Crash The Cemetery Gates [Collision of Our Kiss Sequel]

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    .. that's .. whoa.. wow.. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING THERE?
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    Yo I Missed Loadsa Updates!!
    Wtf Is Ellen Doing There??????????
  3. Nephilim

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    *Lots of

    Keep text talk out, please.


    I think Ellen is coming over to try and get in Gerards pants.
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    that bitch
  5. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    Great update, and I agree with Ayesha.

    Ellen's trying to get in Gee's pants.
  6. Nephilim

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    I wish I could get in Gee's pants.

    I mean, I have Frank.

    -shuts up-

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    go away ellen!:glare:
    updates when you can
  8. brokenANGEL

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    [AMY'S POV]
    I stood there, stunned.
    Why was she there?
    I didn't understand.
    How did she know where Gerard was?
    I walked over to Gerard and pulled him up.
    He wiped his pants off and looked down at the ground.

    "Listen, Ellen I -" He began.
    "Gerard, I am so sorry for what I said to you on the phone that day. It's just that everything had been getting to me, and I just took it all out on you" Ellen said, tears forming in her eyes.
    "It's okay" He said softly, taking my hand and pulling me close.
    Ellen looked in the direction of the tour bus.
    "There's someone else I need to see."
    She walked away, leaving me to collect my thoughts.

    Gerard kissed me softly on the lips, pushing my fringe out of my face.
    I loved him so much.
    Why was I feeling so paranoid?
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    your such a good writer
    keep up the good work
    updates whn you can
  10. Claire.

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    great update love

    ellen is up to something...hmm....

    you write wonderfully!!

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    I don't like Ellen, she seems... humm... off?

    XD god I suck at words :)

    More when you're ready.
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    =] <33
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    Wonderful update. I wonder who else she needed to see? Cant wait for more!
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    Ugh who else is she trying to get with?

    Lovely update m'dear.

  15. Dumbledore

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    ^^ Haha.
    That made me laugh.:)

    Great update, as usual, Amy dear.
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    ^^Haha it made me laugh as well!
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    EEEEEEP!!! why do i keep missing soooo many updates!!! grrr. anyways i love them!!!
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    [AMYS POV]
    Gerard smiled at me and stroked my cheek.
    "What's wrong?" He asked.
    "I just feel like something's not quite right" I replied.
    He pulled me closer to him, kissing me passionately.
    "Everything's okay while we're together" He whispered.

    I moved on top of him, our hips grinding together in pure bliss.
    He moaned, and I smiled playfully.
    He took his shirt off and I followed suit, until we remained in only our underwear.
    I inched my hands to the hem of his boxers, seeing that he was quite excited.
    He pulled them off, as I pulled of my underwear.
    I lowered myself onto him, feeling him slide inside me slowly.
    I moaned as he moved inside me, letting out all the paranoia and just focusing on the ecstacy I was experiencing.
    "Harder" I whispered.
    He obliged and moved harder and faster, making us both moan.
    I could feel myself getting close.
    "Gerard..." I moaned as I climaxed, and felt him release inside me.
    We lay there panting, holding hands.
    I wished that I could stay there forever.
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    So do I?


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