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    Please tell me what do you think, comments will be loved above all.

    Chapter thirteen : If you want to keep on crying...

    Frank Iero was runing away. He was runing away from his boyfriend (but has he ever been?)'s house, runing away from his pain, runing away from his feelings.
    To run made him feel a bit better. He could feel the air passing throught his hair, drying the tears which were runing on his cheeks.
    He feels so stupid, so ashamed to have been fooled by Gerard, to have believe that he cared about him, and that he would leave his girlfriend for him. Why the hell would he have done that?
    Eliza was so much better than him.
    Well, then, send my resignation to the bride and the groom.


    Sean Williams and Tyan Lavinge were walking slowly away from the dark alley they had left the emo kid half dying. Sean shook his hands; it was hurting, but he felt so peaceful and calm. All his angriness had gone while he was hitting, and now he felt delightely calm, just like after he had an orgasm.
    He took a deep breathe and felt even better; beating those faggots (even though he knew that Mikey was straight, he liked to call those kind of guys fag, cause after all, what else could they be, wearing that make up stuff and those girly jeans?) was acting like a calmant on him.
    Even though all this violence had turned him on.
    «*What's next, now, Will?*» asked Lavigne.
    God, he hated when he called him like that! Can't he pronunced his whole name, for God's sake? He slapped him violently on the shoulder, and felt his member growing harder at the vision of his friend's frightened look.
    «*Don't call me that way! Fuck, you know I can't stand it, Lavigne. What's next? Well, this emo might tell his fucking brother to meet me tonight, or he'll seriously regret it.*»
    Tyan saw in his eyes that he was serious. It wasn't about to beat some kids up when they wanted anymore; this time, Sean seemed to be able of anything.
    It couldn't be only because of the stolen i-pod (in Tyan's mind, it was as if Frank had stolen something which particulary owns to Sean, as if it hadn't been Iero's possession in the first place.) - of course Sean had been mad about that, madder than Tyan has ever seen in, actually he had been effraid that Williams was about to hit him. But instead of what, he had calm down. At first, Tyan had been relieved; even if he didn't care at all of the Way brothers nor that Iero guy, he didn't want to be a part of some slaughtery. Holding someone while his best friend was hitting, that was a thing, but to give the shoots himself was not the way Lavigne was considering his life.
    But it appeared that Sean's revenge might be even worse than what Lavigne had expected. To let Mikey half dying on the street was just a beginning, he could feel it.
    «*Do you want me to be there tonight?*» he asked aprehensively.
    Sean put his arm on his shoulder, and look at him straight in the eyes. This contact was rude, but he knew that was how Williams expressed his friendship. He finally smiled at him, but that was not a smile of joy. And throught this smile, Tyan could see what all those years of violence Williams father had put his son throught.
    «*Of course I want to you to be there. I don't want you to miss the great show.*»
    As his eyes were lightening by his madness, he added :
    «*And now let's pick up Frank Iero.*»
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    damn haven't commented in a while...
    omg nooo! damn bullys! damn gerard! damn eliza! poor mikey!
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    --- New Reader ---

    Oh My Bob.
    This is AMAZING :D
    Are you going to update it soon, i hope so. :)
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    Yay new reader! *gives Bethiee a cookie*
    I'm gonna update soon, though I have the feeling that I've lost half my readers on the way :s
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    -- eats cookie --
    thanks ;)
    how could you loose people, it franking rocks.
    i wanna know what happens next LMAO.
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    hi :p

    so, yahh, update soon, yes?
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    haha what Sid?
    And Bethiee >> thanks so much! okay if everything goes okay I'll update tonight.
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    okay cool :)
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    Nooooo not Frankie!!
    Update!!! please!!!!
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    A short and creepy update, but hope you guys will like it anyways.

    Chapter forteen : I'm not effraid to keep on living, I'm not effraid to walk this world alone.

    Eliza was kissing Gerard's neck, glad to see him shudder at the contact of her tongue on his skin. He was under her control again; and nothing has been more orgasmic than seeing him breaking that fag's heart, and just because of her!
    She was trying to untie his belt, still smilling at what had just happened when Gerard's phone rang (with that stupid fall out boy's ringtone). He tried to get out of her to pick it, but she caught his arm.
    «*Let it go! I wanna fuck.*»
    Gerard hesitated and then dropped it. He wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone anyway. He felt so disgusted, he was so hurted that he just wanted not to think anymore. He would fuck her and then fucking live in the nightmare he had created.


