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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by xokay_nowx, May 30, 2011.

  1. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour être

    I've decided that I (probably) won't be starting my MA till around 2013/14 (due to tuition fees), so I need something to keep me occupied.

    A friend of mine is doing an undergrad. degree at the Open University, and I had a nosy on the site earlier, and some of the undergrad courses look rather interesting. I would never do my main/first undergrad. degree at the OU, but as it'd be my second BA, I have no qualms about the institution (one of my old uni lecturers worked for the OU, and advised us that it was okay as a 'top-up' of our degrees, but not to do any postgrad/undergrad main things as it wasn't considered to be a great 'uni').

    So, I had a look on the site (I'm mainly interested in History of Classics/Film studies), and stumbled upon the BA Open Degree which allows me to study a number of different topics/subjects, but the only problem is that it's not a recognised degree. It is great, though, if I decide that maybe Classics isn't for me, and I'd rather study a different topic as I can mix and match.

    BD - BA/BSc Open degree - Open University Qualification

    Does anyone know anything about the Open University? It's ridiculously tempting right now!
  2. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    ^Almost certain that my philosophy teacher was doing (a) degree(s) with the Open University; he was really attractive and knew everything, so I say it's good.

    /informed and unbiased opinion.
  3. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour être

    x)! Well, in that case!

    I talked it all over with my Dad, and got in touch with the aforementioned lecturer, and she's advised me that it sounds like a good idea :)
  4. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    Yesterday it really hit me that I was leaving for uni soon then I started feeling really ill. Not sure that I'm ready for this, tbqh.
  5. RachelS

    RachelS New Member

    ^ I know how you feel. I've got less than 100 days of high school left - exams included. Very scary. I'm doing a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy next year, and although I'm looking forward to the new experiences, I am really nervous about taking that next step.
  6. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour être

    The night before I started Uni, I had a full on sob-fest/nervous crying session, because I thought I wouldn't do well, I'd be homesick, I wouldn't make friends etc. etc.

    You'll love it :) (Uni, I mean, not the nerves!)
  7. Stooksss

    Stooksss Active Member

    I started cosmetology school last week and it's really nice so far! I think I've finally found something right for me.
  8. Flock of Margot

    Flock of Margot New Member

    I've been working on applications. Hoping I get into UCSC, even though I'm having second thoughts on the distance (about 4-5 hours away).

    Going for my BA in Lit/creative writing and studio arts :)
  9. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    I am most likely transferring out to University of Alabama fall 2012. I've been offered a full ride (tuition, room & board) plus $1000 spending money a year plus an iPad! xD
    All because I'm a National Merit Semifinalist, most likely going to be a finalist as of February.
    It is like 8 hours away but I think I can do it.
    I gave up on the idea of a medical career so I'm thinking of undergrad in English or history now and possibly going onto law school. But I'm ridiculously fickle.

    This term is going well, straight As in humanities, western civilization and intro to lit (I dropped biology for science majors). Final exams week of December 12, can't wait.
  10. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

  11. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    ^ You seem like you're having fun there! How's it going?
  12. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    GR8. Except uni/campus is a twenty minute walk away and it's been raining quite a bit recently. D:
    But no, it's really good. I've been getting drunk quite a lot, which is not that cool, but then sometimes it is because I'm SO nice when I'm drunk because I'm incapable of being nice when I'm sober, so being drunk is quite good.

    Pretty sure I've lost weight, too, so YAY.

    But bad times because the only guy I like is a) a friend I had previously and b) hundreds-er of miles away (that is to say further away now than when I was at home). fml.
  13. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Awww well good luck with your guy!
    I wouldn't mind a little alcohol to ease up my social awkwardness, hahaha.
  14. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Seriously, it's so good. Alcohol is the best thing ever.
  15. p0mba

    p0mba Active Member

    I hate and love college. I dropped two out of five classes cause I failed them, and now that I only have three classes left, I love it. It's a lot of work, but I like it regardless. I go to the American College of Norway (it's the easiest way for a Norwegian to get to the States to study, cause I'll transfer to either West Chester University or Adelphi University in the US next year), and I take Positive Psychology (super fun!), Social Psychology and College Composition.

    What I love the most is all the partying and randomness. Like, the four last times I've come home drunk, I've started making muffins. Also, I'm sharing a super nice apartment with a girl from Ohio, so my English has improved tons and tons and I love college. Love it!
  16. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour être

    ^ That's great! :)

    I've been applying to unis for postgrad. stuff, and out of the nine I've applied to, I've been accepted to Uni. Nottingham., Uni. Bristol, Uni. Sheffield, and Uni. Birmingham, but I'm waiting to see if I hear from Warwick. Sheffield only want me for a straight-through PhD, though, and it's like "noooo!" as I'm definitely not ready to start that.

    It's been a few months, and Warwick are usually very 'snobby' about applications, so Notts is my 'first choice'. Exciting!
  17. XOMBIE

    XOMBIE Guest

    I attend Institut d'études politiques de Lyon/Lyon Institute of Political Studies or for short Sciences Po Lyon. I intend to transfer fulltime to Sciences Po Paris next year, as my base university. In our third year of study we get to choose which university we attend for study abroad. I'm thinking of going to the US because I haven't spent a lot of time there. I'm looking into Georgetown or University of California, but i'm still not sure.

