Dusting Off The Ashes

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    Chapter 34: Back

    Audrey burst into tears and left everyone in absolute shock. The teen never made a peep about anything until now. Well, not anything that would put her trust for her brother in harm’s way, at least. He should’ve told her (or Lindsey).

    Lindsey shot him a look and stood up from her seat before trailing behind her. She briskly walked through a few doors and through a small crowd of people, then exited the building. When she finally caught up, Audrey was storming across the hospital parking lot.

    “Audrey, wait!” she shouted rushing after her.

    The teenage girl stopped and spun around to glare at her, “How could you guys not tell me about Joseph!? You know he’s important to me, even if he has made more than his share of mistakes!” She stomped her foot, “Why?”

    Lindsey frowned and replied, “I didn’t know either! I got a phone call this morning about him then I called Olivia right after! Please, come back inside! Gerard was afraid to tell you!” She lied to cover up why her husband didn’t tell anyone, even her.

    Audrey let a few tears roll down her cheek as she spoke, “He wasn’t afraid! He probably just worried about the freaking trial!” She turned back around again to walk off again.

    “Where are you going!?” Lindsey cried out wanting her to come back.

    “The homeless shelter, maybe I can find someone there that won’t freaking lie to me!” she exclaimed trying not to cry.

    “Please! No one there can help!” Lindsey protested walking after her.

    Audrey stopped and turned back around, “How in the hell do you know?”

    She had finally caught up to her and rested a hand on the girl’s shoulder, “I just know… I’ve seen that place and I don’t want someone I love more than life staying there. It’d break my fucking heart.”

    “Lindsey!? Audrey!?” a male voice shouted from the hospital entrance. His breath had yet to catch up with him, but he was determined to find who he ran outside for.

    Lindsey wrapped an arm around Audrey, whom had given in, then commenced wandering back, “We’re okay!” She sighed and glanced down at the younger girl. Tears had subsided but stale ones still existed on her check. Guilt rushed throughout her body, but she knew she hadn’t done a thing to cause this, she just wanted to fix an almost mistakes Audrey would’ve made if she would’ve went to the homeless shelter. They approached Gerard and Olivia at the entrance of the hospital, “Hey, everything’s clearing up.”

    The older woman smiled at the three of them as she stated, “I believe there’s an issue in need of being solved, so I’ll let Audrey go back home. I’m sure Lisa will understand.” She hugged the teen before she wandered off, “Do you need to pick up any clothes, or do you have all you need until tomorrow?”

    Audrey nodded, “I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow; I have a few outfits still hanging in my closet.” As her case worker wandered off into the dim parking lot, she glanced up at her brother then gazed back down at the concrete. No one said a word and she felt as if she were to blame. She was the one that yelled at him in the waiting room in front of his wife and Olivia. She was the one that stormed out like she had been wronged. Standing there, massive amounts of thoughts lingered in her mind. The main one that made her want to die right in front of them. She allowed tears to stream down her face once more as she burrowed it into her brother’s chest. The thought that had made itself known in her mind was the honest truth about the entire situation. She had forgotten that Gerard was the person who saved her from the monster she lived with back in Chicago—the one that got her pregnant. He took her away from there and welcomed her into his home right off the bat. She realized she had yelled at him, distrusted him, walked out, and now she’s crying into his chest.

    A hand ran up and down her back after a few minutes, since he had to resolve his own internal issues before he could even place his hand there. Everything had been his fault, except for the actual car accident. He took in a deep, shaky breath and embraced her then sent a weak smile into his wife’s direction, “Why don’t we go home? I’m sure Bandit would love to see you.”

    * * *​

    “Hey, Lady B,” Audrey chirped as the infant smiled and babbled at her. “Gosh, I missed you so much!” She ran her fingers through the baby’s hair and laughed lightly, “You’ve grown a little within the past week.” She tickled her tiny stomach just to hear her laugh once more before she was joined by a pajama wearing Lindsey. “Time for bed?”

    Lindsey smiled and nodded, “Yeah, sorry. You’re back home thought, sweetie.” She carefully scooped up the infant and held her to her chest. “If your pajamas are at Olivia’s, I have some extras in my room; you can come up with me.”