    Alicia was begging her mother to let her die alone in her illness, and that Mrs. Simmons was trying as hard as possible to get her take her meds, when the teenager girl's phone rang loudly.
    «*Don't wanna be an american idiot... » started singing Billy Joe Armstrong throught it.
    «*What that ringtone is about?*»
    «*That's Green Day mom! You're such old fahsionned sometimes...*» Alicia told her, picking up her phone. «*Yeah? Hey sweetie!*» she said when she had recognised his voice. «*When are you coming to see me on my dying bed?*»
    «*Alicia, honey, is everything okay?*» asked Mikey in a worried tone.
    «*You mean, except the fact that I can barrely breathe and that I haven't seen you since ages?*»
    «*Stay at home, would you? I'll come as soon as possible after I'll talk to my stupid old brother.*»
    «*What's going on, Mikey?*» she asked, serious this time.
    «*Nothing...Nothing that matter. Just stay at home. I love you.*» he hang on Nick's phone.
    He felt relieved; at least she was blocked at home with her parents.
    Mikey glanced at Nick and Georgina; they seemed to be so happy together...Just like he was with Alicia, it was the same complicity in their eyes, they were sharing the same sweetness, the same peacefull look of love which makes everybody grins stupidely...
    And yet he could still feel his heart full of angriness; he was so mad at Sean, for being such a dick at treating people, mad at Tyan, who was helping him blindly, and at Gerard, who wasn't there for him.
    But what was digusting him above all, was himself. How could he let that happened? How could have he let the people he cared about being involved in such a madness?
    How could have he not seen that his unique brother was so much in trouble?
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    OMG they're gonna die!

    idk, don't ask lol

    I'm at school
    gotta leave before they shoot me
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    Go work at school, you young silly girl! What your teachers are gonna think about you reading frerardness?
    Would be funny to see their reaction though. Something like : O_O perhaps?
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    Updateness. And yeah, I got "I write sins, not tragedies" in the head while I was writting Eliza's replique *starts singing again*
    Anyways, here it is. Tell me what dyou think. (pretty long I know! I got inspiration!)

    Chapter fithteen : You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose / But where's your heart?

    I was staring at his injuries again when Nick put his hand on my shoulder.
    « Look, it's like the seventh time he called his brother...Maybe it's time to check what's going on. That freak who had beaten him up might have been after this Gerard sooner than we were expecting. »
    I agreed with him and we moved on the Mandy's café. As Nick was making his way to find out our car, I was supporting Mikey - one shoot on his legs was making him limp.
    « Look », he told me, uncertain, « you guys don't have to do that. I mean, that was pretty nice to you to help me, but, I think we're gonna make it. I don't one anyone more to be involved in that asshole's madness... Gerard and I will fix it. » he added, breaking apart from me to walk alone. His walk was pretty bad, but he could do it on his own.
    He gave me a gratefull look and was about to leave, when I answered:
    « Don't be silly, Mikey. That's not about you being abused by some joke. These guys almost killed you, and who knows what they're capable of to do to your brother. Nick and I are concerned now, you want us or not, you'll have us. » I tried a recomforting smile but it didn't really work.
    He closed his eyes with his hand as if he was trying to think hard, but when he finally opened it again, I saw that they were all wetty and puffy. His nerves were giving up; that was good, he had to cry to get over it.
    I hugged him slightly and took his arm to lead him at the car.
    « Georgina... » he said with his cute american accent, « thanks. »


    «*Gerard Arthur Way! Where the fuck are you?*» screamed Mikey entering the house. Georgina and Nick followed him slowly throught the small hall. A great sound came from upstairs, like a theatral 'boom' as if someone was hitting the wall. Mikey left the couple to ran upstairs and opened violently Gerard's room door.
    «*I...*» he started. Gerard and Eliza were lying on his bed, the girl on his top, half naked, half trying to get dressed.
    «*Mikey, fuck! Get out of here!*» she screamed while Mikey was frozen on the threshold, trying to erase the vision of his great brother having sex of his memory. He finally moved on and, closing the door, he added «*fuck it! Gerard I fucking need you, it's been like an hour I'm trying to call you man, so get that bitch out and...*». But before he could end his sentence, the door bursted open again and Eliza appeared.
    «*What the fuck is wrong with you, freak?! Haven't you ever heard of knocking?*» she yelled at him.
    «*Don't call him freak!*» answered Gerard, putting his tee shirt on. «*What's going on Mikes? Fuck! What happened to you? Who have done that?*» he shouted when he figured out how Mikey was injuried, even if a part of him knew already who.
    «*I'll explain, but first, get out of here, Eliza. Damned it, Gee, why the fuck are you still with her?! She's messing you all the times!*» he added to his brother.
    Gerard didn't answer, but looked ashamed; where was he, while his little brother was beated up? Fucking his damned girlfriend! What kind of borther was he?
    «*Why don't you tell him that you choose me, Gerard? Or would you have prefered he had chosen Iero?*» she asked Mikey. «*Shut the fuck up!*» yelled Gee.
    «*What? What the hell are you talking about?*»
    «*Oh come on...don't tell me you haven't noticed that little fag.*»
    He knows now. He knows about me and Frank.
    Gerard put his hand around her neck and slammed her against the wall. «*Get out of here, right now!*»
    She laughed, took her bag on the floor and walked slowy downstairs. Nick and Georgina looked at her, alerted by the screams. She laughed even more and moved out of the house.

