Do You Listen To MCR When You Go To Sleep?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Bridgette, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Cubicles

    Cubicles New Member

    I could never fall asleep listening to a MCR song, or basically any song I know, cause I'd be focusing so much on mouthing the words or something. I've tried plenty of times. Nuhuh.

    But I have a goodnight list on my ipod, which I listen to before I fall asleep. It's got some MCR I guess.
  2. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    I listen to MCR songs before I go to sleep I'd listen to Disenchanted, then Cancer then Sleep I find the song Sleep actually gets me to sleep
  3. Alexx!

    Alexx! Guest

    Yes I do, actually. I usually fall asleep with my ipod on so, yeah, then it stays on all night an I wake up to MCR xD
  4. MCRinmyBLOOD

    MCRinmyBLOOD New Member

    i do to...but i usually sing them too.well i used parents took my ipod away at night now so i cant sing...*glares at parents* they are so uncool.
  5. Alice!

    Alice! ублюдок

    yes i do i love listening to demolition lovers cancer ect there good song to listen when your sleepy :p
  6. blood_tears

    blood_tears New Member

    I used to but now not as much...
  7. Evil_Good

    Evil_Good New Member

    Yeah I used to do that. especially during my depressing year of 8th grade. :-/
    I listened to: disenchanted, demolition lovers, to the end, kill your friends, and cancer...
    I just got tired of their old songs. ^^"
  8. GarryWay

    GarryWay New Member

    Sometimes I put on the string and piano arrangements when I can't sleep. They are very relaxing.
  9. LynZ

    LynZ New Member

    If I do, it's ushually Early Sunsets Over Monroeville, or Demolition Lovers.
  10. marieee

    marieee New Member

    I tried not to do it last night but it didn't work AT ALL.
    I developed this need D:
  11. Kara

    Kara New Member

    Yes. :)
    But I put it on repeat - So when I finally stop singing along, and get to sleep, it's still playing when I wake up.

    Call me obsessed but I can't go a day without listening to them.
  12. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    You and Me both everyday I'm always listening to an MCR song and dancing to it if I want to, it annoys my parents so much if I'm listening to MCR and start singing along
  13. xxRosexx

    xxRosexx Guest

    Like a lot of ye said Early Sunsets Over Monroeville and Sleep nearly always send me off to sleep,and the Ghost of You as well.

  14. Faces in the sand

    Faces in the sand New Member

    normally early sunsets over monroeville or the ghost of you.
  15. RedSam

    RedSam New Member

    yh i listen to them sometimes... Ill put on early sunset, jetset life, and demo lovers and i get waay sleepy. all of their songs make me sleepy actually :S

    never watch the im not okay vid whilst in bed, I cracked up laughing as usual and nearly died... AND my mum was like 'wtf are you doing?"
  16. XxHazxX

    XxHazxX New Member


    I listen to MCR when i go to sleep because it helps me think about good things as opposed to what i usually think about
  17. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    I don't see any point of doing that, honestly.
  18. prisonlyvenom

    prisonlyvenom New Member

    disenchanted... i tend to drift away from sleep when it comes to sleep songs cuz it does have some screaming in it (especially at the end) and i can't sleep to screaming music, any other times i luuuuurrrrrvvvvv it when they scream their songs.
  19. TaffyVAN!TY.

    TaffyVAN!TY. New Member

    I listen to My chemical romance when i sleep all the time. xD
    but i always end up dreaming of them..... lol not complaining or anything
  20. Sussak

    Sussak Guest

    Desert Song; it sends me to slumber.

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