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    Chapter 30:

    Now, she finds herself in another doctor’s examination room, but for a more wonderful purpose. Despite whose child she was having, she became more excited each time she went to the doctor. Gerard politely lifted her off of the ground and sat her on the quite comfortable elevated chair. Her nervousness kicked into high gear as soon as she relaxed her back against the rest, “I hope nothing’s wrong with the baby.”

    Lindsey smiled weakly, “I doubt that, sweetie. My doctor told me if something was truly wrong with the baby, the mother knows. It’s a sense you accumulate through the pregnancy. Like, the other night when Mikey and Alicia were keeping Bandit, I could tell she was in a good mood the entire time.”

    Audrey returned the smile, “Okay. I don’t really sense anything, just my own nerves.”

    A light laugh escaped her brother, “We can tell; the baby can too.” His eyes signaled towards her stomach making her lift her fitted shirt to look, “I feel bad that we missed that last night.”

    Lindsey eagerly placed her hand on Audrey’s stomach, “I miss that. It felt so weird and it kind of pushed the thought of actually having a small human inside you.”

    Audrey’s smile went from nervous to eager, “I’m too excited.”

    “Now, which one’s the mommy to be,” the male doctor walked in and jokingly felt of Gerard’s stomach. “Not you.” He smiled and looked at Audrey, “I’m just kidding around. Humor’s the best medicine for anything.” He then sat down on the wheeled-stool and commenced the questionnaire, “These are just yes or no and could you explain questions…” He waited for Audrey to nod before he continued, “Alright, have you been feeling sick? Peeing blood? Having cramps?”

    “No to all three,” she replied staring down at the paper and folder he was holding and scribbling on. “I’ve been eating more and the baby started moving around a bit the last few days.”

    “That’s good. You’re now feeding two people and you’ve more than likely been nervous or stressed lately,” he explained. “Of course, Mrs. Way has told you about babies really connecting with their mother’s senses. I must say your baby’s kicking a couple of weeks early, but that’s not an indication of anything wrong, just saying it’s going to be an early developer, or probably where you were tiny to begin with.” He scribbled something else into the folder, “Let’s get the nurse to wheel in that machine that pregnant women like and we’ll reveal the gender of the baby, okay?” He patted her head and shook Gerard and Lindsey’s hands before he left.

    “I like this doctor,” Audrey quickly stated.

    “I loved him. He’s always humorous and poked fun at Gerard the entire time I was pregnant with Bandit,” she laughed. “He always asks when we’re going to have another one.”

    “You’re a wonderful mother, I could see you two having another,” she said as soon as the door cracked open.

    “It’ll eventually happen,” Lindsey stated before sitting in her husband’s lap and wrapping an arm around his neck. “We have you and your baby right now.”

    The nurse smiled as she set up the machine, “Baby-talking are we?”

    “Yes, do you have any children?” Lindsey asked playing with Gerard’s hair.

    “I have three,” the nurse replied and looked up at the surprised looks on their faces. “What?”

    “You’re young so young looking,” Lindsey replied watching the nurse hooking up the cords.

    “I’m forty-three.” She turned out the lights and flipped on the screen as she took a small tube from her pocket.

    “Forty-three?” Audrey spoke up this time.

    The nurse laughed and squirted the paste-like substance onto Audrey’s stomach then some on the transducer, “I get that a lot. Do any of you have jewelry or anything on?” All of them shook their heads, “Good. I almost forgot to ask, I’m used to patients coming in and taking all their jewelry off before I even come in.”

    “Olivia told me to not wear jewelry.” She focused the statement more towards Lindsey, just in case she wondered where the necklace she gave her was.

    “That’s good,” she placed the transducer on her stomach and rolled it around for a few moments. “I’m guessing this is your first child. At least I hope so.”

    “It is, I’m fifteen if you’re wondering.” Audrey made an awkward face, “This feels so weird.”

    “Ah, the first couple of times are, but once the third and fourth one comes along, you’re used to it,” the nurse stated glancing at the screen. “Well, look who decided to join us.” She pointed towards the monitor, “Your little boy.”

    A huge smile formed on her face, “A boy. I was hoping it was a boy.” She looked over at her brother whom looked as if he was going to cry, “You’re not going to be the only guy in the house.”

    The nurse laughed again, “How many women are in the house?” She clicked on a few things on the screen then typed on the small keyboard.

