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    Rating: 18+ for violence, sexy time on 2 accounts (although implied on countless others), stong language, and alcohol use.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members of MCR, nor do I own Jared Leto. This fic is based on The Umbrella Academy, and most of my ideas were inspired by Gerard's comic. The Seance and Mother War are the only characters that I did not make up (aside from the band, of course), they are Gerard's visions that I put my own twist on.

    Summary: Okay. The gang lives in New York. They are constantly fighting the hitmen sent by Jared Leto, the most powerful super villain EVER. And this is pretty much the story their adventures.
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    Chapter 1: And So it Begins

    [Gerard's POV]

    It was a day just like any other...but that's how they all start out. I had just sat down at my drawing table to finish a storyboard for the next issue of my comic book when I heard the first screams coming from the city streets below.

    It never fails, I thought, to myself rather bitterly. I instantly felt bad. It's not the city's fault that it's completely overrun with villains.

    "Seance!" I was jolted from my thoughts by the sound of my name...well, my superhero name. My real name is Gerard Way. Crime-fighting superhero by day, comic book writer by night. Or sometimes it's the other way around.

    "Seance! Get your ass out here and fucking help me! GAH, YOU BASTARD! YOU'RE SO FUCKING DEAD, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT YET!!"

    Premonition. It had to be her. the sweet raspiness of her voice echoed up to my apartment window from somewhere below me. I could hear her grunting and screaming with effort and frustration as she took hit after hit from whatever she was fighting. I was surprised. Premontion never seemed to break a sweat. This villain must be a tough one.

    A taxi cab came crashing through the glass wall of my living room, sending flying shards of glass everywhere. Floating on a disc of purple-tinted evergy was Premonition. Hands on her hips and tapping her foot, she glared at me from the gaping hole in my wall with a stare that burned a hole straight through my chest. She stepped from her hovering disc onto the floor. I was backed into my breakfast bar as she advanced on me.

    "Gerard Arthur Way," she said through her teeth, her face inches from mine. "You get into your outfit and get your scrawny little ass outside, or so help me, God, I'll--" she brought her hand up and with it went my beloved coffee pot. "I'll smash it. I swear I will, Gerard."

    "No! No, anything but the-- HEY, MY ASS IS NOT SCRAWNY!" I pushed her away from me angrily. Opps. The next thing I knew, my coffee pot had smashed against the kitchen wall and there was coffee all over. I glared at her.

    "Hey, you did that to yourself, Seance."
    "Yeah, but it was your fault," I pouted.
    "Don't be a baby about it, I'll buy you a new one."
    "You'd better," I mumbled, turning to go into my room.
    "Where do you think you're going? I still need your help! Phantom is much too strong for me, I can't even touch him."

    "I'm going to get into my outfit! God, I can't very well go out there like this. That'd make the whole 'secret identity' thing kind of pointless. You get a hold of the others while I'm in here, okay?" I didn't wait for an answer; I knew she'd do it. She does everything I ask her to do. Sometimes I think she has a thing for me, or something, but I can't be sure. If there's one thing I've learned about Premontion over the years, it's that she'll always keep you gueesing.

    Cassandra Petrelli. Premonition's secret identity. She works as a psychic consultant for Jared Leto, the leader of the super villains. She's an asset to us because of that. She's our spy. She keeps us up-to-date on all of the happenings in the realm of the villains. That's why she's always at the crime scene before we are. She's got access to all of the inside information we need to defeat most of these crackpot villains.

    I was back out in my destroyed living room in a matter of minutes, clad in my black spandex and my black and purple boots. I looked over at Cassie and immediately knew not to bother her. She was deep in concentration with two of her fingers to her temples and her eyes shut tight. Like I had asked her to, she was calling the others. All of Cassie's powers had to do with her psychic abilities. She had visions of the future, hencer her name, she could pick things up with her mind, she could hack into people's thoughts and talk with them, and she generated protective forcefields with her mind.

    Cassie opened her eyes and looked at me wearily. "They're on their way," she said in a weak voice. She stood up from the couch and stumbled over to me.

    "Okay. Hey, are you alright," I asked, already knowing the answer she was going to give me. I put an arm around her waist for support.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. That just takes a lot out of me. Fighting through radio waves to contact seven other people isn't exactly easy."

    I nodded. "So you wanna head out," I asked, heading towards the hole in my wall.

    "You forgetting something?" I turned to look at Premonition, who was holding out my mask.

    "Oh, yeah, that'd be good, wouldn't it," I laughed, taking the black eye mask and putting it on. On the way out I grabbed my Ouija board and my planchette from my drawing table and tucked them under my arm. The Ouija board was what I channeled my power with. I have the ability to summon dead superheroes, and I obtain their powers once they possess me. I've had the power for as long as I can remember.

