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    15; language, violence, upon other scenes.
    (banner's may randomly change, result of my boredom in college classes)

    Love, Drama, Tragedy

    At the age of 32, Gerard finds out that he has a half-sister through his father. She's in foster care and he really wants to have her back in the family, but he has more than the system itself in his path.

    Main Characters:
    Gerard, Lindsey Mikey, Frank
    OFC-Audrey, Herald, Joey(Joseph)

    I don't know the band, this story is completely fictional. Audrey has been used in other non-fan fiction stories I've written (not on this website). Everything else such as public places are fictional, or internationally known.

    Page 1: Chapter 1, Chapter 2
    Page 2: Chapter 3
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    Page 24: Chapter 42, Chapter 43, Chapter 44(final)

    Thanks to all of my wonderful readers, this story got me Author of the Month for the month of July. <3
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    Chapter 1: Ours

    The embers of a lit cigarette glowed in the darkest part of the room. Smoke swirled off of it and discretely vanished into the open air throughout the area. The smoker sat silently, probably thinking of various different situations that was occurring in his life; a new baby, loving wife and finding out that he has a half sister that was at least seventeen years younger than he was. No one had told him, so he went on through his life and traveled with his band not knowing about her. Taking another drag from his quickly diminishing cigarette, his mind went crazy wanting to know who she was and why he didn’t know about her.

    He leaned forward to grab a cell phone from the coffee table in the center of the room and dialed a number—he didn’t care what time it was, the person he was contacting may be in a completely different time zone. “Come on, pick up.” Placing the receiver to his ear, he impatiently waited. “Dad, where is she?”

    A woman appeared at the top of the staircase, staring down at the man in the living room. She often worried about him, especially after their newly found out information. He was her husband of nearly three years now and fathered her child. “Gerard?”

    Not hearing her, he kept speaking to his father on the cell phone, “What do you mean she’s in foster care? You inconsiderate bastard, don’t you know where she is?”

    “Honey, don’t speak to him that way,” she murmured gradually making her way down the stairs. “Talking to him in that manner won’t get him to tell you anything else.”

    “What do you mean somewhere in the United States? She’s your daughter!” he rubbed his face anxiously and crushed his cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table. “I’ve always thought that you were a better father than that. She’s fifteen years old for crying out loud.”

    Flipping the light on, she sat adjacent to him on the couch, “Shh…”

    “Lindsey, go check on Bandit,” he demanded frustrated over the conversation with his father. “Dad, could you at least tell me what adoption center you guys took her to…” He paused, gawking at his wife whom was sitting in front of him staring at the floor near his feet. “You don’t know, then what’s her fucking name?”

    “Gerard,” she stated still staring at his bare feet.

    “Oh, maybe I should get up with Mom since you seem to tell her-what?” he buried his face into the palm of his free hand. “Ok. I’ll call her right now. Bye.” Hanging up, he buried his face in his hands realizing why he rarely called his father. He took a deep breath, dialed the number, placed the receiver to his ear then softly stared at his wife. “I’m sorry about this, Lindsey.”

    She smiled weakly, rubbing the back of her neck, “Its fine. Bandit’s asleep in her crib.”

    His hand mindlessly reached for hers, “Hey mom. Sorry if I’m disturbing you, but dad said you knew some things about mine and Mikey’s half-sister.” Pausing, he rubbed Lindsey’s hand with his thumb, “Yeah. I know she was in a center in Jersey, but do you know her name and where she is now. All I know is that she’s fifteen years old.”

    Lindsey frowned seeing the frustration on her husband’s face, “Don’t worry, we can find her.”

    “So, all you know is that her first name is Audrey and she was adopted by a family in Chicago from Jersey?” He sighed contently yet shakily. “Thanks… Oh uhm… I want to meet her. Love you too. Bye.” He turned off his phone and Lindsey sat in his lap.

