Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer MCR Edition

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by TheNickiOfDoom, May 27, 2007.

  1. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    Because he's so damn small.

    Why does Ray not want to be included in slash fanfics?
  2. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because it's really awkward being onstage with the objects of your affection without having those images in your head too.

    Did Mikey Way and Pete Wentz really date during the Summer of Like?
  3. No, they dated during the Summer of Love.

    Why did Gerard dye his hair blonde?
  4. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because he was copying Mikey and he needed an excuse to stick a fork in a toaster without people thinking he was just stupid.

    What is Gerard's favorite thing about Mikey?
  5. The unicorns.

    Why did Frank name one of his daughters Cherry?
  6. MCR_iS_LiFE

    MCR_iS_LiFE Member

    He got the idea from Gerard's red hair.

    What's happening to the Killjoys?
  7. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Gerard's hair color varies too quickly and it has them disoriented; this has already caused many traffic accidents and even a few deaths. The only solution that has been offered thus far is for Gerard to return to his Black Parade hair style and color. Only then will the bloodshed cease.

    Why did Mikey's bed try to drown him in The Paramour?
  8. The bed never wanted to hurt Mikey, he's too awesome. The bed just couldn't see in the glow of the tiny blue light hanging from the ceiling and freaked out.

    Why did they call it "The Black Parade"?
  9. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because Frank's mom dressed him up as a pink zombie drummer boy that year and he ran to go take the costume off in embarrassment but Gerard yelled "Hold it! I have an idea!" and threw black paint all over Frank. And that is where The Black Parade came from.

    If Mikey were a girl, who would he/she marry?
  10. Frank. Come on they're perfect!

    How come Ray never/hardly does interviews?
  11. Because they 'fro will give away too many secrets.

    How come Frank named his son Miles?
  12. eesmobennettt

    eesmobennettt New Member

    Because he likes walking.

    Why is frank such a sexy leprechaun??
  13. Because since his birthday was on a holiday, he automatically has a link to other holidays; therefore he's a Leprechaun. And he's sexy because his parents had the right genes to make the sexiest vegetarian alive.

    What is Bandit going to grow up to be?
  14. A man because she is magical.

    What does Gerard do in MCR?
  15. MoikoiWai

    MoikoiWai New Member

    He lives to taunt him about the day they stole his cookie.


    Why does Gerard keep changing his hair colour?
  16. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    It changes to fit his mood.

    (As a joke: ) What is My Chem's new band name going to be when the get back together under their own label?
  17. Fuck yo band. This band is better.

    I don't even know where that came from. The other thing that came to mind was Nacho Cheese I have no idea why.

    What's with the unicorn??
  18. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    Mikey used to have a stuffed unicorn as a child that protected him from all the bad things in the world; Gerard gave it to him.

    Is it going to Frank's band now instead of Gerard's?
  19. No it will be Rays fro's band. His hair will be frontman.

    Why does frank own so many dogs?
  20. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    His dogs are the source of his love. He draws from their undying affection for him to give it to the fans.

    Why doesn't Gerard wear makeup anymore?

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