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    So, I've decided to keep all my One Shots in the same thread, just makes it easier to find them.<3 <3 <3

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    Jaded [Ferard]

    Title: Jaded
    Author: All_Tattooed
    Pairing: Gerard/Frank
    POV: Third
    Rating: NC-17
    Disclaimer: Not Real.
    Summary: Frank needs Gerard to help cure his boredom.
    Warnings: Language, Boysex.


    After three long and near silent hours of traveling, Frank had had enough. Since the band had left Chicago he had managed to occupy himself with two hours of sleep and an hour of listening to music, now he was simply becoming restless. He needed someone to entertain him, because he clearly couldn’t entertain himself and nor could he be bothered to.

    It was late in the evening and though rays of light were still forcing their way through the tour bus windows, the band’s performance last night had most of them now catching up on some much needed rest. All except Gerard of course, who found it rather difficult to sleep in the moving vehicle and had almost become nocturnal out of sheer paranoia.

    Frank flicked his Ipod off, muttering curses at it and asking if it could possibly be any less engaging for him right now. He slid down from his top bunk, dragging his feet lazily as he made his way over to his band mate. Gerard’s eyes flicked up from his comic for a moment, wondering who it was that were so rudely blocking his light from the pages.

    “Frank, you’re in my light.” He mumbled, shaking his head around a bit as if urging the smaller man to move.

    Frank huffed and stamped a foot effortlessly, his boredom getting the better of his maturity.

    With that Gerard just knew the guitarist had come to annoy him and he gave him the only reaction he could care to show for his display of child-like behavior; heavy lids and scrunched up nose. “Move Frank! I’m trying to read.” He frowned, poking the smaller man’s thigh.

    Frank stepped aside and began groaning about how bored he was whilst crawling into Gerard’s bed. He lay down beside him and began making soft breathless noises as he nuzzled his head into the singer’s arm, distracting the elder yet again from his reading material.

    “Frank, what are you doing?” Gerard scowled, throwing the book on his stomach and looking down with raised eyebrows at his friend.

    “I told you, I’m fucking bored…”He whined. “…I’m sick of driving and I’ve got nothing to do.”

    “Well I have something to do and I’d really appreciate it if you would stop dribbling on my sleeve.” He picked his comic back up whilst trying to shove Frank of his shoulder.

    Frank attempted to sit up, wiping at his cheek and checking Gerard’s shirt for drool. “I’m not dribbling. I won’t be annoying. Just let me read with you or something.” He pouted.

    Gerard paid him no attention. He simply rolled his eyes, turned the other way and continued reading on his own. Frank just sat behind him watching the back of his head and fighting the urge to pull at his hair, irritated with being ignored.

    “You’re big ball of suck.” He muttered, lying back down in the bed and shifting up behind Gerard, still adamant to turn his friend’s attention solely to him.

    “And you’re a big ball of, distracting Gerard when he’s trying to read by shoving your crotch against his ass.”

    Frank looked down at his crotch, not even realizing that he was in fact pressed rather tightly up against the singer. He shrugged to himself, at least it’s distracting, he thought. “But you don’t want me to move, right?” He smirked, jerking his hips a little.

    Gerard sighed, he knew now he was going to have a harder time getting rid of Frank than he had first thought. “Please remove yourself from me and my bed.” He asked sternly whilst trying to disconnect their contact.

    “Come on Gee…” Frank’s hand sneakily slipped around Gerard’s waist as his words spilt sultrily against the singer’s neck. Having no idea of the effect his actions for curing his boredom had on his friend, he continued, really just wanting Gerard to put down that comic and talk to him. Maybe even play a board game? “…don’t you wanna play with me a little bit?”

    Gerard’s body tensed and suddenly the tiny speech bubbles on the pages in front of him only contained blurry letters. He cursed himself for his inability to sleep on road trips, most nights he would spend wondering of Frank’s reaction if he were to subtly crawl into his bed when he felt a little jaded. He had never imagined it to be the other way around, but he also knew that what was on his mind was unlikely to be on Frank’s as well.

    He dropped the book to the ground, its use completely pointless now and rolled onto his back, trying to squash his friend a little, in hopes he would find it too uncomfortable to stay. “Really though Frank, if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to have to steal your hand off my stomach and bite all your fingers off…” He raised his eyebrows at a smirking Frank. “…I may even choose to eat them.”