    “When are you going to tell her you want to adopt her?” she asked quietly wrapping her arms around his neck. “She’ll find out eventually, especially if we do adopt her.”

    Wrapping his arms around her waist, he bowed his head and rested his temple on her shoulder, “I wonder what she’s like… Do you think she’s a female version of me and Mikey, or do you think she’s completely different?”

    “If she’s like either of you, then she has a good head on her shoulders.” She gently kissed his cheek and played with his hair, “That’d be wonderful.”

    An innocent cry broke through the silence that was upstairs beckoning for some sort of attention. Gerard smirked weakly, “My turn.” He stood up carrying his wife over to the couch, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

    He basked in the silence and played scenarios in his mind of what was wrong, also how she would react to having an older sister. Entering the room, he quietly crept up to the crib and examined his child whom was still crying and maneuvering around, “Shh…” He gently cradled her in his arms and carefully rocked her, “What’s wrong?”

    The nursery station was on the other side of the room and seemed to be prepared for anything, “Let’s see.” He lied her down carefully and checked her diaper. “That’s not it.” He kiss her forehead softly, making the crying soften as well, “Aw… Someone just wants attention; you take that after your uncle.” He gently placed her against his chest and hummed a song to her, “Want a song? What song can I sing?”

    “Sing ‘Cancer’, I sung that to her earlier in lack of knowing not so many slower songs; she seemed to like it,” Lindsey stated from the door of the bedroom.

    The apple of his cheeks tinted pink for a few moments as he gently rocked their daughter singing a song he hasn’t sung to anyone without being accompanied by another band member. The small baby seemed to love her father’s voice and eventually fell back asleep, not offering to wake back up after he lied her back in her crib.

    “She’s more than precious,” Lindsey uttered lingering over to the edge of the crib.

    Arms wrapped around her midsection from behind, “She’s ours.”
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    Sounds good, I want to see where this is going.
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    This is so good so far.
    I can't wait for more.
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    This sounds really good. :)
    Aw the little part with Bandit was so cute.
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    Thanks so much you guys, the comments literally made my day(night).
    I'll try my best to have Chapter 2 up sometime tomorrow.
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    Seems interesting
    I think it'll be a kick ass story
    Well it already is but ..meh
    Can't wait till' tomorrow to read more
  8. I la la love this! So adorable!
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    Chapter 2: Yours

    A/N: This chapter is in Audrey's point of view.
    If this chapter reminds you guys of 'Dance Monster' by Vivrechem, I wrote this story before joining this site back in 2007, so this wasn't inspired/based on Dance Monster (even if it is a great story). Just putting that out there so I won't get into trouble.
    And all of the feedback made my life worth living =]


    Embrace the moment, just tell yourself that this is a loving family. My case worker never picks the best place to adopt me, but I always got out before something truly bad happened. Not all were abusive, but some were. The last one ran short on cash and couldn’t afford me even though I cut out buying anything and eating a lot less. My case worker noticed I had thinned down to almost nothing and looked sick all the time; I tried to stay there because I felt sorry for that family.

    Olivia opened the door for me to let me out of the backseat out of her fancy silver SUV. As I stepped out, I glanced around to take in all of my surroundings because I don’t know how long I’d be here. It was nice. Beautiful landscaped lawn; well kept. Large, beige home with a white fence; Rich family I suppose. My case worker grabbed my bags from the trunk and led me up to the crimson front door. I must have been freshly painted or cleaned every day because I saw no dings in it or chipped paint. Maybe I was too use to less fortunate families.

    The door opened, revealing a smiling housewife wearing a skirt. Hello, Mrs. Cleaver, where’s Beaver? She took my coat and welcomed us in. “Hello, you’re darling. Just like I remember you.” Kiss up. I examined the corridor and smiled weakly.

    This family is exceptionally rich. The father is an infamous scientist, the mother works at home, one of their three teenagers is their biological child, and the other two are foster children. The scientist sat in an armchair near the stone fireplace drinking a coffee and sighing contently. The housewife led me and Olivia over to the couch and sat in the second armchair adjacent to us. I gazed at the coffee table and blocked out everything to clear my head.