    Audrey made her way to her feet and followed Lindsey upstairs into her bedroom to lay Bandit in her crib. The lights were out since Gerard had lied down as soon as they walked through the door. Lindsey turned around and faced Audrey to whisper, “There are some sleep pants, t-shirts and tank tops in the top drawer.”

    She nodded and tiptoed to the dresser next to the bed then pulled open the top drawer to retrieve pants and a shirt, “Thanks Lindsey.” She draped them over her forearm and exited the bedroom so she wouldn’t disturb them. She walked down the small corridor and entered the bathroom in hopes to wash her face.

    Laying the clothes on the small hamper, she turned on the faucets to let the water temper to change. While she waited she stared at her reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror and for some reason she didn’t like what she saw. Her finger tips met the water before she slowly leaned over to splash some warm water on her face, “You’re so stupid…” She began taking her shirt off until she heard someone else speak up.

    “Who’s stupid?”

    She gasped and pulled her shirt back down to see Gerard standing in the doorway with his head turned to the side to look in the other direction, “Gerard, why didn’t you knock?”

    “I didn’t think you were still up,” he murmured still looking in the other direction reaching for the door, so he could close it.

    “Gerard, I still have my shirt on,” she muttered placing her palms on the edges of the sink then gazed into the mirror. “Do you need to use the bathroom?”

    “Actually, I kind of do, but I can wait until you’re done,” he replied gaining enough guts to look into the bathroom without feeling awkward. “It’s just now hitting me that you’ll be having a baby in less than a year.”

    “Five and a half months to go,” she stated placing her hand on her stomach. “He hasn’t kicked a lot tonight. Maybe because I’m not stressed out as bad.”

    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” he uttered leaning on the frame. “I wasn’t sure if it was really him because it was ten-thirty when I drove by the accident. I just didn’t want to call that late and worry you about nothing if it wasn’t him.”
    A/N: Sorry it took me so long, I had some friends over and my old drama team put on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which was amazing.
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    That was absolutely amazing.
    I'm glad that Audrey doesn't hate Gerard for that.
    I can understand him not wanting to tell her.
    Your writing is just so full of talent. I love it so much. <3
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    Hi Shawna,

    I truly felt bad for Audrey in this chapter. She had every right to be hurt and mad but then she felt guilty because she knew Gerard saved her. She should never have to surpress her how she is feeling or turn it around and feel guilty about her feelings.

    As far as Gerard's reason at first I thought it was sweet, but the more I thought about it how lame. He was at the accident scene he could have pulled over and explained to the cop who he was and asked if it was Joseph? I'm sure they would have known by then. Or still when he got home make a quick phone call to the police and find out if it was him and if so where did they take him? Then he should have called the hospital and within a half hour know everything and then decide if it warranted telling Audrey. Would he react the same way as if it were Frank, Ray, Bob or Mikey? The wierd thing is I believed that is the steps that Lindsey would take if she knew.

    I know you were trying to show once again he was caring and putting her well being first and like I said at first I thought it was sweet. Which I'm sure everyone else thinks so too. But for me it also showed once again how uncaring he is when it comes to Joseph and Audrey's relationship, which admittedly is a rocky one at best.

    Where he should have admitted he fucked up and taken responsibilty he just gave a lame excuse and got away with it because his sister will let him get away with anything because he saved her. Gerard needed to be taken down a peg we can all feel guilty about things we did (which in the last chapter I think he did). But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and accept responsibility for messing up.

    I know I sound anti-Gerard right now. That's not the case I wanted them to make up I wanted them to be unified as they went against Eversole and be the best uncle ever. I just wanted him to really do the right thing. I wanted her to forgive him because he was really sorry, not because she felt she had no right to get mad at him because he saved her.

    I guess the end result is the same. All is forgiven and they can move on.

    I agree with Vee you have a real lot of talent when it comes to writing. Even though I'm not loving Gerard right this very second. I am loving the story so don't ever confuse the two.

    Looking forward to the next update.
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    Wow, you always leave the longest comments =] Not that that's a bad thing.
    I love every comment I get, too.

    Anyway, I really see what you're saying and that's how I meant to make you guys feel. You love him, but not all the time--same thing with Joseph. And Audrey is constantly being shoved back and forth between the two of them on who she loves more. It's obivious she loves Gerard more, but still loves Joseph (as siblings).

