Awake and Unafraid [Gerard Way]

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  1. Jo

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    This is the sequel for Demolition Lovers. This post will be left strictly as an update list. So, if you fall behind, just refer to the list below to find all the updates much easily.

    This one's for the lovely Juliet. :)
    I hope you like it!
    It's for you.

    Rating: 18+ [to be on the safe side]
    Disclaimer: I don't own MCR or Juliet.

    Thank you, and enjoy!

    Chapter 01 - pg 01
    Chapter 02 - pg 02
    Chapter 03 - pg 03
    Chapter 04 - pg 04
    Chapter 05 - pg 06
    Chapter 06 - pg 08
    Chapter 07 - pg 12
    Chapter 08 - pg 15
    Chapter 09 - pg 17
    Chapter 10 - pg 19
    Chapter 11 - pg 25
    Chapter 12 - pg 31
    Chapter 13 - pg 34
    Chapter 14 - pg 36
    Chapter 15 - pg 38
    Chapter 16 - pg 40
    Chapter 17 - pg 44
    Chapter 18 - pg 46
    Chapter 19 - pg 49
    Chapter 20 - pg 55
    Chapter 21 - pg 59
    Chapter 22 - pg 60
    Chapter 23 - pg 64
    Chapter 24 - pg 68
    Chapter 25 - pg 73
    Chapter 26 - pg 78
    Chapter 27 - pg 84
    Chapter 28 - pg 91
    Chapter 29 - pg 96
    Chapter 30 - pg 96
    Chapter 31 - pg 99
    Chapter 32 - pg 103*NEW 10/14
    Chapter 33 - pg 115*NEW 10/24
    Chapter 34 - pg 120*NEW 11/02
    Chapter 35 - pg 125*NEW 11/12
    Chapter 36 - pg 129*NEW 11/28
    Chapter 37 - pg 137*NEW 12/07
    Chapter 38 - pg 143*End
  2. Jo

    Jo New Member

    Chapter 1

    Gerard's POV

    As I walked towards the backyard, I grinned to myself when I heard music blaring. I managed to slip by into the kitchen without getting noticed by Crimson. I made my way to the living room and set my gift next to all of the others. As I headed towards the backyard, I stopped by the fridge to grab a can of soda. As I stood up and closed the fridge, I bumped into someone.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" I said as I reached out to keep the girl from falling.

    My eyes widened as I saw her. I immediately felt my heart beat faster and I slowly backed up. As she realized who I was, her eyes widened also.

    "Gerard?" she said, "Oh my God! You cut your hair!"

    I nodded dumbly, too shocked to say anything. Suddenly she looked slightly hurt.

    "I'm sorry; you probably don't even remember me, it's--"
    "Juliet," I whispered, "how can you say I don't remember you?"
    "It's been over ten years," she softly reminded me.
    "It doesn't matter...I could never forget you," her eyes softened slightly, "you're still as beautiful as ever."

    I brought a hand up and gently brushed her hair back from her face. She closed her eyes for a moment before pulling back.

    "Please don't," she whispered.
    "Uncle Gerard!" I suddenly heard from behind me.

    Juliet offered me one last look before I turned around. I laughed softly as I saw Crimson and she grinned before running towards me. I set the soda in my hand down before leaning down slightly to catch Crimson. She jumped into my arms and giggled as I twirled her around. I saw Juliet smile from the corner of my eye, and it made my heart flutter.

    "How do I look?" she asked with a grin.
    "You look like a rock star, gorgeous."
    "I look like daddy used to look," she giggled and I laughed.
    "Yep you do."
    "Have you met mommy's friend? Her name's Juliet," Crimson said, "this is my uncle Gerard."
    "Mhm, I've met him before," Juliet said.
    "Yup, I knew your uncle Gerard back when he had long hair!"

    I laughed softly, and Juliet smiled again. Suddenly, I heard the glass sliding door behind us, and I turned around to see Frank.

    "Hey," he said, "I was just about to call you."
    "For what?"
    "Luna wanted you to pick up some ice cream on your way here; we kind of spaced on it."
    "Oh, no problem. I can go get some."
    "You sure? I can run down and pick up a tub."
    "Nah, stay here."
    "Hey Juliet, wasn't there some things you needed from the store?"
    "Oh, um, yeah, but that can wait until some other time."
    "Don't be silly, Gerard won't mind if you tag along, right bud?"
    "Not at all," I said jumping at the chance of spending time with her.
    "Well, okay," she said after some hesitation, "I'll go get my bag."

    I nodded and she left the room. I let my eyed follow her until she was out of sight. Crimson squeezed my neck lightly and I looked at her.

    "Isn't she pretty?" she asked.
    "She's very pretty."
    "Crimson!" we heard Luna from outside.
    "Mommy's calling!" she squealed and wiggled around.

    I laughed and put her down, watching as she took off running. I look at Frank and cleared my throat.

    "So...when did she get here?"
    "Today, actually. Luna got a call from her; she was at the airport."
    "Oh wow."
    "Yeah," he looked at me and laid a hand on my shoulder, "are you alright?"
    "Yeah, I just...I wasn't expecting to see her; that's all."

    He nodded understandingly and I looked towards the living room.

    "Frank?" I said softly.
    "I think I still love her."

    I saw Juliet enter the living room, and the realization hit me harder than ever.

