Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer MCR Edition

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by TheNickiOfDoom, May 27, 2007.

  1. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    I think that I will run around killing all the doctors who did not attempt to resuscitate Frank while Mikey, Ray, and Gerard feast on Frank's rotting flesh.

    What would Mikey do if a shark ate Gerard?
  2. bobosan

    bobosan Guest

    go after that motherfuckin shark and eat it alive for revenge

    if mcr ended right now,what do ya think would be the main reason??
  3. Dorkosaurus

    Dorkosaurus New Member


    Ray becomes a superhero - what would his superpower be?
  4. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Ray's already a superhero. His sidekick is Missile Kid. Fro Power!

    Why do Mikey and Gerard look completely different now, seven years after Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, when Ray and Frank look exactly the same??
  5. Ray and Frank from the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge time, time traveled to now and kidnapped the Ray and Frank from now and killed them.

    Why did Mikey change is image?
  6. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because he was tired of his unicorn making fun of his glasses.

    Why did Gerard always wear suits in the early days?
  7. CrazyCarnage

    CrazyCarnage New Member

    Because he is secretly a government spy, and he hadn't learned how to fit in with normal society yet

    What are Cherry and Lily's middle names?
  8. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Tree and Flower, respectively.

    Why is Mikey afraid of large bodies of water?
  9. CrazyCarnage

    CrazyCarnage New Member

    Because when he was younger, Gerard told him all the Unicorns had drowned and that's why they didn't exist anymore.

    Why did Gerard and LynZ decide to name their daughter Bandit?
  10. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because Danger Days was really supposed to be about the band robbing a bank as a form of protest against government spending, but the FBI discovered their plot. Fearing the power of MCR, they gave the boys an ultimatum. Revamp the album and stay the hell away from banks or be assassinated. Bandit was named as a form of rebellion. The revolution lives on.

    Why don't Mikey and Alicia have cute little scary-skinny Mikey Jrs yet?
  11. CrazyCarnage

    CrazyCarnage New Member

    Because Mikey is so awkward, he can't tell when Alicia is trying to put the moves on him.

    Why weren't Mikey and Gerard popular in school?
  12. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because they went on a school wide field trip once and some of the kids started to pick on Mikey's awkward knees. As revenge for teasing his little brother, Gerard told such scary stories around the campfire that night that most of the kids wet themselves and went home. Therefore, Mikey and Gerard were ignored.

    Why did Mikey say "chumbawamba"?
  13. bobosan

    bobosan Guest

    because he got a boner.

    why does gerard act gay when he has a female companion and a daughter?
  14. CrazyCarnage

    CrazyCarnage New Member

    That's just a cover up. Him and Frank are actually gay for each other.

    What is Mikey's natural hair color?
  15. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    He's really ginger. He dyes it so the boys think he has a soul.

    Why does he want to deceive people into thinking he has a soul?
  16. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because no one listens to emotional music when one of the band members doesn't have a soul.

    Why unicorns?
  17. CrazyCarnage

    CrazyCarnage New Member

    Because unicorns are known to be wonderful and magical creatures. If he loves unicorns, then that must mean he has a soul.

    What was Gerard's first thought when he discovered Frerard fics?
  18. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    "God I love the MCRmy."

    If Alicia Way and Pete Wentz were killjoys, what would their names be?
  19. Rainbow Hash and Zewnt Etep.

    Why is Gerard afraid of needles?
  20. Karma Kid 94

    Karma Kid 94 New Member

    Because 7 ate 9.

    Why was Frank always sick as a child?

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