    I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see who it was, expecting it to be Premonition, reminding me of something else I forgot. Seeing no one, I shrugged and turned back around to find myself face-to-face with Bob Bryar, the Lost Boy. I gasped. "Jesus, Bob! Don't do that!"

    Bob laughed. "I'm sorry! I just love the look on your face EVERY TIME."

    I sighed and shook my head. I should be used to it by now. Bob has invisibility powers, and he's always using them to scare me. I'm a naturally jumpy person, so it never fails. When he's not fighting crime, he works as a publicist [my publicist] for Dark Horse Comics. You can assume that we're very close. He's one of my best friends.

    "Scorpio is here! Let's get this party started!" said a voice from behind us.

    "Frankie," Premonition exclaimed.

    "Hey baby," Frank said, grabbing her ass as he walked by her. Cassie blushed, but regained her composure and slapped him across the face.
    "Ooh, you know just how I like it, don't you baby," Frank smiled.
    Cassie laughed. We're all used to Frankie. He wants to get in everyone's pants, and he makes no effort to be modest about it.

    It makes me kind of jealous, the way Cassie and Frank look at each other sometimes. It pretty much sucks that I have feelings for the both of them. Granted, my feelings for Cassie are more genuine than those that I have for Frank...I merely lust after him...but still.

    My brooding was RUDELY interrupted by the manifestation of a hooded creature in the middle of my living room.

    "THAT'S HIM," Premonition shrieked, jumping into Frank's arms and pointing at Phantom.

    "Let's get him," Scorpio yelled, dropping Premonition and leaping over her.

    "Okay, ouch! Asshole," Premonition groaned. I held out a hand to help her up.

    "Thanks, G," she said, smiling up at me before taking my hand. I could feel my heart skip a few beats and I did my best to smile back.

    "Hey, Seance, you okay?" I diverted my eyes from Premonition's and looked in the direction of the voice. Standing in the threshold of my apartment was Ray, or El Toro, looking at me with an amused expression on his face.

    "Hey, Toro." We knew better than to use our real names in the presence of a villain. Yes, I'm fine. Why?"

    "I dunno, you looked kind of dazed and...stupid," El Toro laughed. Then his face underwent a drastic change in emotion as he caught sight of the futile fight between Scorpio and Phantom. Our beloved Franke was getting his ass kicked...miserably.

    "Hey! Keep your...spiritual energy off of my friend," El Toro growled, picking up my plasma screen TV and hurling it at Phantom. The TV went right through the translucent, hooded figure and smashed against the wall.

    "Well, that counts me out," he sighed, plopping down onto my overstuffed couch and picking up the remote.

    "Yo, Seance, what happened to your TV?"

    I glared at him. "You destroyed it with your uncontrollable temper and your goddamned super strength!" I sighed. "First my coffee pot, then my TV? Yeah, this day just keeps getting better and better."

    "AH! I'm vibrating," Premonition yelled suddenly.
    "Are you really," Scorpio said with a sly grin.
    "It's my cell phone, perv." Premontion rolled her eyes, taking the phone out of her bra.
    "Is that where you keep your phone," Frank asked. "That is SO hot."

    Premonition ignored him and looked down at the still-vibrating phone in her hand. "Uh-oh...It's the boss." She opened the phone and put it to her ear. "Hello?...Yes, Jared...Oh, so it's sir now?...It has not!...Okay, sir...Yes, sir...Sorry, makes you what?! You're a sick fuck, you know that, right?...Ugh, you're a sick fuck, sir. Yeah, yeah, I'll be there soon. Sir." She hung up the phone and sighed. "Jesus, he's almost as bad as you, Scorpio. Apparently, he gets off on me calling him sir. Yeeeeah, TMI."

    "Uh-huuuh. Hey about you call me master from now on," Frank said.

    "How about not? I have to go, guys. Let's meet up later. Call me," Premonition said, conjuring up another disc of energy and stepping onto it.

    "Oh, I'll call you," Frank said, staring at her chest.

    Premonition laughed, but I could tell it was fake. There was definitely something on her mind.
    "I'll see you later," I said, dodging an attack from Phantom. When I got no response, I looked up to find that she had already left.


    IMPORTANT UPDATE!! I missed an important detail with Gerard and his feelings for Cassie...and Frank. Haha, sorry bout the screw up. I'm such an airhead.
    Okay, so this is my baby right here. For those of you who are just in it for the frerard, be patient. It's a long way off, but it'll come. I promise<3
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    I love Ray's superhero identity
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    thanks guys! i will update asap!
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    Capter 2: Thanks for the Coffee.