    Frank’s fingers twitched, causing the singers shirt to rise up a little. He peered down and over Gerard’s body; the idea of playing board games now completely uninteresting and he laughed mentally for even pretending that sitting at opposite ends of a Hungry Hippo board were his intentions in the first place anyway. He exhaled sharply, moving his face closer against his friend’s cheek, knowing this time he’d definitely get a rise out of Gerard and hopefully in more ways than just one.

    “I know you wouldn’t do that…” He smiled; letting his lips softly graze the pale skin under him as he slowly pulled Gerard’s shirt up even more. “…because it would mean I couldn’t do this.” He continued; slipping his hand off of the black material that was his friend’s shirt and dragging it over his chest.

    Gerard stared blankly at the metal bars above his head as he secretly pinched at his own thigh, because there was really, no possible way that this was happening. He hated Frank for doing this to him right now. Whether he was still simply trying to be a pain in the ass or not, Gerard had struggled to push the thought of having the guitarists hands on him when they were not in front of an audience to the back of his mind, now it would seem the scenario he too often wished for was starting to play out. At least he fucking hoped so.

    “Oh, you want to touch me huh?” He questioned, almost defensively.

    Frank’s hand dipped lower, his nails begging to gently scrape in Gerard’s stomach hair, or more so, lack of. “I wanna do a lot of things to you.” He grinned, making his objective evident as his tongue suddenly brushed over Gerard’s lips and his hand eagerly rubbed over the singer’s crotch.

    Gerard let out a muffled moan at the unexpected contact, absentmindedly bucking his hips up into the touch and opening his mouth against Frank’s. He cursed himself for going along with this so easily, Frank was difficult to resist, but he could’ve chosen a better time and place to admit that thrusting in his face on stage simply wasn’t enough.

    Frank’s hand continued rubbing, grabbing and teasing as he slipped his tongue into his friend’s mouth. Gerard’s earlier thought to hold back gave out and he forcefully kissed Frank back, fisting a hand in the back of the smaller man’s hair and moving their bodies into the middle of the single bed. Frank’s tongue lapped against Gerard’s own, tasting his mouth and biting his lips as his fingers worked at undoing the singer’s pants.

    Gerard forced himself to hold in the noises that needed to escape him. He pulled away from Frank’s lips and pushed his face against the smaller man’s tattooed neck, taking in his scent and biting softly on his collarbone as he lifted himself slightly to remove his pants. Frank’s legs worked at pushing his friend’s jeans off and to the end of the bed and Gerard’s fingers snaked their way up his friend’s back, pulling his shirt along with them.

    Both half exposed already a sweaty mess, Gerard began to contemplate on whether or not this really was a good idea. He wondered if Frank had any clue that he was not only toying with his chicken, but his emotions too. He didn’t want this to be a one off thing, he didn’t want them to fall asleep and wake up like nothing had happened. Not only that, his brother and closest friends were sleeping just mere feet away from them and as much as he doubted it, what he and Frank were in the middle of had the potential to cause problems within the band.

    He looked up at Frank, heavy lidded and breathless, and preparing himself to tell the guitarist that they really shouldn’t be doing this. He hadn’t realized his line of thought had caused him to become momentarily inanimate and Frank was quickly concerned.

    “Hey…” He whispered, brushing his nose against his friend’s cheek and bringing his arms up either side of Gerard’s shoulders to support himself. “…where’d you go?”

    Gerard smiled and his gaze dropped to rest on the sweaty tattoos covering Frank’s left arm. “I don’t know if this is the best idea Frankie.” He whispered, wrapping and arm around the smaller man’s back and pulling him back down onto him.

    “Whatever you’re thinking, don’t.” He mumbled, placing short kisses all over Gerard’s jaw line. “Because, I really wanna fuck you…” He continued, grinding himself against Gerard’s crotch, feeling their hipbones dig into each other’s. “…and I really want you to want me to fuck you…” He pressed down harder, placing a kiss on the singer’s lips who’s hands had developed a mind of their own as they began undoing Frank’s pants. “…and not worry about your brother waking up, cause I bet he’d totally get hard over seeing us anyway.”

    Gerard stopped abruptly, foot stuck against Frank’s pants that were now lingering at his knees. “Idiot. I was just getting back into it and you say that. Suddenly I have no sex drive.”

    Frank laughed. As much as the pair should have felt awkward, Frank arching his back and grinding his erection hard into Gerard’s meant all either of them could think about was removing the remaining items of clothing they both still had on.

