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    Chapter 17

    Franks POV

    I watched as Gerard stormed out of the school building. My gut twisted as I thought of the things he might do while he was alone and found myself following him.
    “Frank where are you going?” Mikey called.
    “After him. Mikey I really don’t trust him alone. You know this morning when we left yours? Well he told me to go ahead so he could go to the bathroom and I know for a fact he wasn’t going to take a piss.” I turned and continued towards the door. I heard footsteps behind me and Mikey was suddenly beside me.
    “You don’t have to come with me Mikey. I know how hard this is for you so I can take care of it today if you like.”
    “No Frank. He’s my brother and anyway if I didn’t come with you I’d be worrying all day.”
    We walked out of the building and down the street towards Mikey’s house, I couldn’t stop panicking about what we were going to find.

    Mikey’s POV

    I unlocked the front door and hurried inside, heading straight for the basement.
    “Gerard. Gee, you in here?”
    No answer.
    I barged into his bedroom only to find it empty. I spun round and back up the stairs, meeting Frank as he emerged from upstairs.
    “Any sign of him?”
    “None. Mikey, any ideas on where he might be?”
    “He was in the park last time, so I think that’s where we should look first. If not, maybe the comic book store.”
    “Okay lets go then.”
    We left the house and headed to the park. I hoped to God he wouldn’t be in the same state as last time when we found him.

    Gerard’s POV

    I waited a few blocks down from my house until I saw Frank and Mikey leave and walk in the opposite direction. I slowly walked towards the house and unlocked the door stepping into the warm. I felt so pissed off right now. How the f**k could David twist things like this. And now I’d been kicked out of school so I was gonna get hell off of mom when she finally came home.
    I went down to my room and looked through my desk hunting for what I was craving right now. My hand came across the bag and I pulled it out retrieving two of the blue pills from it. I crushed them on the desk and arranged them into two neat lines. I closed one nostril and snorted the powder. My nose was burning and as I waited for the pills to take effect I went to the kitchen and took the bottle of whiskey from the liquor cabinet. Back down in my room I took a large drink coughing slightly as the liquid burned my throat.
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    Next chapter is complete. Shall we find out what gonna happen when Mikey and Frank find Gee. And what state is he gonna be in this time?? ;)

    Chapter 18
    Mikey’s POV

    We wandered aimlessly round the park for almost two hours looking for Gerard. He was nowhere in sight so we decided to look down one of the back alleys.
    “Where the f**k is he?” I said desperately.
    My eyes stung and my breathing started to come in short, sharp breaths as images of him lying dead flitted through my head. He was fragile and I was so worried right now.
    “Didn’t you say he often hung out in the comic book store?”
    “Sometimes, yeah.” I sniffed.
    “Let’s go then.”
    We started the short walk towards the comic store quickly, desperate to find him.
    “Hey Clive have you seen Gee at all today?”
    “No sorry Mikey.”
    “Can you tell him to come home if ya see him.”
    “Yeah sure don’t worry.”
    We turned and left the store.
    “I say we go home, wait for a few hours and then maybe call the police or summing.”
    “What the f**k Frank. What if he’s been doing drugs again?”
    “That’s a risk were gonna have to take. Come on.”
    He grabbed my arm and pulled me round the corner towards home. I was reluctant but I went.

