Dusting Off The Ashes

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    Aww! I hope he's okay too, and that the monster is no where to be seen. Haha at the doctor commenting at how calm Gerard was.

    Your Yorkie's named Bandit? That's adorable. =]
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    I'm so glad everything's going well for them right now.
    I really hope Harold doesn't show his nasty face around there anymore. :l
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    =] MY grandmother is now calling her Brody... I told her one of the two names need to stick. haha. Brody/Bandit has separation issues.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments =] I have been internetless for a couple of days. I just got it back this morning at 7:35am because dad decided to call very early on my day off. I was looking forward to sleeping until I could not sleep no more, but it just didn't work out, did it? BUT I got the internet back, therefore another chapter (for both stories) in a day or so.

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    Chapter 39: New Mother

    Staring down into a pair of hazel green eyes, she smiled to herself and knew that this baby was hers and no one could change that—not even the father. Cradling him in her arms, she thought of so many things that needed to be done. Herald needed to be gone from this Earth and all would be complete. Looking up she saw Gerard setting down and Lindsey standing at the large window gazing down at the parking lot. She seemed so focused on something, but Audrey didn't worry about it. A nearly silent cough directed her attention to her brother, “Are you okay, Gerard?”

    He nodded putting his hand back into his lap, “I'm fine. Something was caught in my throat.” He then looked over at Lindsey and smiled softly, “Enjoying the view?”

    “Not too much; too many damn cars,” she responded crossing her arms and turning towards them. “Did Kinsey say when you could go home?”

    “She hasn't come in yet,” Audrey muttered as Gerard signaled to see if he could hold William. “Here you are.” They carefully made the exchange as Lindsey sat on the edge of the bed. “You look worried.”

    “It is nothing,” Lindsey stated crossing her legs. “I'm always really protective over babies and family.” She patted Audrey's leg, “It's nothing.”

    Gerard gradually stood up and laid William in the small bed provided by the hospital, “He's very quiet. Bandit slept for a while then cried, a lot.” He smiled, “She has Lindsey's lungs.”

    “Gerard Way!?” Lindsey gasped acting like she was offended. “She pouts like you do.”

    “I don't pout,” he scoffed.

    “Shh, a little bit more quiet,” Audrey shushed holding her hand up to block their view of each other.

    Someone entered the room accompanied by Dr. Kinsey, “Hello, how's the mother, relatives and the baby?”

    They looked at her and glared at the other person as if he wasn't good enough to spit on; Herald stood next to the doctor. Audrey scooted up in her bed as Gerard stood up to say something, but was stopped by his wife, “Dr. Kinsey, can we have a moment to speak with this man?”

    “Okay, Audrey's good to go whenever she wants to leave,” she explained briefly as she turned to walk out of the room.

    They all nodded as Gerard now walked up to Herald, “What in the hell are you doing here?” He stayed at least a foot away from Herald for good measure.

    “I'm here to see my creation,” he replied bluntly.

    “He's not a fucking creation, he is a baby and if I have anything to do with it, you'll never lay a hand on him or Audrey,” Gerard spat in a low tone so no one in the hallway would suspect anything wrong.

    “He's my son,” Herald replied hastily.

    “You're son? What gives you the right to believe that you deserve to be his father?” Gerard stated keeping his arms down at his sides.

    Herald opened his mouth to say something else and Audrey shared her feelings, “You fucking raped me and said if I had a child by you, you would kill it in order to keep my ass quiet. That's why Reese had an abortion a few months before I came into that home of yours. Go turn yourself in you bastard because if I see you again, I'll fucking murder you myself!” Lindsey covered Audrey's mouth before her little speech got too out of hand.

    “Did someone hit the security button?” a voice announced as a slightly large man entered the room.

    “Yes, this man is wanted by the police,” Lindsey stated as Herald attempted to push by the man.

    The man looked at Herald and smiled weakly, “Is this true, sir?”

    “He fucking raped me!” Audrey shouted as Lindsey hushed her silently.

    “Okay, sir, I'm sure they're really excited to see you again at the jail house,” the man stated grabbing Herald who kept trying to get away. “You calm down or this'll become the worst day of your life.”

