Do You Listen To MCR When You Go To Sleep?

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Bridgette, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Bridgette

    Bridgette New Member

    i do but i i put the slow songs on like disenchanted and cancer.
  2. Miss-Murder

    Miss-Murder New Member

    You should try Demolition Lovers.

    It's a good sleepy song.

  3. mcrxsophfee

    mcrxsophfee Active Member

    Everynight cause I Never Ever Sleep, I love It.
    I listen to the whole record at night like one night its Bullets, one night Black Parade one night Revenge, and on my Ipod I have videos so I can watch them too :D
  4. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member


  5. mcrLOVEox

    mcrLOVEox New Member

    yes i do :)

    i just put them on and whatever songs come on i listen to them
    after a while my mp3 player just turns off and im asleep by then
  6. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    i put my MCR playlist on repeat, then its on when i wake up in the morning. :]

    i love it.
  7. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    In a word;

  8. rawrx1394

    rawrx1394 Guest

    i replay i'm not okay (i promise) over and over

  9. rockprincess

    rockprincess Active Member

    I don't know why but me and my cousin do that.
    I listen to what what ever song is on my ipod (mostly MCR)
  10. forever_now

    forever_now New Member

    sometimes. usually its sleep, disenchanted, or demolition lovers. although i only have sleep on my sleep playlist...
  11. Italianlove

    Italianlove Bob's best friend

    I listen to the whole Bullets album.
  12. TaintedxRose

    TaintedxRose New Member

    i listen to sleep.
  13. Alexxis

    Alexxis New Member

    That's what I used to do during the summertime.

    Now, I can't listen to them when I sleep for some reason. o_O
  14. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    I listen to their slower songs like disenchanted, romance, cancer, etc... sometimes, it's other bands too, but mostly them.
  15. ldedgnz

    ldedgnz New Member

    I cant listen to them because it actually wakes me up
    & if I do, I cant get to sleep. hah
  16. Jodie

    Jodie Guest

    I listen to a lot before I go to sleep but mostly slow songs like desert song and cancer and some other bands as well
  17. cinthia

    cinthia New Member

    of course! lol
    if is a whole cd, it depends , normally bullets or revenge,
    but i also burned a cd with my fave songs from revenge, bullets, LOTMS, y b-sides, slow n fast ones.....

    n i sleep so damn good, most of the times lol
  18. the_fantasy

    the_fantasy New Member

    Obviously. House of Wolves is my song everytime I go to sleep.
  19. Ethne

    Ethne New Member

    I always listen to something when I go to sleep, but usually I use MCR to wake me up in the morning.... it's gonna be hard sleeping today, I've had too much coffee and it's already 1:35 am, i'm still working on my homework, and haven't studied for tomorrow's exam. Yeah... I'll need some My chem to fall tonight...
  20. black_betty

    black_betty New Member

    I try not to listen to mcr or any music be4 bed, because i find it hard to get to sleep cuz i'm all worked up.

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