Bi, Lesbian/Gay Or Straight?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by J-Ninja, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    HAHAHHAH!! :p
    So you're going to eat something but you're worried Jake's going to get wet? XD
  2. dreadpirateroberts

    dreadpirateroberts New Member

    I refuse to pigeonhole myself. I have a long term boyfriend but would never restrict myself in terms of sexuality, its far too important!
  3. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢

    Hmm, okies ;]

    Rawr! Charlotte, I'm back xD
  4. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    How be yew?
    I'm watching Pussycat Dolls ;o
  5. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢

    ;o Scareh xD

    I'm listening to BEP.. 0.0
  6. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    O_O Hehe wow.
    I was watching Shakira bellydancing in oil in that video for La Tortura..
    Damn. :shock:
    It was good.
  7. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢


    My ex girlfriend fancies Christina Aguilera ^^

  8. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    ;o Xtina eh? Nah I'm not into the tarts XD
    I'm not bored, I have sudoku! XD
  9. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢

    Ah, THAT explains why you're taking so long to reply :p

    Ugh, today was sucky.

    *Nobody Loves Me*

    :] It was quite funny in biology though lol
  10. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Hehe :eek: What are you implying MISSY!? :p
    I love yew ^_^ Hehe
    How was biology.
  11. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢

    Funny, I named Jess "The Penis Chick"

    Dunno why. We're doing sexual reproduction >_<


    Yay *Feels Loved* ^_^
  12. hehe, im bi xD

  13. J-Ninja

    J-Ninja Pinguâ„¢

    Hurrah For Bi people

    *huggles all the bi people*
  14. HydeexChaos

    HydeexChaos New Member

  15. wow, i never noticed how many bi people there were on here.

    oh well, welcome to the bi club dear=]

    haha, yes i am creating a bi club for bi people, cuz im cool like that.
  16. HydeexChaos

    HydeexChaos New Member

    Yay. I have this theory...eventually everyone in the world will be bi and that will be completely normal. :]
  17. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    I want to be in the bi club!


    Hearts, Kp.
  18. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Can I join? :T
  19. duhh, anyone who is bi can be inn so of course you can charlotte=]

    my friend has this theory, that everyone is bi, some people choose to show it, some don't.

    i choose to show it=]
  20. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Aye ^_^
    I show it like a motherfucker xD
    How about Freud'a theory that every man subconciously wants to sleep with his mum?

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