    A week later, Audrey had gotten use to the new mother way of life. She still lied around the Way household, but she played with Bandit and took care of William who seemed to be growing like a weed.

    She lied on the couch with William in a carrier by her side. For a few minutes, she rocked him and watched him gradually fall asleep. In her mind, she knew Herald was back in jail under major supervision, but he got out before. Mindlessly, she uttered to herself, “I won't be happy until he's dead.”
    A/N: Sorry it took so long and sorry this update is shorter than usual.
    This story might end somewhere in the 40s or 50s due to the fact that I believe it is nearing the point I hoped it would.

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    I'm going to miss this dearly when it's over.
    But that was absolutely amazing.
    I'm glad Harold showed up, because now he's locked up again.
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    Chapter 40: Hell

    "The DNA test shows that William is indeed Herald's son," Blair announced to the small, nearly empty court room. "Now that we are clear on this, I will tell you what I think and what we shall do in this situation. Apparently, Miss Audrey is a grand young mother and she has a steady home. Audrey will keep custody of this beautiful child. Herald, you will go to jail for a very, very long time."

    "Mrs. Blair, I don't think that having a roof over his head and three meals a day is punishment enough," Olivia stated folding her hands together and merely glared at the man sitting down the table from her.

    Herald's eyes widened as he went from staring up at the judge to gazing at Olivia. Audrey smiled to herself as she used her foot to gently rock the baby carrier in the floor in between her and Gerard. She did agree with Olivia, but she did not think that anyone would actually state that in the court room. According to the expression on the judge's face, Audrey knew she was not expecting that either.

    “Olivia?” Blair responded in a surprised tone of voice. “That is unprofessional, yet you're being honest and I must agree with you due to this being one of the most mature cases of a teenage girl being raped that I have ever seen. Mr. Eversole must be punished and I will share with you the fact that I do not like the death penalty.”

    “But with all due respect your honor, you're spending tax payers' money on keeping this piece of shit alive!” Olivia snapped standing up as Judge Blair stood up as well.

    “What do you expect me to do, Miss Olivia? The state of California looks down on the death penalty and I will not allow such behavior in my court. Do I make myself clear?” she exclaimed over Olivia's voice. “Now, without anymore interruptions, does anyone else have anything to say? How about you, Miss Audrey?”

    Audrey's head bowed as she closed her eyes, “I would feel safer if I didn't have to worry about him getting out while me or William is alive, Mrs. Blair.” She gradually stopped rocking her infant son with her foot and gazed upwards at the judge that had a worried expression slapped on her face. “I am truly and honestly sorry, but it is absolutely true. I looked out of the window everyday wondering if I am going to get a phone call telling me that that monster broke out once again. I cannot live like that, your honor.”

    Blair stood there with her gavel in hand as her eyes darted back and forth between the teenage girl and her angered older brother and sister in-law, “I very well understand you, my dear, but what I can do besides keep him in prison for the rest of his life?” She lied her gavel down on the elevated desk before she tucked her hair behind her ears. “Let's have a five minute break and try this again, shall we?” She gently tapped her gavel on the desk then sat it back down.

    Everyone exited the room and entered a smaller room with a cooler filled with bottled water next to a vending machine. Gerard, Lindsey and Audrey stayed in the little group along with baby William asleep in the carrier. Once the security guards brought Herald into the room, anyone could tell you that all Hell would break loose. The guards led Herald over to a table in the back of the room and cuffed him to the bar underneath it. One guard walked towards the cooler to get a couple of waters while the other guard stood with Herald at the table. Gerard glared at him for a few moments, gaining Lindsey's attention.

    “Gerard, don't do anything stupid.”

    Gerard twisted and untwisted the lid to his water viciously, “Lindsey, it'd be so worth it and I won't get put into jail for it; Crime of passion.”

    “Shush,” she whispered keeping an eye on her husband as Audrey pulled William out of the carrier so he would not cry and disturb anyone. “Gerard, don't.”

    He stood up and stated, “I could at least go talk to him like a mature adult.”

