Article: There's No Such Thing as a Musical Guilty Pleasure

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Lokeriel, May 16, 2013.

  1. Lokeriel

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    (Via Huffington Post)

    The entire article is worth a read, and definitely makes some good points. I have referred to certain bands/artists as "guilty pleasures," most recently Macklemore and Taylor Swift. (Only one song! Really!) I'd even referred to My Chem as a guilty pleasure, when I first started listening to them! I bought 3 Cheers at a Tower Records, rather than the hole in the wall record store I usually went to, where they knew me. (Back in the earlier days of internet downloading, when record stores still existed.) I only listened to it at home, by myself, never in the car, in case I came across people I knew (I hung out with a lot of gutter punks at the time, and man, no one is more judgemental than punks...) Though I quickly owned up to liking them; I couldn't even hide it now if I wanted to, especially with my "merci our le venin" tattoo...

    But I realized very recently, that referring to something as a guilty pleasure is silly. If people are really going to judge me based on the fact that I like one Taylor Swift songs, why do I want to waste my time talking to them? Yeah, I know she's a ridiculous pop star, that goes through boyfriends like most people go through underwear. But I don't care. It's a catchy song, and I'm gonna sing along with it, goddammit!
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  2. Angila

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    This is so true. I've referred to soo many songs as 'guilty pleasures' because I didn't want to hear shit about listening to it. Off the top of my head some of LMFAO. I can't stand listening to any of it now, but when I heard Shots and Part Rock Anthem I loved that shit. And, since we are admitting to shit I once went to a Ke$ha/LMFAO show. In my defense it was at the urging of my sis-in-law, but it was a pretty good show. I have quite a few Ke$ha songs on my iPod and still occasionally listen to some of it. Do I like it? Noooo ;)

    EDIT: I forget about the filter so I laugh when sh-it is changed to poop :)
  3. Thumbelina

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    I totally agree; I still sometimes feel self-conscious/turn stuff down if I'm in the car and have the windows open, but other than that, Idgaf :)
  4. Lokeriel

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    ^I sing SO LOUD in my car, even (especially) when the windows are open, it probably doesn't matter whether I'm listening to Metallica or Taylor Swift, people are going to think I'm ridiculous either way, haha.
  5. Angila

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    ^Uh yeah me too. I'm a freaking rockstar in the car. And in the house. I've been walked in on so many times singing at the top of my lungs with headphones on that it's now a running joke.
  6. Lenore

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    And singing in the car is more embarrassing: people can see your lips moving without any sound coming out!

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