    “There are three; me, Lindsey and their baby girl,” Audrey replied staring in awe at the screen.

    “Got any names in mind?” she asked. “I’m nosy.”

    “Uhm… Not really, I was waiting to find out the sex of it before I thought of names,” she stated watching her click on some more things on the screen.

    “Good idea. Some people pick a name before that and they grow attached to it then find out that the baby is the opposite gender,” she explained beginning to roll the transducer around a few more times. “This machine isn’t detecting anything wrong with him.” She picked the transducer up, “You’re eighteen weeks along, right?”

    “Yes, nearing nineteen,” Audrey replied as the nurse took a damp cloth to her stomach to wipe off the sticky liquid. “So, it’s definitely a boy?” An excited smile wandered onto her face.

    “Yes, unless this machine is messed up; it’s brand new,” she smiled and tossed the cloth into a nearby hamper. “I’ll see you next time, dear.” She gave Audrey and Lindsey hugs then shook Gerard’s hand before she rolled the machine back out of the room.

    The doctor walked back into the silent room, scribbling in the folder, “Okay. Come and see me when week twenty-five comes around a month from now.”

    Soon after they left, they drove to a small restraunt to have lunch and a solemn look formed on Audrey’s face, catching Gerard’s attention, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    “I dread going to court on Friday,” she murmured stacking up sugar packets in front of her.

    “It’s two days from now, why don’t you rest up and we’ll come over to Olivia’s apartment to hang out; we don’t have to go out every day,” Gerard suggested adding a packet of sugar to the small tower. “I don’t want to force you to go.”

    “I have to go,” Audrey replied placing her hands in her lap. “Your nephew wouldn’t have it any other way.”
    A/N: I'd like to thank ask.com and givoogle.com for the information I got on ultrasounds. It's actually hard to really tell the gender of the baby at 18 weeks, but it said that it depends on the mother because everyone is different.
    Also, "World's Away" is actually more popular than I thought it'd be. It's just something random I whipped up in Human Services class. :roll: lol
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    1. You can't even imagine how happy I was when I saw that you updated.
    2. As usual, I'm a crappy reader, sorry for being a bad commenter (is that a word?) probably not.
    3. My comment on this chapter:
    As usual, I really loved it. The way you writer really speaks to me, all the emotions you put into it... it becomes so much more real. In my world, at least. It feels like I'm there, I can totally see everything happen right infront of me.
    “Now, which one’s the mommy to be,” the male doctor walked in and jokingly felt of Gerard’s stomach. “Not you.” He smiled and looked at Audrey,
    I totally laughed at this... I can so imagine this happening in the real world, soon, soon will even our so loved Gerard get the middleage-belly-fat that guys usually gets... (haha.) I like how the doctor is so... trying to make them, audrey feel good, not just acting like a robot like many doctors do.
    “That’s good,” she placed the transducer on her stomach and rolled it around for a few moments. “I’m guessing this is your first child. At least I hope so.”
    I got tears in my eyes at that... it makes me think about the 12-13-yearold girl that recently died trying to give birth. It took her over three days, and then finally the bleed to death. Horrible, and in one sense, this story reminds me about all of that, but audrey got a better life,, or... i can't really find any words for it... hm.
    well, as i said before, i love the characters in this, and i love your way of writing, more soon? take your time, but I REALLY love this story, it really is my favorite :)
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    Aww it's a boy!
    Audrey been through hell, but it's great that she is getting more comfortable with her pregnancy and is excited. It's just a shame about the paternity.
    This story is amazing.
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    Thank you so much.
    Today was a really emotional day for me. Today made three years since one of my best friends died and I'm still not completely over the hump. (He died from head trauma).

    It was good signing on and reading these comments to put a smile on my face. Thanks so much dearies *hugs the crap out of you both*
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    I'm so sorry I didn't comment sooner. :[
    And I'm even more sorry to hear about your friend.