    Love you guys
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    Hmm this chapter was interesting. After reading Moonshyne's comment I can see her point about Gerard, but if Audrey's able to look past it that's a mature move on her part. I'm glad that Olivia made her go back home to sort things out.
    Can't wait to read more!
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    :) I love comments!
    Anyway, I'm on my iPod touch right now and I have company. I'll try to update tomorrow or sometime this weekend whilst I do not have someone over. Ugh. Sometimes Id rather stay home and write all day... Lol
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    Chapter 35: Looking Up

    A/N: I think you guys will like this chapter. =]
    Sorry it took 5 days, I've been really busy
    Something inside her felt as if it were eating away at her organs and blood cells. Nothing really made sense to her. The trial was canceled due to the fact that Herald had himself thrown into the hole after getting into a fight with the largest guy in the entire jail house. She spent her day lazing around the Way household. All of her energy had disappeared as did her good mood. Gerard took notice and asked her what was wrong. The response was tears streaming down her face followed by an angry stare. It frightened him momentarily, but he blew it off knowing that she had to be more than aggravated by everything; what he did upon other things.

    Basking in the sun outside of her home, she wished she could go see Joseph, but she knew what that would be. It could start an argument or Joseph would tell her more things that would make her mad at her brother. Deep down, she didn’t want any kind of feuding even if it’s inevitable. Lying back, she combed her fingers through the springy green grass, “Even when you feel like the world is crashing down around you, there’s still hope in these roots.”

    The front door opened gaining no attention from her. Lindsey glanced around the yard and saw the teen lying in the green, “You okay?”

    “Yeah,” she let out in a sigh while she played with the blades of grass.

    “Do you want company?” she asked warmly wanting her to say yes.

    “Company would be great right now,” Audrey replied gazing up at her in-law whom was now wandering towards her with bare-feet. “Bandit napping still?”

    “Yep and Gerard is on the phone with Mikey, I believe,” she stated easing her way to the ground and lied back on the small slope. “I was cleaning up a bit and decided to come out for some fresh air. You’ve been out here for a while.”

    Audrey nodded and smiled weakly, “Just playing with the grass and staring at the sky. I’m not use to it still, but for the first time in a very long time, I feel one-hundred percent safe.” She laced her fingers together behind her head, took a deep breath and looked up at the rolling clouds, as did Lindsey.

    Both of them laid there for at least an hour. Audrey had no intentions of moving from her spot, even if the grass made her clothes damp. On the other hand, Lindsey kept inwardly debating on going back inside. Everything outside was so peaceful that day, but she wanted to go in to check up on Bandit and her husband whom was probably still arguing with his brother over guitars and a new song. She waited for a few more minutes before she finally concluded that she needed to get back on her feet.

    “Are you staying out here; I’m heading inside?” she stated climbing up from the ground.

    Audrey shook her head as she directed her eyes from the sky to her now standing in-law, “I’m going to stay out here for a few more minutes at least. I’m too comfortable to move.”

    “Take your time; it’s nice out,” Lindsey smiled down at her as she walked back to the house.

    Audrey sighed as she wished she would have gotten up too, but she kept thinking about random things. She placed her blame of everything on the sky above, mostly for making the days longer and shorter. Most of her bad days have been the longest while the better ones were the shortest. She moved her hands from behind her head to her sides so she could play with the green blades beneath her.

    Eventually, after losing all train of thought, she started to stand up and realized Gerard was making his way towards her, so she stayed down hoping he was heading to his car. Turning around she noticed that Frank had pulled up in his silent car. She waited for one of them to say something, but she made a weird face when she noticed someone else getting out of his car. Trying not to be nosy, she looked back up at the clouds only to have her panoramic view blocked by her brother’s face, “Something wrong?”

    A smiled formed on his face as he said, “We found someone.” He pointed towards the girl that had gotten out of the car with Frank. “Familiar?”

    Audrey followed his finger and saw someone that she knew indeed. She climbed to her feet with help from Gerard, “Oh my God!” She shrieked nearly bursting into tears, “Reese!” She slung her arms around her neck and tried to keep her composure.

    “Audrey, I thought I’d never see you again,” she cried wrapping her arms around Audrey. “I turned eighteen last week and Rachel gave me permission to leave since everything happened with Herald. All of us are free, basically. Mr. Iero met up with me at the airport.”

