"Collateral Murder"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Kaytea, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Kaytea

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    For those of the faint of heart or short of time, the video shows a group of Iraqis (seen from helicopter view) walking through the city, and the voice over of the soldiers in the helicopter, talking to each other and through radio to other soldiers (/their command)
    The soldiers identify two of the pedestrians as holding "weapons"- two people who are shown earlier in the video as being war photographers. The weapons in question are their cameras.
    Because they are holding "weapons", the soldiers shoot, conversing with their command via radio throughout the shooting.

    What makes it even more disgusting than the fact that they shoot a group of pedestrians walking in the city because two of them have cameras, stems partially from the fact that the narrative quickly goes from describing them as two people from the group who have potential weapons, to two people who definitely have weapons, to a few people who have AK-47s, to multiple people who have and are shooting several types of weapons (however, we can see on the video that it's still just a dozen people strolling along).

    The most sickening moment of the video, however, is the laughter and amusement in one of the soldier's voices as he announces to the authority that there's about eight bodies, and that one person's trying to crawl away, you can see him on the ground, crawling.

    Whether you support or are opposed to the war, this video is nothing short of horrifying and sickening, and I urge everyone to sign the petition to open an investigation of these killings.
  2. Don Ricalo

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    I'd just like to point out that there's actually about half an hour of footage edited out of the 'unedited' version, which was removed before being leaked to Wikileaks, so it must've been removed by their source or by someone within the Government before being handed over. What possible reasoning is there for removing that footage? To portray the soldiers in a harsher light than they've already placed themselves in? Apparently during that time they ran several other missions giving support to ground units.

    Still. Typical American soldiers.
  3. Kaytea

    Kaytea TSoSP

    Mhmmm. Well even if footage was edited out in between (which would make sense as to why they kept repeating the situation so much, actually) the facts of what did happen are still there, and horrendous.
  4. MarieArt

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    I'm American and I am completely against war. It sickened me when I heard laughter and how they blamed the people for bringing their children into war. Even I could see that those weren't weapons (they were cameras). -_- Idiots.

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