    If it makes you smile, I loved that. Soo much.
    I'm glad it's a boy too, tbh. She's going to be a great mother.
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    Thanks :)
    I'm better today. I may update both tonight if I get all of my homework done tonight... Hopefully.
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    Chapter 31: Smoke and Sunsets

    A/N: Sorry it took so long for me to update. I've been busy with homework and my friends kidnapped me to take me to a festival haha. We rode amusement rides and drunk Bahama Mamas (non-alcoholic). haha

    Friday morning went by too quickly, while the meeting being what Olivia referred to it as, couldn’t go fast enough. Spending the entire time staring at a man that she has come to believe destroyed her life then glancing left then right seeing the two loves of her life. Lisa Blair, the judge, ranted about Herald’s decisions in life from beginning to end; how he married a woman who seemed to be a blind-eye when it came to reading people then raping a fifteen year old girl in the house that he had his family in. Audrey couldn’t catch what she said on account of all of the subject changing and occasional cursing. In her mind, she ran by a bunch of possible baby-names.

    On the other hand, Lisa vented off all of her rage on Herald, “If you didn’t have such a good lawyer, I’d seriously set up a date for your arraignment, but we need “proof”.” She glared at him, then softened her gaze while taking a few deep breaths, “Joseph Eversole, could you please explain to Olivia, Karen and Robbie your story.”

    Joseph stood up gaining Audrey’s attention. He looked much better that day; more alert and less under the influence. “Well, I stayed with the Eversole’s for a few years. Within that time, I gained a wonderful friendship with my foster-sister Addie—all this being before Audrey was there—I felt that something terrible went on in the house. Addie had told me that Herald actually tested his “experiments on his foster children. At first, I thought it was just a scary story until I saw that monster inject her with something that he was going to inject into me, I soon found her lying dead in her bedroom floor.”

    “Anything else?” Blair asked seeming interested.

    “I can’t really remember too much more,” he hesitated once he looked over at Herald whom evilly glared at him. “He was known to rape the children, even his own, while Rachel was gone to the store. He also beat us…” He returned a glare to Herald as he finished, “I want him to rot in hell.”

    Blair slammed her gavel on her desk, “That’s enough, Mr. Eversole.” She signaled for him to sit down before he went any further. “I believe this session is complete.” Robbie, the bailiff, wandered over and ushered Herald out of the room as Blair waved at Olivia, “Mrs. Olivia, how’s the whole Audrey staying with you going?”

    Olivia smiled, “She definitely loves Mr. and Mrs. Way and their baby; they love her in return.”

    A grin formed on Lisa’s face, “I can tell they’re a loving little family.” She gazed at the three of them for a few moments, “You seem like lovely people; it’s just a precaution that my boss wants me to take, but Audrey has to stay with Olivia for a few weeks. Nothing against any of you.”

    “Its fine, Mrs. Blair. We know you do what you think is right and good for us,” Gerard responded with a polite smile. “We take no offense to it.”

    “And that I am thankful for.” Her grin grew wider, “You’re respectful too. Are you two visiting?”

    “Yes; pretty much every day,” he replied as Audrey laced her fingers with his. “We felt horrible the first night.”

    Audrey tinkered with the necklace Lindsey had given her and smiled, “Me too. I couldn’t go to sleep until I talked to them on the phone then fell asleep while talking.”

    “You’re rather attached to that necklace, my dear,” Lisa pointed out. “Did Mrs. Way give it to you?”

    “Yes, I never do anything or go anywhere without it,” Audrey replied rubbing the charm. “As long as I have it, I feel loved and not as lonely, ya know.”

    Blair nodded, “Yes, my dear.” Her smile evolved to a warm smirk, “The next session will be a week from now; next Friday at ten A.M. Dismissed.”

    Audrey met up with Olivia after the session as she asked her to do earlier that day. Honestly, she wanted to leave with Gerard and Lindsey whom walked with her to Olivia’s car to wait for the case worker to show up. A smug look wandered onto her face when she saw Joseph crawling into a junkie car without even looking at them. To her, something wasn’t right with him, even though he was being very useful for the trial. She felt her baby kick around for a few moments when she saw Olivia wandering in their direction.

    “Hey guys,” she approached them and unlocked her car. “Lisa was extreme today, wasn’t she?” They nodded quietly as she continued, “Do you guys want to hang out with Audrey, or should I take her home with me?”

    They smiled weakly and looked at Audrey and Gerard asked, “It’s up to you. We’re always more than happy having you with us.”

    Audrey ran her fingers through her hair, “I want to go with them… I’ll have them drop me off at your apartment later.” She politely gave Olivia a hug before she hopped into her car. Audrey stepped back and rested her cheek on her brother’s chest and reached her arms around him and Lindsey. “God, I love you guys.”