    Frank’s POV

    I barged into the house and heard loud music coming from the basement. Me and Mikey looked at each other as if to say what the f**k and then ran down the stairs to Gerard’s room. I pushed the door open and felt it hit something hard. I pushed forcefully moving whatever was in the way and barged in.
    I heard Mikey gasp from behind me and turned to see Gerard was the object that had been blocking the door. He was staring wide eyed at nothing and was giggling softly. Mikey crouched in front of him and Gerard seemed to look straight through him.
    “Gee you there?” I asked softly.
    “Frankie boy.” He giggled. “f**k your cute.”
    “And your f**king drunk, and high.” Mikey shouted.
    “Chill dude. I’m fine.” He got up and fell straight back down. He exploded into a fit of giggles and rolled around hysterically.
    Mikey looked as though he was ready to explode so I pulled him out of the room and onto the stairs.
    “Let me deal with this Mikes. You go and make some coffee and I will meet you upstairs as soon as I can.”
    “Kay.” He said miserably before turning and ascending the stairs.
    I re-entered the bedroom and pulled Gerard to his feet.
    “You need to get a f**king grip. Do you realize how pissed Mikey is right now?”
    “Not as pissed as me, I bet.” He slurred before laughing hysterically once more.
    “f**k sake stop being such an butt.”
    “Your so sexy when your angry Frankie.” He mumbled.
    Suddenly he had pushed me down on the bed before forcefully pushing his lips to mine and grinding down on me hard. His hands found their way into my hair and he started to play with it, twisting strands around his fingers. I moaned softly and thrusted my hips up.
    He slowly removed my shirt letting his hands roam over my exposed torso. He then removed his own and I felt physically sick as I saw the cuts over his arms and body, accompanied by many white and pink scars. He re-attached his lips to mine pressing our chests together.
    I didn’t want this anymore. I couldn’t do this when he was so fragile. Also the fact that he was drunk meant that I would be taking advantage of him. I didn’t know if he actually wanted me or if it was the drink and drugs, taking control of him. I pushed him off of me and pulled my shirt over my head.
    “Sober the f**k up.” I snapped as I turned to leave the room.
    I noticed a bottle of whiskey on the desk and snatched it up carrying it with me away from him.
    “Make sure you save some for me. And by the way Frankie, nice butt.” I heard a thud as he rolled off of the bed and began laughing once more.
    He was going to have the hangover from hell tomorrow. This thought cheered me a little and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that he would be getting his punishment in a matter of hours.
    Mikey was staring down into a cup of coffee when I sat at the kitchen table with him.
    “Hey you okay kid?”
    “Huh, What? Oh um yeah I’m fine.”
    “You don’t sound fine.”
    “He just pisses me off. I get that he’s having a hard time and poop but well, so am I and I don’t take drugs, get smashed out of my head most nights and slit my f**king wrists.”
    “Woah Mikey you gotta think about what’s going on in his head, I mean if he thinks he needs to do that then he must be pretty f**ked up.”
    “I guess.”
    He got up and slowly made his way outside.
    “Where you off to Mikes?”
    “Fag, I need a f**king smoke. You coming?”
    “Yeah sure.”
    We sat on the porch seat and lit up. We sat there silently, taking long drags on our cigarettes. Mikey threw his down on the floor and stubbed it out, I did the same. He got up and headed back inside.
    “You coming inside?” He asked turning back to me.
    “Nah id better be heading home. C’ya tomorrow.”
    “C’ya Frank.” He went inside and I waited until the door clicked shut quietly.
    I got up and started walking down the street. I heard a loud engine growl coming from behind me.
    “Stupid boy racers.” I muttered.
    The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor about two foot ahead of where I was previously standing. My head was pounding and there were sharp pains running down my left side and leg. I large steel cap boot came into my vision and nudged at my face tilting my head up.
    A huge surge of anger ran through me as I saw who it was, followed by extreme fear as I realised I was completely helpless. I looked up into two large and angry brown eyes.
    “Gotcha” hummed a deep voice.
    I only managed to groan a reply.
    I screamed out in pain as David grabbed me and threw me into the trunk of his car. My heart raced and tears ran down my cheeks as darkness folded in around me.
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    Okay another update for you guys.
    @ TheBeautyImFaking ~ sorry about all of the cliffhangers. (Not really. You love em admit it :))
    @ i want party poison ~ :yawn: your right its an incredibly cute face.

    Anyway enjoy.

    Chapter 19
    Frank’s POV

    The engine started to rumble and the car lurched forward causing a bolt of white hot pain to shoot down my side. I felt the car turn corners sharply and knew that we were travelling at speed. We must have been driving for about an hour before the car finally came to a stop.
    The boot clicked open and I was pulled out by two guys who I recognized from school. They carried me into a large building and threw me down on the floor. It was cold and smelt of damp. I looked around and figured that I was in some sort of cargo hold.
    David and his friends left and I heard a door bang shut. Then the unmistakable click of a lock echoed through the building.
    “See you tomorrow Frankie boy. I advise you to rest up, you’re gonna need your energy for tomorrow.” Called a menacing voice from outside.
    I lay there cold and terrified. Soon though I felt myself being pulled into unconsciousness which I gladly let consume me.