    Audrey’s tearful eyes glanced over at Frank whom stood there awkwardly switching his weight from foot to foot, “Thank you so much Frank.” She kept her arms wrapped around Reese whom did the same in return. “Let’s go inside. I want you to meet Lindsey and Bandit.”

    She took her foster-sister inside the house and called out for Lindsey. The wait seemed excruciating, but Lindsey appeared at the top of the stairs with Bandit on her hip, “This is my sister, Reese !” She let Lindsey shake her hand as she introduced them, “This is my sister in-law and niece; Lindsey and Bandit.”

    “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Way and your daughter is adorable,” Reese stated letting Bandit grip her index finger after shaking Lindsey’s hand. “How old is she?”

    “Seven and a half months,” Lindsey replied smiling. “She’s growing fast.”

    “Aw, you have her new outfit on,” Audrey cooed tinkering with the bottom of the purple and black outfit. “Did you sleep well, Lady B?” The infant giggled.

    Lindsey giggled as well, “I guess that’s a yes.”

    They stood there and talked for a few minutes before they were finally joined by Gerard, Frank and now Mikey. Gerard smiled at the sight and said, “I see you guys are getting along?”

    “Yes, Reese is a sweet girl,” Lindsey replied smiling at her husband. “How about you girls go hang out in Audrey’s room while I talk with these men?”

    Audrey laughed at the way she said men and replied, “Okay. Can we take Bandit?”

    “Sure, sweetie,” Lindsey stated carefully transferring her daughter from her hip to Audrey’s.

    “We won’t be bad influences,” Audrey stated as she led Reese upstairs as she paid close attention to the way she held Bandit. “Yell if you need me. Upon entering her bedroom, Audrey sat on the bed with Bandit and let rest her back against her stomach, “You can look around if you want to. I have nothing to hide here.”

    “Okay, I’ve totally freaking missed you,” Reese stated looking around then looked at Audrey. “You’re pregnant?”

    “Yeah, by that monster,” Audrey nearly spat at the thought while she played with Bandit’s dark hair.

    “Rachel told me everything, except for that,” she explained sitting down. “I guess she doesn’t want to admit her husband is a monster.”
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    Hi there Shawna,

    That's cool that she has her foster sister and someone else to talk to. It's nice that she has something to cheer her up since she was feeling down.

    Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.
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    Aw how nice of Frank to bring Reese to Audrey. It's nice that she has a friend to confide in now that Joey is in the hospital. =]
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    That was absolutely amazing.
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    Sorry. My nephew is spending the night and I've been busy with homework. I'll try mybestto update tomorrow night. ( on my iPod ugh)
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    It's ohkay sweetie.
    Take your time.
    Your updates are always so much moreee than worth the wait. <3
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    Chapter 36: Protective

    A/N: Massive apologies. My internet went out a million times and I couldn't post while at college because my classes have kept me so busy. I've been so angry about my internet and homework. Ugh.
    I'm back for now

    The waiting room seemed so dreary that day, as did everyone in it. The pale green walls covered with black and white drawing and photographs made the feeling a bit gloomier. Everyone in there was either pregnant or had a sick child sitting in their lap except for Reese since Lindsey had brought Bandit for a walk-in check up since Audrey had an appointment set up. Today marked seven months, which is making her nerves act up, causing her baby to beat up all of her insides. Most of the time it tickled, but other times it aggravated her to the point of tears.

    Bandit cackled aloud as she failed her arms around while she watched a few toddlers playing with blocks in the floor. She seemed extra alert that day which made a smile form on Audrey’s face. She watched the infant laugh until a nurse entered the waiting room, “Audrey Way?”

    All three of them stood up—four including Bandit—to follow the nurse into the other room. Audrey felt anxiety boiling in her stomach as she entered the examination room. Lindsey helped her up onto the elevated table before she sat down next to Reese. Anxiety seemed as though it rolled throughout the room; everyone’s expressions changed within a matter of seconds. Eventually the doctor entered the room and smiled at the site of the four of them.

    “Hello ladies, I’m examining Audrey or this little one?” he asked smiling at them.

    “Both if you can; it’s Audrey’s appointment, so she can go first,” Lindsey replied giggling lightly as she gently tickling Bandit’s tummy.

    “I sure will, my dear,” he replied sitting on the small rolling stool. “Anything new? Cramps or pain of any kind? Any bleeding?”

