Do You Listen To MCR When You Go To Sleep?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Bridgette, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Superstar

    Superstar New Member

    I fall asleep to them every night =)

    it's usually

    Cemetery drive, teenagers, the black parade or heaven help us

    for some reason i can't get to sleep with out
    Gerards voice now lol
  2. Le Defile Noir

    Le Defile Noir New Member

    I do. :) Sleep is my favorite song to wake up to oddly. Haha
  3. Im.Not.Okay

    Im.Not.Okay New Member

    I usually listen to the black parade or three cheers when I go to bed, and usually fall asleep to bullets. But all I want for christmas always seems to wake me up. :|
  4. blackxheart

    blackxheart Guest

    I always fall asleep to Cancer, Mama, Welcome to the Black Parade, or Helena. & I wake up to all the rest.

  5. Neky

    Neky New Member

    I always listen to them
    but only to I DonĀ“t Love You, Disenchanted, Mama, Helena and Famous Last Words
  6. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    I always listen to them!
    I think that's why I always dream about them...
  7. MCRGhostWolf

    MCRGhostWolf Member

    YES! almost all the times
    listening to mcr before sleeping assures that i'll dream something mcr related
  8. frankpAnSy

    frankpAnSy New Member

    MCR is the only band that helps me sleep at night and i cant fall asleep without them all of there songs do it for me it doesnt matter if they are slow or fast!
  9. Irite4uall

    Irite4uall New Member

    I've fallen asleep to a few My Chem songs...

    Usually it's "Jetset" or "Prison".

    Though now that I'm away from home without my Revenge CD, it's been "Famous Last Words".
  10. Annee.

    Annee. Guest

    I sleep listening to mcr nearly every nite!!
    I plug in the charger for my iPod, go to the playlists, touch on the go which has all their songs, turn on shuffle and repeat, plug in and sleep. the onlyy problem is that my earphones always fall out which is really annoying lol. the first time I did this I had a dream bout

  11. Rhia

    Rhia New Member

    I listen to them if they're in the playlist I'm listening to.
  12. mcr_kanisha_

    mcr_kanisha_ New Member

    sometimes when i sleep i listen to demolition lovers
    i don't know why but that's just me

  13. AllWeAre...

    AllWeAre... New Member

    Me Too. :clap:
  14. mcr_kanisha_

    mcr_kanisha_ New Member


    usaully it's bp or revenge and i put it on repeat, but demolition lovers gets me everytime
  15. Becky

    Becky Guest

    the annoying thing is, most of mydreams about mcr are nightmares.
    like them drowning
    and the night before my birthday i dreamt that i got gerards severed head in a box as a present
    i screamed so bad.
    but sometimes i dream nice things about them like going to school with Mikey =)

    xMCRxCHEESE New Member

    i listen to SLEEP believe it or not
  17. blacknemesis

    blacknemesis Guest

    only the slow ones
  18. SpazishPansy

    SpazishPansy New Member

    oh yeah! I play MCR while I sleep.
    -blush- I don't know why but something about Gerard's voice and all the instruments is just soothing to me in some why or another. I never go to sleep without having my time set on my stereo... or my mom flips that she hears them all night long XD lol
  19. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Hell yes! And it's weird, I used to only be able to play the slow songs to fall asleep, but you get more used to it and now I can fall asleep on pretty much any MCR song if I'm tired enough. XD I'm talented.
  20. BlackMariah_

    BlackMariah_ New Member

    yeah, i guess after really getting into my chem i just cant get enough of them, and yeah i do listen to the when i go to sleep sometimes, but last night my ipod was on shuffle and it seriously played 3 mcr songs in a row. WTTBP, demolition lovers and i dont love you. it was like major deja vu!
    it was pretty amazing, anyway yeah i love listening to my chem at night or in the mornings, it gives me motivation =]

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