    Gerard sat down the floor, hidding his face on his hands. Even if it was only for a few seconds, he wouldn't have to look at his life anymore.
    «*Gee...*» started Mikey without any idea of what he was going to say. He sat next to his brother and put a hand on his shoulder, in a desperate attempt to make him feel better.
    «*I tried you know...I really tried. To get her out of my life. To be happy with... with the one I care about. But it's too hard. She's right about me.*»
    «*No she's not, and you know it. Why do you refuse to be happy? She's ruining you, she's like a snake and she's using all her venom on you.*» he said, miming a snake grip with his hand.
    Gerard had a nervous laugh. «*You don't get it...she's the only one who...love me for who I am. A freak. She accepts it and still love me.*»
    «*That's not love.*» said Mikey in a schocked tone. «*That's not fucking love, what she's giving you! She only loves to get you down. She adores to see you messed up, I guess that's making her feel so good about herself. Like she had a kind of power on you. But you don't deserve that, Gee...I know you. You deserve someone who really loves you, and who treats you well. Even if...even if that someone is Frank Iero.*» he added in a whisper.

    Gerard looked at his little brother trying so hard to tell him that everything was okay.
    «*You know...I love him. But I screw everything up.*» he said in the same tone. Tears were running out of his eyes. «*I fucking screw everything up because I wanted to be that..that straight guy, you know?*»
    Mikey didn't answer; he hugged him for a long time, letting him cry every time he wanted to.
    When he got calm again, he said in Mikey's ear «*Thanks. Now why don't you tell me what the hell happened to you?*»
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    Yea Gee listen to Mikey, you can be with Frank!!! But now I want to know how's Frank!!!

    Great update and I hope you update again soon! <3
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    yay a happy update....in a way,yay!
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    i love brothers :lol:

    yahh more yes?
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    mikey OKAY
    hes not DEAD
    and also gees getting back with FRANKIE
    oooo SEXYTIME
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    Thanks to all of you guys, next chapter soonish! And btw, the end is coming... I'm thinking of it, but I'll write a few chapters before it end definitively. But still, the end is coming soon.
    Love you guys! <3

    ps : Gee's not getting back with Frankie yet! Frank has no clue about it, remember? he still thinks he's an asshole. And yeah, Mikey's not dead, I couldn't kill Mikey :)
  19. </3sofie</3

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    o YEAH
  20. x°TrustMe°x

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    a short update cause I wrote long ones recently (lol, was it an excuse? yeah, it seems so...)
    Hope you guys like it ^^ it's way less darker than before.

    Chapter sixteen : And I'll drive on to the end with you.

    He reached his house sooner than he had expected. Actually, he wouldn't have run to his house if he hadn't seen Sean Williams and Tyan Lavigne hanging around in the Belleville Park. But he had nowhere else to go, so he decided to hide himself in his room until the end of times, or at least until his pain has gone.
    So, yeah, until the end of times.
    Frank opened the front door and slammed it unpurposely. «*Damned it!*» he whispered. The last thing he needed was to being noticed by his mother or his brother. But hopefully, the house seemed empty. He ran upstairs to his room and closed gracefully the door.
    And then it came out, out of nonewhere, unexpected, unprepared, a great and loud moan of pain. He bursted into tears, like a little girl who got her lollypop stolen.
    He hit the wall violently, and the physical pain in his hand was stronger than his emotional one, so it helped him got calm again. He took a deep breathe and looked at his hand; it was so painfull that he couldn't move it anymore.
    He smilled.
    What if he had choosen that bitch? What if he had choosen to be the most dumbass straight guy in the world? I don't care.
    He had almost succed to convince himself when he thought of the time they had spent together, and fuck, that hurted like hell to think that all of that was just a joke, that it meant nothing, and that, above all, it was over.
    He was lying movelessly on his bed since an hour, trying to erase all the good moments they had shared, and the beautifulness of Gerard, when his phone rang weakly in his pocket.
    [Gee] is calling...
    He hesitated...What if he wanna explain what the hell happened, like how Eliza had forced him by using drugs to break his heart? Or how he had been kidnapped by aliens and remplaced by a fake Gee who's mission was to break his heart?
    Okay, he had to stop reading Sci-Fi stuff.
    He dropped it. He didn't want to suffer anymore.

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