Decimated Dreams

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by Shannon, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

    I would like to see what you would do with a sequel.... I don't know. Probably because I wouldn't be able to come up with a sequel.

    Did that even make sense?
  2. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    It did make sence m'love, no worries, it's a maybe for a sequel, thank my friends David and Jack and Kim if I do sequel as they kinda helped me for ideas, but at the moment I'm focusing hard on making A Thing About Contrition excellent, hopefully better and more mature than this. *raises eyeborqws* haha. Anywho, it's raining like mad today, and I've been diving in puddles and soaking my hair, it look the sex, it'll be black on Monday WOO-HOO, anywho, I'll get a life and shush now, btw Veronica, if I was grounded off the internet I'd die, your my hero for pulling through. *smile* lol Byeeee guys much love xx
  3. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    aaawwww.... noooo...
    They can't die?! :'(
    So sad..
  4. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

    How do you know you didn't dive into ME?
  5. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

    I SHALL! I was wondering why you weren't online....
  6. mcr_14

    mcr_14 New Member

    I loved your story
    the ending was really sad but good, now they're happy together:)
    Everyone is happy!
  7. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    Yaha thanks.

    Remember to check out my new story guys: A Thing About Contrition, I wouldn't mind a banner.... just saying. xD
  8. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    Okaiii... i made you one... One condition lol... check out my fanfic...It never rains but it pours... lol

    erm... hang on how do i add it to the reply?


    EDIT...Never mind lol
  9. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

    Oh my god!

    No reason for that little outburst there.
  10. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    Ooh shmexi thanks Hol, even tho I already read hehe.
  11. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    lol yay!

    it's not very good (banner & fan fic)

    x holly x
  12. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    It's amazing Holly! And how'd I save it?!
  13. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    lol i guess you figured it out xD


  14. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

    Haha, I already do! (I know that wasn't aimed at me, but I had to answer)
  15. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    yeah! woo

    lol sorry xHollyx
  16. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

  17. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

  18. cass23

    cass23 New Member

    I'm a little creeped out by the fact that she's 14! but i love the story...i just wish she was like 17? even 16 would seem better and less creepy
  19. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    I've just read this for the first time in five years. Parts of this make me cringe, but I think, considering I was only 13 at the time of writing, that it's pretty decent.

    I'm a little alarmed that I ever made my main character 14 years old. I was randy for Gerard back then, but it still feels a little disgusting to read that she'd had sex with him. I was very immature then, but I'm still glad I've read this now. My Chem are constantly on my mind at the moment. It was nice to read this and feel like it was 2007 all over again.

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