A Life Long Wait

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    Rating: 18
    Main Characters: Bonnie, Gerard / other members of My Chemical Romance
    Summary: Bonnie and Gerard have been through many obstacles together but will it end in tears or will they have their 'happily ever after'?
    Genre: Romance
    DISCLAIMER: This story is fictitious and all characters excluding those whom are members of My Chemical Romance and are associates of the band.

    This story is completed so it's guaranteed to be updated!

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    I slowly opened my eyes and blocked the light with my hand as the sun beamed through the window. I looked over to my right to see an arched back, a dip down the center formed a groove that stretched the length of the abdomen. Material taught against an adamant structure. Gerard was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling on his boots.
    “Where you going, babe?” I uttered, wiping my eyes.
    “Just gotta get some more cigarettes,” he replied, “I’ve not got many left.”
    “Well, you smoke like a chimney.” I remarked as I sat myself up in the bed.
    He tied his laces, got off the bed and jumped to make his pant legs level.
    “I’ll see you in a minute, baby girl.” he said, kneeling over to me to plant a kiss on my lips.
    Gerard was about to get up before I grabbed the front of his hoodie and pulled him towards me. I kissed him back and swept his scruffy mid-length hair out of his eyes.
    “Don’t be too long.” I said.
    “I wont. I’m nicking Mikey’s car because I’m not walking.”
    “You’re a lazy bastard!” I chuckled, still grasping his hoodie, not wanting to let go.
    “Fucking miss my car. Those mechanics best not be fucking it up.” he grumbled before kissing me again and crawling off the bed.
    I watched him saunter out of the bedroom door, realising how lucky I was to have him - it made me smile.
    “Bye!” Gerard shouted as he walked down the stairs.
    “Bye, hon!” I cried back while looking at the clock on the bedside table. 9:23AM. I grabbed the bed covers off of me and attempted to find some clothes as I was only in underwear. I picked up Gerard’s pyjama bottoms and pulled them over my legs then slung on my white tank top that was laying on the floor, crumpled.

    Fully clothed, I walked out to the hallway towards the bathroom to freshen up. As I was brushing my teeth, I heard footsteps. The door nudged open.
    “Hurry up.” exclaimed Mikey, standing in just his boxers and shirt.
    “Shut up.”
    I finished brushing my teeth before heading back to the bedroom.
    “Bathroom’s free, shithead!”

    The bedroom was a mess; clothes were flung all over the place and coffee cups had created murky rings on the bedside tables. I rounded up the various clothes and threw them into the laundry basket then neatly made the bed, finding a few under garments wedged in areas during the process. The sun crept through the curtains, beaming ting rays of light into the room. I drew them open, disturbing the sombre atmosphere.
    “Alicia, can you make me a coffee?” I heard Mikey call from the hallway; it was more a demand than a question.
    I walked past him and down the stairs with the grime-ridden coffee mugs. When I got to the last step, I pulled the bottoms up that were way too big for my small build.

    In the kitchen, Alicia was performing the daily routine of brewing the morning coffees. I headed towards the sink to plonk the mugs down. I then padded over to the table by the sliding garden doors and sat myself down, resting on my arm spread across the fine, dark oak.
    “Morning, Bonnie!” chirped Alicia.
    “Morning.” I replied, gazing out to the sky through the glass doors. “I’m knackered.”
    “We know!” Mikey cried as he waltzed in - now fully clothed - “We heard what you did last night!”
    I grinned and laughed, “I do apologize.” I uttered in a bogus voice.
    “No worries, chick,” snorted Alicia, “we’re used to it these days.”
    The front door slammed to a halt before Gerard plodded into the kitchen.
    “I don’t know about you but it’s not what I wanna heard, ya know… my brother fucking!” commented Mikey. “Oh, speak o’ the devil!” he continued.
    “What?” Gerard stopped walking towards me and stared wide-eyed in confusion.
    “We were just discussing your night time activities!” explained Mikey.
    “Oh, shut the fuck up, jealous!” smirked Gerard as he placed a packet of cigarettes on the table and took a seat next to me.
    “Oi, you cheeky twat! This bitch gets more than enough.” remarked Alicia, gesturing to Mikey.
    “Whatever. Vice-versa and that.” he laughed, glancing at me.
    I lightly thumped him on the arm, “Calling me a bitch?”
    “Yeah. Ma bitch.” he grinned before leaning in for a kiss then grabbed a cigarette from its pack.
    “What are you guys doing today anyway?” I asked.
    “Me and Mikey are going to a hotel for the night. The taxi is booked and bags are packed.“ replied Alicia.
    “Oh, when ya leavin’?”
    “In a little bit.” she smiled.

