Do You Listen To MCR When You Go To Sleep?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Bridgette, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. BlackWays

    BlackWays New Member

    It depends on my mood,but usually yeah,i do:)
  2. Raii x

    Raii x New Member

    I usually listen to demolition lovers, helena and disenchanted when i'm tired but I can't fall asleep to it.
  3. Headshot.

    Headshot. New Member

    I can fall asleep to SCARECROW, disenchanted, cancer, sleep, the ghost of you, we don't need another song about california, and romance.
  4. Sussak

    Sussak Guest

    Lately, yes. Demolition Lovers calms me down.
  5. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    I find that if I'm sad and I'm listening to them, they actually make me sleepy/help me fall to sleep. But if I'm happy, they usually just key me up and I struggle to fall asleep after that.

    So it's really on an "it all depends" basis, with me.
  6. Disenchanted all night long baby.
  7. CherieNoir

    CherieNoir Member

    Sometimes, but I prefer listening to MCR in the morning.
  8. Every night!!!!!!!!if i dont hear the phrase''you shouldn't have'' from mama i see nightmares all night long......oops....i think i'm addicted to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. screamingsilence

    screamingsilence New Member

    yeah, mama, sleep, cancer or demolition lovers :)
  10. I'mNotOkayIPromise

    I'mNotOkayIPromise New Member

    Usually:) I find that the black parade puts me to sleep pretty quick. ;P
  11. MyStarsShineDarkly

    MyStarsShineDarkly New Member

    I remeber a few days before the concert in Dublin I'd put their songs and shuffle and try to make sure I had each word memorised as I went to sleep. <3
    I love listening to their songs when I'm relaxed, since I can imagine them singing and playing and since my family sleep so easily, nobody interrupts me. :) I used to listen to Helena and Prison a lot.
  12. Black Fog

    Black Fog New Member

    I do that all the time.
    When I just feel in the mood to sleep with their music I just do witch is almost every night!
    I would be sleeping then wake up and my ipod would still be playing their songs haha.qX
  13. adomanim1

    adomanim1 New Member

    I wasn't a huge fan of Mama when I was first getting into MCR, but now I recognize it for the absolute masterpiece that song is.
  14. adomanim1

    adomanim1 New Member

    but now I recognize it for the absolute masterpiece that song is
  15. eleanorsoto

    eleanorsoto New Member

    Yes I do, actually. I usually fall asleep with my ipod on so, yeah, then it stays on all night an I wake up to MCR xD
  16. redlionsix

    redlionsix New Member

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