    (Cassie's POV)

    I left Gerard's apartment and made my way over to mine. It's not very far away, just a couple of blocks, and it's got this cute little coffee shop right across the street. I go there often; it's one of the only coffee shops around here that isn't a Starbucks. I hate Starbucks. But that's a rant I'll save for another time.

    Thinking about coffee reminded me of Gerard's coffee pot. I wrote a note to myself on a hot pink post-it note telling myself to get him a new one and stuck it to my refrigerator. I sighed and looked around my apartment. It's significantly smaller than Gerard's but it has the same exact layout. In the living room I have an overstuffed imitation suede couch, a black leather armchair, and a TV that's being up by a couple of stacks of books. I used to have this kick ass entertainment center, but this one time, the guys were over playing video games. Now, video games aren't Ray's forte...and neither is self control. So he got tired of losing, and the next thing I know, my entertainment center comes crashing down, taking my stereo and my DVD player with it. My TV escaped with a few scratches, but everything else was destroyed. Ray is still paying me back for the damage, and that was almost 6 months ago.

    My phone started to vibrate, and I took it out of my cleavage and read the screen. Jared again.
    "Yes?...Oh come on! You weren't serious about the whole sir thing. ...You gotta be fucking kidding me. ...OKAY, FINE! Bastard. ...Nothing, sir. Where am I? I'm at home, duh. Why? Because I had to get changed. ...Because. I was at the gym when you called." (Yes, that was a flat-out lie, but he doesn't know I'm a superhero). "I'm wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, why?...No, I am not going to change into something more revealing. Ugh, fine. Any suggestions, besides me coming naked?" I listened as he fully described the outfit I was to wear, rolling my eyes as he spoke. "Yes, sir. I understand," I grumbled, and I snapped my phone shut and trudged into my room.

    Once I had closed my bedroom door behind me, I opened up my underwear drawer and took out what Jared described as "that lacey little thong I like so much" and a black strapless push-up bra. Sometimes I wonder why I take this shit from him, but then I remember; you have to be very careful with how you act towards Jared. He's a very powerful man-- probably one of the most powerful men on the planet-- and he will not hesitate to fry you where you stood if you rubbed him the wrong way. The only reason why I get away with being a bitch is that the pig gets horny when I talk back to him. His secretary hates it, but that's a whole different story.

    I squeezed myself into my extremely tight, extremely low cut black leather pants and pulled a black tight-fit tank top over my head. Jared is so lucky I work part-time as a bartender at the strip joint down the street. I dug through my closet and took out a pair of knee-high stiletto-heeled black boots and pulled them on over my pants. Once again, my phone started to vibrate. I grabbed it the second before it vibrated off of my dresser and onto the floor, and assuming it was Jared, answered without looking at the screen.
    "What," I barked into the phone.
    "Jesus, Cassie! What the fuck was that for?!" Gerard. He sounded like he was in a really bad mood. But then again, I wouldn't be too happy either if my living room was completely destroyed in a matter of minutes.
    "God, sorry G. I thought you were Jared."
    "Are you with him now," Gerard asked. His tone was softer, but I detected a hint of jealousy in his voice.
    "No, I just finished getting changed," I replied, clasping a spiky dog collar around my neck. According to Jared, I wasn't allowed in the office unless I wore it. I can only imagine what that meant.
    “Oh, okay. Well, are you going into work tonight? It’s Mikey’s 21st birthday and the guys and I wanted to show him a good time.”
    I rolled my eyes. “<i>Shit</i> I forgot it was Mikey’s birthday! Uh, yeah, I’m working. I’ll call in and see if we can get the new girl to dance for him. She’s supposed to be really good.” Mikey is Gerard’s little brother. He doesn’t really have any powers, but he is a certified genius. He’s been out of college for almost 5 years now and he programs computers for a living.
    “That’d be awesome. Thanks, Cassie. You rock.”
    “No probs, G. I’ll call you when I get home from J. Corp.”
    “Okay, talk to you later.” And with that, Gerard hung up.

    I closed my phone and sighed. I pulled my brunette curls into a ponytail as I left my room. I fucking hope Jared appreciates this, but I know very well that he doesn’t. Even if he knew how hard this is for me he wouldn’t appreciate the shit I do for him. I know Gerard likes me…he might even love me…and I know how much my playing along with Jared’s sick little games hurts him. I just wish I could stop. But I can’t risk my position as Jared’s psychic consultant. It’s too important to the guys.

    A shot of vodka and 12 city blocks later, I was standing at the desk of Vikki Ferguson (or Ditz of the Century, as I like to call her), Jared’s secretary.
    “Who do you think you are, coming in dressed like that,” she bitched, giving me the look of death.
    “For your information, I asked her to dress like that.” Jared came out of his office as he said this, with a black leash dangling from his index finger.