    “Audrey?” the housewife asked smiling at me. “You can go out and meet your siblings; they’re in the backyard.”

    I love how she said siblings and not brother and sisters. “Ok, “I stated standing up and glancing up towards the back of the house to find the back door which was located in the kitchen. I put a fake smile on my face and wandered through the corridors, into the kitchen to the back door. Hesitantly, I opened the door and scanned the backyard. Three teens were scattered across the lawn; the biological child was tinkering with a beautiful flower at the table and wrote things on a paper. He’s the only boy and probably the smartest of us all being the scientist’s child. The two girls were separated both either writing or taking a photograph. Well, I could probably get along with them.

    The oldest looking of the two girls looked up at me, “You must be Audrey.” Her voice was very cheerful as she sat her things down and jogged over to me, “I’m Reese.” Her hand grabbed mine eagerly, “She’s Marie and he’s James. They’re anti-social.” Taking my shoulder, she led me over to her work station, “I’m just writing, doodling and taking some photography.”

    “We’ll get along. I’m really into the fine arts,” I smiled seeing her smile back; who knows if it’s a fake or not.

    She picked up her notepad and camera, “They’re the aspiring scientist and biologist. I’m the artsy one, now you’re going to be the other artsy one.” She pointed the camera at me, “Mind if you become my subject for a few minutes.”

    I could feel myself blush, “Oh… Uhm, I guess not. What do I do?” This girl is confusing me, but I can’t tell she’s the friendliest of the three.

    She sat her notepad in my lap, “Draw, write and I’ll do the rest.”

    Wow. She’s a card; reminds me of my last sister, but not Korean. I love getting put with foreign siblings; I always have questions to ask. This girl wasn’t foreign and she wasn’t my old sister. I have a feeling that we’ll get along… I hope. I sat there and doodled for a few moments before she shoved her fancy camera in my face to show her work. If I had to say, the photos were amazing and I never thought I’d be photogenic.

    “That’s awesome, really.”

    “Thanks, girl,” she nudged me sitting next to me and turned her attention toward the Mrs. Cleaver walking out on the back deck with Olivia. “Hi, mom!” Reese glanced at me and whispered, “Case worker?”

    “Yeah, her name is Olivia,” I muttered in reply. “What’s your mom’s name by the way? I never caught it.”

    A smile formed on Reese’s face, “its Rachel. She’s nice, most of the time. Doesn’t she remind you of a housewife?” I nodded, gaining a laugh from her that probably could have woke the dead, “That’s what I thought my first time here. I referred to her as the housewife and eventually called her by her name and just recently began calling her mom.”

    Again, I nodded not knowing what to say by that moment, and realized that Marie and James were standing behind us. Feeling a nudge on my back, I turned and looked up at the female future biologist, “Hi, I’m Marie. Why don’t we show you to your room? Reese and I have been arranging it to what we believe you’d like since they gave us a list of your favorite things to do.”

    I smiled as all of us got up and wandered into the house after hugging their mother-my new mother- and Olivia. The house was so huge compared to ever other house I seen on the way here. It was beautifully decorated, so I was kind of worried about how my room would look.

    “Here we are,” Reese announced cheerfully. “If you don’t like it, we can always redo it and you get t control whatever we do to it, ok?”

    A smile formed on my face. Smiling was a rare thing for me, so smiling within being here for nearly an hour may be a good sign or foreshadowing misfortune. When Reese excitedly opened the door, my jaw dropped, “It’s perfect, you guys.” Vivid violet walls with silver accents, a gorgeous crystal light fixture dangling from the ceiling, posters from bands that I adored, with dark oak furniture with a matching bookshelf resting against the far wall right next to the large bay window. I could have cried. Walking in, I slid my shoes off and embraced the soft carpet and examined the silver accent designs on the walls. “Did you guys paint this, or did you hire a professional?”