    “Take them off.” Gerard said quickly, gesturing to Frank’s boxers whilst slipping his own his own off.

    Frank sat back on his knees, pulling his shorts off and smirking at the fully naked man in front of him before moving forward again and straddling Gerard’s hips. Their bodies crashed together all in new ways, Frank’s lips found Gerard’s again and Gerard’s hand found Frank’s ass, lifting his legs and pushing the smaller man against him. Frank moaned into Gerard’s mouth as he pulled the singer’s shirt off, the pressure weakening his legs slightly.

    Detached for a second, Gerard pulled Frank back in to kiss him again, both of them now grinding feverishly against one another. Gerard pushed Frank against himself harder, one hand gripping the guitarist ass, one wrapped tightly around a bed post as he lifted himself, rubbing his chicken against Frank’s.

    Frank pulled back from the kiss, earning a disappointed look from the man underneath him that didn’t last long as he started placing kissing over the older man’s chest, slowly licking down to his chicken. Frank’s pert nature hadn’t escaped him and Gerard grinned lustfully when he noticed his friend send him a little wink before eagerly taking his chicken into his mouth.

    Gerard bit at his wrist bone in attempt to keep his moans quieter. Thrusting into Frank’s mouth, he soon became lost in the sensation as the younger man’s tongue flicked over the head of his chicken before taking it all in again. Gerard was having a hard time keeping his breathing low just as he was believing this was actually happening. He knew no matter how much he could’ve tried, Gerard would have never found it in himself to come onto Frank off-stage. It was a mindless thought and at times he considered it not even an option, just something he had to keep to himself.

    Frank left a hand wrapped around Gerard’s chicken as he crawled back up his friend’s body and gave him a quick kiss before smirking and leaning in close to Gerard’s ear asking breathlessly, “Want me to fuck you?”

    Gerard let out a slight whimper and his eyes rolled back before noticing Frank was squirting lube onto his fingers.

    “Where’d you get that?” He asked, confused.

    Frank moved back down Gerard’s body, his smirk not fading and his fingers sliding slowly over the singer’s entrance as he answered. “Oh, I just put it in my pocket before I came over here.” He pushed one finger in, causing Gerard’s knees to bend as he pushed Frank into him a little more.

    “So, you like, had it all planned then?” He smiled, looking down at Frank who then found it necessary to push in a second finger.

    Frank nodded and Gerard pushed himself further down, using his hands against the wall behind his head as support. “For way too long.” He added, pulling his fingers out, reaching for the lube again and rubbing it on his chicken. He positioned himself, slowly easing his way inside Gerard, emitting a hushed string of expletives as he felt the singer tense around him.

    Gerard uncontrollably, moaned through gritted teeth. He lifted his legs, hooking his toes around the thin metal bars holding the mattress above him to allow Frank better access. Frank continued to thrust slowly, getting to his knees and his hands gripping on to the front of the older man’s thighs, pulling him deeper over his chicken. Gerard pushed off the wall and closer into Frank, helping build a rhythm. His eyes fell closed upon feeling the guitarist’s chicken hit his prostate and he arched his back, jaw slack with breathless panting escaping them both.

    For Gerard, his surroundings vanished and his moans and attempts at cursing became louder and louder, forcing Frank to lean into him, place a hand over his mouth and whisper for him ‘shush’ with every thrust he made. Gerard moved his feet to the next bar across, lifting his hips higher as he gripped his friend’s ass with one hand and bit down on his shoulder, sinking his teeth into the guitarist’s skin hard enough to leave purple marks. Frank shot his head up, his mouth wide open as if he wanted to scream at the pain before glaring at the singer underneath him and thrusting has hard as his could like it was the elder man’s punishment.

    “Fuck…” Gerard breathed, pushing his head back into the pillow and dragging his fingers up Frank’s back, his nails leaving white and red marks as he went.

    Frank smirked, feeling himself nearing an end and hoping Gerard was too. He crashed their lips together, tongues colliding, teeth clicking and their chests pressed tightly together. The guitarist felt his friend tighten around his chicken and moan into his mouth, trying to mumble something that simply became lost in the back of his throat. Frank’s pace suddenly slowed, his thrusts becoming drawn-out and deeper and his hand wrapping around the singer’s chicken at the last moment as he came inside a now withering Gerard. Simultaneously they drew a deep breath against one another’s lips, Frank’s body collapsing against Gerard's, his face resting in the crook of the older man’s neck and come smothering their torsos.

