Decimated Dreams

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    Yeh guys I finally updated and by the time I did you all lost interest and ran away. Oh woe is me!
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    I'm still thinking of you babe, promise! Mother? Dun Dun Dun! Shannon, get them out of there soon!?!!
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    Woo mee.
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    I guess, woo you. I want my baby back, baby back, ribs!!! Frank!!
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    gaspeh! Mother? Ooh, you are a scheming one, twin! Haha.
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    awsome update!!cn't wait for the next one!
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    ahh i feel bad for frankie and gee. and her mom is there? this should be interesting...
    great update btw
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    Chapter 56
    Stacey's P.O.V: (good ain't I?!)
    Plain black trousers, black converse, white shirt, too formal? Or too informal? Oh fuck it, it'll have to do. I brush my hair, looking through the mirror, and apply some eye-liner. I don't look too bad. Not at all. Keys? Check. Cell? Check. Bus money? Check. Twizzlers? CHECK. All set.

    I sit down, toward the front of the bus, I daren't go near the back, kids are getting way too scary. I may have the body of a twenty-two year old, but deep down I'm an old frail lady, okay, I've gotta get a life now. I glance out of the window, watching the world pass me by. Trees, houses, bus-stops, shops, the doctors, a hairdresser's or two, nothing exciting, just plain old Jersey, it may be plain, but it certainly beats Britain. There's a buzz around here, and the accents, especially Frank's are just WAY too cute! Staring at my reflection through the window, I notice I've gone very gaunt and pale, I feel like I'm gunna spew my guts out, not that I'm scared, maybe it's just the fumes from this old thing. I can't be scared, can I? It is big for me, a prison. I'd only ever seen a prison on TV, and they didn't look too good then, nevermind in reality. No way.

    This is my stop, I pressed the red button in, to hear a shrill buzz. The bus slows, then stops.
    "Your welcome!"
    I jump off and look left then right, I'm completely lost, and this isn't the type of place I fancy getting lost in. No offence to Jersey, it's just this area imparticular, so far, just stepping off the bus, I can see three beggars, and what looks like a drug-dealer on the corner, big long jacket on, with shifty eyes, yup, he sure is. I finally find my barings and take off to the left.

    I've been walking for a matter of moments, when I get that feeling, you know the one, where your alone, walking along, and you sence someone behind you. I have it now, and it's not just a feeling, I can hear him, the creep just made a creepy noise, although he was having an orgasm, propably gotta vibrator us his arse, the pervert. I quicken my pace, but I daren't look back, too afraid at what I'll see.

    I finally come out of the cut and the prison is in view, I just need to cross the road...
    "ARGH!" I shriek. And turn, to see...Holly freaking Longstaff. Nice girl. Very pretty. Good company. Funny. But oh god, she's tiresome!! As soon as I moved in, she was at the door. It went a little something like this...

    "Hello there!"
    "Um, hey."
    "Your new."
    "I know...."
    "I'm Holly!" she thrusted her hand in my face, so I had no choice but to shake, which I did, afterwards immediately crossing my arms so I wouldn't have to touch her again..
    "You sed uh before your name, as if you were thinking hard."
    "I don't think so, I'm just kinda taken aback by your...what's the word..."

    And then it begun, our "friendship", she walked straight in, without my having asked, and picked up a box.
    "Want help?"
    "This one says kitchen, alrighty!" And with that she rushed off into the kitchen, pretty weird if you ask me, I don't know her surname, age, or where she came from, all I know if that she's called Holly and is very helpful. Unless, unless she's planning to axe my head off??? Somehow i don't think so..

    "So where you going then?"
    "Is it really anything to do with you?"
    "Yeh, 'cause I wanna come."
    "Not where I'm going you don't."
    "What the fuck? Why?"
    "Once again, is it any of your business?"
    "Whatever is my friends business is mine."
    "Holly, how old am I?"
    "Where am I from?"
    "What's my fave band?"
    "Exactly. You dunno, so why are you hear?"
    "Because I have nowhere else to go." She put her head down embarressed, and at that moment my heart went out to her, bless, I guess I'd better be nicer.
    "Oh, sorry Hol, come on, you can walk with me, but you can't exactly come in with me."
    " friends...I guess we have to get to know eachother huh?"
    "Fave band?"
    "Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance. Yours?"
    "Oh, My Chemical Romance of course my dear!" I don't think I want to tell her that I'm actually going to visit wanna 'em now. I'll wait and see if I feel like developing a trusting friendship firstly!
    "I'm 13, you?"
    "Yeh, why?"
    "You don't look it that's all.."
    "Thanks? Haha, so, 'um, yeh, wanna talk about anything?"
    "Nah, I'm going to go now.."
    "I need to go, that's all, 'um see you around maybe."
    "Yeh, bye."