    Marie smirked and pointed at Reese with her thumb, “That’s Reese’s doings. She’s an aspiring artist, and she’s really amazing… When she wants to be.”

    All of us broke into laughter as I admired everything else, coming to the large book shelf, “I’ll be able to fill this up once Olivia brings all of my things. I have tons of books.” I didn’t want to mention the comics that I had. “This is beyond amazing, you two.”

    “And it is yours.” The way they stated that in unison kind of creeped me out, but I’ll ignore that for now.
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    I think the new family is too fake, I mean they are acting like they have a mask who block their personalities but i hope she'll get out of here
    great update
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    ^ Hmm good point, but Reese and Marie appear genuine. Unless it's an act put together by the parents? I don't know, but I like Reese. She's super friendly and artsy :)
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    A very overclass-family. not really her style, hm?
    i think gerard will come and save her!
    great update!
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    This is really good.
    The family almost seems too perfect though.

    But I loveddddd the update. :]
  14. I like Audrey, she seems to be just like her brothers, and the comics?! Perfect!
    The family seem a little fake, wander how that will go in the story line.
    Great update. Loved it
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    Thanks for the comments! Love them
    I may not update today, or at least until my company leaves. She seems to overtake my laptop while she's here. haha. I also have to go to the college tomorrow. =[

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    I agree with the above. They are too happy, like they have something to hide. I like Reese though, I love art, so I'd probably get along with her.
    You described the room beautifully, I can picture it in my mind so well!
    But I still think they have something to hide.
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    Chapter 3: Check-In

    A/N: This chapter is in Audrey's POV until the star(*). Sorry it took so long to update, painting my room and babysitting is killing my internet/computer time.

    That night seemed to be totally awkward for me, especially after Olivia left. The dinner table scared me; everyone was quiet or staring at me as I quietly ate my food. It was way better than the other homes, but maybe it was because the others fixed TV dinners and microwaved soup. I couldn’t complain because everyone tried their best to get by and to not lose the children.

    “So, how many homes have you been in?” the scientist father asked bluntly.

    I respected that, no one has ever been so forward about that. Looking around, I saw the look on Rachel’s face greatly contrasted with the teens’ faces, “Herald!? Be nice.”

    “Oh, I don’t mind.” I had already forgotten my new last name. “I’ve been in seven different homes and have lived in homes ranging from lower class to upper class. You guys being the first upper class family.” The fish tasted way different than anything I’ve ever stuck in my mouth in my life. It tasted as if a professional made it. Of course, I’m living with Mr. and Mrs. Fancy and their children.

    “Don’t mind Mr. Eversole, he’ll ask anything and everything forwardly,” Rachel stated picking at her fish. The bites she took looked as though it were too small for a tiny mouse which made me feel like a pig taking normal sized bites.

    Ah! Eversole, I am now Audrey Eversole. Everyone eventually finished dinner and I tried to help with the dishes, but Rachel refused to let me. I think it’s nice that even though they’re rich, she still washes the dishes and cleans up around the house instead of hiring a maid. I respect that, but it made me wonder if they had something to hide. Back in my room, I sat on my bed writing in my journal Olivia had packed with my clothes. The scribbles consisted of random faces, doodles and everything that has happened the last few days.

    The night lingered on as I commenced writing a story because I didn’t really have anything else to do. 3AM blinked across my nifty looking projection clock that Herald must’ve invented himself, when I sat my journal down long enough to decipher a sound I had been hearing for a few minutes now. I placed my bare feet against the floor and tip-toed up to the door, hearing the sound a little bit clearer. Herald was hatefully whispering to someone whom was crying their tired eyes out.

    “Now, go back to bed before we wake anyone up,” he hissed probably in the person’s face.

    “Okay,” a voice murmured through tears. It was hard to recognize, but it was definitely Reese.

