Crash The Cemetery Gates [Collision of Our Kiss Sequel]

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    Crash The Cemetery Gates [Collision Of Our Kiss Sequel]

    Rating: 16+

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, in any way, shape or form. This story is pure fiction.

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    “And our final question for you Gerard, what exactly is Cemetery Drive about?” The interviewer asked.
    “It’s about a girl I was in love with, who committed suicide” I replied sadly.
    It had been almost a year since Amy’s death, and I still couldn’t get it out of my mind.
    “I don’t really want to go much further into it.” The interviewer nodded and motioned for the cameraman to stop recording. “Thanks Gerard” he said, shaking my hand before leaving.
    I felt someone’s arm around my shoulder and I turned to see it was Frank.
    “I know its still hard to talk about her” He said.
    “I just still can’t believe she’s gone. It’s been a year but I just can’t” I said, tears forming in my eyes. I missed her so much.
    And the worst part was, it was all my fault.
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    We walked back to the tour bus. I sat on my bunk, looking at the one photo I had of her.
    Her school photo. Her hair was blonde and curly, and she had a grin on her face like she knew something that I didn’t.
    “Why did you leave me?” I asked, tears forming in my eyes.
    “I know what happened, but I always loved you.” “I will always love you.” I placed the photograph down and cried into my hands. I remembered seeing her lying in the stretcher with blood flowing from her wrists. She looked so beautiful, even in death.
    I shook the image from my mind.

    I heard footsteps as someone came in. It was Mikey. “Gee, are you okay?” He asked, sitting down next to me. I tried to hide the photograph but it was too late, he saw it and picked it up.
    “It’s almost been a year, hasn’t it?” He asked quietly.
    He knew how much Amy had meant to me.
    ”Yes, one year on Tuesday” I replied. “Isn’t that our New Jersey show?” He asked.
    ”Yes it is” I replied.
    He gave me a hug. “She’s looking down on you Gee” He said. “She loves you.” He stood up and walked out. I walked into the bathroom, grabbing my razorblade. If I did this, maybe I could finally be with her.
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    I awoke in a white room. There were blurry figures standing over me.
    “Gee? Gee?” I heard a voice say. “Shut up” I replied.
    “Hey guys, he’s awake!” I realized the voice was Frank.
    I blinked to clear the crap from my eyes, and saw Frank standing over me.
    “Gee!” He said happily, giving me a hug.
    “What happened?” I asked. “You tried to commit suicide” He said, looking down. “If Mikey hadn’t found you on the bathroom floor when he did, you would’ve died.”
    “Did you maybe think that was what I wanted?” I snapped. A tear rolled down Frank’s cheek.
    “I’m sorry Frankie, it’s just that at the moment, I can’t stop thinking about her” I said, taking his hand. “I thought if I did this, I could be with her.”

    A day later, after lots of harassment from our manager, the hospital finally let me leave. The next day was our New Jersey show, and the anniversary of Amy’s death. I wasn’t sure I was going to be okay with performing that day. We arrived at the venue and got set up. As I walked into the dressing room I heard a “GERARD!!” Clara, my wife, came running towards me.
    I had married about 3 months ago, trying to force myself to move on.
    “Sweetie what happened?” She asked, pulling me into a hug.
    “Nothing, why?” I asked.
    “The guys said you were at the hospital?” She said questioningly.
    “I had tonsillitis or something” I replied quickly. “Listen sweetie, I’ll talk to you later, I have to go on now.” I kissed her cheek and walked backstage.
    Before I went on stage I looked at the photo of Amy. “I love you” I said, kissing it. I put the photo in my pocket.
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    “Way down, way down, way down” I sang, tears forming in my eyes.
    The drums finished, and the tears were falling freely.
    “I want to dedicate this song to Amy” I said. “She died a year ago today, and I loved her.”
    “I want you to know Amy, that if you’re up there, watching over me, I will always love you.”
    The crowd went “awwww” and started to clap. I looked to the side of stage. Clara was pissed off, but I didn’t care.

    I walked backstage after the song had finished to change my outfit. I felt a hand grab me and pull me into the corner. “How dare you!” Clara yelled at me.
    “Don’t you love me?” she asked. “Of course I do, but I can’t help it that today is the anniversary of Amy’s death and I want to dedicate a song I actually wrote for her, to her!” I yelled back, getting changed quickly. “I need to go” I said, walking back towards the stage.
    “I love you” She said.
    “Whatever” I replied.

    After the concert I walked to where the fans were waiting for us to sign autographs.
    I smiled at each fan, trying to be genuine but it was hard when all I could think about was her.
    Something caught my eye over near the tour bus
    I looked over, and saw a young looking girl, with long black wavy hair, her fringe over her eyes. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her.
    She was so beautiful.
    As soon as she saw me staring at her she started to run until I couldn’t see her anymore.
    I wondered who she was.
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    We had shows in America the whole week, and I still couldn’t get the mystery girl out of my head.
    She was familiar, so familiar. I had to know where she was from.
    Except I doubted that I would ever see her again.

    Our last show in America was in New York. Before the concert we had to do a photo shoot and sign some autographs.
    All through the signing, I had the feeling I was being watched.
    I continued signing, trying to shake the paranoia from my mind.

    Before the show I went into the tour bus to get dressed in my stage outfit.
    I was just in the bathroom putting eyeliner on when Clara came in, locking the door behind her.
    “Shh” she said, putting a finger to my lips.
    She pulled me closer to her and kissed me lustfully on the lips.
    I pushed her away.
    “What the fuck is the matter with you?” She yelled.
    “I have to go on stage in 5 minutes is what’s wrong!” I replied.
    “So? We can have some fun before then” She said with a smirk, moving her hand to my belt buckle. I gave in, as I always did, taking my clothes off and then hers, us moving inside each other. When we did this, I felt like we were just having sex. We never made love.
    Once we both climaxed, I realized I had 1 minute left to get onstage. I threw my clothes back on and walked out, not even saying goodbye.
    I was about to walk out the door when I noticed a pink post it note stuck on the kitchen bench. I reached over and grabbed it, reading it as I walked to the stage.

    You thought you could say goodbye.
    Do I love you?
    Fucking forever, beautiful.

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