Decimated Dreams

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  1. Ditte

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    like.. finish, finish?!
    as in 'no more good story'?! :'[
    Ok then.. if that's how it has to be? :'(

  2. -Elsi-

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    *sobs* I knew it would come eventually..... just make it a good one, kay? Ooh, and can a certain puddle have a certain cameo? *pleads with pleading eyes*
  3. Shannon

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    I promise you can my darling girl, thanks to everyone for reading and putting up with my bad days, it's been great but I promise to write loads more, just not THIS. Em, anything else??? uH,,,I LOVE YOU. Lols, I'm getting deep again...
  4. Holly

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    I guess that makes it a little better *stops crying*
    I'm looking forward to reading some more of your stories

    oh... and i guess...i love ya too
    hehe too deep byeeeeeee!<3
  5. -Elsi-

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    Ooh! Hows about a frerard! I promise to read it, as long as it's as beautiful as this is/was! Oh, heck, I'll still read it even if it's not!
  6. Shannon

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    Chapter 60
    Well this is the beginning of the end, or is it the end of the beginning? How will life be? Will Frank and Gerard escape? Will Lindsey get back to NJ? Will Stacey find Linsdey? Will the twins be okay? Will Bob marry his dream girl? Will Jenna fit in okay with her "parents"? Well, it's all in the past now, a year back, those questions have all been answered, I'm not sure you guys are brave enough for the truth though, are you? Nah, I don't think you should know.

    Oh, what the heck!!
  7. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    We all know, Ray loved his girlfriend Krista mor ethan anything, and all they wanted is a child together, to no avail, but, they managed to adopt a most beautiful, cute and charming baby, Jenna...

    Ray's P.O.V:
    "Yes baby?"
    "Can we go for a picnic today?"
    "Sure thing sweety, that's a good idea! Why don't you go tell Mommy? And I'll go get us some food together!"
    "Only on one condisun Daddy.....we take muffins!"
    I chuckled, god, she's such a lovely girl, nearly three you know! Tomorrow. And she's at this stage where she wants a sibling, sorry Jen, no can do!! It would be nice though!! But lifes perfect at the moment, can't ask for more really!
    "What darling?!" I shouted up the stairs.
    I ran up the stairs, speedy gonsalese me! "Baby, baby, baby, baby! What's up?" The first hting I saw was Jenna stood at the door, back to me staring down at her poor Mother, not quite knowing what to do, I wrapped my hands around her sotmach picked her up, gave her a spin and put her down. "You go play dollies for a moment Jen, whilst I look after Mommy."
    "Oki daddy!" And she waddled off without a care in the world. From where I was standing I could only see my partner's skinny legs spread on the floor, shaking slightly. I crept forward timidly..
    I run over and stroke her hair back, rubbing her back with my free hand.
    "Baby what's up??" I said this after a few moments of letting her get her breath back.
    "I'm prenant!"
    "For sure?"
    "For sure."
    "Why didn't you tell me?"
    "Because I didn't know for sure, I took the test an hour ago.."
    "Oh..." She looked at me anxiously, I could tell from her eyes, she wanted so badly to smile, but she waited until confirmation she was allowed."
    "That's AMAZING!" I screamed, for Krista, for Jenna for the WORLD to hear, and only then did my baby smile, meanwhile, Jenna scurried in, fear furrowing her eyebrows!

    Bob's P.O.V:
    The sun shined brightly, so much so I needed to squint to see, I reached a hand into Ditte's shoulder nag to pull out my sunnies, I slided them up into place and grinned at her, whilst she grinned back.
    She looked stunning, she wore a simple white dress which clung to her every curve, she wore her beautiful brunette locks down, with a slight wave, and a single pink flower behind her ear, I kissed her lips passionately, before linking her and walking forward.

    "You may now kiss the bride."
    I leaned forward to peck her on the lips, next thing we know, it's a full on smooch, but it's worth it, we waited a whole year for this, and it's been worth the wait, much better than Vegas, I'm so glad I brought her out here, to the land of Oz down under! I'm SO funny, well, it's what she wanted isn't it? Greatest decision and best day of my life.

    Frank's P.O.V:
    "Wow, it's so scary up here!"
    "Scary? Hell no Stace! It's beautiful, you can see all of Paris!"
    "Ah, but you can't see the Eiffel Tower!"
    "You can if you stick your head out! Shall I demonstrate?"
    "NO! YOU FOOL!" She pulled me back, she must of really thought I would, she stared me in the eyes, I stared straight on back, and I kissed her deeply, well, I can tick kissing atop the Eiffel Tower off my to-do list!!