    Suddenly, I realized that footsteps were lingering towards my door, so I quickly tiptoed over to my bed and jumped in before tossing the covers and pillows everywhere. Before I knew it, I closed my eyes and heard the door crack open, “Could’ve swore I heard something come from her room.”

    I groggily groaned and rolled over, “Something wrong, Mr. Eversole?”

    His eyes switched from rage to his fake sweet self, “No, sweetie. I’m just doing my nightly run and you can call me Herald. I don’t expect you to call me father or Mr. Eversole.”

    “Alright, good night,” I rolled back over and frowned hoping he’d leave quickly. Merely seconds later, I heard the door shut then another door shut a few minutes later. I know I shouldn’t do what I’m about to do, but I want to check on Reese because she’s the only one in the house that I know I’ll be able to fully trust. Opening my door, I crept towards the room I had seen Reese wander into earlier and cracked the door open only to hear silent mumbling and sobbing. Her room was amazing; very artsy. Posters plastered in massive collages across the walls and frames with her photographs in them lined the wall near her closet door. I couldn’t tell what color her walls were as I gradually shut the door and made my way over to her bedside, “Reese, it’s me; Audrey.”

    She rolled over and gawked at me with her tear filled eyes and quickly whispered, “Audrey, what the fuck are you doing in here?!” The tears had disappeared and all I could see was worry in her eyes, “Audrey, please tell me he didn’t see you.”

    I noticed a stream of blood lingering out of her nose and ignored what she just said, “Reese, you’re bleeding.” Mindlessly, I used my sleeve to pad away the blood. “Tell me what I don’t know…”

    “Audrey,” she muttered.

    “I demand you,” I stated quietly, but sharply.

    Reese sat up and ushered me to sit down on the edge of the bed as she reached for a few tissues from her night stand. The expression she had on her face didn’t look too promising, but if I was going to live here, I needed to know. She stuffed some tissue in her nose and explained in a whisper, “I’ll make it short. Herald isn’t the best person to anyone except for people that buy inventions from him or kiss his ass. When I first got here, Marie was in the hospital and wouldn’t tell me what had happened to her until a month later. Herald had beat her for trying to run away and James watched and said nothing. He was too afraid that he would be beaten too. No one has proof.” Reese’s head lowered as she grabbed another tissue and patted it upon her eyes, “Rachel is too blind to see it.”

    What I had just heard angered me, “Has he ever done anything else to any of you?”

    “As in rape?” Reese’s eyes widened and I could have swore she grew pale. “I think Marie has had that happen to her, but it was way before I got here and he hasn’t touched me.” I felt her hands gently pushed at me, “You should get back to bed before he catches you gone. He checks.”

    “Did he hit you? What for?” I asked quickly standing up.

    “I was on my way to the bathroom,” she muttered holding another tissue to her nose. “Now, go.”

    I wasted no time getting back to my room after telling Reese good night. The family that I knew was too good to be true had become the family that I want to say goodbye to. A family that has it all, but a loving father and a mother that can’t read between the lines. Laying down, I stared at the wall and thought of how much I wished I could be in another home, or maybe be able to meet someone that I’m actually related to.
    “Hello, I’m calling regarding a little girl named Audrey that has been a part of this adoption facility since she was born,” he announced with the phone glued to his face. “She should be fifteen years old by now.” Sipping his now cold coffee, he half-smiled at his wife and child playing on the other side of the living room and listened to the woman on the other line, “I want as much information as you can give me.” He scribbled something down on a piece of paper and received nothing but a weak smile and an unsure look from his wife, “Thank you. You have a nice day, too.”
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    I loved the update! I hope that Gerard saves her soon!
    Poor Marie and Reese.
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    I hope Gee gets there soon to save her.
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    Hi there Shawna,

    I really like this so far. I feel so bad for Audrey just when she's thought she has it all, another slap in the face.

    I loved the end with the phone call. I really hope Gee can get her before anything really bad happens.

    Really great so far.

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