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    Rating: 15 {Murder, language, suggestive themes}
    Main Characters: Indigo Ravenkroft (OFC), Mikey Way, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, Bob Bryar
    Summary: Mikey Way always knew he was going to Hell, he just didn't know that when he went there he'd meet a girl like Indigo Ravenkroft there.


    Chapter One
    No one expected me to smile during the interview, so I didn't. Of course, I probably should have just to confuse them. I start laughing lightly to myself because I could already see it.

    'Bass player in the rock band My Chemical Romance Mikey Way smiles for once! Is this a sign for better days or are the eyes of ''Big Cheese'' magazine tripping up?'

    ''Mikey?'' My brother, Gerard, asks. He was clearly worried while my band mates just seemed ticked off by my seemingly quiet outburst.

    Frank Iero, the once-upon-a-time crush on mine, looked at me with sympathy.

    He and Gerard are the only ones that don't hate me, which is why I have a strong hatred for him. I don't need his sympathy and I don't need Frank had his chance at being more than friends with me but lost it the second he confessed his feelings for Gerard.

    ''Sorry. I was remembering something.'' I tell them, lying through my teeth smoothly. This seemed to get the interviewers ears to perk up.

    ''Oh! Would you like to tell 'Big Cheese' magazine about it? We'd love to know.'' She says, fixing her pale blue dress. It would have looked better on her if she had black hair, not the ungodly bright yellow hair she 'rocked'.

    ''Yeah,'' I say with a smirk. You could practically hear the 'Oh, God's' of my band mates - Ray Toro, Frank Iero, Bob Bryar, and big brother Gerard - fill the room, even if they weren't spoken. It was just the look of classic shock that painted their faces.

    ''I was remembering how good a screw your father was, doll face.'' And there the actual ''Oh, god's'' go.

    ''Mikey!'' Gerard yelps, surprised and furious by my answer. I saw the interviewer was also urious by my answer and yet she didn't lash out like I hoped she would, instead she told me something I clearly already knew.

    ''You are a bitter man Michael James Way and karma will teach you a lesson one day!'' and with that, she was gone, her tiny legs carrying her all the way down the hall, her curses heard up until the main door slammed shut.

    ''I can't believe you,'' was all Gerard said before he stood up and left, leaving me with my band mates. They all look at me, obviously repulsed. I crinkle my nose at them before standing up, leaving.

    Gerard was talking to the interviewer, calming her down with his Gerard Way ways. I snicker before climbing into my car, knowing they wouldn't want to be squished together with such a beast like myself.

    When I put the car into park, I could see a girl with cat-like eyes watching me, a smile coming to play as I speedily drove off, her meer presance giving me goosebumps.

    ~*Time Laspe*~


    The woman with flowing blonde hair and the clear blue eyes turns and smiles at me, her face still caked with swirls of reds and blacks just like the last time I had seen her - which had been nearly three years ago.

    ''Oh, Mikey! How are you? I have missed you so much...'' Birdie says, wrapping her arms around me. I wrap my own arms around her petite frame, wondering how she had gotten into my house in the first place.

    ''Have you been good, Mikey?'' She asks, stepping back from me. I just smile, pushing a few strands of hair from her face before jabbing a finger over my shoulder and towards the door.

    ''Get out, you conniving home wrecker. I don't need you in my life and neither does Gerard.'' I spat viciously, glaring down at the five-foot-one girl. She didn't look like a nineteen year old, but a fifteen year old that hadn't hit a growth spirt since age nine.

    Birdie pouts, the coners of her mouth - the same mouth I used to adore kissing - turns down in a once-upon-a-time cute way. Now it simply repulsed me.

    ''Come on baby, don't be this way! I love you Mikey, why can't you understand that? You said that I need to give you space, and I did. Three years worth! Why won't you take me back?'' She whines, gripping the hem of my shirt.

    I glare down at her, simply repulsed by her meer presance.

    ''You ruined me and my brothers life, you threw my reputition down the drain, and tried pinning a baby that isn't even our race on my brother! And do you know the horrible thing about it, Birdie?'' I ask, teeth locked together in an aggressive manner.

    ''W-what, Mikey?'' Her voice shook now, allowing me to know she was scared of me.

    ''You tried pinning that baby on me! You tried pinning it on me when Gerard told you it wasn't his! Don't you think he would have told me? Don't you think I would have known? The baby was Hispanic, Birdie! Neither one of us are Hispanic! You aren't even Hispanic!'' I scream, lifting her up by the collar of her cheap Come At Me Bro shirt.

    Her eyes widen in utter terror and her lip began to tremble, both of the actions caused me to smirk at her.

    ''I'm sick of you Birdie, don't you know that? You got Gerard addicted to drugs, tried pinning a kid that isn't ours on us, and you cheated on me with my own brother. You are nothing but a God damn wh**e, don't you know that?'' I sneer, upper lip curling.

    She whimpers, close to crying, but nods her head helplessly. It was more than a little obvious she wished she hadn't come here - little Birdie had forgotten just how aggressive I am.

    ''I always gave you the love you deserved and what do I get back? A broken heart and pregnant ex girlfriend. How many guys were you sleeping with, hmm? How many? It was just more than Gerard and I, that's for sure!'' I say, body shaking in complete anger and fustration.

    ''I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Mikey! I regret sleeping with them! I were always just so good! I couldn't help it! I felt like next to someone like you I would never amount to anything so I slept with all those guys!'' She cries, tears falling from her eyes.

    Glaring, I grip her shirt tighter, pulling her closer to my face. Never before had I wanted to hit a girl so much, never before was I so close to losing my temper.

    ''How. Many. Guys?'' I ask, nose touching hers.

    She sniffles, answering in a quiet, scared voice.

    ''I..I...ten? Maybe tweleve? Thirteen, counting you.''

    Something in me snaps and I throw her across the room, my anger taking over fully. Stalking over to her, I plant my combat booted foot on her chest, grinding it in a little.

    ''You disgust me, Lola. I wish I never met you. I wish I never let my family meet you. And, most importantly, I wish I never fell in love with you because it brung me nothing good.'' I snarl, calling her by her first name instead of her nickname.

    She looked alarmed and slightly irritated by the sound of her name, but the fear was still there. It pumped through her heroin tainted veins, rattling her to the very core. Lola wasn't used to being scared because she enjoyed being the Dom in the relationship, controlling you even during the careless rounds of six minute love making.

    ''I love you Mikey,'' She rapsed out, her throat now under my shoe. I glare down at her, putting more pressure down. She was gasping for breath, sturggling to the point I needed to get down and straddle her, my hands clamping down around her milky white throat flesh.

    ''And I hate you, little Birdie.'' I say making a quick motion, her neck making a disgusting snap sound before everything about her just went limp.

    ''I can't believed I even went out with you,'' I mutter standing up, shaking my head and walking away from her, repulsed by corpse of Lola ''Birdie'' Swane.
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  3. this i really good and I can't wait to read more :)
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    Aww, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. When I get the kinks out in the website I'll update as soon as I can! Still a little confused about this site, Lol!:)
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