    “Gerard,” Lindsey hesitantly stated as Audrey looked up at him to. “Audrey, your brother is going to get into trouble.”

    “We cannot stop him though; it'd be a mistake to stop him,” Audrey blurted as she gently rocked her son.

    Gerard approached Herald's table and placed his hands firmly on top of it so he could lean in, “Listen here you chicken-smoker...” Herald looked up at him with weak eyes as the security guard stood there and watched. “You deserve more than this shit. It is taking everything in me to not do something that I'm sure I won't regret later, right now. You raped my little sister and I hope to God that your life is a living Hell once you walk through those prison doors. I've never hated anyone so much in my entire life and I've been through a lot of shit the past thirty-two years.”

    “Shut up,” Herald uttered bowing his head.

    Gerard leaned in a few more inches as he gritted his teeth, “Burn in hell you piece of shit.”

    “Punch him, Mr. Way,” the security guard murmured under his breath. “I give you permission to punch this sick bastard.”

    “You dare to get this man in trouble with the judge?” Herald spat looking up. “Hit me, Way. I dare ya.”

    “I wouldn't push him, Eversole, you already know that Blair hates your guts,” the guard muttered again seeing the other guard wink in his direction. “The other guard has your back, Mr. Way.”

    “Fucking hit me,” Herald spat under his own breath.

    “You'd enjoy that too much,” Gerard straightened up and was about to turn to walk away until he heard Herald scoff incoherently. “What did you say?”

    “I fucking enjoyed it,” Herald smiled to himself wondering if Gerard caught his drift.

    Gerard did catch it and you would have thought that the gates of Hell froze over as Gerard hastily stepped forward and nearly jumped over the table, “You fucking bastard!” He wailed away on the merely defenseless cuffed man behind the table. “Don't you say a thing like that! You even look at her with greedy eyes and I'll come and find you!” His fists collided with Eversole's face several times before the security guards believed the monster had enough. It took both of them to pry the dark haired man off of the monster. “Let me go, I want to fucking finish him off!”

    Everyone in the room was staring at the scene that turned bloody quickly. He security guards finally got Gerard to have a seat when the judge walked into the lounge, “What in God's name happened here?”

    The people involved grew quiet like a group of kindergarten children in fear of being paddled by the teacher. Every group has a tattle tail, right? Herald stated proudly, “Gerard Way beat the shit out of me.”

    Gerard glared at Herald then painfully gazed towards Blair, “He said...”

    Blair slid her hand into the air and gently nodded, “Shush, I do not care who did what or who said what. All I want is to know that if said person deserved what he got?” She looked around and saw the blood marking various areas on Herald's face. “I've seen and heard enough... Carter get me a water.”

    The security guard that basically told Gerard to beat up Herald nodded and obediently fetched Blair a bottle of water as she left the room. Gerard turned around in his chair knowing that Lindsey would have something to say, while Audrey would sit there and watch them silently argue. Yet when he turned around to face his wife and sister, Lindsey shook her head as Audrey bowed hers.

    “I'm going to smoke a cigarette,” Lindsey stated as she stood up and merely stormed towards the exit.

    I really enjoyed writing/typing up this chapter.
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    That bastard! He had it coming.
    Great update.
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    I can't believe how I always miss that you updates xD
    Anyway, great updates! sad that it will be over soon though, I will really miss this story, it's the best i've ever read. and herald got what he deserved ( a little of it at least) i just hope gerard wont get in trouble, which he of course wont but still :)
    more when you can <3
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    Chapter 41: Blocks

    Audrey rocked William near the window of her bedroom and weakly smiled about what had happened at the court house earlier that day. Witnessing her brother beat the life out of a man that made her life miserable, yet brought her the small gift of joy that she cradled in her arms. If this never happened, she would not have moved in so quickly with Gerard. She would not have William. She also wouldn't have been put through so much pain that will leave permanent scars that went beyond skin-deep. Five tiny fingers latched onto her index finger as a deep sigh escaped her lips once she cut her attention from the outside world and her thoughts to the infant in her arms. She leaned forward and placed a kiss on his forehead before hearing a small argument down stairs; Lindsey was angry yet grateful about what Gerard had done at the court house. Shaking her head, she kept rocking in the chair and gently humming to William, who seemed more than content with it. She counted herself lucky that he was a well-behaved baby because she lost enough with the trial.