    Audrey shook her head and replied, “No, just hungrier.” She smiled kind of proud of her new appetite, “Feeding two people now.”

    The doctor smiled, “I love your enthusiasm. How about we get you into the ultrasound room? Check in on your little boy, eh.” He scribbled something down in the folder before he assisted Audrey down to the floor, “Just follow me.” Glancing back at Bandit he stated, “I’ll be back for your check up, miss.” They lingered down the small corridor and entered another room, “The ultrasound nurse will be in here in a few moments.”

    Audrey nodded watching him leave. Awkwardly, she stood in the middle of the room waiting for the nurse to come in, “Something doesn’t feel right.” She carefully sat down in the extra chair and deeply sighed.

    “Hello,” the nurse chirped entering the room. “Ready or do you want to discuss anything?”

    “No, just want to check up on this little one,” Audrey smiled referring to her pregnant belly.

    “Okay, then,” she replied helping Audrey onto the examination table. Turning out the lights, she signaled for Audrey to pull up her shirt as she pulled the tube of gel out from the small basket. “Let’s see what he’s doing today.” She placed the transducer against Audrey’s stomach and rolled it around while she glanced back and forth from the screen to the teen. “Have any names in mind?”

    “I’m really struck on the name William right now,” she replied gawking at the screen. “What do you think of that name?”

    The woman smiled, “That’s my eldest son’s name; I’ve always loved it, too. I think I was as far along as you are when I really concluded that William was going to be his name.” She rolled it around once more, “There’s little William. Do you mind if I start calling him that?”

    Audrey shook her head, “No, I don’t mind. I really want that to be his name. It’s timeless and formal.”

    The nurse agreed, “That’s right. It’s really elegant and it doesn’t sound weird for a little boy or an adult. No one can tease him for it and cute nicknames come from it.”

    “Exactly,” she glanced at the woman and back at the screen. “He’s so big now.”

    “He sure is. You’ll have him within the next month and a half, no doubt about it,” she examined the screen. “There’s nothing wrong from what I can see. Have you had any blood work?” Audrey shook her head before she resumed, “I’d advise you to have some blood work done so we can make sure there’s nothing at all wrong.”

    “Okay. My sister in-law mentioned needing blood work but we haven’t made an appointment yet,” the teen stated as the woman typed something in on the screen. “Are you printing off the images?’

    “Of course, sweetie,” she replied standing up. “They’re printing off in the other room. Let me clean you up and I’ll be back in a few moments, okay?” Wiping off Audrey’s stomach, she wandered through the door.

    Knocking her feet together, she took a deep breath and exhaled, “I’m so tired.”

    “Audrey?” a familiar voice stated from the door. “I have bad news.”

    She looked over at the door and saw a strange expression on Lindsey’s face, “What is it? Something wrong with Bandit? Is there something wrong with my baby?”

    “No calm down, sweetie,” she stated lightly as she approached her and gently placed her hands on Audrey’s arm. “But, it’s bad…”

    “What is it?” she asked hesitantly.

    “Herald escaped,” Lindsey stated quickly with a weak gaze. “Gerard didn’t tell me much, but he said we should sneak you out of town until they catch him.”

    Her lower lip quivered as tear dwelled in her eyes, “I-I can’t handle anymore of this Lindsey.”

    The nurse walked back in singing, “I have pictures!” Then she stopped and looked at them, “Did I interrupt something?”

    “No, it’s fine,” Audrey choked on her words lightly as the nurse handed her the ultrasound pictures. “Thank you so much…” Tearfully, she looked down at them, “William’s so beautiful, isn’t he Lindsey?”

    She assisted Audrey down from the table, “He sure is, sweetie.” Looking at the nurse, she whispered, “It’s not any of this; there’s just some stuff going on outside of this.”

    “I understand,” the nurse murmured as they opened the door. “If she’s up for it, she needs to have some blood work done some time this week, or I could fit her in within a few minutes.”

