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    i kinda want to finish this
    a. because i getting bored
    b. i prefer frerards
    c. i am not feeling the umf from this story anymore
    d. it not really getting anywhere
    if anyone has objections then speak up and say to me because i will try and finish it with out cutting it short
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    I'll PM you (I haven't forgotten, just been busy!) :)
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    me and adrenaline will be working on the second part of chapter 11. should be!
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    i really don't want to carry on because i am getting bored of it :yawn: sorry static but i am just not getting the feel of it any more i am going to do another 3 chapters at least and then i am going to stick with frerards (slashes) i much prefer them and thank you kadoodle for helping me
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    hey guys i am slowly getting there but it might be a little while before i update best wishes adrenaline
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    I've PM'd you :)
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    thanx for all your help :)
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    dose this mean an update?? :D
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    not yet static just a little more time is need i have got kadoodle to beta it and she has i am going to add a bit to what i already have and then i will update maybe okay :) thanx for being patient
  10. I just read part it and it is pretty good.
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    sits and waits for the update. oh and the first part of the last chapter on 'theres nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for' is gonna be up today :)
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    sorry it is so late

    Chapter 11-part 2
    Lucy’s POV

    “Hi Gee, I was thinking and, well, we need to plan our wedding. I mean, it needs to get sorted because we are not going to get married otherwise.” I reminded him anxiously.

    “Ooooo sassy” Natalie sniggered, pulling a face.

    “Fuck off bitch” Gerard told Natalie, before giving her a very painful Chinese burn.

    “Ow you man wh**e you dick head! Right that’s it!” Natalie shouted before jumping on
    Gerard’s back knocking him down.

    Then Gerard turned around, and that is when things became ugly.

    “I am fed up of you always treating me like absolute shit! I let you do anything possible but not anymore I have had it, finished, I don’t care if I end up in the emergency room, I really don’t!!” Natalie shouted.

    “Fine then fuckin bring it on” Gee snapped back before things became bloody.


    “What, so you don’t care that I'm bleeding?” Gee asked angrily.

    “Gee we can clean you up but if you do anything else to Natalie then you will properly kill her, so for fucks sake stop it and call an ambulance for her before I strangle you” I informed him.

    “Okay okay…” Gee agreed in pain.

    After a little while of waiting the ambulance FINALLY arrived

    “Hello ermm… yeah she is in there and I will tell you what happened in a minute” I heard Gee say sheepishly to the paramedic who climbed out to ask where the patient was.

    “Well she will have to go to the emergency room for a check up because she is badly hurt. She will hopefully make a full recovery, but I need you to tell me what happened. ” he said sternly, after a quick examination of the unconscious Natalie.

    “Well, umm, what happened was me and her got into a fight and well…you catch my drift” Gee muttered unhappy, not looking up, as Natalie was loaded into the back of the ambulance.

    “I will stay and you can go with her I mean she is your baby sister and I will break the news to Mikey” Gee told me.

    “Okay then, they are here now okay then I might see you later then” I answered in shame.

    A few hours later
    Gerard’s POV

    “Hey Mikes, we need to chat” I told him.

    “Yeah sure, what’s up? Where’s Natalie and Lucy?” Mikey asked.

    “Well me and Natalie got into a fight, and well let’s just say she got really badly hurt. She had to get rushed into hospital, she almost died. We aren’t sure if she is okay or not, so I'll take you down to the emergency room.” I lied to Mikey, hoping I was convincing and not blushing.

    “Y… yeah… I… I just h… hop… pe she is ok… kay” Mikey started to say through the tears.
    At the emergency room


    “Lucy… Lucy how is she how is Natalie, Gee told me everything…”

    “Mikey, calm down she is fine just a bit battered up, and she only came in to get checked up, why were you so worried?” Lucy asked

    “Gee I hate you I hate you I fucking hate you, I never want to see you again get out of my fucking life forever!” Mikey informed whilst crying, before he ran off and out of the emergency room…

    “Miss Urie you are okay to go now you can go back to your normal life” the doctor informed

    “Where did Mikey go?” Natalie asked

    “Most properly that old place he stays at sometimes you know the place” Lucy informed

    “Well I am going down there because he is obviously upset or depressed text me in about 20 minutes if you know why he is upset or depressed

    On the way out of the hospital I had Lucy asking me questions

    “Gerard what happened why did Mikey have a go at you?” Lucy asked whilst sitting down by the trees

    “I may of told Mikey that we have no idea on how she is or going to be or if she will survive” I informed her

    “Why did you do that, you douche bag, I mean no I meant what I said”
    At the abandoned place

    Mikey’s POV

    “Mikey where are you?” Natalie asked, her voice shaking with worry.

