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Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by VickyWild, May 28, 2007.

  1. Katie!

    Katie! New Member

    I don't think so.
    Her music sucks, anyway. Her acting is probably worse.
  2. Niamh

    Niamh Active Member

    I've been obsessed with Doctor Who since I was about five, but once the series with Christopher and Billie came out my obsession has become even more worrying.

    I miss Rose!
  3. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    NO WAIT!
    What's this about Lily Allen?
    Noooo T___T
    I want Rose back >.<
  4. Katie!

    Katie! New Member

    Thank fucking God Lily Allen isn't the new companion.
    I can't wait for Doctor Who to come back in November. :)
  5. Niamh

    Niamh Active Member

    Miss.Vampire and Katie!, I completely agree with you about Lily Allen.
  6. Katie!

    Katie! New Member

    Haha thank you. :)
    I love your avatar btw. <3
  7. Niamh

    Niamh Active Member

    Thanks. I love yours. Anything with David Tennant pretty much wins. xD
  8. Katie!

    Katie! New Member

    I completely agree. xD
    I love David. :) I'm still so sad that he's leaving DW. I'm scared that Matt Smith is gonna be shit. ><
  9. Niamh

    Niamh Active Member

    I cried my eyes out. :( I don't think Matt will be too bad, but nobody can EVER replace David.
  10. Holly

    Holly Active Member


    New series.
    New Doctor.
    New Companion.
    New Tardis.
    New Theme Tune.

    I looove Matt Smith after last weeks one with the angels; the bit where he leaves Amy in the forest then comes back and tells her to trust him? Ohmy, I love it.
  11. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Only half paid attention to this week's one, but I'm worried that I'm going to be become a fan; I watch too much TV as it is.
  12. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    I love Doctor Who, you should become a fan Juliet, I think you'll get into it at its best. The previous ones were fantastic but this new Doctor has made it his own, the little things he does like that speech on how he is always expected to save the situation somehow, was brilliant, so innovative. I don't feel a David shaped hole like I thought I would.
  13. Aki

    Aki New Member

    Doctor Who!!!!

    Matt Smith = Pretty damn good!!!

    Personally, he's never going to beat David Tennant for me, 'cause he was the shizz.

    Anyone else terrified of the weeping Angles? *Yeah, 16 and still scared* But hell, they're freaky.
  14. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    ^You are right.
  15. Aki

    Aki New Member

    Oh, the joys to know i'm not alone!!! YAYAY!!

    Anyone listen to 30STM "Night Of The Hunter"?

    I thought the lyrics "What ever you do don't be afraid of the dark, cover your eyes, the devil's inside" was PERFECT for that episode!!!
  16. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    Just the idea of the angels creeps me out. Like the angel episodes, I love the ones that are real enough to happen, like the shadows. Oh my, it terrifies me.

    Tbh, I never knew the episodes like the Weeping Angels, the Shadows and the gasmasks were Steven Moffat's creation; I always just assumed that they were Russell T Davies'.
  17. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    The gas masks :|

    They freaked me out sooooo much.
  18. Bullets91

    Bullets91 New Member

    The episode just gone, well it was very good and did start to become the doctor who I loved but HE HAD A GUN, the doctor and I quote 'I don't trust people with guns' so here he is blasting a gun about. Made me quiet angry, also the solution came to easy, but after all doctor who is a kids show now. The old series used to be really aimed at kids to older teens but this is just aimed at kids now which is slightly dishearting.
    It is a major shame that Russel T Davies and Julie Garderner [probaly spelt that wrong] arn't part of the doctor who team, but the new writer is good, but there is just something about this seires that I can not connect to, perhaps its matt smith's uncanny personality to david tennat or perhaps everything seems to happen too quickly or perhaps I'm just too used the old series, I do not know but I hope it improves I feel that I feel out of love.

    Doctor who convention in newcastle on the 22nd-29th so if anyone is interested it cost a tenner [thats if you live in the UK]
  19. Na'wwww i loved David Tennant but I like Matt Smith too :D
  20. And omg the angels. Soooooo annoying!

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