    Within no time, she was resting her head of the back of her seat, tugging at her seat belt and watching the City-Skyline grow and descend. Massive buildings lined the streets, gradually faded as they neared a more country looking landscape, being right outside of Los Angeles. It only took around thirty minutes for the city to disappear. Glancing around the car, her eyes landed on two entangled hands between the two front seats. She smiled weakly at the adorable romance that they shared. Deeply sighing, she tucked her hair behind her ears and asked, “Where are we going?”

    “To a spot that’s rather inspiring; remember when you kept watching the sky outside of the airplane window?” Gerard replied gently squeezing his wife’s hand. “I believe this will relax you.”

    Soon, the car pulled onto the side of the road and they were now almost an hour outside of the city. Gerard ushered his wife and sister out of the car and over to a fallen tree. Lindsey had been there before with Gerard because they had one of those nights they had to drive Bandit around until she fell asleep. On their way back home, they saw the sun peeping out from behind the horizon.

    “Wow,” Audrey gazed out as far as she could and watched the sun nearly disappear. She took in the swirling colors in the sky then noticed smoke lingering through the air. Looking over, she noticed Gerard had lit up a cigarette and waved the smoke away from her and Lindsey. She found those swirls of smoke almost as inspiring as the purple, pink, blue with a hint of green, sky. Each color embraced each other and she often wondered how something like that could naturally happen.

    She now looked at her brother and his wife cuddled up together looking into the distance like she was seconds before. She watched the smoke wander out of his nose and mouth as Lindsey hunkered down until he waved the smoke away. Audrey could’ve sworn she saw a heart form in the smoke.
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    That was absolutely amazing, dear. :)
    The ending, it just sounds so beautiful.
    I love this.
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    Hi there Shawna,

    I lost my internet for about a week and couldn't read or comment but now I'm all caught up.

    That was so sweet that she found out it was a boy and that's what she wanted.

    The judge in the hearing really hates Herold as she should he's an ass. Joseph seemed more subdued then I expected, it seems Audrey noticed that too.

    I'm glad she's getting to spend time with Gerard and Lyndsey and the end of the last chapter was just so moving.

    Looking forward to reading what happens next.
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    Aw I loved the ending of this chapter!!
    I wonder why Joseph ignored them. At least he was sober.
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    Chapter 32: Slur

    Soon, she arrived back at Olivia’s apartment and went straight to bed. For reasons unknown, she didn’t really want to look at her; she figured it was the pregnancy really kicking in. Thoughts wandered through her mind about everything that had been going on during that week. Only a week and a half more before she can go back home, she hoped. Lying back she crossed her arms over her stomach and sighed deeply. A frown formed on her face; something didn’t feel right. She felt her hand around on her stomach, but something told her it wasn’t the baby. Another sigh escaped her lips as she gradually sat up to dangle her feet off of the bed, “What can it be?” She stood up and walked to the door to hear Olivia talking to someone, rather hatefully. Cracking open the door, she saw Joseph standing there arguing with Olivia, “Uhm… What’s going on?”

    “We’re just discussing the trial,” Olivia replied shushing Joseph. “Why don’t you lie back down? You look awfully tired.”

    Audrey frowned again, “Okay.” She shut the door and acted like she walked back to the bed so she could listen in on what they were saying.

    “Okay, now… Joseph, you need to leave. You’ve created enough problems; the poor girl is pregnant, she doesn’t need her foster brother barging in and making her stresses more immense. You even make me uncomfortable coming into the court on a hangover or drunk. Of course, I know it’s painful and it brings back old nightmares, but she has it even harder. Yes, she didn’t lose her sister to that man’s carelessness, but she’s pregnant; she’s having the spawn of Satan himself.”

    “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot feel or do,” he slurred. “I fucking drove while drinking who knows what on the way here… She’s not going through more than I went through. She stayed there a couple of months; I stayed there four years…”

    “I know that but you’re not going to have a forever reminder running up and calling you mommy are you?” she spat pointing towards the door. “Now freaking leave.”

    “Oh, I’m pushing your professionalism out the window, am I not?” he slurred again as Olivia ushered him towards the door.