    The next morning when I woke my head was pounding and I felt as though I had swallowed sandpaper. I sat up, wincing at the pain in my side. My left wrist was swollen and bruised and I was pretty sure it was broken. Luckily my legs seemed to be unharmed and I slowly got to my feet and walked around, stretching my aching muscles.
    Light spilled in as the door opened and David and his friends stepped in. They stood in front of me with evil smirks painted across their faces.
    “How’s little Frankie today then?”
    I didn’t answer, but just glared at him. After a moment or two he punched me hard in the gut, causing me to double over. The other two guys started beating me. One started punching me hard while the other held me up and stopped me from defending myself.
    “Smile for the camera Frankie. We’re gonna make a little video for Gerard.” Sneered David as he pulled his phone from his pocket and started to film the beating.
    I felt as though I was going to pass out. After about fifteen minutes of torture the guys finally dropped me. I fell to the cold floor battered and bloody. I ran my tongue along my bottom lip, feeling a large tear from where my lip ring had been torn out. I closed my eyes and started to drift into a pool of inky blackness.

    Gerard’s POV

    The sound of my phone pulled me out of my comfortable sleep. When I opened my eyes I had to close them immediately afterwards as even the tiny amount of light from the one window in my room made my head pound.
    The entire room smelt of stale alcohol and smoke. I reached my hand out and felt around for my phone. When I got hold of it I brought it close to my face and squinted at the screen. It was a video message from David. What did that son of a witch want now?
    I pressed play and felt a hot rage build up within me as two of David’s gang beat the poop out of my Frankie. I felt sick and climbed out of bed, pulling on my jeans as quick as I could. I ran upstairs and into Mikey’s room.
    “Get up, get dressed and meet me downstairs in two minutes.” I snapped throwing some jeans at him.
    “What the f**k? It’s not even seven am yet.”
    “I don’t care Mikey just do it.”
    I turned and left the room pulling my phone out of my pocket once more. I was pretty sure I knew where they were but I had to be certain. I studied the background carefully and came to the conclusion that it was the old cargo hold that me and a group of friends used to get baked in.
    It was nearly an hour’s drive from here so I took a quick detour to my mom’s room. I dug around in her nightstand and grabbed her car keys, before returning to the kitchen where Mikey was waiting.
    “Whats going on?” He demanded.
    I tossed him my phone and hunted under the sink for the pocket knife my Grandpa had given me for my fourteenth birthday. I wasn’t sure if I would need it but I felt a sense of security having it in my pocket.
    I looked at Mikey who was still staring at my phone in shock.
    “What the f**k?”
    “No time to explain. Come on.”
    I grabbed his arm and pulled him outside. I unlocked the door and climbed into the driver’s seat. Mikey clambered into the passenger’s seat and pulled on his seatbelt. I shoved the key into the ignition and started the engine.
    “Is this really a good idea> I mean you don’t even know how to drive.”
    “That’s what you think.” I said as I reversed out of the driveway and started speeding down the street.

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    Okay next chapter is here. Hope you guys enjoy :)

