Do You Listen To MCR When You Go To Sleep?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Bridgette, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Black parader

    Black parader New Member

    I haven't put on MCR when I go to sleep, but I might start soon, I'm sure Ghost of you could make me fall asleep easy.

    I'm like you I can't go a day without listening to them.
  2. Just Gerard

    Just Gerard Guest

    I always have to listen to music before i go to bed and MCR is always the last band i listen to before i sleep :)
    I used to be obsessed enough to have to listen to Helena before i went to sleep.."so long and goodnight"
  3. SweetRevengexoxo

    SweetRevengexoxo New Member

    Yes I do, I put my iPod in my ear and go to sleep, usually i end up tangled in my earphones the next morning!
  4. mY cHeM rOx

    mY cHeM rOx Guest

    I feel asleep listening to revenge last night.
    I woke up and Fashion Statement was on.
  5. Just Gerard

    Just Gerard Guest

    Its so awesome falling asleep and then waking up an hour later and you have MCR blaring at you - its pretty epic haha.
  6. DearEnemy...

    DearEnemy... New Member

    OMG, me and my friend were having a sleepover and we left The Black Parade playing all night...
  7. New Member

    Haha i always listern to them when tryin to get to sleep :)
  8. DemolitionLover85

    DemolitionLover85 New Member

    I have them all on my Media Player on my computer which is right beside my bed and I listen to them all night. So they are the first and last thing I hear everyday. Sometimes it's hard for me to go back to sleep because I start singing to whatever song is on.
  9. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    I listen to them to MAKE me fall asleep! xD
    I've done that thing where you fall asleep listening to TBP and wake up in Sleep when Gee's screaming 'Wake up!!!'
    It's so weird... :/
  10. ihni

    ihni Active Member

    Oh my Gerard me too!! I always fall asleep listening to a CD on repeat and I love waking up to it as well. Sometimes I can hear a song in my sleep and it like, randomly plays in my dream..really weird.
  11. *mcr-mad-4-lyf*

    *mcr-mad-4-lyf* New Member

    i do it actually makes u go to sleep if u cant
  12. Lindsie.

    Lindsie. New Member

    Hey, my first post. My name's Lindsie. :)

    Do I listen to My Chemical Romance before I sleep?
    I honestly can't sleep with music playing in the background. It makes me .. un-sleepy.
  13. SweetRevengexoxo

    SweetRevengexoxo New Member

    I DO, just last night my ipod went no charge coz it was playing all, i love listening to Cemetary Drive when I sleep
  14. Lindsie.

    Lindsie. New Member

    I don't usually think of that song as a sleepy song, haha.

    But hey, if that's how you get to sleep then cool.

  15. SweetRevengexoxo

    SweetRevengexoxo New Member

    lol. haha i don't know but it gets me to sleep. and it's like in between two pretty hard core screaming songs so it calms me down.
  16. frerard777

    frerard777 Active Member

    I do, I let my i-pod play all the MCR songs and I got to sleep listening to it xDD
  17. Lindsie.

    Lindsie. New Member

    True, true.

    I would think something like Demolition Lovers would be suitable for bed-time, haha.
  18. I do
    Sometimes I'll pick out specific songs (Demolition Lovers, Desert Song, etc.) but if I don't, I just play Bullets. If I'm still awake then I'll play Revenge then TBP. I've started saying 'Bullets is my lullaby'...I'm a bit of a dramatic person.
    I like this thread. I thought I was the only one... guess not :clap:
  19. LovesMyChem

    LovesMyChem New Member

    I have to listen to Early Sunsets Over Monroeville every night before I fall asleep and the last line always makes me smile. If it's finished before I'm asleep I listen to It's not a Fashion Statement...
  20. Once I was listening to Early Sunsets at like 10 at night and when it finished I woke up and my hand was over my face...I was SSSOOO FUCKIN' FREAKED! I got over it though...I still love the song :)

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