    Vikki looked at him, eyes wide and mouth agape. She’s head over heels for Jared, and he couldn’t give two shits. “But…but….” She watched in despair as Jared clasped the leash to the collar around my neck and led me into his office. My stomach was in knots and I had started to sweat. I had a really uneasy feeling about this…even though this happens all the time. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was wrong. I tried to read his thoughts, but he’s too smart for that. He’s blocked them out.

    “I’ve missed you,” he said once he closed and locked the door to his office.
    “I’ll bet you have,” I replied coolly. I refused to let on how scared I was. He’d use it to his advantage.
    “Did you miss me?” Jared took off his coat and hung it on the back of his oversized chair.
    “Of course,” I lied. I sat on the edge of his desk and crossed one leg over the other, playing along as he expected of me.
    “Prove it.” His bright blue eyes narrowed, and a smirk played around his lips.

    I leaned forward, grabbed the lapels of his suit jacket, and pulled him closer to me.
    “That’s what I want to see,” he whispered, his face less than an inch away from mine. Our lips were about to touch when the phone rang. I breathed a sigh of relief as he went to answer it. A dark cloud passed over his face as he picked up the receiver.
    “This had better be fucking <i>good</i> Vikki.”
    “I’m going on break. I wanted to know if I should pick you up some lunch while I’m out,” I heard her reply with that annoying fake innocence in her voice.
    “You’re so close to being fired, it’s not even funny,” Jared growled. He slammed the phone down and looked at me.

    “She’s doing that on purpose, you know,” I said, hoping to start an argument that might eventually lead to him kicking me out of the office.
    “We’re not here to talk about her,” he replied, sensing my intent. He disconnected his phone and pushed it off of his desk, along with everything else that was on it.
    “Well, then why did you <i>demand</i> that I come over,” I asked, becoming short of breath as he resumed his position in front of me.
    “Why do you think,” he grinned. Before I could say anything, I was being pushed down onto the desk with Jared’s mouth to mine.
    “Jared,” I gasped when he pulled away to unbutton my pants. “Jar, stop.” But it was no use. He wasn’t going to listen to me. But I had finally figured out what has been bothering me this whole time…guilt. I realized that I really do love Gerard. I can’t keep doing this to him. I just can’t.
    “Jared, you need to stop!” I tried to sit up, but he was far too strong.

    “What’s wrong, pussycat,” he purred into my ear. It made my whole body go numb, and I realized that I no longer had any free will. He was controlling me with one of his many powers.
    “Nothing, baby,” I heard my voice say. But I didn’t say it…what’s going on?

    Jared chuckled and slid his hand up my shirt. I tried to fight back, but my brain wasn’t sending out the messages. I can’t do this…Gerard! Did that sound come out? I don’t think it did, because Jared seems unfazed. I tried to scream for Gerard again, but nothing happened. Hmm…then screaming “rape” was out of the question…I was defeated by the spell that was put on me, so I had no choice but to play along.
    Shit…my conscience is gonna hurt in the morning.

    * * * * * * ​

    I woke up five hours later on Jared’s desk, fully dressed. Jared was asleep on his chair, blood on his hands and face. I put my fingers to my neck and found that it was sticky with blood. I had bite marks all over me. Fucking sicko.

    I slid off the desk and snuck out of the dark office. The building was completely deserted, which I was grateful for. I didn’t want anyone seeing me all eaten up. Grosssss. Anyway…I felt around in my pockets for my cell phone, and then remembered that I had left it at home. I had no idea what time it was, but by the emptiness and silence of the city, I could tell it was late. I looked around to see if anyone was coming, and when I was sure that the coast was clear, I flew off into the darkness and off to my apartment.

    * * * * * *​

    12 missed calls. 3 voicemails. 18 text messages. All from Gerard. I am officially the worst person alive. It’s almost 1:30 in the morning, I’m an hour late for work (not that I’m even going now), and I made Gerard cry. I have to do something for him. I changed into some pajamas, took my coffee pot from my kitchen counter, and flew over to Gerard’s apartment.

    There was only one small light on in the demolished living room: the lamp attached to the drawing table where Gerard was slumped over, seemingly asleep. I landed next to him and gently touched his shoulder. He raised his head slowly and turned to look at me. I wanted to die. I <i>need</i> to be shot. Now.

    Gerard looked as if he had been crying for hours. His eyes were wet and puffy and his face was still wet with tears.
    “Oh, Gerard…” I knelt next to him and looked into his bloodshot eyes.
    “Cassie…how could you,” he whispered. He caught sight of the bite marks on my neck and shoulders (I was wearing a tank top), and started to cry again.
    “G…please don’t cry.”
    “Cassie, I love you,” he yelled, jumping up so suddenly that I fell backwards. “Why can’t you see that?!”