    Chapter 20

    Gerard’s POV

    Me and Mikey waited a distance from the cargo hold. It was freezing cold and there was a slight covering of ice from the night before. I was shaking with anticipation for what was going to happen and worry for Frankie. I had no idea how badly they had hurt him and for all I knew he could be dead.
    “What the f**k are we waiting for? Just go in and grab ‘im.” mumbled Mikey.
    “Do you actually think its gonna be that simple? I know for a fact that David’s in there.”
    “How do you know? Have you become psychic over night?”
    “No. David’s car was parked a little down the road.”
    Mikey let out a sigh and sank to the floor. Suddenly he jumped up whining about his butt being wet.
    “That’s what you get for sitting on grass, the morning after a frost.” I sniggered.
    “Shut up and go save Frankie.”
    He was right, I had to go and help him. I got up and made my way towards the building. I heard footsteps behind me and spun round, grabbing Mikey by the shoulders.
    “Go hide somewhere Mikes. If I aint back within an hour call for help.”
    “But Gee..”
    “Just do it. Please.” I pulled him into a tight hug before pushing him in the opposite direction.
    I continued to the cargo hold quickly. I was desperate to get Frankie out and get home. I stepped inside and looked around. Frankie was sitting, slumped up against the wall. He was covered in blood and had a large tear in his lip where his piercing had previously been.
    “poop. Frank.” I started running towards him.
    “Gee.” He sounded weak.
    A strong hand grabbed hold of my arm, stopping me from getting any closer.
    “Hey gorgeous, long time no see.”
    I turned to see the one who had grabbed me was David. He placed a forceful kiss upon my lips. I wasn’t gonna take his poop this time. I lashed out blindly and managed to hit him hard on the cheek. He jumped back and stared at me, rage filling his eyes.
    He started towards me again and raised his fist. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the knife. It was small but it was also very sharp. As he lunged forward I struck him in the bicep with the blade. I felt it pierce his skin and bury itself deep in the muscle.
    I pulled it out and blood gushed from the wound. He fell back and cried out in pain. I bounced on the balls of my feet, ready for an attack by one of his little bitches. As I scanned the room I noticed neither were in sight. I relaxed slightly.
    “You f**king witch.” He yelled at me.
    “Ouch. Your words hurt me like a knife stabbing me in the arm. It really hurts. Oh poop, you already know that don’t you?” I mocked, smirking at him.
    He got up and looked as though he was going to attack again.
    “I wouldn’t if I were you. Unless you want this to go straight through your dick, because that’s where I imagine the most painful area to be stabbed in is, I wouldn’t try anything.”
    He didn’t say anything.
    “You don’t like not being in control do you?” I laughed as his face twisted in anger.
    He turned and made his way out of the door. As he left the door slid shut and I heard the lock click.
    “Im coming back you little f**ker and then you’re gonna be sorry.” He yelled.
    “You know shouting through a metal wall isn’t very intimidating dickhead.” I called back sarcastically.
    I ran the rest of the distance towards Frankie and knelt down beside him. He looked like poop.
    “Frankie. I’m so sorry. Are you alright?”
    “Peachy.” He said smiling lightly. Suddenly his face grew very serious. “He’s wants to kill you Gee. He said.”
    “Don’t worry. Mikey’s gonna get us outta here.”
    “Mikey?” He sounded confused.
    “Yeah I left him in over by the woods.”
    I really hoped to god that David didn’t find him.

    Mikey’s POV

    I watched the two guys walk around the building f**k knows how many times.
    “Idiots.” I said to myself.
    I froze when I heard a scream. A few moments later David emerged clutching his arm and then dumb and dumber locked the door. As they were walking off I heard David yell that he was going to come back and then heard a cocky reply from my brother. I waited until they had turned a corner and were completely out of sight before I moved.
    I went straight up to the lock and examined it. I pushed my glasses up my nose as I thought. The chain was rusted and wasn’t too thick. Frank or Gerard might be able to break it but they were on the opposite side of the door. I huffed and started walking around the building looking for an alternative solution.
    On my third trip round I noticed a fire hose.
    “Very good Mikey. You could just hose a hole in the wall.” I muttered sarcastically.
    It was then that I noticed the glass box mounted on the wall by the hose. I smiled to myself as I looked around on the ground. I selected a large rock from the many spread out on the floor and threw it at the box, shattering the glass. Carefully I retrieved the object from within and made my way back to the door.
    “Gee can ya hear me.”
    “No sorry didn’t hear a word you said. Hey Mikey try find a way to get us out.”
    “Already have. I’m gonna break the lock.”
    “You break a lock? You don’t half make me giggle Mikey.” He laughed.
    “No I’m being serious. I’ve found an axe.”
    “An axe?” He sounded worried.
    “Yes an axe. Ya know big, heavy, wooden handle, sharp blade thingy. Ya might have seen people chop wood with em.”
    “I know what a f**king axe is you cheeky bastard. Hurry up and get us out.”
    I grinned to myself as I raised it over my head. It was heavy and I struggled to hold it. I struck down hard on the chain and saw it chip a little. After a few more hits the chain fell to the floor, with a loud rattle, and I opened the door to see a shocked looking Gee and a battered, but equally surprised Frankie.
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    Hey guys im really sorry i havent updated in like forever and unfortunately this chapter is pretty short. More soon though i promise.