    Frank started sucking at the bottom of the singer’s neck, his hips still wriggling between his friend's legs. Gerard tilted his head to the side slightly and twisted his fingers in the younger man’s wet hair before whispering, “God, I fucking hope you’re bored tomorrow night.”
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    "What The Hell Are You Reading?"

    Title: "What the Hell are you Reading?"
    Author: All_Tattooed
    Pairing: Frank/Gerard [Friendship], Gerard/Mikey [Kindanotreallyish]
    POV: 3rd Person
    Rating: PG-13
    Disclaimer: Not Real.
    Summary: Frank catches Gerard reading something he probably shouldn't be...
    Warnings: Very short, crack!
    Author’s Notes: A product of my boredom. Not to be taken seriously.


    As a last resort, Frank entered the band’s dressing room one more time in search of Gerard. Pushing the door open to the back room, where he had forgotten to look previously, he found his band mate, sitting on the lounge with his eyes glued to the laptop screen that was sat in front of him. Carefully he crept up behind him, catching a glimpse of the title at the top of the page that read, ‘Brothers in Arms’. His eyebrows creased as he skimmed over the first paragraph of the story underneath, catching its drift, he coughed.

    “What the hell are you reading?”

    Gerard jumped, completely unaware anyone had come into the room. He turned around to Frank, slamming his fingers on the keypad in hopes of hitting the escape button and scoffed. “What? Nothing, gosh. I wasn’t reading about anything. I mean, I was reading nothing. The computers’ not even on Frank.” He claimed, slamming the screen down, folding his arms and raising his eyebrows at his friend as he stepped aside. “See?”

    “Oh. Yes. I see now. When I walked in I must have mistaken an open laptop and sitting down Gerard, for a closed laptop and inconspicuous, standing Gerard.” Frank mocked the singer. Worst cover-up, ever. He thought.

    “Well, clearly you did, because when I…” Gerard’s voice drifted as Frank climbed over the lounge and pushed the computer screen back up to find the page he was reading still open.

    “…and now you think I’m incest.” He finished with a sigh of defeat.

    Frank turned to face his friend, nodding slowly and looking rather impressed. “This is actually written really well.” He turned back to the screen and continued reading.

    “I know right!” Gerard smiled, shoving Frank over on the seat a bit. “Move over, we can read it together.”

    Frank made space, patting the spot beside him where he wanted Gerard to sit and they both proceeded to read what Gerard knew as ‘Waycest’.

    “Hey…” Frank mused after a moment. “…is there any of this kinda stuff about us?”

    Gerard turned quickly to face the guitarist, looking completely shocked. “Are you kidding? There’s fucking heaps!” He near on shrieked, typing the title of a story he was familiar with. “Here, this one’s probably my favorite.”
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    "Why Don't You Have Any Pants On?"

    Title: "Why Don't You Have Pants On?"
    Author: All_Tattooed
    Pairing: Gerard/Frank
    POV: 3rd
    Rating: PG-13
    Disclaimer: Not Real.
    Summary: Frank has officially read too much slash.
    Warnings: Crack. That's probably it.
    Author’s Notes: A Sequel to "What the Hell Are You Reading?"


    After finishing reading the story Gerard had suggested, a completely intrigued Frank spent the next four hours lurking on slash fiction sites, trying to fill his head with as many different concepts as he possibly could. Some stories had him cringing, however, others it seemed had him wondering.

    Gerard had retired to bed a few hours ago, leaving Frank to do his business. He was a little put off at first when the guitarist claimed he was ‘so staying up to read more’, but he shrugged it off, he couldn’t complain too much; Frank had caught him reading something that was definitely more messed up than ‘Ferard’ stories. Though maybe it was because it was about the two of them that it worried him so much.

    Feeling his eyes getting too heavy to read on anymore, Frank closed down the computer, but not before writing down the names of a few stories he wanted to show Gerard the next morning. Walking past Gerard’s room to get to his own, Frank found himself a little curious. He didn’t know if he was wondering what it would be like to sleep with Gerard or just boys in general, either way in his tired state he decided on crawling in to bed with his friend anyway.

    After sneaking into Gerard’s room, Frank took his jeans off and quietly slipped into bed, snuggling himself up behind the singer and wrapping an arm around his waist. This is nice, he thought.