    Audrey leaned against the door and planted her cheek against it, “A forever reminder…” She rubbed her bump and looked down at it, “You’re going to be a miracle in disguise. Aren’t you?” Right on cue, she felt another kick come from her baby boy. “I take that as a yes.” The door shut followed by footsteps wandering near her room, “Shit.” She hurried over to the bed and carefully lied down then pulled the cover over her. They soon disappeared, meaning Olivia probably went to her own room. Audrey rolled onto her side and took in a deep breath, “It’s only nine thirty and Joseph has already come by to cause trouble.”
    A sea of honking horns and brake lights blocked his panoramic view of the crowded city streets. That night was the usual buzzing Friday night in Los Angeles, but it was more backed up than normal. He refused to honk, so he tried his best to reroute his thoughts to something more amusing; mostly songs and potential words that may become songs one day. Impatience merely wasn’t enough for him by that time. He wanted to get back home, to his wife and infant daughter. All the hopes in his heart made him think of his sister, “A week and 4 days can’t come soon enough, can they?”

    His hazel green eyes fell to the aqua-green numbers on the radio, “Ten thirty? Lindsey’s going to kill me… I said I’d only stay at Mikey’s for a few minutes.” His fingers tapped on the steering wheel as his impatience never offered to decrease any at all. “What the fuck’s going on?”

    “Jesus, go on!” the man behind him shouted out his window, resulting in Gerard sticking his head out to glare at him.

    “It’s not my fault, jackass!” he sat back in his seat and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “People kill me sometimes.” He grabbed a cigarette from the nearly empty package sitting between the seats, stuck it loosely between his lips and put the lighter up to it to light it, but finally caught a glimpse of what was holding up traffic; a massive car accident. “What the hell?” The cigarette became less important, “That car looks familiar…”

    He scanned the vehicle and couldn’t see the driver because the police had draped a large pale white cloth over them. The blood stains on it didn’t look too promising. A police officer walked towards the honking, lined up cars and shouted, “Listen up! Stop your damn honking, we’re cleaning up so your precious cars don’t get a flat!”

    “Sir! Could you tell me anything about this? A friend of mine has a car like that,” Gerard caught the officer’s attention, so he ran over to his car.

    “Like what, sir?” the officer asked approaching his car.

    “Age range? Looks? Anything,” he stated feeling uncomfortable.

    “I’d say around twenty years old with dark hair. He reeked of alcohol, poor guy made the wrong choice in my book,” the officer explained briefly. “Sound familiar?”

    “Yeah, uhm…” His heart raced and he found it hard to talk straight. “Could… Is he dead?”

    “He’s barely alive, but we covered him up so no one would get too antsy about seeing him; he’s in terrible shape,” he replied putting thumbs in his belt loops.

    With shifty eyes, he swallowed a lump in his throat as the officer shook his hand and walked back over to guard the car. Gerard stared at the car and neglected to pull up, gaining a couple of honks from the car behind him. Joseph can’t die, if that is him… I know he causes a lot of problems, but he’s a major part of the trial.

    “Jackass! Drive!” the man behind him shouted.

    The officer that spoke to Gerard covered for him, “Sir! Calm down, he’s trying. That fancy ass car of his is having trouble!”

    Gerard got the hint and eased on the accelerator then drove pass a couple of paramedics that were rushing towards the messed up car that had plunged into a power post. He prayed that the person wasn’t Joseph, but once he stopped at the first red light, he glanced in his side mirror and saw the haunting image that he feared he would see.
    A/N: This chapter is a little bit shorter than some of the others, but I got in what needed to be put in. Don't be angry for the content... :surrender:
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    Wow, I wasn't expecting that!
    It's tragic if he meant to kill himself.
    I cannot wait to read more. =]
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    I was actually expecting something like this to happen. But, amazing as alwasys! Can't wait for more :)
  14. Dumbledore

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    He can't die.
    They need him for the trial. :[[[
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    Hi Shawna,

    These characters are starting to get to me. I know things are tough on Audrey and never would want to be in her position, but it's Joseph I really feel bad for. When Joseph wanted to bring Eversole to court everyone was no, Audrey is to fragile. Now that the tables are turned they need him there.

    Audrey has a whole group that is willing to support her and Joseph gets thrown out of everywhere because he wants a connection with her because she's been through it. Though not as bad as he has or as long as he has. No he may not have his spawn inside of him but he has the guilt of watching someone die for him, knowing that it could have been him. I see nothing but caring from Joseph and wanting to make things right, (maybe a little too passionate about it) he's just messed up because noone was there to help him pick up the pieces.