    Chapter 21

    Frank’s POV

    “poop Mikey. I can’t believe that you actually managed to break that.” I laughed. The laughter turned into agonizing coughs as my moved. I was sprawled out on the floor, breathing in short breaths to minimise the pain.
    “You okay baby?” Gee asked softly as he ran a hand through my hair comfortingly.
    “Gee, we need to get out of here before they get back. And I think we need to get Frankie to a hospital.”
    “Yeah I know Mikes. Frankie you gonna be able to get to the car?”
    “So long as you help me, yeah. I think so.”
    With Mikey and Gerard on either side of me I got shakily to my feet. I draped my arm over Gee’s shoulder and he wrapped an arm around my waist. Mikey went ahead to open the car as me and Gerard walked slowly behind him.
    “Frankie, Im so sorry. This is all my fault, if I hadn’t have hit David then-“
    “Stop being a twat and shut the f**k up. It’s not your fault. That guy is just a proper psycho.”
    “Yeah but Frankie, if I hadn’t hit David if I had just let him beat the poop outta me then he wouldn’t have gone all psycho and done this to you.”
    “You never know he might have. Look Gee I’m not blaming you for this and you shouldn’t blame yourself either. Now stop being stupid.”
    I looked up at him and smiled as his eyes met mine. He bent down and kissed me on the forehead before pulling me into a loose embrace, being careful not to hurt me.
    “Umm hey I hate to ruin your little moment but we seem to have company.”
    I looked up to see Mikey sitting in the driver’s seat of his mom’s car.
    “Mikey when the f**k did you learn how to drive? Move over.” Said Gee as he helped me into the back.
    A feeling of panic washed over me as David’s car came into view. Gerard clambered into the front and started the engine. The car lurched forward, causing me to take a sharp intake of breath as a wave of pain fell over me.
    As we drove past David who was just getting out his car, I saw that he was holding a handgun. I wasn’t the only one that saw it.
    “poop he’s got a f**king bazooka.”
    “Gee it was a handgun. Don’t be so f**king dramatic.”
    “It could still kill us.”
    We turned out onto the main road and began moving towards a highway.
    “Wrong way. Home is in the other direction.” I pointed out.
    “I know.”
    “Where are we going Gee?” Mikey asked quietly.
    “You’ll see soon enough.”
    I rested my head against the window and watched the world rush by. We had been driving for a few hours when my body gave in to sleep.
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    Finally this chapter is done. It has taken me ages to write it and I hope you guys enjoy. You probably wont though.