    Gerard stirred in his sleep for a moment, before violently sitting up in bed, throwing Frank’s arms off of him and flicking on the lamp.

    “Frank! What the fuck?” He shrieked, running a hand through his hair and looking utterly puzzled.

    “I just wanted to see what it was like to love you.” Frank almost whispered, slowly sitting up as well.

    “What? To love me?” Gerard’s brow furrowed, he wasn’t sure if he should be laughing or crying at Frank’s curiosity. “How many of those stories did you read?”

    “A few…ish. Actually I wrote some down I want you to read.”

    Gerard stared blankly at a now smiling Frank, before his eyes started to search the room for something pointless to look at.

    “Why don’t you have pants on?” He asked, noticing his friend’s knee poking out from under the blankets.

    “You don’t have pants on either.”

    “Wha, wh, I…” Gerard’s hands flew around in front of him as he searched for something to say. “…this is my bed. I never wear pants to bed and you’re never in my bed, so I don’t see how it’s a problem.”

    “Oh but it’s a problem for me huh?” Frank stated coldly, jutting his chin forward, raising his eyebrows and folding his arms and legs.

    Gerard stared down at his lap, shaking his head slowly, though not in answer to Frank’s question, he was just that confused.

    “Do you want me to leave?” Frank asked quietly, playing with a thread on his shirt.

    Gerard looked at him for a moment, a little smirk playing on his lips. “What the hell are you? A shy school boy?” He laughed.


    “Playing with your shirt all nervous and shit.”

    Frank smiled, throwing his head back a little. “This is weird huh?”

    “It is quite strange.” Gerard grinned at his friend, sliding back down in bed.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay. I really don’t care. I was just a little shocked at first, that all.” Gerard moved closer to where Frank was sat, threw the quilt off himself and began stroking the empty space next to where he lie. “Lay here. You can love me if you want. I would love it if you loved me. We can love together, I will hug you and we can pretend there’s no awkwardness.”

    They both laughed quietly together before Frank climbed over Gerard’s body and shifted himself into the singer’s curves. Gerard slid his hand up the inside of Frank’s shirt and pulled him closer, nuzzling into the smaller man’s neck and whispering, “That story I showed you about us…” He paused and Frank nodded, smiling to himself. “…I wrote that.”
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    They were amazing.
    I love the last line of the first one
    The second was funny
    The last one was cute
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    OMG I like it I love it hehe is so funny
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    Those were amazing!

    The first one was insanely hot, and the last two were insanely cute :)

    You're an amazing writer <3
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    Oh my god, those were amazing:)
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    AWW!! Those were adorable!
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    All_Tattooed's One-Shots

    Title: Paramour
    Author: all_tattooed
    Pairing: Gerard/Frank
    POV: Third
    Rating: NC-17
    Disclaimer: Not Real.
    Summary: Based on a quote made by Gerard in The Black Parade Special Editon Box Set, "...there comes a time when you need to be much more than a friend, a band mate, or a brother. You have to learn to be there for each other in ways you never knew existed, face things you never had to face together."
    Author’s Notes: I did this pretty quick. Please, comments and con-crit welcome.
    Warnings: Language, Angst, Sex.



    The Paramour Mansion in which My Chemical Romance brought together The Black Parade.


    The lights were burning beyond the purist white imaginable.

    The ground below; splitting like dried mud and smashing under his feet.

    Faint screams, shrieks, terrifying as if death lay ahead.

    He pressed on into the unknown in search of comfort he knew wasn’t available.

    Not there, not in that realm. He was lost and completely secluded.

    Suddenly the walls of his mind were closing in fast.

    Voices and faces circling his mere existence, taunting and screeching. Skeletal fingers scratching at his skin.

    They wanted his colour, they wanted his blood.

    The ground turned to water, swallowing his body whole.

    He could feel the cold; piercing into his flesh like blades and slicing into his soft tissue.

    He was falling deep. His mind went dark as water invaded his lungs, crushing him slowly until mind jolted in distress.


    “Frankie?” Gerard’s voice whispered down the empty hallway, hollow and airy.

    The night was cold, wet and frighteningly dark. Moonlight wasn’t escaping through the windows like it usually did; they were jet black, almost haunting as the rain slid slowly down the glass and dripped off the sill as thick as blood. Gerard crept quietly in what he remembered to be the direction of Frank’s bedroom, quilt wrapped tightly around his shoulders as he shuddered, eyes glazed and lips trembling in fear of walking through the mansion alone. The hardwood beneath his feet felt like ice, reminding him of his dream; panicking it would crack under his wait any given second and he’d be submerged in water again.