    I didn’t even bother standing up. I just sat on the floor and cried into my hands.
    “Gerard, I’m sorry! I never meant to hurt you,” I sobbed. He was on the floor next to me in a second, cradling me in his arms.
    “Shh, I know, Cassie…I know, it’s okay.”
    “No, it’s not! I’m a horrible person, Gerard!”
    “Cassandra! Don’t you talk like that. You are a beautiful woman. And you deserve so much. I want to be the one who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.” He cupped my face in his hands and wiped away my tears with his thumbs.
    “Cassie,” he began, but before he could finish, I kissed him hard. It seemed to last an eternity…and everything I could ask for…everything I ever wanted was wrapped up in that one perfect kiss. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was worth something, not just some toy to be played with.

    I pulled away from him and stared into his hazel eyes, so much like my own, but deeper and more beautiful. “I love you, too,” I whispered.
    “Oh, Cassie,” Gerard breathed, wrapping his arms around me. He held me on the floor of his living room for what seemed like hours. I suddenly remembered that I’d brought my coffee pot for him. I reached up and grabbed it from the drawing table, and handed it to Gerard.
    “Thank you,” he laughed. “I wasn’t expecting one so soon.”
    I blushed. “It was mine. Consider it an apology gift.”

    He looked at me for a long while, then took me into his arms once again. He kissed me once, and I rested my head on his lap. He stroked my hair for awhile, and sang something, but I couldn’t really hear him. I was too busy listening to his thoughts.

    They were all about me, about me and how much he loves me.
    About how happy he is now that I love him back.


    Ah, chapter 2. this is where it starts to get really fast paced. if you don't like rollercoasters, get out of line because you're in for one hell of a ride.
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    Chapter 3: Why Should She Choose the Penniless Comic-Book Writer?

    (Cassie’s POV)

    After what felt like a lifetime of lying on the floor in Gerard’s arms and listening to his thoughts, I began to drift away from his mind and start listening to my own. After realizing all of my fears, I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. I cried freely into Gerard’s chest, not able to help myself.

    “Cassie, why are you crying?” Gerard lifted my face so I would meet his gaze.
    I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest. Gerard wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder, awaiting my answer.

    “I’m scared…no…I’m terrified of what’s going to happen to me. To us if Jared ever finds out.” At the mention of Jared’s name, another thought came upon me, and that horrible guilt that plagued me last night was back, tearing at my insides. I began to cry harder, and sobbed, “And I’m so sorry for hurting you like this, Gerard. And I’m sorry that I can’t stop.”

    Gerard nodded. “I know. And even though I really wish you could stop, I know you can’t. Your…position…with him is too important to us. We need you to do this.”
    “But I don’t want to hurt you anymore!”
    “Baby, don’t cry! I can deal with it.”
    “But you shouldn’t have to,” I yelled. At the same time, my phone rang. It was Jared. I looked at Gerard and he bowed his head, hurt in his eyes. My heard throbbed as I stood and answered the phone.

    “Where did you go,” Jared asked in a low, harsh tone. He’s fucking pissed…
    “I went home,” I lied, “I didn’t want to wake you.”
    “Home? Well that’s funny, because I’m at your apartment right now, and no one’s here.”
    My stomach dropped to the floor. “Why are you at my apartment?” I glanced down at Gerard who had gone pale.
    “Does it matter? You’re lying to me, Cassandra. Tell me where you are.”
    “I’m at a friend’s house,” I said simply.
    “What friend,” Jared roared. I jumped at the anger in his voice.
    “None of your business,” I replied coolly.
    “I’m tracing this call as we speak, Cassandra. Whether you tell me or not, I will find you.”
    I gulped. “You…you wouldn’t.”

    “Oh, wouldn’t I,” inquired a voice from behind me. I dropped my phone and gaped at Jared standing in Gerard’s doorway.
    “Who is this,” Jared growled, nudging Gerard with the toe of his boot to emphasize the last word.
    “Hey!” Gerard stood up from the floor and stood in front of me, his stance protective.
    “This is Gerard,” I said, easing him back down to the floor. “He’s a comic book writer.”

    Jared was silent for a long while, staring the two of us down. I focused on what he was thinking. He still had his thoughts blocked out, but in his moment of slight panic, I was able to get bits and pieces.

    He’s more to her than just a silly comic book writer…
    I can smell her on him…
    …lipstick on his face…
    …the way he looks at her…
    She’s mine, damn it!...
    …Mother War will know what to do…

    “A comic book writer,” he said aloud, his lips taught. “Well, we’ll see about that. In the meantime, Cassandra, you are going to go straight home. I don’t want you hanging around with this riff-raff.” And with that, Jared disappeared into thin air, leaving me with the ghost of his thoughts.