    A door slammed making her jump in surprise. “I'm sure their argument isn't that bad.” She gradually stood up and set William in his crib then exited her bedroom. She stood their and gazed down the hallway to see Gerard kneeling in the floor whispering through the crack of his and Lindsey's bedroom door. “What's going on?”

    He glanced in her direction, “It's nothing, sweetheart.” His weary eyes redirected themselves to the door before he uttered something again.

    “Is this about what happened?” she asked worriedly. “Anything I can do?”

    “It started out that way, but it led to other things,” he replied sitting on his knees. “I don't really think that there's anything you can do, unless you want to check on Bandit downstairs.”

    “Okay, I will bring her up here and play with her in my room while William naps,” Audrey suggested looking helplessly at her brother.

    “Thanks, sweetie,” he muttered. “I will tell you about what's going on later, okay?” The expression on his face was understanding and guilty.

    Audrey nodded and gave him a reassuring smile before she jogged downstairs to see Bandit playing with large plastic blocks in the floor. The infant looked up at her and smiled widely, “Hey baby, are you having fun with your blocks?” The infant cackled as Audrey collected the blocks and put them in the small box nearby, “Let's go upstairs and play.” She picked Bandit up and grabbed the handle on the bow before she started up stairs. Once she made it fully into her room, she weakly smiled at Gerard. He looked so pitiful sitting in the same spot on the hallway carpet like a stray animal wanting attention from someone.

    A few hours later, Audrey was still sprawled out in the floor playing with Bandit waiting on someone to come in. William hadn't made a sound since she lied him down in his crib. The door cracked open and Lindsey stepped in with her pajamas on including a sleepy, smudge look on her face, “Gerard's going to come in and tell you something. I need to go lay Bandit down. Good night, sweetheart.”

    Once she left, Gerard walked in and sat on the edge of the bed when he noticed the Audrey had wandered over to the rocking chair. He crossed his legs and rested his hands in his lap nervously, “Audrey, I feel kind of guilty about this.”

    “What is it? I'm sure everything will be fine,” she reassured him glancing between him and the large window as she slowly rocked back and forth.

    He bit his lip, “Our manager called and he has us scheduled to go on tour soon.”

    “Is that what Lindsey was mad about?”

    “She still is mad about it because it is scheduled so soon after the final trial for Herald,” he explained. “We leave in a few weeks and the trial ends next week. It is going to last a while because we have shows in Australia and the UK, even parts of Canada. I don't like leaving you guys here.”

    “We're strong,” she gnawed on her inner jaws hoping she would not become emotional. “You're a phone call away and it isn't going to last forever.”

    “I might miss Bandit's first birthday,” he uttered.

    “Not saying that the first birthday isn't a big thing, but she will have a million more birthdays,” Audrey explained. “And I don't know about you, but I do not remember my first birthday...”

    He scooted around on the bed and picked at the ripples in the sheet, “True, but I would like to be here for that.”
    Sorry it took a week. I've been busy and I hung out with a friend that I haven't seen in FOREVER. This chapter seems to be a little bit shorter, but I'm short on time right now because I'm about to fall asleep. =[
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    It doesn't matter that it was short; updates from you are always great :)

    I'm worried about what will happen once Gerard leaves; hopefully the trial will be finished and the sicko will be locked up beforehand. It's true what she said - they are strong.
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    Chapter 42: Eliza DeLuca

    The morning light lingered through the curtains and brought her out of her slumber. Sitting up, she stretched and yawned then realized her baby was not in his crib where she had left him before she went to sleep, “William?” She hopped out of bed and scurried around her room before she jogged down the stairs to see Gerard cradling him in the armchair. “Gerard, you scared me!”

    A smile formed on his face as he gazed up at his sister, “I'm sorry. I heard him rouse around and said to myself that Audrey could use a good sleep, so here we are.”

