30 Seconds To Mars

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by November is Dead, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. forever_now

    forever_now New Member

    i like 30stm :p i never saw this thread though until i searched for it. i was on youtube and saw this:
    its pretty funny. i never realized gerard and jared are so alike. not to mention basically the same name lol.

    i really want to see 30stm in concert, that would be awesomeee.
  2. Baskest Case

    Baskest Case Guest

    i really don't like them.
    At all.
    From yesterday is way overplayed.
  3. love_MCR!

    love_MCR! New Member

    I want to see them live too! I hope so much they come to Austria soon!!

    And thanks for posting the video! It's great!
  4. Outsider

    Outsider New Member

    I like 'em! I'm goin to Give it a name 2008, May 10, so I'm seeing them live!

    ps. Jared Leto is HOT!
  5. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    That video was amazing, mainly because it includes the two sexiest men alive! I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the WTF moments!!!!! Anywho I adore 30, they are wanna my fave bands. I only met 'em last week too, was pure amazingness. Jared complimented me. :D
  6. blacknemesis

    blacknemesis Guest

    we all luv them!
    yor right, jared is hot, and he's really sweet!
  7. AstroZombie

    AstroZombie New Member

    i Love 30 seconds to Mars, i think theyre awsum :)
    but not as good as mcr

    MCR QUEEN New Member

    there okay
  9. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest


    Also, your sig is too big. It stretches the thread.

    Anyway, I like them a lot, but I still like MCR a lot more.
  10. Neky

    Neky New Member

    I REALY, REALY like them
    I like their songs, videos, everything
    And I don´t like them just because Jared is the singer,
    and don´t like him more then Tomo and Shannon
    Like them all the same

    They´re great

    I think one of their best songs, is Modern Myth and Savior
  11. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    i love 30stm!! they rule

    they're one of my fave bands

    i was really pleased with their new vid, a beautiful lie, 'cause it proves that a part from being awesome musicians they are also great people.

    i've been also having a look at the abeautifullie.org website and it's really interesting!!
  12. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    the new video is amazing.
    Jared nearly died filming it. ]:
  13. BrittanyMCR

    BrittanyMCR New Member

    although i do like the new video i really wish they would jsut put a new cd out.

    I've been listening to A Beautiful Lie for what? 2 and a half year now? and they have a new video..come on!
  14. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    omg! i didn't know!! what happened?? :( i would have died if something happened to him...it would be awful!!
  15. han

    han Active Member

    I think we do need a new CD... The other are 2 get samey after a while
  16. SpaceRock

    SpaceRock Guest

    Meh, I'm not a fan. Thier music is horrible simplistic and boring and if it wasn't for Jared Leto being in the band they would have never released a CD...
  17. han

    han Active Member

    hmm i dont think thats true..

    i had never heard of Jared Leto until i started liking the band.

    i found out he was an actor when i saw fight club llike a month ago...
  18. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    ^ same

    i only actually saw him in alexander for like 5 seconds, and i don't recall thinking he was particularly good looking in that role

    not that he isn't usually ^^

    but anyways, it's the music that makes the difference...you can either like it or hate it, it doesn't matter

    as long as you respect other people's taste
  19. Pansy_Lover

    Pansy_Lover Guest

    i really dont like them...i rather kill myself than listen to them!
  20. revenged

    revenged New Member

    I really hate them.
    tbh i think they would of never made it, if Jared didn't have money and looks, they really annoy me.

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