    “If you could get me in today, I’d greatly appreciate it,” Audrey uttered trying to calm herself down. “I want to be extra protective over my baby.”
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    That was absolutely amazing.
    And more than worth the wait.
    That sick fuck needs to be caught and locked up forever. :l
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    Oh no this is horrible. He needs to be caught asap.
    Poor Audrey, just when she was all smiles about the baby and naming him.
    I really like the name William. =]
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    Chapter 37: Afraid

    A week had scurried by and not one person has seen or heard from Herald. Never leaving the house frightened Audrey. That man knew where the Way’s lived and he possibly knew where Olivia stayed whilst in California. Gerard even went the extra mile; having the police keep an eye on their house. Worm even temporarily moved into the guest bedroom. Even with the extra precautions taken by Gerard, Audrey still felt unsafe.

    “Gerard, go check on her,” Lindsey stated from her seat in the floor as Bandit babbled and crawled around. “I haven’t heard a peep out of her since dinner.”

    Nodding, he stood up from the couch where he had been sitting watching his wife and daughter play in the floor, “Okay.” He tucked his hands into his pockets and jogged up the stairs towards Audrey’s room, “I hope nothing’s wrong…” Combing his fingers through his hair, he approached her bedroom door and knocked, “Audrey? You still there?”

    “Yeah!” she called from behind the door followed by some shuffling.

    “Something wrong?” he asked tucking his hair behind his ears and crossing his arms. “Audrey, can I come in?”

    “Yeah,” she responded sounding as if she was in pain.

    Opening the door, Gerard’s eyes widened, “Audrey, are you okay?” He walked over and sat next to her on the bed.

    “I’m fine, I just sat down and th-these pains started,” she stammered rubbing her stomach. “Does this mean what I think it does? I’m a month and a half early, Gerard.” She let out a silent squeal.

    Gerard took in a deep breath, “How far apart? A couple of minutes, or what?”

    “I don’t know; a lot,” she hissed rubbing her stomach. “Take me. Please.”

    “Ok-Okay,” he stuttered nervously as he stood up and put one arm behind her back and the other underneath her knees, “Let’s get you to the hospital.” He carefully opened the door and carried her out of her room then as quickly as he could down the stairs, “Lindsey, sweetie. We have an issue…”

    “What kind of issue?” she turned to see her husband carrying Audrey. “Oh shit. Really?” She quickly picked up Bandit and grabbed the nearby diaper bag as Worm rushed to the door from the kitchen, after hearing the commotion, to open the front door. “I’m so freaking excited!”

    “Gerard, are you sure it is not gas or something. I see women on television all the time that mistake the time for gas due to the baby laying on your insides,” Audrey explained from her seat in the back as Worm crawled up front, and Lindsey slid into the backseat with her before she hooked Bandit up in the middle car-seat.

    “You were so tiny in the first place, you might have the baby earlier than normal people,” Lindsey replied before Gerard had the chance to respond. “I had Bandit a couple of weeks before she was due, and she turned out just perfect.” She scrunched her nose up and tickled the infant’s stomach.

    “You make the perfect mom,” Audrey stated holding in a yelp. “Oh my God, kill me.”

    “Keep breathing and if Gerard’s driving like he was the night I went into labor, you’ll be there in five minutes,” Lindsey smiled trying to take Audrey’s mind off of the pain, even though that’s merely impossible. “In the nose, out the mouth.”

    Audrey stared at the back of the seat in front of and gently grasped the charm on the necklace that Lindsey had given her weeks before, “Does that work?” She inhaled through her nose, then exhaled out of her mouth. “Wow. It’s easing it, slightly.”

    Lindsey glanced at the necklace, her face then her bump, “My instincts tell me tonight’s it.”

    A few tears slid down the teen’s face, “Lindsey, I’m afraid. I turn sixteen next week…”

    “Who in the heck cares?” she stated firmly watching her language in front of her six-month old daughter. “It’s not anyone’s fault and your son will be a blessing in disguise. I can feel it, even if he’s not mine.” She gawked at the frightened girl for a moment before she continued, “I can see it in your eyes.”

    “It doesn’t change the fact that I’m afraid,” she cried in a low tone so she wouldn’t scare Bandit. “There’s a baby coming out of me somehow and it might happen in a few hours.”

    Lindsey gave her an empathetic gaze and sighed, “You’ll find out what I’m talking about when realization hits, sweetie.” She extended her arm over her and took Audrey’s hand, “We’re here for you.”

    Audrey looked at her through her tears for a few minutes. A massive pain rolled through her body resulting in her wincing and biting her inner jaws, “Why didn’t you tell me it hurt this bad?” She held back most of her emotions.

