Coincidence [Frerard]

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    Title: Coincidence
    (This is a Frerard!!)
    Rating:12+ This fic. There will be some crazy/rated r parts, homosexuality, violence, profanity, etc.
    Disclaimer: I do not in any way own My Chemical Romance :'( Everything is fictional, a product of my imagination.
    This fic. Is about Frank and Gerard. Other characters will also be coming into the fic, this will be said along the way.

    This is my first fic. Please if this is your first time reading my fic. I hope you don't judge it by the first couple of chapters, if you continue reading I am sure you'll notice it gets better. I hope you read it and enjoy.:)

    Chapter 1: Page 1---Chapter 26: Page 17---Chapter 51: Page 55---
    Chapter 2: Page 1---Chapter 27: Page 18---Chapter 52: Page 58
    Chapter 3: Page 1---Chapter 28: Page 20---Chapter 53: Page 61
    Chapter 4: Page 2---Chapter 29: Page 20---Chapter 53<Part 2>: Page 62
    Chapter 5: Page 2---Chapter 30: Page 22---Chapter 54: Page 62
    Chapter 6: Page 2---Chapter 31: Page 22---Chapter 55: Page 64
    Chapter 7: Page 2---Chapter 32: Page 23---Chapter 56: Page 67
    Chapter 8: Page 3---Chapter 33: Page 24---Chapter 57: Page 70
    Chapter 9: Page 4---Chapter 34: Page 25---Chapter 58: Page 72
    Chapter 10: Page 4---Chapter 35: Page 26---Chapter 59: Page 76
    Chapter 11: Page 5---Chapter 36: Page 28---Chapter 60: Page 81
    Chapter 12: Page 5---Chapter 37: Page 29---Chapter 61: Page 85
    Chapter 13: Page 6---Chapter 38: Page 32---Chapter 62: Page 86
    Chapter 14: Page 6---Chapter 39: Page 33---Chapter 63: Page 90
    Chapter 15: Page 7---Chapter 40: Page 34---Chapter 64: Page 94
    Chapter 16: Page 8---Chapter 41: Page 36---Chapter 65: Page 96
    Chapter 17: Page 8---Chapter 42: Page 37---Chapter 66: Page 98
    Chapter 18: Page 9---Chapter 43: Page 39---Epilogue: Part 1: Page 101
    Chapter 19: Page 9---Chapter 44: Page 42---Epilogue: Part 2: Page 102
    Chapter 20: Page 10---Chapter 45: Page 43---Epilogue: Part 3: Page 104
    Chapter 21: Page 10---Chapter 46: Page 45---Epilogue: Part 4: Page 107
    Chapter 22: Page 13---Chapter 47: Page 45---Epilogue: Part 5: Page 110
    Chapter 23: Page 14---Chapter 48: Page 48---Epilogue: Part 6: Page 111
    Chapter 24: Page 15---Chapter 49: Page 49---Epilogue: Part 7: Page 113
    Chapter 25: Page 16---Chapter 50: Page 52---Epilogue: Part 8: Page 114 Epilogue: Part 9: Page 116
    Epilogue: Part 10: Page 116



    Frank's P.O.V.
    Well I’m Frank Iero, I’m 17, and I’m gay. I haven’t really told anyone but they’ve found out either way. I don’t like school because I get bullied all the time. I hate going home because I always get into a fight with my alcoholic father, well more like getting the crap beat out of me. I just finished getting hit by my dad. Once I could get up i did and ran 'till my legs just couldn’t run anymore. I saw that I was somewhere familiar. It was a park i always came to, to just get away from the people I knew or that knew me. I decided to sit by a tree; I was really tired since it was around one in the morning. Next thing I knew I drifted off into a deep slumber.

    Gerard's P.O.V.
    I’m Gerard, I’m 17, and I'm about as straight as a circle. I came out of the closet when I was 15. My family is sort of ok with it but they never really mention it. I live with my mom and my brother, Mikey. Our dad left us when I was one. We've had it pretty hard. Our mom is a drug addict. Most of the time we starve because she uses most of the money on drugs. We've tried so hard to help her but she just refuses and she always ends up making arguments. I felt I was gunna explode if I stayed there a minute longer with her. I decided to go to a near by park I always enjoyed going to. It was always peaceful. It was pretty late but I didn’t care much. I didn’t have to worry about Mikey since he was over his girlfriend's house. As soon as I got there I decided to head for the swings. As I did, I swore I saw something. I rubbed my eyes just incase I was going crazy. There was something there, more like someone! 'Hey!’ I yelled but I didn’t hear a response, for all I knew they could be dead.
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    This is pretty good so far. :) Just remember your Chapter Index though.
    More when you're ready. :)
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    Oh god, thnx for reminding me. Im going to post a couple of chapters. I have 6 written down already:).
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    No problem. I look forward to more. :)
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    CHAPTER 2​