    I haven't really chosen what I want to specialise in yet, because the first two years here we have a multidisciplinary education and then we choose specialisation in the last two years. I think I want to focus on communication, journalism and/or public law. So if anyone has any ideas for good universities that are good at those areas, they would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, are there any universities especially good at teaching English or have any very good or renowned English courses? That might sound a bit strange, but English isn't my first language (in fact it's my fourth language) so any help I could get would be great, and I want to study it at a university level.
  18. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    ^ I think you would like Georgetown, from everything I've heard about it.
    Funny you ask about English because some universities here do have English courses that are geared to non-native English speakers, but from everything I've seen on here you seem pretty natural with English, like you wouldn't really need it. I don't know, though. I guess it's probably harder for you to write a formal essay in English than to just chat with friends...?

    If you're looking to study abroad in America I would recommend ordering a copy of Princeton Review's The Best 376 Colleges, 2012 edition. I have the 2010 edition and it's been extremely helpful to me in my college search because it has not only the statistics on the university but also quotes from the students on what it's actually like to go to school there.

    Anyway I have here in the 2010 edition lists of the best schools for specific majors; I can give you lists of the best schools for the areas you've mentioned and if there's any more info I can look up for you in the book feel free to ask.

    Great Schools for Political Science/Government Majors:
    American University, Amherst College, Bard College, Bates College Bowdoin College, Brigham Young University, Bryn Mawr College, Carleton College, Claremont McKenna College, College of the Holy Cross, Columbia University, Davidson College, Dickinson College, Drew University, Furman University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Gettysburg College, Gonzaga University, Harvard College, Kenyon College, Macalester College, Princeton University, Stanford University, Swarthmore College, Syracuse University, University of Arizona, University of California--Berkeley, University of California--Los Angeles, University of Washington, Vassar College, Yale University

    Great Schools for Communications Majors:
    Augsburg College, Baylor University, Boise State University, Boston University, Bradley University, City University of New York--Hunter College, Clemson University, College of Charleston, Cornell University, Denison University, DePaul University, Duquesne University, Eckerd College, Emerson College, Fairfield University, Fordham University, Gonzaga University, Gustavus Adolphus College, Hollins University, Indiana University--Bloomington, Iowa State University, Ithaca College, James Madison University, Lake Forest College, Loyola University--New Orleans, Michigan State University, Muhlenberg College, New York University, Northwestern University, Pepperdine University, Ripon College, Salisbury University, Seton Hall University, St. John's University (NY), Stanford University, Suffolk University, Syracuse University, University of California--San Diego, University of California--Santa Barbara, University of Iowa, University of Maryland--College Park, University of Southern California, The University of Texas at Austin, University of Utah

    Great Schools for Journalism Majors:
    American University, Boston University, Carleton College, Columbia University, Emerson College, Hampton University, Howard University, Indiana University at Bloomington, Loyola University--New Orleans, Middle Tennessee State University, Northwestern University, Ohio University--Athens, Pennsylvania State University, Samford University, St. Bonaventure University, Syracuse University, Temple University, University of Florida, University of Maryland--College Park, University of Missouri--Columbia, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Oregon, University of Southern California, The University of Texas at Austin, University of Wisconsin--Madison

    Great Schools for English Literature and Language Majors:
    Amherst College, Auburn University, Bard College, Barnard College, Bennington College, Boston College, Brown University, City University of New York--Hunter College, Claremont McKenna College, Clemson University, Colby College, Colgate University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Denison University, Duke University, Emory University, Fordham University, George Mason University, Gettysburg College, Harvard College, Johns Hopkins University, Kenyon College, The New School University, Pitzer College, Pomona College, Princeton University, Rice University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, Tufts University, University of California--Berkeley, The University of Chicago, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, University of Notre Dame, University of Utah, Vassar College, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley College, Yale University
  19. XOMBIE

    XOMBIE Guest

    Wow, thank you Megan! This is a huge help :)

    I think i'm particularly interested in Georgetown because it's in Washington DC and I want to do all the touristy political sightseeing stuff xD
    Yeah, I went to a bi-lingual school where classes were taught in French and English so we had to learn it, which is why i'm not tooooo bad at it. But you're right, it would be a bit more difficult for me to write an essay. In my future career I don't want to be stuck only in certain parts of Europe and because English is the universal language, i'm going to have to learn English at a higher level.

    Is Princeton Review's The Best 376 Colleges a book? Do you think it's online? I'll talk to the university abroad officers here and see if they have it, or I can order one. Hopefully they deliver overseas..?

    Have you heard good things about Fordham university? I'm quite interested in their courses on fashion law.
  20. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Happy to help. :)

    Yeah, if I were you I would just try to pick the school with the location that interested me most. As you can see from my list there are many, many schools here that are of great academic quality, so ultimately you just need to find somewhere you'd enjoy living, because the U.S. is so huge and the culture varies quite a bit from state to state. Be sure to visit if you can before you make your final decision; ideally visit several different schools because they are all so different.

    Yes, it's a book. The Best 376 Colleges, 2012 Edition (College Admissions Guides) (9780375428395): Princeton Review: Books
    According to their website Amazon does ship to Europe.

    Fordham does have a great reputation but to be honest I don't know much about it. As you can see from my lists there are many, many good universities here and most people I know tend to stay in their state, so I don't know too much about a school like Fordham because it is all the way in NYC which is very far from me, haha. :)

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