    Audrey smiled, relieved that her baby was not in harms way, “That's sweet of you.” She continued down the stairs at a slower pace then took a seat on the couch next to Frank, who she hasn't seen in a while. “Hello, stranger.”

    “You wake up fast,” Frank stated with a smile planted on his face.

    Audrey scanned his face realizing that his looks have changed—he now had facial hair and much shorter hair, “Thought you said you hated beards.”

    Frank giggled then replied, “Me too. So, how have you been? You're a lot less pregnant now.”

    She scoffed and playfully pushed him, “I've been just fine. More comfortable without William in my stomach. Where have you been, Santa?”

    He smiled wide and huffed, “You little teenager!”

    “Frank, hush,” Gerard stated rocking William.

    “Gerard looks like a mother,” he whispered to Audrey. “But to answer your question; I have not been delivering presents, I have been on the road with my other band.”

    “Leathermouth?” she asked hesitantly.

    “Yes,” he responded, nodding as Gerard eyed him. “What? We're being quieter.” Gerard shook his head as Frank whispered to Audrey, “What crawled up his ass and died?”

    Audrey shook her head and glanced over at her brother, “Is something wrong?”

    “Nothing is wrong, Frank's being a little...”

    “Gerard Way,” Lindsey uttered entering the living room with Bandit in her arms. “You guys need to behave or you have to deal with me.” Gerard smirked as he directed his attention towards the sleeping infant in his arms as Lindsey shook her head once more, “You little pervert.”

    Frank and Audrey held back heir laughter while they watched the other two stare each other down. Someone stepped through the front door and glanced around, “What's up, ladies?” Their stares focused on him now, “What?”

    “Mikey, slap your brother,” Lindsey laughed as she settled Bandit onto the floor with her toys. “He's being an ass.”

    “He's holding William, though,” he replied as Alicia walked in behind him and grasped his hand. “Alicia, have you officially met Audrey?”

    Audrey turned towards them and smiled, “Hi, I'm Gerard and Mikey's long lost sister.” Mikey waved her over and she obeyed then extended her hand towards Alicia, “Mikey has told me a lot about you.”

    Alicia took her hand, “Hopefully good things. He talks about you all the time; I'm glad I finally get to meet you.”

    Once everyone became settled in, they chattered and bantered about random things, including the coming up tour. Alicia shared stories about what she did while Mikey was on tour with the guys. She mentioned that sometimes she went with them, but most of the time she stayed home, “It helps if you have something to do, like have friends over or find a new hobby or job.”

    “Yeah, when Gerard was on tour and I wasn't, it got a little boring so I would find myself painting until I got pregnant after the last tour ended,” she shared smiling. “Gerard freaked out!” She sat in his lap now that Audrey was holding her son. “We always said we wanted a baby then once it happened, reality sat in and we kept saying that we were afraid and stuff.” Lindsey looked at Audrey as if she was reassuring her without pointing it out, “Now she's almost a year old and things are more than great.”

    Frank smiled, “I may pick at you two, but you guys are great parents.”

    Soon, the entire band had come and gone, including Gerard, leaving just Lindsey, Audrey and their babies sitting in the living room. The tour wasn't for another few weeks, but they already felt the effects of it. Audrey had grown quiet once she sat in the floor with Bandit and Lindsey rocked William in the swing that Bandit once used.

    “Is it always going to be this quiet?” Audrey broke the silence.

    “For the first few days; it's not forever anyway,” Lindsey muttered still rocking William. “Since it is both of us, it will not be that bad because we have each other.”

    Audrey nodded, “That is true.” She placed a dark green block on top of the one Bandit had snapped onto the small, but growing tower. “And we have two babies.”

    Lindsey smiled, “And they get to grow up together with a year apart.”

    A knock on the front grabbed their attention as Lindsey stood up and made sure William was asleep before she approached the door. An older woman stood there knocking because she was unable to see Lindsey staring through the peep hole, she then opened it and smiled, “Hello?”

    “Hi, dear, I am here to see Audrey Way,” she muttered glancing down at a paper. “Do I have the wrong address?”

    Lindsey shook her head, “No, sweetie. You have the right address, but I need to know who you are? We've had some trouble with her last adoptive family.”

