He should be able to eat with the rest of us, all of you can.” She grabbed Mikey and Gerard’s hands with her right hand then Frank’s with her left. “Follow me.”
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    I loved that. Very muchh.
    'Wheeze' <3
    And the Cajun quote by Frank.
    Ahh, you never cease to amaze me. :]
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    Haha that was funny. This made me smile.
    It's nice that Audrey spends time with her other brother too. =]
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    Herald needs to rot in prison.

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