Coincidence [Frerard]

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    I think you have an obsession with Leathermouth! sorry i was reading your location for some reason

    yeah well its your fic so you can choose what you want and you do have alot of other fics lol ALOT
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    I fucken love Leathermouth!! I'd listen to them the days I'd get teased and I'd feel better!!

    I know I have a lot of them!! So if i somehow decide to make a sequel it will come late....
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    love the update noe it roxx
    update whenever you can
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    Thanks Wendy!
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    Wait, Noe, what Leathermouth song is your location from?
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    Um, I think Fifth Period.
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    okay, that's what I figured
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    Noemi!!! I love your avatar!!
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    thanks Christine!!
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    Damnnn. Now I want to know what's got Gee down and I'm gonna be up for ages trying to figure it out.
    Thanks alot. xp
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    Um Tara, what's wrong w/ Gee is what Mikey told him in like one or two chapters before, he just didn't want to tell Frank because he thought it was childish. The chapter was just a filler 'cause I'm running out of ideas.
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    Erm, erm, erm. -thinks-
    OHHH! And Gee went for a walk so he didn't hurt anyone.
    -punches the air- See, I figured that out all on my own. ;; )
    I wish he'd tell Frankie though.
    And now I also feel like an idiot. :D
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    Lol, it's ok.
    I guess he should tell Frankie only to get it off his chest but then again what if Frank gets mad at Mikey. Since you know they don't exactly have 'good' history and all so Frank could snap but then again Frank could also just keep it to himself or have a calm conversation with Mikey.
    OMG!!*kisses your forhead* Thank you Tara, I have ideas now!!
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    Epilogue: Part 9

    Frank’s P.O.V.
    Everything was really slow and boring the whole day. Right now I was just lying down across the sofa with my head in Gerard’s lap, (no we’re not doing anything!!) All of a sudden I just rolled off of his lap. I was too tired and bored to move so I just stayed on the floor. It was pretty comfortable to be honest, so I just laid there.

    “Frank are you ok?”

    “Yup I’m fine.”

    “Are you sure? You look pretty squished.”

    “Yes I’m fine mother!! It’s very comfortable.”

    “I’m not your mother but ok!”

    Gerard’s P.O.V.
    Man can today get any more fucken boring?! I take that back because yes it can! There is absolutely nothing to do at all. All I’m doing is slapping Frank’s ass because I’m bored. He keeps trying to hit me with no effort so I just keep on doing it.

    We were all being lazy today since no one had to work, go to school, and there was nothing to watch on TV except for stupid fucken Barney!!

    Ugh I’m just going to take a nap; hopefully no one throws a bucket of cold water on me!

    I know that this is really super short and it sucks but
    I'm working on the last epilogue chapter since I said
    that I was only going to ten.
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    loved it haha lucky Gerard gets to slap frankies ass
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    lol lucky gee
    iu want to slap frankie's ass :'(
    oh well nice update noemi
    love it as always oh and love you XD
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    Thanks you two!!
    Lol, yup he's lucky he get's to slap Frankie's ass!!
    Love you too!!
  18. Noemi.

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    Epilogue: Part 10

    Gerard’s P.O.V.
    I swear I can’t even take a nap without thinking that I should tell Frank. I think I should tell him because he deserves to know but the other side of me says that it’s too childish to even say and I’ll look like a pussy or something. Frank’s gunna think, ‘Oh my boyfriend is such a pussy ‘cause he’s gunna start crying just because of something his little brother said.’ I slammed my face into my pillow and let out a really frustrated sigh.

    “What’s wrong Gee?”

    “Oh your awake, nothing.”

    He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I decided not to say anything to save myself an argument that I did not want. I knew that he was still looking at me because I could feel his eyes on me. I tried to slowly peek and see if he was looking at me. He still was but I’m not sure if he noticed because my hair was covering my face. I stood up and made my way outside and as I did I grabbed Frank and dragged him along. I was sick of this. I’m not going to hold this stupid thing in even if it is childish.

    “Do you really want to know what’s wrong with me?! Do you honestly want to know?”

    “Yes, I do but to be honest I’m not sure if I should because you’re scaring me. I thought you said it was childish.”