    “I never said it was going to be giving birth to rainbows, did I? This is the worst pain a woman will ever go through,” Lindsey explained calmly as her husband frantically honked his horn. “Gerard… No need for that.”

    “These fu-freaking people don’t understand what emergency flashers are for!” he exclaimed making Lindsey smile weakly before she looked back at Audrey.

    “What are we going to do for baby clothes and receiving blankets?” Audrey asked as her pain temporarily eased off.

    “I’ll head back to the house when Gerard calms down and bring Bandit’s receiving blanket and one of her first outfits; all we need to worry about is getting him home warm and safe,” Lindsey explained smiling.

    “Or I could go do that if you tell me where everything is,” Worm stated after Lindsey took in a deep, worried sigh.

    “Really?” Lindsey asked as if he had lied to her.

    “I’m telling you the truth,” he scoffed as Lindsey explained where all of Bandit’s newborn clothes were.

    “We’re here,” Gerard announced jumping out of the car then rushing over to Audrey’s side of the vehicle.

    Lindsey unlatched Bandit from her car seat and walked quickly in Worm’s direction, who was switching to the driver’s side, “Let’s just hope that Eversole doesn’t appear out of nowhere.” She asked Worm to reach into the back for the diaper bag.

    “If he does, I’ll be back as soon as I find all of that stuff, okay?”

    “Agreed,” Lindsey stated with a weak smile as she shut Worm’s car door and jogged into the hospital.
    I apologize if this chapter is poorly written, but I'm sure you guys know what might be happening next. I had to force myself to type it. :roll:
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    I enjoy it greatly.
    I'm excited to see what happens next, even though I have a pretty good idea. :)
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    Oh wow it's time!!
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    Chapter 38: William Lee Way

    The room grew quiet enough to hear the occasional beeping of the monitor that had been hooked up to the small teen laying in the hospital bed. The expression on her face flip-flopped from pained to content. Scanning the room, she saw the monitor and her brother sitting in the chair next to the bed. His face was blank and unreadable, yet filled with worry. She sighed inwardly to try and get his attention.

    “What? Is something wrong?” he asked worriedly.

    “I'm okay,” she replied as her lips curled into a weak smile. “How are you holding up?” For a moment, she could have sworn that he was not going to reply.

    “I'm fine, just... Worried and excited,” he responded lightly. Lacing his fingers together, both of them looked up and saw Lindsey step into the room.

    “Hey gloomy-Gus's,” she uttered sitting in the chair next to her husband then placed her hand on his. “Worm said he'll be back with the supplies as soon as he can.” Her eyes looked at Gerard then Audrey. “Cheer up you two. There's a baby on the way.”

    “I'm afraid,” Audrey responded quietly. “What if something goes wrong? What will we do?” She winced and lied back.

    “Shush,” Lindsey stated firmly. “Did the doctor say anything?”

    Gerard nodded, “She said Audrey is pretty close; she should be going into labor anytime now. Uhm. Lindsey, where's our daughter?” He glanced around worriedly.

    “Calm down, sweetie,” Lindsey smiled and rubbed his arm. “I didn't think we should take her into the delivery room, so I got the daycare center on this floor to watch her while we're in here. We can pick her up once everything happens.”

    “I think William is ready to come out,” Audrey nearly spat.

    Gerard shot out of the room to retrieve the doctor as Lindsey took his seat so she could hold the teen's hand, “Just take deep breaths through your nose and out of your mouth.” She grasped her hand and watched her take her deep breaths. “Is that working?”

    Audrey nodded as the doctor walked in with Gerard closely trailing her. She looked at Audrey then gently grasped the paper coming from the monitor, “You're a month and a half early, but with your size, I'm surprised you haven't burst yet.” She smiled weakly, “I don't even have to check how dilated to say that you're ready, tiny girl.”

    “Really!?” Audrey gasped as the doctor approached her bed and unlatched the Velcro straps that were sending signals to the monitor.

    “Let's get you ready to move into the delivery room,” the doctor stated setting the straps on the nearby table. “Mr. and Mrs. Way, could you give me a moment to check if she is dilated?” Both of them nodded and turned their heads as they quietly whispered to each other. Gerard wrapped an arm around Lindsey's shoulder as the doctor told them they could turn back around. “She's ready. I'm Dr. Kinsey, by the way.”