    Gerard's P.O.V
    I decided to get closer. It seemed that sheer curiosity drove me to do it. The closer I got the more I saw the person's facial features. I saw that it was a guy (a damn beautiful one at that), he looked so peaceful. I soon saw that he had a couple of cuts and a black eye. The whole time I was thinking about shaking him to see if he was alive or at least ok. I was hesitant for a moment then I shook him. I think I scared him because the moment he opened his eyes and saw me; he jumped up but fell really hard on his ass. Once I caught a glimpse of his eyes, I saw that they were the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

    Frank's P.O.V.
    All of a sudden I felt someone laid their hands on me. It came as a shock to me for some reason. I opened my eyes pretty quickly. Once I saw who was there I jumped so damn fast that I got light-headed but next thing I knew I fell on my ass pretty hard. "Ow", was all I managed to moan out. I looked up to see a guy about my age with black hair, he was pretty hot but all I could think was, 'Is this guy going to kill me?' I wanted to get up but I seemed paralyzed, more like transfixed on him. Next thing I knew he was holding his hand out to help me stand up. I stared at it for a while then decided to take it. When I got up all I could do is stare at him like some kind of idiot. I felt my face get hot and then I saw him smile, I guess I was red. "Hi, I’m Gerard", he told me after a minute of silence. I didn’t know what to say.
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    This is good, but is this a frerard?
    If so, there's a separate section for slash stories.
    Just PM a mod and they'll move it for you :)
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    Good update! I loved it. Btw is this gonna be a Frerard?
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    Yes, it's a Frerard. I messed up a bit on it but im going to try and get it fixed
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    It's all good. Just PM a Mod to get them to move it. :)
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    CHAPTER 3​

    Gerard's P.O.V.
    "Hi, I'm Gerard"; I finally managed to tell him. I guess he was scared because he just stayed quiet. I was anxious to know his name so I asked. "Um, so what's your name?" It took him a while but he finally said something. "I'm...I'm Frank." "So, what are you doing out here this late anyway?” I asked. "I should ask the same thing.” Frank told me. I looked at my shoes felling stupid. "Look, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to say that I’m just a little panicky right now, ok?" "It's ok; it was my fault for saying it anyway.” I told him still staring at my shoes like they were so interesting. Now I was feeling stupider.

    Frank's P.O.V.
    'Damnit, what the hell is wrong with me?’ was all I managed to think when I snapped back at Gerard. "Um, look, I came out here to get away from all the chaos at my house, as you can see (i pointed at my face.)" "Oh", was all Gerard said. "Why are you out here?” I asked. "Sort of the same as you except I'm getting away from my drug abusing mother, I know its not nice to say but its the truth.", he told me. I just stared at him with an understanding face. "It seems like life's a bitch for everyone." "Yeah." He smiled a little, it was so beautiful.
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    I will update later. I didnt want to post all six chapters today, i wanted to wait a while(not too long).
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    *new reader* Hey!
    Omg this is soooooo deadly!!!
    and I call #1 fan spot!!! HA:clap:
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    thanks Becca
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    (Italics are flashbacks.)

    Gerard's P.O.V.
    I started fidgeting with my clothes when I remembered it was really late.
    "Um, it’s pretty late, do you want me to walk you home or something?"
    "Actually, I wasn’t really planning on going home. I know I just met you and all but can I crash at your house tonight, I don’t fell like getting hit again?"
    "Well, I wasn’t gunna go home either but I have this friend that might let us stay there, do you still want to go?"

    Frank's P.O.V.
    I didn’t want to go home; I didn’t really feel like dealing with my-pain in the ass-parents so when Gerard told me about his friend I accepted to go. The whole time we were walking all i could think about was him. He had beautiful eyes, a cute face, messy hair which made him look really hot, and a pretty nice ass. Damn I don’t even know if he's thinking the same, for all i know he could have a girlfriend. That thought made me fell a little sad. At that moment memories of my ex-boyfriend came rushing back to me. ‘I was taking a walk to the park like usual. I was walking across the parking lot when I saw a familiar car. It was Josh's (ex-bf); I decided to go up to it to see what he was doing. The moment I came up to the car I was put in state of shock. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Josh...Josh was fucking another girl right in front of my eyes!!!! I felt I was boiling up inside and hot tears came streaming down my face. When he finally noticed me all he could say was, "Sorry Frank but I never loved you", and it felt like he just stabbed me in the heart.' Since then I've been scared to like a guy especially to go out with one.
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    CHAPTER 5​

    FRANK'S P.O.V.
    I think Gerard noticed I was crying because he stopped and asked me, "What's wrong Frankie?" (Wait, did he just call me Frankie?! No one's ever called me that.) "Nothing", I lied. I think he saw that I was lying because he cocked his eyebrow. I couldn’t help but look at my shoes and keep walking without knowing where I was going. A couple of seconds later I felt Gerard grab my arm, turn me around, and pull me into a hug. I felt even more tears streaming down my face because I wanted more than just a hug from him but I might not be able to have him.

