Coincidence [Frerard]

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by Noemi., Mar 28, 2008.

  1. XxMusic-FreakxX

    XxMusic-FreakxX New Member

    awsome!! btw, i think ya deserve a treat cause this fic was that damn awsome =D

    what do j00 want? candy? MCR dolls??
  2. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    :D Thank you.
    Anything you want is fine with me.
    You thinking I deserve something is already enough
  3. XxMusic-FreakxX

    XxMusic-FreakxX New Member

    okay, if you say so *bakes a cake*, buys chu a car, and leaves cake in car for ya* XD
  4. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    *takes car w/ cake*
    Thank you very much.
    *hugs Saki*
    *gives MCR plushies*
  5. XxMusic-FreakxX

    XxMusic-FreakxX New Member

    Woot!! *takes plushie and hugs back*
  6. MyChemicalJill

    MyChemicalJill Active Member

    This may be over, but it was amazing!! :D You're such a beautiful writer! :D
  7. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    Thank you( :
  8. BlackWays

    BlackWays New Member

    A.m.a.z.i.n.g(is that right?let me look,yeah)it was pure awesomeness,thanks a lot
  9. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    hehe, thanks:)
  10. :Jill:

    :Jill: Active Member

    Noe, I just reread this. :D
  11. i have just red the hole thing and all i can say is beautiful :)
    i loved it so muuuuccccccccch! :3 and then ending was so sweet your such a good writer i am now going to go and read your other ones :3 byeeeee! *waves silly*
  12. Vengeance.Fandango

    Vengeance.Fandango New Member

  13. Hydro_Insanity

    Hydro_Insanity New Member

    I just read this cuz my name is naomi ( a lot like noemi ) and i was like coicidence? I LOVE IT!!! Even tho im like 2 years late :w00t:

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