    The older woman nodded understandingly, “And you're...” She squinted at the paper, “Lindsey Ballato-Way?”

    Lindsey nodded, “What's your name?”

    “I'm Eliza DeLuca, Audrey's biological mother,” she stated leaving Lindsey speechless. “Can I speak with her?”
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    I just got back from Tennessee for Christmas shopping. Got my parents, brother, and sister inlaw some stuff and bought me an awesome Nightmare Before Christmas 'snow globe' that play music and it cost me an arm and a leg.

    But anyway, no one has commented this chapter so I'm going to wait for at least one comment before I post another chapter. Monday or Tuesday will be when I am updating World's Away, so I might type up the next chapter for this story.

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    I just caught up on this.
    I loved what happened, and I'm in shock right now.
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    Chapter 43: The Mistakes I Have Made

    This chapter may be emotional.

    Lindsey stood there for a few moments as confusion and disbelief fogged her mind, “Audrey's birth mother?” She watched the woman nod as she stepped back for a second, “Excuse me for a minute. Stay right there.” Softly, she closed the door and turned around to see Audrey now rocking William with her foot while playing with Bandit in the floor. “Audrey, there's a woman at the door that says she is your mother.”

    The teen hesitated as she acted like she did not hear what Lindsey had just told her. “My mother is dead. She can't be at the door,” she stated shaking her head, resuming her play time with Bandit.

    “Eliza DeLuca is standing at the door saying that she is your mother,” Lindsey rephrased her statement. “I don't know whether to believe her either, but the least you can do is speak with her.”

    “After everything I have been through, she is going to have to come in because I am not getting freaking kidnapped by some woman who says she is my mother,” she blurted. “I want proof.”

    “She kind of looks like an older version of you,” Lindsey stated truthfully as she grasped the door knob. “I am going to let her in and you're going to speak with her whether you like it or not, young lady.”

    “Lindsey, wait,” she nearly exclaimed throwing up her hand as Lindsey glanced at her. “What if she wants to take me? I don't want to leave. I am sixteen now; the age of consent. I refuse to go.”

    “At least talk to the poor woman,” she replied opening the door. “Come on in, Ms. DeLuca.”

    The woman stepped in and scanned the room before her eyes landed on Audrey, “Is that her?”

    Audrey was acting as though they did not exist as she played with Bandit and rocked her son, while Lindsey replied, “Yes. She turned sixteen a few weeks ago and had a baby not too long ago.” She closed the door and ushered Eliza into the living room before she picked up her daughter, “I'll go change Bandit while you two catch up.”

    Sitting in the floor, she kept rocking her son in the small swing as Eliza took a deep breath and said, “I am deeply sorry for everything. I was nineteen when I had you and nearly homeless. I didn't know what else to do.”

    “You could have kept me, but I actually like that I ended up with Gerard and Lindsey,” she replied staring at William.

    “Sorry isn't good enough, I know, but I am being sincere,” Eliza stated weakly.

    Audrey looked at her and saw a lot of weakness; her hair was kind of frizzy and beginning to gray in certain areas while her cheekbones stuck out leaving sunken in places on her face as if she had been starved. Audrey's heart nearly broke, not because it was her mother she was staring at; only because it killed her to see anyone in that shape. “Are you ill?”

    Eliza fidgeted for a moment before she answered, “Yes.”

    “Cancer?” Audrey asked curiously becoming more interested for some reason.

    “It's not cancer, but it is a disease,” she stated looking at the small infant. “Is that your son? He looks just like you.”

    “Yes, he's a couple of weeks old,” Audrey replied smiling weakly. “So, what are you doing here? Not to sound rude or anything.”

    “I ran into Donald a few months ago and he told me that your brother had found you in a foster home in Chicago. I really wanted to see you before anything happened. I wanted you to know that none of this was your fault; I was young and couldn't keep a job, and Donald couldn't keep you out of fear of Donna finding out, especially since he was around thirty at the time,” she explained softly.

    Audrey looked at William then back at her mother, “Would you like to hold him?”

    “I'm too weak, my dear,” she responded watching Audrey stand up and lift her son out of the swing.