    I couldn’t help but notice that Frankie was crying. (Yes, I have a nickname for him now, sort of.) He didn’t want to tell me what was wrong and just kept on walking to... nowhere. I felt really bad to see him like that so I grabbed him into a hug. I could tell he started to cry more. I was desperate to find out what was wrong but i didn’t want to push him away from me. I just held him close, thinking about all the things I’d like to do with him and to him (in a good way), all the things I wanted to be with him. My mind just started racing with different thoughts that I got a headache. Thing is I don’t know whether he likes guys or not, but there's only one way of finding out, (aside from other things ;)), but I was scared he was going to freak or think I was some kind of creep so I lingered over it. I was scared to ask yet ready to form my life with him. Why does life have to be so complicated?
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    Quick question, does anybody even like it, i know only 3 or 4people are reading it, but still?
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    I like it lol!!! :clap:
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    Gerard's P.O.V.
    I held Frankie close for a while until he pulled away. "Aw", I whined. Frank looked at me a little weird and laughed a little, I just got embarrassed because he wasn't supposed to here that. I just stared at him with a major urge to kiss his lips but I fought it by biting my lower lip. "Frankie?" "Yeah?" "Um...Do you have a girlfriend?" "No, actually, I’m...Well I'm gay." At those words I got so happy but tried not to jump up and down like a maniac and thank god. I did smile though. "Why?" "Oh, no reason at all. Just curiosity." "Okay." "So you’re not freaked out that I'm gay or anything?" "No, of course not why would I, I'm gay you know, why would I be a homophobe?" I smiled yet again.

    Frank's P.O.V.
    'Wait, what, he's gay?!' If this is what a miracle is like, it's amazing. Damn, he' so beautiful when he smiles. I just want to kiss him, and grab him and, well you can use your imagination.' I laughed to myself. We continued walking to his friend's house and we were there in 5 minutes. Once we got there we knocked and waited for a minute. By now it got really cold and I was hoping he would hurry up because I was freezing my ass off. Finally he answered!

    Bob's P.O.V.
    I heard a knock on the door. I didn't want to get up but the knocking was driving me crazy. I glanced at the clock. 'Who in the hell would be knocking at 3 in the morning?!!' I opened the door to find out it was Gerard and some guy. "Gerard what's up?" “I was wondering if we could crash at your place for a while." "Um, yeah I guess so." "Who's this?” I pointed to the guy. "Oh, um this is Frank, my erhm new friend. "Ok, whatever come in."
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    CHAPTER 7​

    Christine’ P.O.V.
    “Bob, what the hell is all the racket?!” “It’s just Gerard and his new friend.” “Gee?!” I got up to see Gerard when I saw…Frank!! “Frank, what are you doing here?!” “I should ask you the same thing!” Ok, before you get anymore confused, I’m Christine, Frank’s sister. I’m 15 and I get hit by my dad too so I go to my best friends house to get away. “Frank, this is the place I go to to run away from our dad.” “Oh, you could have told me that before. Wait, so you know Gerard already?!” “Yeah, of course. Hold on let me introduce you better to the guys!” I jumped around to Bob. “This here is Bob, my good friend that lets me stay in his house when I run away.” I hugged Bob in a thank you way. Then I jumped up on Gerard’s back. He laughed. “This of course is Gerard. I know you’ve mew and all but let me tell you, he is one awesome guy. He cares about people, and he’s really GREAT!” I winked at Frank and he gave me a confused look which made me laugh.

    Frank’s P.O.V.
    We finally got into the house. I heard some girl yell at Bob. The voice sounded familiar, a little bit too familiar. When she got up I noticed it was…my sister!!(Sorry, I totally forgot to mention her.) I was wondering what the hell she was doing here. Well, I didn’t wonder why too much because I sort of guessed why and I was right. What I was curious about though was the fact that she knew Gerard already. If she only would have told me about him before! Se started jumping around and introduced me to Bob, who was apparently her good friends. Then she jumped on Gerard’s back, which was funny, it made him laugh too. She introduced him to me even though I already knew him. What she told me about him made me fall for him more. Then all of a sudden she winked at me! Why’d she wink?!!

    Tell me if you like it!!

    I promise chapters 9-11 are better but you have to wait for those.
    Ok, that's all im saying before i give anything more away!!

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