    I sunk to the ground, feeling numb. So numb, I didn’t even feel Gerard’s arms around me.
    “Cass, what was he thinking?”
    “I opened my mouth to respond, but no words came out. I was so terrified, I couldn’t even speak. Instead of words, I made a little gasping noise and started trembling.
    “Cassie, you need to tell me,” Gerard pleaded.
    I looked at him, and couldn’t get over the pain in his eyes. I had to bring myself to say something…for his sake. “He…he knows about us,” I stammered, standing up from the floor. “He’s sending out someone to kill you…and…and…” I wasn’t able to finish my sentence. My brain began to shut down, and I lost all control over my thoughts. This only means one thing…

    “VISION,” I screamed as the searing pain of a premonition burst though my head. I grasped the edge of the overturned sofa for support as I buckled under the pain in my head. I could feel Gerard’s arms around me, and the warmth of his breath on my skin, but I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. I was too fixated on the scene that was playing out behind my closed eyes.

    Mother War, one of Jared’s most powerful villains, had come to Gerard’s apartment. She was summoning the dead to come and fight with her, so Gerard and I were outnumbered one hundred to two. As I was fighting off a slew of zombies and skeletons, I saw Jared floating up near the ceiling, watching us with an evil, triumphant smile on his face. I couldn’t keep up with the undead. Every time I killed a zombie…or a skeleton…Mother War would summon 20 more. Everything was happening so fast…and then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I hear Gerard scream. It was such a horrific, bloodcurdling scream…part of me knew he was dead…but the other didn’t want to…refused, to believe it. I fought my way over to him, almost getting myself killed in the process. What I saw next made me wish I had. One half of my baby was at my feet, and the other was in the claws of Mother War. She had ripped him right the fuck in half! I heard Jared’s laugh in my ear, then felt a searing pain in my abdomen. Then everything went black…


    -ducks for cover- DON'T HURT ME!! I'm not saying anything about Cassie's vision, you will learn soon enough. This is very Moulin Rouge-esque, hence the chapter name, lol. Jared would make a perfect Duke. And Cassandra's a wh**e. You just don't know it yet.
    Let me just clarify one thing: Jared is the most powerful man on the planet. OOH, GOOD EXAMPLE! Okay, so you know how in Heroes Sylar had every superpower known to man? That's Jared. Only Jared didn't eat people's brains to get them.
    I will try to update tomorrow, but if not, definitely Sunday.

    Hint: I feed off of your reactions. :^_^:

    Jared you little...

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    *new reader*
    this is good.. i have never read a fic where they are super heroes.. its different and i like it =]
    more soon?
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    Ch. 4: The Day Mother War Went Berserk
    Gerard’s POV

    “Cassandra!” What the fuck just happened? One minute, Cassie is bracing herself against my couch, and the next, she’s on the floor with blood pouring out of her stomach. I scrambled over to her and took her into my arms.

    “Cassie? Cass, wake up! Oh, God…” I took off my shirt and pressed it against her bleeding stomach. I had no fucking clue what to do. Cassandra barely even gets woozy after a vision, and she NEVER faints, let alone falls to the ground bleeding. It had to be Jared’s doing. I looked around the room for my Ouija board as I racked my brain for a superhero to summon. My eyes fell upon the board, sitting all the way across the apartment on the breakfast bar. I grabbed some pillows that were lying next to me and put them under Cassandra so I could go and get it. I ran over to the breakfast bar and grabbed the board, but when I tuned around, Cassandra was sitting up and looking at me with a questioning face.

    “Don’t ask what happened, because I have no fucking idea.” I went back over to her and sat down, and resumed applying pressure to her wound. I then realized that it had completely disappeared, and only the bloodstains on my carpet and my t-shirt remained. Convenient…it was my favorite X-Men t-shirt.

    I looked up at her and she was smiling at me with a strange look in her hazel eyes. How could she be smiling after what just happened to her? I tried to pull my hand away to see if there were any traces left of the wound, but she stopped me by putting her hand on top of mine.

    “No,” she whispered, looking into my eyes. “Don’t stop.”
    “Cassie?” She put a finger to my lips to quiet me, and soon replaced it with her own lips. She pulled away to kiss my neck, then down to my shoulders, so I had some time to speak.

    “Babe, don’t you think we’re going a little too fast? I mean—“
    “Too fast?” Cassie stopped kissing me long enough to look into my face and raise an eyebrow, but then resumed what she was doing.