    Thunder, wickedly broke the silence that was playing inside the house and Gerard instantly connected himself to the wall beside him; knees bent, sucking his lip into his mouth, biting hard and sobbing, he was utterly terrified. He remained against the wall for a moment, clutching his duvet as if any second he’d fall of the face of the earth. He really didn’t know how much more of this he could take. After a few deep breathes and a reminder that Frank’s room wasn’t too far, Gerard strained himself to back to his feet and continued down the passage.

    He stopped outside the door, jittering with nerves. He wouldn’t just walk in, he would knock and wait; pray to anyone who would listen that Frank would sense he’s not okay. He knocked again a little louder; really not wanting to return to his empty room, simultaneously, thunder cracked again; blending in with his knock at the door. Gerard flinched and turned around, coming face to face with the window opposite, lighting instantly followed; flashing his reflection into the glass, his features dripping away in the droplets of rain outside.

    He shot back around to the door, the fiddle of the handle turning to open suddenly Gerard’s favourite sound in the world. He looked to the roof, mouthing a ‘thank you’, before facing back to the opening door.

    “Holy shit Gee.” It had taken Frank a moment of rubbing the sleep from his eyes to register who Gerard was.

    Gerard couldn’t speak, he was mess. He shrugged his quilt further up his shoulders and pleaded silently for Frank to let him in.

    “Get, get in, get in.” He’d rushed, gripping the front of the man trembling in front on him and pulling him inside.

    The air in Frank’s room was filled with what felt like sweat. Heated and sticky. His window was fogged up, masked with a white shadow and it even seemed as if perspiration was clung to the walls. Gerard couldn’t waste time explaining what had happened whilst standing in the doorway. He near on tripped over Frank’s feet when the smaller man invited him in, darting for his bed instantly. He ripped back the bedding and slid in, his own quilt still wrapped firmly around him. His eyes were still wet as his buried his face deep into the guitarists pillow; trying to suck in as much of his scent as his lungs would allow. He wanted something familiar, something to remind him that he wasn’t still asleep, that he wasn’t still trapped; tremulous in bed with nothing but darkness and the feeling of hands grasping at his throat.

    Frank closed the door quietly and hurried his way to Gerard, crawling as deep into the bed as he had to, to pull the man into him. They lay quiet for a moment, Frank’s lithe fingers gently brushing through Gerard’s hair. He could feel chills surging through Gerard’s body and slithering into his own, the room had suddenly become a lot less heated and considerably frostier.

    “Frankie...” Gerard choked, coughing into his blankets.

    “I’m right here Gee, right here.”

    “...I can’t handle this anymore. They won’t, it’s...” His tears had subsided, though his nerves were still on edge. Gerard moved up a little in the bed, searched for Frank’s hand under the duvet and squeezed it tightly. “...these dreams, I keep having them. Like nightmares but worse. It’s fucking horrible; they’re so real, they’re just so fucking real. I’m sorry, I-”

    “-Hey...” Frank hushed; his voice soothing and light. He shuffled down to look into Gerard’s eyes; an unknown source of light shining into them and scattering shades of hazel onto Frank cheeks. “...don’t be sorry.”

    Gerard’s eyes flickered around Frank’s silhouette as their hands separated; the smaller man’s finding its way onto his friend’s chest, gliding up and down slowly, pausing every now and then; not sure if it was okay.

    “I need it to stop...” Gerard bit his lip; he couldn’t shake the torment of his dream. Tears threatened his eyes again and he thought he was going to simply shatter right then and there. “...I just want it to stop. Every night I try so fucking hard to stay awake, but I can’t. My mind eludes itself and I don’t know it just feels”

    Frank remained quite; listening intently and Gerard could feel his body aching in every possible way for the man laid beside him. His breath hitched; feeling Frank lips graze his cheek, he was so gentle, so inviting.

    But Gerard continued. “’s like something else takes over. All the things I’ve ever been through creep into my head. Like demons, I can feel them draining my veins when I'm asleep and threatening to break me apart. When I wake up in the mornings I feel like I’m not even alive. I mean with Mikey gone everything’s just so fucked. I feel like I should be picking fragments of myself up of the floor and piecing it all back together. I just feel so terrified Frank, I honestly fucking do.”