    “Natalie, I am in the corner but I don’t want to hurt you.” I told
    her, without her even caring she walked up to me, turned my head to face her and then told me…

    “Don’t worry, I am okay and you are fine, just trust what you believe is right”

    “But Gerard told me…” I started to say before Natalie kissed me, after a little while Natalie and I started to talk a little more seriously.

    “Mikey please come back because it is shit without you…” Natalie started to say, before I cut her off.

    “Why? Cause you haven’t got anyone to fuck…?” I asked, with a cheesy grin.

    “Yes, well no, but you are more fun and besides me and Cherry need you and I wouldn’t find anyone else like you” Natalie told me, almost crying now.

    “Fine, I will come back. But I am most certainly not talking to Gerard!”

    As we got into the house, Lucy came running up to us.

    “I am so happy that you are okay and that you came back!" she shouted, throwing her arms around Natalie.

    “Does anyone care about me?” Mikey asked before getting a hug of Lucy just to make him happy

    “Yeah we are happy that you are okay to but I am happier to see my little sis” Lucy replied throwing her arms around Natalie again.

    In the next update it is going to be the wedding of Gee and Lucy
    I am sorry it isn't too long but here it is
    and also a BIG thank you to kadoodle for helping me
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    Great update and no problem! Pass on your next chapter/ideas when you're ready :)

    You'll need to change your chapter index though, as you've got this chapter as being on page 4 instead of page 6.
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    Yes okay and I will be passing on some more ideas soon i am fact I will pm you and i will change it
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    Chapter 12

    Gerard's POV

    “Hi Gee, I was thinking of places that we could have our wedding and I found this beautiful castle and I think that it would be perfect, what do you think we should do” Lucy asked.

    “Well to be honest that would be amazing, so I think this is a good idea” I answered.

    “Mikey what the hell is up with you? I mean you got back about 2am and then I find this in your pocket” Natalie asked worriedly, holding out a tiny plastic bag for us all to see.

    “What did you find? And I went to a friend’s house cause I was asked to go round” Mikey replied.

    “I fucking found cocaine in your pocket! Why did I find cocaine in your pocket?” Natalie asked starting to cry.

    “What’s going on me and Lucy were discussing wedding plans and then we hear shouting?” I asked.

    “Well I am glad that you are happy but my boyfriend obviously doesn't love me so he was trying to kill himself by having cocaine, I hope you are happy” is all Natalie said before running off.

    “Mikey what the fuck was that about?” I asked, rounding on him angrily.

    “I will apologize tomorrow and I was looking after it for a friend! It isn't mine, I swear!” Mikey explained.

    “Why tomorrow?” Lucy asked.

    “Because she will have a hangover and it will be easier and I love it when she cry’s because she gives me hugs and I make her better” Mikey answered.

    “Whatever. I am just going to go back and sort out the wedding. You had just better hope that Natalie hasn’t decided to fuck some other boy!” Lucy informed him angrily.

    At the club

    Natalie’s POV

    “Hi what’s your name?” James asked.

    “Hi my name is Natalie what about you?” I replied, flipping my hair.

    “My name's James, can I buy you a drink?” James said.

    “Sure go ahead” I replied, allowing him to steer me towards a private booth where we could talk.

    After a long night I eventually decided to go home and I knew that I had to forget about James.

    The next day

    “Hey sweetie I brought you a coffee and I am so sorry about the drugs. They weren’t even mine” Mikey told me, passing me a steaming mug as I sat up in bed.

    “Okay, thank you and I have a secret” I told Mikey. He walked up to me and I kissed his lips. After making out for 20 minutes Mikey went down to let me sleep to get rid of the hang over.
    sorry it so short but here is my little update and because of xmas coming up there might be a longer wait than usual sorry and thank you kadoodle for the help and hope you enjoy it
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    AN UPDATE!!! HAZAR *dose a strange little happy dance* i shall be waiting for the next update when it comes.
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    static ^^ because of xmas coming up it will be a little later than usual sorry but glad you liked it
  19. Static scream

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    I will wait till then, if you need any help with the next update tell me cuz i kinda owe u for helping me with my story :)
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