    Even in what could be his death all anyone seems to care about is the fact that he's needed for the trial. Then what? Disposed of as yesterday's garbage? Good luck with your messed up life, now leave us alone. I was hoping at one point Gerard would take him in too. But then Gerard threw him out because he was trying to make Audrey do the right thing. Olivia should be fired first for putting those kids in that home (time and time again). Audrey should have never been put in that situation in the first place because she should have never been sent there after a child died and the other left as soon at he was eighteen, no one asked why? It's nice that she's sympathetic towards Audrey, but here is some one else who needs help and was told what happened to him more or less didn't matter.

    Gerard as he passed by was only worried that they needed him, not how horrible. Not the poor kid has seen so much bad he didn't need this. Only how it was going to affect their custody trial. I imagine that with Joseph gone Eversole will be a free man becuase Audrey won't want to testify against him.

    These characters when it comes to Joseph are selfserving and uncaring. I'm almost in tears over how no one really cares for him. Bravo to him for leaving with no money, no plans only knowing he couldn't be in the same household as a murderer.

    I'm glad that Audrey can turn this horrendous situation into a loving one, knowing that in the end it is her baby. And if she feels real amnimosity towards it she can give it to a family who won't. It's not a forever reminder if you don't let it be. And Joseph doesn't have a forever reminder? How do you bring back the dead?

    Please don't take this as a negative review of your writing, actually you should take it as a huge compliment it means that I care about the characters and the way you've portrayed it makes me feel passionately.

    I have seen your writing change so much over the past couple of years. It's been an amazing ride.

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
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    ^ Gargantuan kudos to you Moonshyne (I feel bad because your name escapes me).
    I take this a massive compliment since you're so passionate about this story. You've read almost all of my stories and you've always been such a loyal reader. You're comment actually inspired me for the next part. =] That part will be up tomorrow or LATE LATE tonight. I'm working on chapter 7 for World's Away right now.
    To everyone else thanks for all of the amazing comments, they always turn my bad days into good ones. <3
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    Chapter 33: You Knew

    A/N: I have mixed emotions about this chapter.
    The night slowly died out and let the sun peek over the horizon. Everyone was merely rolling out of bed to get ready for work or to go out to do whatever their busy schedules wanted them to do. A lot of them were making phone calls, especially one person; Lindsey frantically dialed the number to Olivia’s apartment because the hospital had called seconds ago to tell her that someone she knew was in critical condition.

    “Hello?” Olivia groaned into the phone.

    “Olivia! Joseph got into a car accident last night! We need to go to the hospital,” she spoke quickly.

    “Okay… Why am I surprised?” Olivia asked in a smart tone as Audrey exited her bedroom.

    “What’s going on?” she yawned pulling her hair back with a rubber-tie. “I have a weird feeling.”

    Olivia looked at the fifteen year old and sighed, “Lindsey, we’ll meet you there.” She hung up and calmly explained in a less smart tone, “Joseph was in a little car accident. He’s fine.”

    Audrey’s eyes widened, “A car accident is a freaking car accident.”

    An hour had passed and all four of them were sitting in the waiting room. Audrey sat in between Lindsey and Gerard while Olivia sat across from them. The teen glanced around then glared at Olivia, “He’s fine my ass. He’s in the Intensive Care Unit.”

    “Audrey,” Gerard gently hushed her. “Olivia didn’t know.”

    “Lindsey never said he was fine… Olivia freaking yelled at him last night knowing that he was drunk or whatever,” she stated putting all of them blame on Olivia. “I’m moving back with Gerard and Lindsey. I don’t want to stay with a smartass liar.”

    “Audrey, sweetie… That’s enough,” Lindsey spoke up rubbing her shoulder.

    A nurse entered the ICU waiting room and announced to the only four people sitting in there, “Only one can visit him at a time.”

    Audrey stood up, “I’ll go first.” No one protested her decision, so she walked over to the nurse and followed her into the other room.

    Gerard glanced around the room and bowed his head feeling as if he should’ve told Audrey and Lindsey sooner. He knew more than he led on. Deep down, he felt as if he should be shunned.

    The nurse asked for Audrey to use hand-sanitizer before she entered the room. Her heart sunk knowing what she was about to see was probably horrifying. The nurse mentioned to not make him speak too much since he was still under heavy anesthesia before she opened the door and ushered her in.