    “I’m scared too you know. I haven’t slept in over a week. I get so claustrophobic in here, I don’t know what it is but the more I breathe the smaller this room gets and then my breathing gets heavier and heavier. My room just gets so hot that I think I’m going to fucking cook.”

    “I love you Frankie.” Gerard smiled; reaching out for the man’s wandering face. Frank let out a sharp breath, leaning into Gerard’s hand. His fingers were cold on the smaller’s soft cheeks, slipping under his jaw; coaxing his face closer to Gerard’s. Frank’s breath was broken and sultry as he leaned into the crook of Gerard’s neck, kissing and licking at his skin. His kisses moved up, continuing softly to the outline of Gerard’s lips.

    “I love you too...” He grazed his lips with Gerard’s, shifting his body further onto the singer’s. “...I just never knew how to say it.”

    Frank’s lips found their place on Gerard’s again and suddenly the heat in the room seemed to rush back in. Gerard kissed Frank back, turning him onto his back and straddling him, mouths still together for what they both thought was the most brutal kiss they’d ever experienced. Hands searched fervidly over each other’s bodies; unsure of what part they wanted to touch, they just had to feel one another, flesh, hair, tongue, teeth. Gerard slid with much applied pressure over Frank’s crotch, the now humid room filling with a guttural moan, followed by more messy ones; clashing together as Gerard continued his grind into Frank.

    Frank could feel a lump form in his throat, gripping tightly, fingernails digging into Gerard’s hips as he bucked up hard into the man above him. Gerard threw his head back, eyes rolling back to what felt like the back of his skull, in sheer ecstasy and a loud but breathy groan escaped him. Frank lent up, kissing at Gerard’s collarbone, wanting to taste him, his skin, his sweat and breathe in what he smelt like whilst in such a state. He pulled his pants off, Gerard lifting himself and assisting in throwing them off the bed. In another fierce lock of lips, Gerard fell forward back onto Frank who was struggling to remove his pants as well, Gerard lifted again; kicking his own pants off and soon they were pressed skin to skin, slick and sweaty gliding against each other. They’re moans of desire began bouncing from the walls, crawling back into their mouths only to be let loose again.

    Frank wrapped his legs around Gerard, pulling him in closer and biting hard on his shoulder. Gerard faltered at the initial pain, bringing himself to his knees and lifting Frank’s ass off the bed a little with him. Frank clutched onto Gerard’s back as licked his hand, lubricating it as much as possible before coating himself. The moment was intense and their passion for each at that very moment was too great for words. Frank bit his own hand has he felt Gerard’s chicken rubbing slowly and dripping wet along his entrance, eyes closed and Gerard’s mouth hanging open, breathing heavily against his cheek, the smaller man moaned like he’d never heard himself before at the feeling of Gerard’s head slipping inside him.

    Gerard gained posture with his elbows as Frank’s legs wrapped tensely around him, pushing his chicken deeper inside and earning a string of obscenities from the man above him. Gerard pulled back a little only to thrust deeper inside his friend, over and over, the two were completely wound-up. Gerard snuck his arms under Frank’s back and pulled him up; making sure he didn’t slip out, he lifted him slowly, leaning back, clutching onto him, until his back hit the mattress and the guitarist was sitting above him and Gerard’s chicken was completely inside.

    Frank lifted himself up and down on Gerard harder and harder with every movement. The elder gripped at his own hair, thrusting up vigorously. It felt so good that it hardly felt real. Gerard grabbed Frank’s hands, intertwining their fingers has he continued to ride him into oblivion. Frank’s paced steadied, he didn’t want this to finish soon at all. He lent down to Gerard’s ear and whispered, in a hot breath that was full of sex. “It’s amazing what this house can do.”
  11. Anorexia.Addict

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    Oh, wow.

    That was.. really hot.
  12. rubidoux.

    rubidoux. princess

    G_R_E_A_T. Thats what your work its. JUST amazing.

  13. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Wow..That was amazing:)
  14. blueflame817

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    Your writing is fantastic! Those were all really great!
  15. darkestnight

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    Wow. The last one was amazing and hot!
  16. Roze<3MCR

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    damn theyre all sooooo good! WOW!
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    holy...I'm speechless.

    That was just too hot for words.


  18. Pretty.Odd

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    oh wow *drools/fans self*
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    Wow, those are all so awesome! I'm jealous of your talent.
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    You and Nuky are defenetly my favorite writer's here in
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