    Finally, we broke away from our stamy make-out session, it was fun though! And then I realised, just being here, with her, doing this, oh mygod, I love her..
    "I love you Stacey."
    "I-Ilove you!!!"
    "And I love you too!!!" She enveloped me in a hug, until I realised, I don't want this, this isn't what I want...
    "Marry me?"
    "Oh sorry," I got down on one knee, looked up and grinned, "Will you marry me?"
    "That means?"
    "That means hell yeh!!"
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    Mikey's P.O.V:
    I kiss your head Elsi and hold you close, your my baby daughter, and I love you so much, but we can't forget Gerard now can we? No we can't, I love your big brother just as much, he's getting a cuddle off your Mummy now, and he's smiling at her, just like your smiling at me, he's named after my big brother Gerard whom I admire so much, he's so talented, smart and strong, I'm really proud of him you know Els? He and your Uncle Frank were in prison for a while, this big mix-up you see? And he stuck it out for nine months, your Mommy, Uncles and Aunties and I, even your Grandparents fought as hard as they could, and we won, they got out three months ago, and it's brilliant, Frank lives right down the road but he's away on holiday at the moment with Aunt Stace, and Uncle Gerard? Well, to be honest my darling, I don't know where he is, you see, he came back from prison, stayed around for about a week, packed a suitcase and went away, to find Aunt Linds, you'll love Lindsey, I can't wait for you to meet her, when your a little older she can do your hair and play dolls with you because she's a big kid, Lindsey was a lovely girl, perfect for my big brother, and I just know they'll find eachother, oh baby, I droned on so much I put you to sleep, sorry! I love talking to you, and your brother Gerard, and when you wake your Mommy can feed you and I'll tell your brother Gee all my thoughts like I've told you, I love you baby!

    Gerard's P.O.V:
    I peeled back the wrapper to get to the sweet fudge inside, Lindsey always loved fudges! She loved Strabeery Cremes too, and dark chocolate, and we loved all these sweets together, oh there she is now!!
    Oh, she can't hear me.
    Is she deaf?
    "Linds?" My voice grows urgent, surely she's just teasing me, yep she is, she turns round grinning ear to ear, oh how she makes me laugh so much! There's so much commotion, traffic, stampedes of people, the world is rushing by, or is that me rushing? But I can't take my eyes off her, otherwise I'll lose her forever. I wish she'd stay still, she keeps speeding up and slowing down, darting left and right.
    A flash of lightning, and the people have gone, all the traffic is in a big heap of destruction and there's Lindsey, on the road, dead, this isn't a dream I know it isn't. And then I'm back to reality with another flash.

    I don't budge.
    "WHAT MAN!?"
    "Are you okay sir?"
    "Why wouldn't I be?"
    "You've been wandering up and down my street for hours, and you've been worrying my wife, in the past half hour you've collapsed to the floor many times and you repeatedly shout of someone going by the name of Lindsey, or you okay?"
    "Not really."
    "Are you lost?"
    "Yes I think so."
    "Would you like to come in my home for a bed?"
    "Won't I frighten your wife?"
    "No it'll be okay once your in, I'll just tell her your lost, basement okay?"
    "Yeh, I've lived most my life in one anyway."
    The man didn't know whether I was joking or not so he just continued to speak.
    "Where are you from sir?"
    "Your a long way from home."
    "Where am I?"
    "Missouri sir."
    I snapped back to reality, "I need to fnd Lindsey."
    "No sir you don't you need some rest, come on."
    I allowed him to drag me inside his huge home, I allowed his wife to shriek and tell her husband to get "it" out her home, I allowed their stupid dog to sniff my crotch, I allowed a little kid to ask if I was a hobo, I wallowed the man to take me down to a small cellar room with a bed, a few blankets and a bookcase, and when the man had left, I allowed myself to cry.

    I've noticed over the years that whenever I'm in a state, the one place I can truly gather my thoughts and make sence of things is in my dreams, so I might aswell rest and see what I can find out.