    They assisted her into the wheelchair and quickly rolled her and her I.V. Pole down the hallway. Eventually they entered a sterile room near the end of another hall then a male nurse gently picked her up and sat her in her new bed.

    “Kill me, please...” she groaned hastily as Dr. Kinsey placed Audrey's ankles in the stirrups.

    Kinsey smiled to herself and looked at the male nurse, “Could you direct some female nurses this way? Tell them asap.”

    A few moments after he had left, Lindsey and Gerard were suited up in scrubs and hairnets, as was Kinsey. A couple of nurses wandered into the room while Kinsey slid some gloves onto her hands before she sat back down in her chair. The younger nurses prepped everything as Kinsey gave Audrey a weak smile.

    “I can't do this,” Audrey murmured as Lindsey wiped her hair out of her face. “I'm too afraid.”

    “Yes you can,” Gerard muttered nervously grasping her hand.

    “I said the same thing when I went into the delivery room,” Lindsey stated trying to up Audrey's spirit. “You can do it, sweetie.”

    Once everything commenced, Audrey gave birth to her son, William Lee Way, all six pounds and five ounces of him. Gerard cradled him in his arms and smiled feeling like he had become a new father once again, even though William wasn't his son, “He looks just like his mommy.”

    Audrey smiled weakly and lied back as Lindsey held him for a few moments. Her body felt as if it were going to shut completely down, but she's fought through more pain, “Does he look like... you know who?”

    “No, he doesn't look a thing like that monster,” Lindsey nearly cooed. “He's beautiful. He has the Way face.”

    “Really?' Gerard asked looking at him again as Lindsey gave him back to his mother. “I wasn't that cute when I was born.”

    “You're just jealous,” Lindsey teased kissing his cheek.

    “Let's get you back to your room so you can rest,” Kinsey stated as the male nurse reentered the room to get Audrey back into the wheelchair. “I'll be in later to check up on you two.” Kinsey stood up and winked at Gerard, “You're the best behaving man I've ever seen in the delivery room.”

    “He has went through it before with me,” Lindsey laughed as Kinsey joined her laughter. “He nearly passed out when I went into labor.” She nudge Gerard promiscuously. “He's the best though.”

    William had been temporarily taken away so he could be checked and bathed. Audrey worried about him while he was gone. Once they got back into her room, the male nurse got her in bed and left with the wheelchair to let Lindsey and Gerard sit with her. As soon as she lied back in the bed her eyes drooped shut.

    “Do you think she's asleep?” Gerard uttered looking at her sleeping eyes.

    “Yes, why?” Lindsey replied as Worm tip-toed into the room with a diaper bag full of goodies.

    “Did I miss it?” Worm asked sadly setting the bag down next to Lindsey.

    “Sorry, she was about to pop when I walked in,” Lindsey replied as he took the other empty chair. “At least you get to see him soon once they give him a check up.”

    “Good,” he stated as Gerard waved to get his attention. “Hm?”

    “Any sign of you know who?” he asked.

    “No, but if I do, he'll wish he never came around her or any of us,” Worm responded leaning back in his chair with a smug look on his face. “That would really piss me off, if he came around.”
    Sorry it took me so long, but I have been really busy with a lot of stuff. Everything went awesome on Halloween. My brother is happily married and on his honeymoon in Vegas. I had an awesome time at the show after the wedding, even if I still had my wedding hair XD.
    I now have a Yorkie and my grandma named her Bandit, therefore her name is Bandit because I love my grandma! haha. She's only 7 weeks old and my cat isn't taking it too well....
    Anyway, I love you guys!
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    Hi there Shawna,

    Sorry it's been so long. I've been super busy and on top of it all my keyboard was broken. The whole middle row didn't work and b was 4 and n was 7, it would have been an interesting review!!

    It was so sweet that Audrey got to see the ultrasound of her son and I love William because that was my grandfather's name. We used to be really close.

    I can't believe that Herald escaped just when there was some normalcy to her life.

    Poor thing the stress of everything has sent her into labor.

    I hope everything is okay with William? Having a baby that premature is dangerous. Well if something happens they can sue the doctor as no doctor in their right mind would take a baby unless it was threatening the mother or the baby's life unless I missed something again. LOL!!

    Looking forward to the next chapter.

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