    "I still love her," I whispered.

    I closed my eyes and shook my head. Why did I ever let her go?
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  4. Jo

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    Yay! I'm so glad. ^_^

    And I'm sorry caps lock doesn't fully express your joy.
    *kicks caps lock*
  5. Shaz.

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    Sequel ftw.
  6. Ditte

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    I had an idea that you were talking about the Juliet in 'Demolition Lovers' xD

    Can't wait for more..
    I have a feeling that this is going to be as great as the first :D
  7. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    The Juliet?
    I like it!
  8. Jo

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    Thanks guys for the comments!!
    Your support means the world to me.
  9. Kelsey

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    I love it jo!!!!
  10. Chinook.//.

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    SEQUELS! yaaaaay! ^_^
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    I love it! I'm so excited that you're doing a sequel!
  12. Jo

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    Chapter 2

    Juliet’s POV

    I closed the door of the bedroom Luna had let me use and I closed my eyes. I slid down to the floor with my back against the door and tried to get a hold of myself. Never had I imagined it would be so hard to see him again. I felt my bottom lip quiver and slapped my palms onto the floor to stop any tears that were threatening to arise.

    “Get a hold of yourself,” I mumbled to myself as I stood up.

    I walked over to the bed where I sat my purse down earlier, and snatched it. I walked over to the mirror hanging on the wall and I ran my hands through my hair, making sure it was okay before walking out. I made my way to the living room, and patiently waited. I could see Gerard in the kitchen, and it made my chest tighten. It’d been over ten years and he still took my breath away. I took a deep breath and shook past memories from my head. This was not the time or place to be thinking about them.


    I looked up and saw Gerard standing a few feet away from me and I merely nodded. He held his hand out to me, and I looked at it before looking at him. He looked at me almost pleadingly, but I lightly shook my head at him before walking past him. I opened the door and stepped, needing to get away quickly before I lost control. I heard his footsteps behind me and I jumped as I felt his hand on my lower back. He led me towards a black Sedan and opened the door for me. I carefully slid in, and I couldn’t help but notice the sadness in his eyes as he closed the door. I watched him walk around the front of the car before sliding in. I looked out through my window as he slowly backed out. The ride was quiet; uncomfortably quiet.

    “What happened between us, Julie?” he asked softly as he touched one of my fingers.

    I turned my head to glare at him and I moved my hand.

    “Don’t call me that. You know I hate that.”

    He nodded, and glanced at me before redirecting his eyes back on the road.

    “So?” he asked again.
    “Your drugs happened, Gerard. Your drugs and alcohol,” I whispered as I looked away.
    “I don’t do that anymore.”
    “That’s good, I’m glad.”
    “Look at me,” he said as he stopped.

    I closed my eyes, and inhaled deeply before turning my head to look at him.

    “I’m sorry for what I did,” he whispered.
    “Can we go in now?” I asked motioning to the building in front of us.

    He sighed softly before nodding and turning the car off. I stepped out of the vehicle as he did the same, and I walked around the front of the car. He came up next to me, and I allowed him to lead the way. We did nothing but walk around the store like two strangers who were together for some unknown reason.

    I simply tagged along; slipping random things I needed into the cart, like toothpaste and shampoo and some other things. I wasn’t sure how to feel about the situation. As I looked at him now, it felt like old times again. It felt like we could easily pick up where we left off, but that was impossible. So much had happened between us. Months and months of hurt that couldn’t be taken back. Words we’d used that could sadly no longer hold the same meaning.

    We quickly had what we needed. He had the ice cream, and I had my things. We went to a counter, where we argued momentarily about who was paying for my things before I finally convinced him that I was going to pay for it and that was that. He only let me carry one bag while he carried four others. I walked ahead of him and opened my door before he could, and quietly slipped in. He set the things in the backseat before coming around again. As he slid in, I crossed my legs and looked out my window again. I didn’t bother saying on the way back, and neither did he until we pulled into Luna’s driveway again.

    “I’m sorry for everything I did,” he whispered.
    “You didn’t do anything,” I whispered back, “it was what you didn’t do.”
    “What didn’t I do?”

    I had to laugh at that. I shook my head and looked at him again.

    “If after ten years you can’t answer that question, then you don’t know me like I thought you did.”

    I opened the door, and stepped out before grabbing my things, and closing the door again. I felt tears spring to my eyes as I walked away and thought of him sitting in the car alone.
  13. Thumbelina

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    It's MEEE - ahahaha!

    God, I love it.

    I also love how we had five bags of shopping when all Gerard needed was ice-cream.
    Ah, girls do know how to shop!
  14. LivingDead

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    LOVE IT! This is going to be great!
  15. breakaway787

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    eep! sequel! *runs around..comes back..and runs again*
    i really like it, Jo! i can't wait to see whats going to happen with Juliet and Gee.

    i have a feeling this is going to be as addictive as the Demolition Lovers.. but that's a good thing :]
    ANYWAYS. hope you can update soon because i can't wait 'til the next chapter!
  16. mcr xshannx

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    i love how you put juliet in this!!! :)!
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    i love it so far
  18. Jo

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    Thanks everyone!
    More soon, I promise!
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    ahhhhh i luv it! im already obsessed with it lol ^_^ cant wait 4 another update
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    mm love the sequal!!!
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