    My eyes were growing heavier by the second and it didn't take me long to reach slumberland..............
    I made several steps before stopping and yelling her name, taking in my surroundings, watching everyones faces incase I recognise her, I then take several more, before yelling again. Until I reach the end of the road, I turn the corner to find her, laid on the floor, once again, the streets are baron for pedestrians, all that I can see are car wrecks, and there is Lindsey i nthe middle of it all, her hair, face and clothes black with soot, red with blood, it's an awful sight. I run over and pick her up in my arms holding her close, her beautiful eyes have seen too much too young, it was never meant to be this way..
    "G-Gerard?" she whispers, so quietly I strain to hear.
    "Baby I'm hear."
    "Gerard, you have to let go.."
    "You need to let go of me."
    "Am i hurting you? I'm sorry baby, I just wanna hold you."
    "Baby, why are you being this way?"
    "Whst way would that be? Aren't you forgetting? You broke my heart first."
    "But I didn't mean to."
    "If you didn't mean to hurt me, why do it? I know you lived me Gerard and you know I loved you too, so why ruin things, you want me to hurt?"
    "Of course not I just-"
    "Well Gerard, whether you wanted it or not, you still hurt me."
    "But babe, you know it wasn't meant this way.."
    "Go away Gerard, let go."
    "No, I won't I love you."
    Her face was awash with tears, not her own, mine. I'd done all this to her, I deserved it back I suppose, it's only fair, but still, it doesn't feel good, I look around, there's the guys and their girls, there is my parents, there is my grand-parents, there is all my old friends, there are several fans, well-wishers, all these people, why are they hear? What do they mean?
    "Gerard, I'm dead, face it."
    "No your not, your hear in my arms, look, everyone can see you, just look."
    "No it's you that needs to look Gerard, YOU look."
    And I did, all of them, even the ones I didn't recognise were crying, but the one who was crying the most was me, I don't understand.
    "This may not make sence but I need to say it to you, I hate you Gerard Way, you ruined my life and destroyed me, and yet, I love you too, I just want you to know that, your a bastard, but I admire you for it."
    "Lindsey, I lvoe you too, but I could never hate you, I don't believe you hate me, we have both hurt each other SO much, but we'll pull through."
    "How Gerard I'm dead."
    "No your not."
    "I am, when you were in jail, my mother showed up, took me away, there was a crash, and I died Gerard, I died then ust like I'm dying now, in your arms."
    "I don't understand.."
    "You don't need to, move on Gerard, find another girl, I'm sure it won't be too hard."
    "B-b-but, isn't there anway I can be with you?"
    "Yeh, but only if you die to Gerard, then we can be together forever, but don't baby, you know it isn't right, you just need to wake up, get up, let go and move on, wake up Gerard, just wake up...."

    What the fuck? Oh my god, it's true, she's dead, it all makes sence, that's why I couldn't find her, fuck this, she's right, I can find another girl easy peasy, but I don't want to, I won't I REFUSE, all I want is her, I know what I have to do.

    The end?
    "We have some terrible news, famous and well-loved frontman from My Chemical Romance has committed suicide, it was known he'd lost his love and couldn't cope, all we know now is that he jumped off the Missouri viaduct, we don't know why he was in Missouri or what his final thoughts were, all we know is that he will be very well missed, that is all."

    Lindsey smiled and Gerard smiled back, "I missed you".."And I missed you too Linds".
    "I knew you'd make the right decision."
    "Of course, it's all for you."
    And with that, they held hands and walked off into the early sunset, without a care in the world, except their love for one another.
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    Sorry I posted it in chunks, it was too long,,,thanks for reading COMMENT, and read A Thing About Contrition that's my new story love you all.
  10. Cheryl

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    i'm really sad its ended but i think it was a good ending.
    still can't believe they both died though
  11. fullmetalnin

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    awwww that is sooooooooooo cute ^^
  12. -Elsi-

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    GAAAH! They're dead! And I'm but a child!
  13. Shannon

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    I know, you should be happy I should have made you the puddle of wee..I may make a sequel, but don't keep bugging me 'cause I'm not totally sure yet...more comments?
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    Oh, wow. That was totally unexpected. A great ending, sad none the less. I gets proposed to in Paris!!! OMFG!! Poor Gee. Viaduct, it's a long way down. Poor Mikey, how does he find out? But yay for Ray and Bob!!!!

    Again, Brava on the great ending. I guess now I'lll have to obsess on A Thing About Contrition.
  15. Silent death

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    You had to end it know when i just started reading still a sequel sounds good :)
  16. -Elsi-

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    Yes, I AM glad I'm not a puddle, you ended it beautifully Shan, no denying that. *wanders off to read A Thing About Contrition*
  17. Shannon

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    Thanks guys.

    Please don't lose interest in me as an author all together!!!! Thanks.
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    Nooooo!! I can't believe it's over!! I really loved this story!! And the ending was great. Yet very sad! I can't believe they both died. o_0
    Awesome job my love!!! <3 And I really like ur new fic too! Can't wait to read more of that!!
  19. tearsofblood

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    Yay! lol, u better!!!
    oh, I love Attack. it's awesome ^^
  20. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    great ending. even though its very sad.

    and i was grounded from the computer. thats why i disapeared off the face of the internet. :]

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