    “He doesn't weigh over ten pounds; I can help you,” she stated standing in front of her.

    “Okay, then,” she stated as Audrey knelt in front of her and lied William in the frail arms.

    Lindsey peeked over the railing with the phone to her ear and whispered, “Yes, she's still here. Gerard, why can't you cut practice short? You guys are going on tour in thirteen days...” She walked back into Bandit's room and closed the door behind her. “Gerard, the poor woman doesn't look like she'll live long enough for you to meet her after tour... Not to sound disrespectful, but she looks like she's ate up with cancer or AIDS... No, I'm not going to ask her if she's on drugs; I heard her say she was ill.” Leaning against the wall, she shook her head, “Okay, I will see you in ten minutes.”

    Audrey sat William back into the infant swing and sat on the edge of the chair adjacent from the couch, “So... I don't know what to say, really.”

    “That's no problem, I just wanted to see who you have become, which looks like a beautiful young woman who is an amazing mother and little sister,” she stated softly. “I also wanted to give you this.” She reached into her thin jacket and pulled out an envelope then handed it to Audrey.

    “What is this?” she asked scanning the normal looking envelope.

    “I do not have much, but in that is the rights to everything I own, a few letters I have written, a photo of you when you were born, along with your hospital bracelet and birth certificate,” she briefly explained.

    “Why are you giving me this, now?” Audrey asked seeing Lindsey wandering down the stairs with Bandit in her arms. “How long do you have?”

    Eliza smiled weakly, “Because I had to fight with my doctors to be able to fly here to see you. I do not intend for you to become confused or saddened by me. I'm just another woman.”

    Audrey bit her lip feeling all of the years she had lost flying back at her, “How long?” She gave her a weak, sadden expression and waited. “Please, I want to know.”

    “It hurts too much for me to tell you,” she replied laying her hands in her lap.

    “If you're my mother and you've loved me all these years, you would tell me,” Audrey stated firmly trying not to cry.

    “Nearly four weeks,” she stated sadly. “I had no intentions of telling you because I know what it will do. Even if I haven't been there for you through the years, you will still mourn a loss that you never knew.”

    “How do you know that?” Audrey asked as Lindsey bypassed them and walked into the kitchen.

    “A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her,” she stated truthfully. “I did not want you to go through what she went through. I watched her mourn then move away to isolate herself and I haven't heard from her in four years. And I can see it in your eyes that it is killing you right now.”

    Gerard stepped into the door as Audrey sat the envelope next to her in the chair, “It is because I just met you and now you're telling me you're going to die. And you're giving me all of this. Why do I deserve it?”

    “Because I know you won't make the mistakes I have made,” she uttered as she stood up. “I do not mean to barge in and leave, but my plane leaves in an hour.”
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    God, I'm sobbing right now.
    That really. hit home.
    But it was amazing.
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    I will try my best to update within the next few days. I am sorry. I have been totally busy with college finals and having a few friends over for the weekend. Also, my friends' band seems to be doing pretty well and my other friends(and I) are thinking about making a podcast type thing. =] And/or making a local place for people our age to hang out at which will double as a local venue.

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    Whenever you can dear.
    This is definitely worth the wait. <3
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    I'm speechless.
    Very sad but good update.
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    I will update this in a day or two, I've been busy with college. I got all A's and I am out until January, thus meaning better updates/better ending =] even though I will be sad to end this soon.
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    Chapter 44: Wings (final chapter)

    Sorry it has taken me so long to type this chapter. I have been very side tracked with Christmas coming up soon and I debated and debated on making this the final chapter, and my debates concluded that this will be. You guys were/are amazing and keep in mind I have another story (and I am sure I may have more to come after these).
    Enjoy, this one is poorly written, but I've always been terrible
    at endings.
    It may seem shorter, but it really gets the point across.
    A torrent of emotions overwhelmed her as she watched DeLuca walk pass her brother without saying a hello or goodbye. Nearly sixteen years passed through her as she heard a car door shut followed by the car driving off. Why would someone come and visit you in person, give you something, tell you they're dying, then leave? What kind of person is that? She stared at Gerard who was still standing near the door way as she tried to telepathically ask him those questions because she wanted answers. Soon she felt a hand graze her shoulder, but she instinctively pulled away. “I'm going upstairs, can you guys watch William for a few minutes?” They nodded silently as she slowly made her way up the stairs towards her room.