    That was weird, what was she doing coming right out here, ages away from home, stalking me and then going after a couple questions? Something is not on here, and I wanna know what. But I have no time to think at the moment, I'm here....

    I had to wait twenty minutes for some bazarre reason! But that doesn't matter, I'm here now, I'm sat in a stone cold plastic chair, with a plastic screen in front of me, and a black telephone to my right. Frank comes out, slowly, hand to his face...why? I stand up, but then remember I can't hug him and sit back down immediately smiling, only then does he remove his hand, to smile back weakly, revealing a bruised black eye, oh, poor, poor Frank.

    "Hi, thanks for coming Stacey, it means a lot."
    "No problem. I brought you some Twizzlers, dunno if they'll give you them though, but oh well."
    "Thanks. So, how you keeping?"
    "Fine, but I don't matter, you do. How's it going?"
    "Dreadful if I'm honest, I'm just really down and out. I want out, now."
    Nothing I could say to that. So I ventured into another subject. By pointing at his eye.
    "Oh, outside, I was, er, on the dumbells, and didn't realise how weak I em....on my eye."
    "That's believeable."
    "It's true! Why would I lie?"
    "I don't know Frank, I really don't.....Gerard okay?"
    "Yeh..we aren't talking much, but we'll be fine soon enough."
    "Atleast you've got each other, not every falsely accused convict has that."
    "I suppose."

    And on it went pointless conversation really. But I couldn't get his black eye out of my head, there's no way he did that with a dumbell, I dare to think if someone has been giving hm or Gerard grief. The poor, poor souls. After twenty mintutes, I was told to get ready to go by a guard. I did as asked.
    "Oh god Frank, I know we don't know each other too well but I'm gunna miss you."
    "Yeesh Stace, I'm not dying."
    "I know, but still." I sniffed, looking away.
    "You don't know how important this visit has been to me, it's really great that you care."
    "No problem. I'll wait for you you know Frank, because, I care for you already, this may sound stupid, but I think wr kinda have a spark.."
    "I think that too! Don't worry, I'll do whatever it takes to get out even a day sooner, I promise."
    Hm..that won't work Frank, but I couldn't say that, I didn't wanna take away what little hope he has left, he's already lost so much.
    "Well, goodbye Frankie."
    ".....Bye.....See you later."

    As he was pulled away, rather violently I may add, I saw a tear run down his cheek, that's it, I'll do ANYTHING, whatever it takes, I will stop at nothing to get those guys out of there and prove their innocence, now all I need is a contact number, for Lindsey Mackenna.
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    YAY! Some-ones trying to get them out...but what happend to Frankie?!
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    awww! Only Frankie could make the 'dumbell on the eye' story half-believable!
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    Oh wowz, I'm FINALLY gonna meet Lindsay. What happened to my baby? Tell me! Please? And Holly, she was well, weird. Lmao, awesome!
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    OMGee OMGee !!!! WOAHHHHH wish it worked like that (Uhemmmm) Except the whole gee and frank in jail thing...God.. Your the best ever <3:clap: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
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    Chapter 57
    Frank's P.O.V:
    I didn't tell her. I couldn't. Oh come on, as if the truth would go down nicely. She'd be worrying if I told her. It went a little something like this..

    Yeh, it was the truth a little, I was using the dumbells, three or four, and then I'd strained to hard and hurt my hand, like the wimp that I am. So, I simply put them down to the side, I didn’t exactly except to have someone watching me, but believe it or not, I’m quite popular in here, for getting unwanted attention. Well, being an emo/punk whatever these guys call me, I get creepy looks, people expecting me to slit my wrists at any moment. I’m not like that though, they don’t have the foggiest idea about my life so they can all piss off!