    “Yes, too…oh, never mind.” As uncomfortable as I was, I couldn’t bring myself to disappoint her. Good thing I’m a good actor. I knew those plays in high school would come in handy some day…

    “Oh, Gerard.” Cassandra breathed my name as I pressed my mouth to her neck and leaned her down onto the ground. Her hands were at the waistline of my sweatpants, her fingers trying desperately to untie the knotted drawstrings. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake my uneasiness, but our mouths weren’t separated long enough for me to say anything. It finally got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Cassandra,” I whispered after breaking the everlasting kiss. I eased her hands away from my waist. “Please…”
    “Gerard…is everything okay?” Concern clouded the angelic features of her face, making my heart skip a few beats.
    “I…I’m really not ready for this.” I know that I sounded stupid, but it had to be said.
    “Why didn’t you say that before?”
    I felt my face turn red. “Because I didn’t want to disappoint you.”
    “Oh. Gee…” Her hand reached up to brush my cheek. “You wouldn’t have disappointed me. I completely understand if you’re not ready for this. We can take it as slow as you’d like.”

    I brought my hand up to rest on Cassandra’s hand on my cheek. “I love you.”
    “I love you, too,” she smiled. I smiled back and leaned down to kiss her.
    “Shit! Gerard’s getting some action!” The second our lips touched, Frankie, Ray, Bob, and Mikey stormed into the apartment, completely hammered. Fucking figures…
    “Wow, Gerard. I know it’s Mikey’s 21st birthday, and all, but this is a better reason to celebrate! Ray dropped two six-packs of beer and an unopened bottle of tequila on the breakfast bar.

    Cassandra pushed me off of her as she sat up. “What’s all the booze for?”

    Frank cracked open a can of beer. “Well, when Gerard said that he wasn’t coming to the bar, we figured something was wrong. Then, once we got there and found out that you never showed up for work, we figured you were here with Gerard…and we were right.” He gave a suggestive raise of his eyebrows with the last statement. Cassie giggled. I rolled my eyes.

    “So now that we’ve all been briefed, can we fucking party?” Mikey opened the bottle of tequila, a mischievous grin playing around his lips.
    “Yes, please.” Cassie took the bottle from Mikey and put it to her lips. A strange look passed over her face, and the bottle fell from her hand and smashed onto the floor.
    “Gerard,” she mumbled, almost incoherently.
    “Guys, she’s having another vision! Catch her,” I yelled as swayed and fell to the ground. I stood up as Frank lunged to grab her. He caught her just before her head hit the floor.
    “No, it’s not a visio—” Her sentence was cut off by the gut-wrenching scream that came out of her mouth. Before anyone could do anything, a ghastly figure rose up out of her stomach and landed on the floor next to her unmoving body.

    “What the fuck,” Frank exclaimed, scrambling backwards. Standing in front of him was Mother War, Jared Leto’s most powerful minion. Her blade-like claws glinted in the light, and her eyes glowed red from behind her gas mask.
    “Guys…”Frankie said, slowly backing away from her.
    “I got this,” Ray said through gritted teeth. He took off his leather jacket and lunged toward Mother War.
    Mother War held out a clawed hand, sending out a blast of skulls and boned to defend herself. They bounced off Ray and fell to the floor at his feet. Ray stood in front of her laughing his ass off.
    “Oh, come on. You have got to have something more powerful than…tha…oh, shit.”

    “The skulls and boned rose up from the ground and formed about a hundred skeletons, all heavily armed. Ray began kicking and punching the skeletons, only to find out that each limb that fell grew into another armed skeleton.

    “Gerard, we’re gonna need you,” Bon said, disappearing into thin air as Mother War threw a flaming skull at him, and reappearing behind her. He rubbed his hands together to make a ball of electric and threw it at her, making Mother War fall to the ground. She flew back up in a second, being propelled by a whirlwind of dirt and charred bones.

    “But what about Cassie?” I said, looking down at the pale, immobile figure at my feet.
    “She’ll be fine.” Frank had his tattoo gun aimed at Mother War, poisonous needles waiting to be fired. “Bob, get out of the way! I need a clear shot.”

    Bob ducked out of the way just as a stool from the breakfast bar, thrown by Ray, flew towards him. It sailed over his head and hit Mother War. She flew with the impact and hit the wall behind her. Frank advanced on her as she fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

    “Look at me,” he said, tattoo gun poised and ready.
    Mother War looked down at the ground.
    “I said fucking look at me!”
    “No,” Mother War growled through her gas mask.
    “Look into my eyes, you sadistic bitch!”
    “NO!” Mother War looked up into Frank’s face to emphasize the last ‘no.’ She suddenly went completely still, staring up into Frank’s eyes. Small whimpers came from behind her mask, but she remained motionless.

    “Way to go, Scorpio,” Ray said, triumph evident in both his face and voice.
    “Someone finish her while I have her paralyzed,” Frank said, eyes never moving from Mother War’s.