    Gerard cradled William and sat down in the arm chair, “She's pissed. What happened?”

    “That woman came in here after a million years and gave Audrey the rights to everything she owns... Then says she's dying soon of fuck knows what and leaves after saying her plane is leaving in an hour,” Lindsey stated in anger. “I'd be pissed, too.” She gently sat Bandit on the cover in the floor and sat next to her to play.

    “Oh,” he replied gently rocking the infant in his arms. “Did anything else happen today?”

    “No, we were talking about how life would be while you're on tour,” Lindsey replied quietly helping their nine month old stack a few blocks. “I told her it would be different, but we would be okay.”

    Gerard nodded slowly and let the infant grasped his finger, “We were deciding on the schedule today; I will be home for a few days on Bandit's first birthday.”

    Lindsey smiled, “That's great, Gerard. All of us really appreciate that.” She sat up on her knees and scooted towards him to give him a kiss. “I love you.”

    A few days had passed and Audrey's anger towards her mother had vanished because she knew that Eliza DeLuca really never intended on hurting her. No one could change the fact that she was her biological mother and not one person could change that she has not been in Audrey's life until a few days ago.

    Lisa Blair finally made her concluding judgment on the monster, Harold Eversole. She stood high and mighty over all of the people seated in front of her as she announced that he would go to the New York State Penitentiary for life. Everyone seemed rather happy about them shipping him to the other side of the country, even Reese who attended that last hearing for mostly support—she also wanted to really see the look on his face before he was escorted out of the court room by the two large security guards. Following that hearing, she spoke of moving to Canada in attempt to find her only living relative that Olivia had found a few months before.

    Back at the Way household, everything seemed to be moving smoothly as Gerard quietly packed his things for the tour he had to leave for on the following day. He seemed content with everything that had been going on, especially now that Harold was gone and under the strict regulations of NY State. He deeply sighed as he closed his last suitcase that rested on top of the neatly made bed he was leaving for his wife to sleep in alone. The hardest part was the first forty steps out of the door. He felt like he was going to be walking towards the moon, unable to come back home for years to come, but it would only be a few months and there are ways to communicate. Snapping the latch on the suitcase, he turned around to find Audrey standing there holding something behind her back, “Hey.”

    “Hi, I uhm... Found you something,” she uttered extending her closed hand towards Gerard. “It's a bracelet that I received as a gift when I was younger.”

    He gently took it from her open hand and examined it. The small silver chain beared a tarnished, silver heart with a pair of what looked like wings surrounding it, “Thanks.” He fidgeted with it and placed it around his wrist;it fit perfectly as if it were made for him. “I will wear it all the time and keep it safe.”

    “I wore it for years and never took it off, but lost it before I got placed in the Eversole's care then found it when I came here; I took it as a sign,” she explained quietly. “I figured that you needed the heart more now.”

    “Who gave it to you?” he asked curiously as she turned around.

    “I actually found it and it felt like it was a gift from a higher power because life was good when I wore it,” she spoke with a smile. “I was at a cookout with a family in Pennsylvania and found it amongst the ashes. My foster mother told me it must've belonged to an angel by the way it glowed beyond all of the flames that once surrounded it. I think she might have placed it there or saw it before she started cooking, but I was seven at the time so I didn't know any different. I only knew that it brought me hope.”

    A smile formed on Gerard's face as he glanced at the trinket then back at his younger sister, “I'll miss you guys.” He extended his arms and wrapped them around her as she returned the favor. “I will call every fucking night.”

    “Lindsey and I will have the phone in our reach,” she responded squeezing him gently. “And thank you.” They let go and she looked up into her brother's eyes.

    “For what?” he muttered noticing that Lindsey was now standing in the door.

    “Thanks for being the pair of wings on that heart,” she uttered before she gradually made her way out of the bedroom door.

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