    I was just minding my own business, putting them away, nursing my hand, not too bad, certainly not broken, just a little bruised that's all. And you know when you get that feeling, the feeling that your being watched? Well, I got that. It's like a sixth sence to me, I don't even have to look, I just know...

    "Newbie." I knew it was directed at me, but I ignored it, pretending I thought they meant someone else.
    "NEWBIE!" I had a push in the back, knocking me forward, as I didn't know it was coming, I flew through the air, onto the ground, sciffing, my flattering orange jumpsuit, and further hurting my hand. I didn't retaliate, I couldn't, I wanted no trouble, just to get outta here. So I simply wiped my hands off on my thighs, stood up, and walked away.
    "I'm talking to you, don't ignore me, it's rude."
    I still ignored him.
    "Cheer up emo kid, getta smile on yer face!"
    "FUCK OFF!" I yelled, I'm getting annoyed now, I shouldn't let them get to me, but like an idiot, I did, I'm WAY over-sensitive. I storm off, probably looking like a big baby, but like I care!
    "I don't like being spoken to in that manner, newbie!"
    "Oy, who'd you think your ignoring?"
    "I wouldn't treat people in that way if I was you."
    GREAT! THREE OF 'EM NOW. I continue to storm off, and when they try to pull me back, I shrug my shoulder and push further through.
    "Right lads, I guess we'd better give this lad 'ere an attitude adjustment."

    And that, is the beginning of my torture.

    "Newbie, listen 'ere, you wanna survive in here? You gotta start paying attention! Now look me in the eye and apologise."
    "W-h-h-at for?"
    "Don't play dumb dumbass!"
    That made me giggle, big mistake, fair enough push me or swear at me, I'd laughed at him, but I really didn't expect what happened next. He turned away, as if too walk off, I didn't even have time to breathe before he turned again, faster than lightning, smacking me in the eye with his fist, he could have atleast hit my jaw, now my eye stings and it made me cry. Which didn't make my already soiled reputation any better!

    "Oh, wah wah the little baby, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Wanna 'nuva bat bayyyyyyyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"
    I sniffed and shook my head, this is so embarressing. The three bullies had now multiplied to six, all of them uglier than the next, and weirder than the one before. I seriously thought they were gunna let me have it, and I would have let them to, if it wasn't for my hero.

    "Hey, leave him alone!" Gerard.
    "Oh yay! Another little gay freak to pulverise."
    "I may be a "gay little freak" but I can stick up for myself."
    "Best it punk."
    "No I won't leave him alone you bastards."
    "Gerard, don't." I whispered, but it was too late, he's on a rampage now, once something annoys him, he'll keep at it. I just hope he doesn't go too far, I don't want him getting hurt..
    "Oh, how sweet, your sticking up for your little ****** of a boyfriend? I can tell who wears the pants in this relationship!" They all laughed at the obviously HILARIOUS joke. We didn't. I just looked at my feet, Gerard was probably pulling a face, I didn't look up to check. Next time I did look up however, Gerard had somehow miraculously smacked three of 'em and got the other three to....skidaddle, yeh, that'll do. SKIDADDLE. My hero. What would I do without him?!

    But I wasn't going to say that out loud so I just smiled at him, the cute way I do when flirting, just raising the right side of my mouth and also raising an eyebrow. I dunno why I used my flirty smile there, just felt like it I guess!!

    Now back to the cell, for more stony cold silences.
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    Woooo! Gee to the rescue! But 6 vs about unfair...poor frwankie *hugs laptop because I can't hug Frankie*
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    *gasp* hey, frerard? Hrmm...
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    Haha lol, what a lucky laptop *does the flirtatious frank smile*

    And I am not telling you my lickle Elsi, you shall have to wait, but don't get your hopes up.
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    Unicorns much? hmmmm? I really need to sort out this persuasive voice of mine.
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    My poor ickle baby. Remind me to squeeze Gerard to death when we happen to get them out. -Cries- My poor baby he's all battered, like a fish! Update soon.
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    Dun dun dun! ICT tards! Atleast I find out what happens, right?
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    Sorry, study centre shut, and you might do....

    Btw, I got verbal abuse by calling the stupid chav a retard. He should die.

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