Do You Drink/Smoke??

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by sexy sara, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Nate

    Nate New Member

    As many people, as many opinions, I suppose.
  2. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    Yep. :)

  3. Stephanie

    Stephanie Active Member

    I smoke cloves[different type of cigarette] , Djarum/Zanzibar :D yum.
    I've smoked pot once, and I was drunk, so I don't remember at all.
    I drink whenever there's liquor/beer.

    Drugs..... :)
  4. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    I drink on occasion, and I do smoke, although I know I shouldn't. Nasty habit that I've got to kick. It was my new years resolution, but, uh...Addiction fucking sucks. I've never actually smoked pot, though. Guess I should have picked up that one instead of cigarettes ;)
  5. darkestnight

    darkestnight Coffee Girl

    Nerver smoked but I drank a bottle of beer once. I'm ashmatic so I really can't smoke.
  6. Artemis

    Artemis New Member

    I drink, like, three times a week? Considering my mates usually have a get together and I generally go out if I have the money.

    I smoke the odd time at college and when I go out, but I don't smoke every day. Maybe a few a week?

    I've done weed quite a few times, usually at parties with other friends. Tried mixing it with alcohol and ended up throwing up everywhere [not fun.] I'd still do weed, just not to that extent.

    I haven't done any harder drugs and I don't plan too. Although when I go to Holland I will be trying magic mushrooms, since there's cafe's that sell them legally so I find it's safer.
  7. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    I do drink and smoke sometimes..
  8. Hector

    Hector New Member

    Im not into lung cancer, or kidney disease.
  9. Becky

    Becky Guest

    i would never do either, EVER, but i've got a question... my friend smokes weed and she says that it isn't bad for you and that all of MCR do it.
    is she right?
  10. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member


  11. [betch_face]

    [betch_face] New Member

    i drink on occassion ... and i smoke pot ... yes its going to kill me one day but oh well ... im gonna die anyways ..

    and its not as bad for you as cigarettes .. it really isnt .. because its more natural than all the chemicals in cigarettes its "better for you".

    of course its still not okay to smoke but nobody should sit there and tell them not to ... if they want to kill themselves then let them ...

    and you cant patronize people for smoking cigarettes when the people that "saved your life" happen to smoke cigarettes ... so yah.

    and this is being said by someone who smokes pot on an almost daily basis ...

    hehe bad kimmy *slaps own hand* bad ...
  12. nikulasfear

    nikulasfear New Member

    I'm a casual drinker. Smoking however is one of my bad habits.

    I'm Jason by the way.
  13. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    Hello Jason.
    Are you related to Freddy?(don't reply to that xD)

    I had a joint today. It was like, really bad, and tasted like total ass.
    That's what I get for the bathroom vending! JeezuS! I'll stick with the school attick. Stuff up there owns.
  14. XOMBIE

    XOMBIE Guest

    i drink and i have done a few fags. but im not too keen anyways.
  15. Annette

    Annette Active Member

    I smoke cigarettes, weed and i drink.
  16. [betch_face]

    [betch_face] New Member

    GO WEED!!!1 :yes:
  17. Sabeline

    Sabeline New Member

    I drink, infrequently...I've tried smoking, but I hated it. Love the smell, hate the taste.
  18. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    i do smoke, but ciggaretts so nothing extreme.
    my motto ever since 9th grade(possibly earlier)
    "DON'T DO DRUGS GIVE HUGS!!!"-- i know that i didn't make it up, but I have always found it...amusing and true. i have never done drugs, and i dont do drugs and never will do drugs. my close friend always laughs when I bring it up.
    and i drink socially.
  19. Nephilim

    Nephilim Give me love.

    I drink, on occasions.

    And I dont smoke, yet love the smell.

  20. mcrmaria

    mcrmaria Active Member

    i dont smoke and i never wonna do this

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