Come on Angel, Don't You Cry

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  1. ClassicxDisaster

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    Chapter 43.

    I sat backstage, five minutes before we were to take the stage.
    "Hey, you okay?" Frank asked, sitting down beside me on the couch.
    "Yeah," I smiled, "I'm fine, just nervous."
    "I know," he said, his gaze falling to the floor, "It's been so long since we've played."
    I just nodded as they called us to go on. 3,000 of our fans screaming their lungs out, chanting our name, were about to see our first show in almost a year.
    This could turn out great, or turn out to be the worst show of my life.

    I watched from side stage as Frank, Mikey, Ray, and Bob took their places.
    The crowd grew louder, pushing each other forward, trying to get noticed.
    My heart pounded in my chest as the band started playing The End.
    I still wasnt on stage; I was frozen in my place.
    The band kept playing, hoping I would snap out of it and take my place, center stage, in front of 3,000 people.
    Frank glared at me from across the stage, they were halfway through the song and I still hadn't moved. I gave him a helpless look and he seemed to understand. He put his guitar down and came running towards me, the rest of the band stopped playing.

    "Gerard, come on man, we're not an instrumental band, we need you," he said, holding me by the shoulders and looking me in the eyes.
    "I...I can't do it," I said quickly, looking to my feet.
    Frank lifted my chin up so he could look in my eyes, "The Gerard I know never said that. The Gerard I know at least tried. This isn't the Gerard I know, bring him back, please," he said, hugging me quickly as he ran back onstage.
    He picked up his guitar, nodded at me, and started playing.

    I took a deep breath, gripped the microphone tightly in my hand, and walked on stage. "Now come one come all to this tragic affair," I sang as the crowd pushed forward at the sight of me. I stood in the middle of the stage, spotlight on me, and scanned the crowd, taking in each face.

    I started to get comfortable as we started into the next song; I walked from one end of the stage to the other, smiling at my fans. I never realized how much I missed them.
    Frank walked up behind me and I put my arm around him, pulling him closer to me.
    I held the microphone out to the crowd, gesturing to them to sing louder.

    "I knew you could do it," Frank said.
    "Thank you," I said, I pulled him in tighter and hugged him.

    "This is a beautiful crowd, you all have wonderful voices," I said, waiting for the crowd to quite down. "Now I have a question for all of you, do you like to dance?" the crowd roared in response, "Would you like to go dancing?" they were louder now. "Well, I better see every single one of you dancing to this song!" I screamed as we started playing Headfirst for Halos.

    I jumped down in between the stage and the crowd and stood on the metal railing seperating me from the crowd. The pulled me forward as I reached out to them, "Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts!" I screamed as I jumped off of the railing and climbed back onstage.

    The rest of the night flew by without warning; we were playing our final song after what seemed like a few minutes.
    "Thank you for having us Camden! We love you, thank you," I said as I, followed by the band, ran offstage.
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    Awesome update! I'm so glad he could do it. Now I'm just worried about poor Schuyler.
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    :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD awwww, yay for the update ^-^
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    aww he did it! :D
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    amazing update. i knew gee could do it
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    That's my Gerard. x)
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    *unzips lips for a second* awww. that was so cute.

    Im so proud of Gerard. :] <3

    *zips lips again*

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    yay gerard! I knew you could do it!
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    Soooo...update soon? x)
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    Yaaaaaay! :d
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    HE DID IT!
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    Yeah yeah yeah...xD
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    YEAH. xD
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    FINE! xD
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    K sorry. :X
  16. ClassicxDisaster

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    Chapter 44.

    "That was an amazing show guys!" I said, hugging everyone when we got in our dressing room.
    "What was with you at the start Gerard?" Ray asked.
    "Just...nerves," I said, wiping the sweat off my face.
    "You really had me worried for a second, I thought we wouldn't even get to play," Ray laughed.
    "Sorry," I said, as my phone started ringing in my pocket. "Excuse me," I said, stepping out of the dressing room.

    "Hello?" I said.
    "Mr. Way, yes this is Dr. Collins from the hospital, Schuyler's doctor. Yes, well, you see...I really dont know how to say this but, well you're the only person responsible for her life..." he trailed off.
    I stood there, silent, waiting for him to continue.
    "Gerard it's been nearly a year, if Miss Erickson was going to wake up she would be awake by now it's your call whether to keep her on life support or not. I'm so sorry you have to make this decision Gerard, so very sorry," he said.
    I was in shock, the tears filled my eyes quickly and spilled over onto my cheeks, I didn't bother wiping them away.
    "I don't mean to rush you Mr. Way, but we need an answer," he said, waiting.
    The doctor was right, if she were going to wake up, she would have by now, there's no sense in keeping her a vegetable in the hospital for the rest of my life, it will only be torture for all of us, including Sky. I cleared my throat, trying to find my voice, "Take her off," was all I could say.
    "Alright, if this is what you want.." he trailed off.
    "Yes," I said, I hung up the phone quickly and slid down the wall I'd been leaning against, to the floor.

    My cries were soundless as I sat there with my face buried in my arms; finally I took a breath to cease the burning in my lungs for oxygen.
    I heard someone gasp and put their arms around me, "Gerard what's wrong?" Frank asked.
    I lifted my head from his arms, revealing my red, tear streaked face.
    I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me, so I could bury my head into his chest. Naturally he put his arms around me, comforting me for longer than I expected him to. "Can you tell me what's wrong now?" he asked me after a very long time.
    I lifted my head from his chest and nodded once, clearing my throat as I spoke, "The doctor called Frank," more tears slid down my face.
    "It wasn't good, was it?" he asked, wiping the stray tears from my cheeks.
    I held his warm hand to my face, like I'd done so many times before; I turned my head slightly and kissed his scarred wrist.
    "They made me choose between keeping her on life support or not..." I couldn't say the words, the traitorous words I'd spoken to the doctor.
    "And you took her off, didn't you?" Frank asked.
    I nodded and burst into a fresh round of tears.

    "Gerard, you were just doing what you thought was best for Schuyler and the band. You can't blame yourself for this...please don't blame yourself," he said, whispering the last part.
    I felt his body shaking as he held me in his arms, I looked up and saw tears rolling down his face.

    I didn't say anything more, I couldn't. But more than anything I did blame myself for this. I blamed myself for everything. And I swore that the day Sky took her last breath would be the day I took mine, I'm keeping to that.
    The band won't know, I can't tell them, I'll make them think I'm over it.
    We're close, but they'll never be able to know what's running through my mind.
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    Don't do it, Gerard! :'(

    Even though I already know that you do...but...still.
    Don't do it.
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    If I'm already dead then it doesn't make sense for you to die. Because I won't even know about it.

    So donnnn't.
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    i might post the last chapter tonight.
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    Last chapter! *gasp*
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