Bi, Lesbian/Gay Or Straight?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by J-Ninja, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    In several ways, this is me.
  2. BlackWays

    BlackWays New Member

    I have always been attracted to the female body and i recently found i'm emotionally attracted to females too.With boys it's different,i'm not attracted to their body(maybe just the ass sometimes:D) but i can get powerful emotional feelings from them,so yeah.
  3. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    For about 21 years i thoigh I was stright, like it was the natural thing to be, the only option to be....but for the past two or three years things have been differents.

    this post is kinda of what happens to me. I like guys, a lot....sexually and emotionally (to the ones that are not idiots!) but i also feel emotionally attached to girls, and lately even sexually too......I´m driving myself crazy like really crazy, becuase around me there is no one single soul I can talk to about this....people just assume what you are and they don´t ask, I´m afraid what my girl friends would think....will they be afraid of me..?

    I´ve never kissed a girl, becuase i´m probably a fucking coward, I´ve like girls, a lot...I even was like totally in love of one once.....

    i´ve read most of your posts....and so many of them sound like me... So, right now in this very momment, I feel good to know that I´m not the only one confused.:'(
  4. Aki

    Aki New Member

    Well, just to say, i'm sure everyone in the forum is here for you Including me, so you ain't alone!!!! "Stand up fucking tall don't let them see your back"

    Personally, Gay, and proud
  5. I'mNotOkayIPromise

    I'mNotOkayIPromise New Member

    ^ I like that :) I just came out to like, to my friends, and I posted some stuff on facebook that like, made it obvious I was bi. I mainly only did this cuz I have a girlfriend now... But I ignore the people that are giving me shit about it. :) I'm me :)
  6. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    "Stand up fucking tall don't let them see your back" ---Gee i needed that...thanks

    have a cookie! :)
  7. Artemis

    Artemis New Member

    Tbh, when most people find out their gay, they're confused. Mainly because it's not a "norm" in society.

    I grew up liking girls, but forced myself to like boys because that was the norm. I even became pretty homophobic at one point because I didn't want to like girls - I mean, even the mention of being gay got people calling you a fag and "ew gross!"

    The way to deal with these feelings is just not to let them bother you. It's not a huge thing. Like, so what, you like girls too? It doesn't matter. You don't need to be confused/worried about it, just go with the flow. I mean, you might meet a boy or girl and grow to love/ect them, and when it happens, just let it happen.

    People adjust to your situation if their true family/friends. If any friends give you grief, you don't need them in your life. I'm completely open about being gay and feel a lot happier about it. It's a lot a better than keeping it inside, and whereas, you may feel like you're bisexual, you still shouldn't hold it in.

    So, just relax. Go with the flow. Don't worry about who you're gonna date or whatever, just see what happens. And if it is a girl, hopefully, it'll happen naturally and you'll adjust too it.
  8. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    Sometimes i forget how amazing all MCR people is. :) :) :)
    Thank You Artemis, you gave a really good advice, I really never looked at it in that way, you´re right :) I need to relax and face the facts that i might be Bi. -sometimes listening to people that past similar shit that you help you...and sometime it helps even more when you don´t actually know them...I feel like it a more neutral opinion... :)

    Can I thank you again? THANKS!

    Killjoys rock!
  9. Aki

    Aki New Member

    My pleasure, it honestly makes me so happy to see everyone helping each other, though they may not know the person!!!

    Gives me a helluva lot of hope!!
  10. To be honest, i have NO idea. I actually think i'm not straight at all, i guess bisexual or lesbian. But i'll find out.
  11. MoikoiGirl96

    MoikoiGirl96 New Member

    I'm honestly not sure because I've been strait for my 15 years of living, but lately I've been having this girl crush on my friend...who's a girl.
    So I'm not sure if it makes me bi- she's my first girl crush, and I think she's the only one I'll ever have xD
    So....maybe it makes me bi. Or...maybe I'm strait? :)
    I'm undecided.
  12. BritRevenger

    BritRevenger New Member

    Im Bi. I hate being it sometimes :(
  13. Aki

    Aki New Member

    Although it's none of my business, may I ask why?
  14. BritRevenger

    BritRevenger New Member

    The way I came out was bad also people and what they say and cos i was bullied for it i pretended to be straight to be normal
  15. Aki

    Aki New Member

    Awwww *hug*

    Seriously, i've been bullied all my life, rumours are circling atm.

    In my opinion, if they don't have to tell each othr they're straight, why would we have to tell them we're not?

    I know it's rubbish when people say this, but try and be optimistic. As much as you can be. And there's loadsa people you can talk to, including me.

  16. BritRevenger

    BritRevenger New Member

  17. Aki

    Aki New Member


  18. Maybe you're confused......
    That's a tough one, though.

    (I'm bi)
  19. xXxlozzaxXx

    xXxlozzaxXx New Member

    ^ I'm in a similar situation - but I know I'm bi... The hard thing is coming out though, because I go to a girls school (and we all know how much girls like to gossip) I have only come out to a few of my close friends. I know my mum would be "disappointed" and that my nan would disown me so I can't really tell anyone in my family even though my dad won't care... don't really know what to do about that though... I think I might wait until I actually get a girlfriend.
  20. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    I think people can be straight, but have exceptions, to be honest.
    That's what I'd like to think I am. I'm straight, but there are a few select girls that I would try being with.

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