    “It is, that being the reason why I didn’t want to tell you. Ok but I’m going to tell you but please just listen to me and don’t laugh at me for being stupid.”

    “I won’t laugh.”

    “Ok look. Mikey asked me why I was even with you again because I’d probably end up hurting you and that it’s a mistake.”

    Frank paced back and forward infront of me, nodding and saying “Mhmm” as if trying to comprehend what I told him, when it was so simple. I think he was just trying not to go choke my brother right now.

    “I see. Well let me ask you this, do you believe what your brother says? Do you truly and honestly believe that we are a mistake?”

    How could he honestly think that?! Did I not suffer when we broke up four years ago, did he not?! Does he not know that or does he just want to hear it?! I guess I was being too silent because of his expression.

    “DAMNIT GERARD, ARE WE OR ARE WE NOT A MISTAKE?!” Tears were cascading down his eyes. It made me feel really bad.

    “Frank how can you think that?! Obviously we’re not a mistake!!”

    “Oh god, I thought you thought that we were a mistake! You were silent and everything like you actually had to think about the answer!!”

    “I wasn’t thinking about the answer because I already knew the answer!!”

    By this point Frank was hugged up to me, face in my chest. I didn’t think he’d react like this but hey everything is a surprise. He looked like a scared child his look so innocent, eyes so pure. I wiped away his tears as they reached the corner of his mouth.

    When I looked up and at the door Mikey was standing there and as soon as he looked at me, he ran. He may be my brother and I love him but right about now I’d love to just whack him with something.

    After he stopped crying I took him inside into his room and laid him down, I swear I’m babying him. It was late again so I tucked him in too.

    “I’m not a baby Gee,” He giggled pulling the covers over his head.

    I climbed onto the bed and leaned on my elbow, facing him.

    “Oh but you are. You’re my baby.” I placed the hair that was falling in his face behind his ear. He followed my hand and when I put my hand down he stared at me.

    We stared at each other intensely for a moment. Soon enough Frank slowly leaned in as did I. Our lips met each others but ever so softly. We didn’t make the kiss more intense just kept it the same.

    “I love you Frank, never forget that,” I whispered against his lips.

    “I love you too.”

    I leaned on top of him. We started to make out more passionately. Frank was still covered by the duvet with me on top of him. I slipped in with him and continued making out. We started slowly ridding ourselves of our clothes. I thrust into Frank slowly, speeding my pace. This night wasn’t just about having sex, this was something more.

    He let small moans escape his lips. He kissed me, biting my bottom lip. This has to be the best night that I’ve ever had.

    When we were done we just cuddled up to each other. We slept that way, in each other’s arms. It was so amazing. I don’t think we could have asked for this moment to be any better.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxOne and a half years laterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Frank’s P.O.V.
    Gee and I were happily married. He took me to a park that had the prettiest fountain in the middle of it. The water seemed to glisten, sparkling like crystals. It was so beautiful and to top it off the moon was full and there were tons of stars lighting the sky.

    He did the whole get on one knee thing. I started bawling like a little baby, but from joy. Of course I said yes. The night was so damn perfect and magical.

    The wedding day was just as awesome. Everyone got hammered, which was pretty funny. Most people were falling and some people had to literally drag their friends out. Some of them wouldn’t even let go of their drinks.

    Now we owned an apartment close to my sister. I still wanted to keep an eye on her or be close just incase something happened.

    We’ve had fights but who hasn’t. I’ve kicked him out, burned his clothes, and hit his car with a bat a couple of times but that’s normal. Aside from all of this we’re pretty happy.

    I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck to this fic!
    You guys all rock!!
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    OMG an amazing ending, im gonna cry cuz its the end *crys*

    "I’ve kicked him out, burned his clothes, and hit his car with a bat a couple of times but that’s normal. Aside from all of this we’re pretty happy."

    I loved that bit!! I just loved this whole story and outta all the fanfics this one is my favourite and it always will be!!

    *hugs Noemi for being an AMAZING writer*

    Thank you for writing this!!
  20. Noemi.

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    *hugs back*
    Thanks for reading it! You were the first person to know about my fic even if you weren't the first to comment you were the first to know!!
    I'm glad you liked that line, it was my favorite too!

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