    A gasp escaped her as soon as she laid her eyes on the results of the small car accident. Tubes were entering and exiting him all over while a couple led up to a pint of blood and an IV. She gradually stepped towards the bed as the nurse left her alone with him. For a moment, she wished she wouldn’t have came in first, but at least she knew that he wasn’t going to be fed something to say to her, that is if he could speak. She sat in the chair next to his bed and crossed her legs, “Joseph. I-It’s Audrey.” She scanned his face for any sort of response or change in his peaceful facial expression. “Can you hear me?” She kept her gaze fixated on his eyes and lips—his swollen left eye cracked open enough for her to see his blood shot eye. “Thank God you’re still alive. I didn’t know about this until an hour or two ago. I got here as soon as I could.”

    “Slow down,” he groaned weakly through what sounded like gritted teeth.

    “Is your jaw wired shut?” she asked hesitantly. Audrey wanted to hold his hand, but feared that she’d hurt him.

    “Possible,” he uttered barely moving his lips.

    “I won’t make you speak anymore; I’m sure it hurts,” she murmured weakly. “I was just so worried about you. Now that I see that you’re alive, everything’s looking up, right? My foster-brother is alive.” She looked at his eyes again and saw a tear roll down his cheek, “Do you want me to leave? I’d understand. I’m a large pain in the ass.”

    “No, stay,” he uttered.

    He was crying. Audrey bit her lower lip, “You’ve had it much worse than I’ve got it. I heard what Olivia said to you last night and she’s a bitch. You have the memory of Addie. Mine is a child that I’m determined to raise him to be the best person ever, but enough about me.” She bowed her head and laced her fingers together, “I pray to God that you make it through this. I don’t know what I’d do if you… Don’t make it. Let’s not talk about that because you are going to make it. We’re both too stubborn to let that happen, right?”

    A small smile formed on his bruised lips, “But the trial…”

    She never let him continue, “Excuse my language; Fuck the trial. You’re life is more important to me right now.” She left her slight anger diminish before she continued. “The trial can freaking wait. They’re not letting him out of jail for good behavior as long as this shit is going on. We’re safe from him, but not the outside world…” For a few seconds she stared at the floor to think then looked back up at him with shifting weary eyes, “Do you ever think that this was meant to be? Us meeting far away from where everything happened? I never was too big on Fate, but I’m starting to believe we were supposed to save each other in some way. Not relationship wise, but like distant brother and sister. Maybe I think about thinking too much.”

    “No, I think the same way,” he groaned weakly.

    “Are you going to stop drinking or whatever you do? I wish you would, seeing you like this hurts me,” she muttered hearing him murmur an I’m sorry.


    “What about him?” Audrey asked quickly as tears threatened to pour down her face.

    “..Saw him before I blacked out… Staring at me from the line of cars last night,” Joseph explained weakly letting his eye close.

    Fury built up inside of her as she stood up and uttered her goodbye to Joseph, “I’ll come by tomorrow.” She was afraid to touch him in anyway, so she just walked out of the room, then stormed down the hallway. Upon reentering the waiting room, she held back her yell that poured out in a more tearful way. “Gerard,” she cried weakly in a lower tone, “you fucking knew about this?”
  18. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    I was happy with the way he was acting, until he pointed out that Gerard saw.
    That just kinda pissed me off.
    But, I love this, as I love everything you write.
  19. Moonshyne

    Moonshyne New Member

    Hi Shawna,

    This is like the third time I'm trying to review this story.

    It's nice that we get to see how despite her fear of Joseph she still cares about him. I didn't think through out this he never meant to harm her he was overly passionate about getting Eversole and hopefully having someone to talk to about what happened in that house, looking for someone to help him heal. He seems desperate more than anything.

    I'm a kinda root for the underdog type of person and in this story it's Joseph.

    I feel bad that Audrey probably is starting to feel betrayed by Olivia and now Gerard. He really should have told someone, even if it wasn't Audrey he should hav at least told Lindsey.

    I didn't care about his last line either because it made it sound like he wanted to make her mad at Gerard and maybe that was the intention. Payback for throwing him out all the time it sort of put a damper in a very moving chapter.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  20. Evenstar

    Evenstar New Member

    "But I’m starting to believe we were supposed to save each other in some way"
    Aw that line got to me. I hope this is true. Yeah Joseph is a drunk and all but nobody seems to give him a chance. I suspect something will happen between him and Audrey eventually so hopefully he's okay. I think Gerard should have told her he knew about this because she ended up seeing Joseph in such critical condition anyway. Great chapter! =]

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