    I stood and took the tattoo gun from Frank. I sighted down my arm, straight to the center of Mother War’s forehead, and shot. The gun fired like a machine gun, shooting round after round of needles into Mother War’s head. The venom from the needles seeped out into her skin, tinting it a sickly green color. The red glow of her eyes flickered and died behind her mask and her body went limp. Still, I shot her, the fact that she was dead not registering in my brain.

    “Gerard,” Frank yelled. I kept shooting. “Gerard, dude, she’s dead!” Frank put a hand on my arm, taking the gun from me with his other. I fell to the ground in front of Mother War and stared at her, not really seeing or hearing anything. Then I remembered Cassandra. I crawled over to her on my hands and knees, and took her into my arms once more. The others knelt beside us, their concern so strong, it was almost tangible.

    “Is she alright,” Bob asked, moving the hair out of Cassie’s face.
    “Here,” Mikey said, handing me a shot glass filled with a shimmering green liquid. “Pour this into her mouth.”

    I did as I was told. Moments later, Cassandra’s skin glowed with a pale green light, shimmering as if her entire being were made of glitter and light. Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped for air.
    “Cassie, can you hear me,” I asked.
    Cassandra nodded. She must have noticed that she was glowing, because she held a hand in front of her face and moved it around, marveling at how she shimmered in her own light. “What the fuck,” she mouthed.

    Mikey smiled. “Just something I threw together. You should stop glowing in a matter of minutes…you’ll be able to speak once the shock wears off,” he added, guessing her next question. Cassie nodded back, showing that she understood.

    “Oh, shit,” I said. I looked around my apartment and saw hundreds of skeletons crowded around us, their weapons hanging limply at their sides.
    “What’s up with them,” Ray asked, fists up and ready to fight.

    “They’re awaiting orders from their new master,” Mikey said, as if it were common sense. After seeing the confused look on our faces, he rolled his eyes and explained. “Much like zombies, skeletons don’t have minds of their own. Once raised, or in this case, summoned, they must be controlled.” Mikey looked over at me. I shook my head, still not getting it. Mikey sighed. “Since you killed Mother War, the will obey you.”

    I nodded and stood. “Um…go back to where you came from,” I said, still unsure. One by one, the zombies began to disappear in swirls of ash and bone. “Wait! And take her with you,” I added, motioning to Mother War. Several of the larger skeletons stepped forward and lifted Mother War; they disappeared in an explosion of smoke and ashes, leaving nothing but a few bones behind. The rest of the army followed suit until the only evidence that they had ever been here were piles of ashes scattered around the apartment.

    Frank fell backwards with his arms outstretched and gave a relieved sigh. “Mikey. Beer. Now.”
    Mikey laughed and grabbed a beer from the breakfast bar. He cracked it open and handed it down to Frank, who finished it in only four chugs. “More,” he hiccupped, holding up his hand once more.
    “Jesus, Frank,” Mikey said, handing him and other opened can of beer. Frank downed it in a matter of seconds. If anyone needs a drink, it’s Cassie.”

    Cassie shook her head ‘no’ and cuddled into my chest.
    “Oh, come on, Cass. It’s Mikey’s birthday! Just because you’re green and glowing doesn’t mean you can’t party!” Bob was suddenly standing over us, holding a bottle of vodka. No one saw or heard him leave, or come back.

    “Where did you find that,” I asked, already knowing the answer.
    “Aaaaaaaall the way at the back of your freezer. It was hidden under a lot of shit,” Bob replied.
    It was hidden for a reason: them. “I know.”

    “Gee’s been holding out on us,” Ray yelled. “Get him!”
    “Guys, no!” But it was no use. They swarmed over me, laughing and giggling like schoolgirls.
    “Tickle fight,” Mikey exclaimed.

    Oh, shit. I’m so done for. “Guys, no! Don’t you fucking dare!” Like they were really going to listen to me. And so it began. Me, a helpless comic book writer experiencing the wrath of fifty fingers (Cassandra included), that knew my weakest and most ticklish spots. I stopped trying to fight them, and by the time they were finished with me, my stomach felt like it had exploded from laughter and tears were streaming in a river down my face.

    “Shit, guys,” I said, still trying to catch my breath. “I need a drink.”
    “Drinks all around!” Frank opened the bottle of vodka, took a long drink, and passed it to Cassandra.
    Tonight is going to be interesting…


    Alright, I just realized how horrible a writer I am. I totally missed a VERY IMPORTANT point in the first chapter. Okay, so you know how in chapter one Gerard talks about how he gets jealous when Frank and Cassie look at each other all wanting and whatnot? He's jealous of THE BOTH OF THEM. He loves Cassie, but HE LUSTS AFTER FRANK! I should go edit it now, shouldn't I?
    Sorry I missed that, guys....I can't believe I forgot.

    Edit of chapter one and chapter 5 coming soon...I hope. I have really bad writer's block.
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