    A beep sounded from outside.
    “Oh, that, my dears, is probably the taxi now.”
    Alicia stepped out to the hallway and shrugged her bag over her shoulder then opened the door. Mikey followed, clutching his bag on his way out as we filed behind to the front door. We waved goodbye, watching them climb into the backseat.
    As we continued staring, waiting for them to drive off, I felt Gerard’s hand creep round to my waist then slide under my top. I giggled, closing the door.
    “Oh, my baby girl.” he whispered as he turned me around and pulled me into a caress. Our tongues massaged passionately in a kiss. I groaned as one of my hands slithered under his hoodie and my other ran through the back of his black, scruffy hair. I then felt a hand come to my stomach and lower inside my bottoms.
    “This is not a bedroom.” I joked, pulling away, “You can wait!”
    “Or maybe I wont!” he smirked.
    He abruptly swung me over his shoulder and rushed up the staircase despite my cries in protest.
    “You sexually frustrated asshole!” I shrieked as he laid me down on the bed.
    It lightly wobbled, my bottom bouncing with the motion. The exposed flesh of my breasts shook from under the cotton top. He paced to lock the door before approaching me. My hand snaked around his neck, pulling him closer, then through dark strands. Our lips brushed, lingering momentarily, as his hoodie zip slowly lowered. He flung the attire elsewhere, placing impressionable kisses down my neck and collarbone. Hands slipped under my behind and tugged on the waistband. The pyjama bottoms slid down my legs and over my feet as the passionate kiss advanced. A groan escaped passed my lips, feeling his hands run up my stomach and round to my back, clasping at my bra. I persisted to unbutton his jeans and teased them passed his waist.
    He continued to kiss my neck, nibbling briefly, as pressure increased on my groin. Murmurs sounded when he began to thrust. His hand glided down my thigh and gripped tightly.
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    Had to split it into two sections due to character limit.

    Gerard pulled on his underpants and slouched back on to the bed against the headboard.
    “Babe, can you pass my hoodie, please?”
    I grabbed the hoodie that was next to me on the floor and handed it to him. He searched the pockets for his cigarettes.
    “Fucksake.” he muttered, “They’re downstairs.” He reluctantly crawled off of the bed and disappeared out the bedroom door.
    My eyes subtly closed as I laid my head down, feeling drowsy. The bed covers were draped partially over my hips and stomach, adorning my bust. My arms spread across the pillows as I twirled single strands of my tousled hair, sluggishly. Gerard returned with a cigarette dangling between his lips. He rested back on to the bed and scooted close to me, propping an arm around my head. See-through swirls ascended from between thick, rugged fingers. I tilted my head back as he leaned towards me, our lips concealing in a lingering kiss.
    “I love you, baby girl.” he muttered, stroking the side of my face.
    “I love you too, babe.”
    The smoke from his cigarette rose, hung around briefly and disappeared, only to be replaced with more grey, transparent swirls. After a few minutes, he had finished smoking and carefully stood the filter stump upright on the bedside table, making sure to balance it.
    “You’ve taken the fucking ashtray down stairs again, ain’t ya?” he mumbled, glancing at me before peppering kisses across my face vigorously.
    I giggled, “That, honey, would be correct. You live like a pig.”
    Gerard then proceeded to dot my body in kisses before blowing a raspberry on my stomach.
    Me and you, baby, ain’t nothing but mammals,” he sang then continued the song with his own words, laughing in between, “that’s why we do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!
    “You’re fucking hilarious, you are.” I sarcastically scoffed.
    He gently walloped me on the thigh then hoisted himself up to a seated position and reached for his jeans.
    I lifted myself to rest against the headboard and groaned, “Stay in bed, babe.”
    As he slipped on his T-shirt, I ran my hand up his back and subtly stroked areas. His skin was a lot warmer than mine and refined. My hand snaked up to his shoulder, pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around his waist, breasts pressed firmly to his back and my legs either side of his as I caressed his skin with kisses.
    “It’s nearly noon, babe.” he said, peeling my hands free of his body.
    He turned to me and planted a lasting kiss on my lips before retreating again.
    “Get dressed and I’ll do lunch, sugar tits.” he grinned.

    The television flashed every time it went on to a different channel. Parts of documentaries and sitcoms dotted the screen and varied in tone.
    “Put the fucking menu up, will ya!” I demanded.
    “Alright, butthead.”
    Gerard was playing around with the remote control, unsuccessfully channel spotting. Sauce dripped from the chicken, landing on my plate with green bits of salad. The fajita wrap began to unravel as I attempted to rescue it by shoving a big bite into my mouth.
    “Sweet, Hellboy’s on.” said Gerard as he set the remote down.
    “Go fuck yourself. How many times have you seen this?”
    “You love it.”
    I groaned slightly and continued munching on the mess in my hands as Gerard sat back.
    After we had finished our lunch, I washed the plates up along with other cutlery from the previous day and returned to the living room. I nestled into Gerard’s chest, entwining my fingers with his, fondling with his thumb, as the big red guy played out on the screen.
    You'll have to forgive the swearing...and how the censorship makes some words come out. :oops:

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