    Chapter 22

    Gerard’s POV

    I climbed slowly out of the car, my limbs were stiff and my eyelids heavy. I had refused to pull over for the night, too afraid that David was following us. Finally though I had gotten to where I wanted to be. I walked to the passenger’s side door and opened it crouching down to Mikey’s level. I gently shook his shoulder waking him from a light but restful sleep.
    “Mikey wake up.” I whispered quietly.
    “Wha- huh oh hey Gee. Where are we.”
    “Ray’s place.”
    “For f**ks sake Mikes your memory is poop. Ray used to live three doors down from us.”
    “Oh yeah. I remember, you two were pretty close.”
    I stood up and stretched out again. I opened Franks door and scooped him up in my arms.
    “Huh? Gee? What’s going on? Where are we?” Frankie asked frantically, squirming in my arms and looking around.
    “It’s okay Frankie. This is my friend Ray’s house, I figured we could stay here till you’re feeling better and until we can figure out what to do about David.”
    Frankie, nodded, yawned and relaxed in my arms. I looked down at him, he was exhausted and bruises were appearing across his face. As I looked at him my stomach turned and I couldn’t help but think this was all down to me. Even though Frankie had told me that it wasn’t my fault, I knew that it was.
    Mikey knocked on the door three times and we waited patiently for an answer. After a few moments the door opened to reveal a tall, well-built guy with a large brown afro.
    “Hey Gerard, Mikey. You guys okay? What the hell has happened? Come in.” He stepped aside and led us into the living room. I gently set Frank down on the couch. The poor guy looked like he was about to pass out.
    Me and Ray headed for the kitchen and left Mikey to look after Frank. I explained everything to Ray (leaving out the stuff about the drugs, alcohol and cutting) and watched an array of expressions cross his face. When I had finished explaining to him, I couldn’t tell how he was feeling.
    “You okay Ray.”
    “Yeah. It’s just.. Oh my God.” He pulled me into a massive bear hug, almost suffocating me. “I cant believe how much poop you’ve been through. All of you.”
    He released me and we stood in silence for a few minutes.
    “Im gonna go and st up the guest bedroom. There’s only two beds though so someones gonna have to crash on the couch.” He said apologetically.
    “That’s cool. I’m good with sleeping on the couch. You want any help?”
    “Nah I’ll be fine. Help yourselves to drinks there’s beers in the fridge.
    He walked out and I took him up on the offer of a beer. I grabbed a can out of the fridge and downed it quickly before heading back out to Mikey and Frank. Frank had fallen asleep again and Mikey was sitting comfortably in one of the armchairs.
    “So is everything okay?”
    “Yeah. Were gonna stay here for a few days. You and Frank can have the guest room and I’m gonna sleep in here.”
    “Okay I have no objections to that.” Mikey replied grinning.
    Ray returned shortly after and told us the room was ready. He handed me some spare clothes and a first aid box and I took Frank upstairs. The room was nice and cool. There were two single beds on either end of the room and I sat down with Frank on the closest.
    I opened the first aid box and took out some antiseptic wipes. I cleaned Franks face before helping him change into the clothes Ray had given me. They were too big but they would do for now. I helped Frankie climb into bed and stayed with him until he fell asleep.
    Me and Mikey sat at the table with Ray the entire day catching up with him. Frankie came down halfway through the day and sat with Mikey as me and Ray cleared the beer out of the fridge. When Ray got up to get more booze from the garage Mikey looked at me angrily.
    “For f**ks sake I thought this was going to stop.”
    “Huh? Whadda ya on bout.” I slurred.
    “This f**king alcohol again. You’ve probably got a bag of cocaine hidden aswell. Your f**king pathetic. Why did you have to be my brother? I’d be better off without you.”
    “Mikey you know that’s not true.” Frank scolded.
    “Don’ worry bout it Frank. Le’ ‘im be a c-word faced little poop.” Was my drunken remark.
    Mikey threw me a disgusted glance and stormed upstairs. Frank followed him slowly.
    Ray came back and we carried on drinking until late in the night. All the while what Mikey had said was floating through my mind. What if it was true? Would he be better off without me? Probably. I was putting not only him but also Frank through a whole load of poop that they just didn’t deserve. I decided then and there that I was going to stop hurting them all the time.
    Once I was sure that everyone was asleep I crept upstairs to Mikey and Franks room. I knelt down by Franks bed and brushed his black bangs out of his face, so I could kiss him on the forehead softly.
    “Frankie I’m so, so sorry,” I whispered quietly, “You don’t deserve all of my poop and I don’t deserve you. I want you to know that you are the only person that I will ever love. You’re the only one for me and I mean this forever.”
    I turned to face Mikey.
    “I’m gonna miss you so much but your right. You are gonna be better off without me. I can’t even begin to apologize for everything that I’ve put you through for so long. You’ve been amazing to me. Love ya Mikes.”
    I got up and walked to the door. I turned and watched the two of them breathing deeply as they slept. Then I turned and walked out the door. I walked out of the house and got into the car. I was breathing deeply, trying not to cry. My eyes stung, but I blinked back the tears. Turning the engine on I pulled off and got halfway down the lane that Ray’s place was hidden in before I stopped and stared in shock.
    Stood ten feet in front of me was David. How the f**k had he found us? I looked closer and saw that he was holding a can of gasoline and the gun was wedged in his belt.

    Mikey’s POV

    I woke up and felt very sick. I wasn’t ill that much I knew but something was not right. I wandered downstairs and saw that Gee wasn’t in the living room. I frantically searched the house and then went to check outside. I saw that the car wasn’t there and rushed upstairs, tears streaming down my cheeks.
    “Frankie wake up Gee’s gone and its all my fault.”
    “Mikey what are you on about?”
    “Gee isn’t here, the car isn’t here and its because of what I said last night.”
    “Whats going on?” Ray asked walking in sleepily.
    “Gee’s gone missing.” Frank explained.
    “We gotta go look for him.”
    We got dressed and set off down the lane in Ray’s car. Soon we came to a stop and I found that I couldn’t breath as I saw the burnt out car ahead of us.
    “Please God no.” I heared Frankie whisper as he climbed out of the car, followed closely by Ray.
    I stayed where I was unable to move. I started to shake violently and felt as though I was gonna throw up. I watched as Frank and Ray approached the car. They looked in and suddenly Frankie fell to the ground crying violently. I shot out and the smell of burnt flesh hit me as I ran over to him. I collapsed on the floor beside him and looked into his eyes. All I saw was sorrow.
    “I’m sorry Mikey.” Ray murmured, his voice cracking.
    “No… NO GEE. P-PL-PLEASE N-NO.” I could feel my heart breaking as I sat crying on the hard gravel path. Why did I have to say that to him last night? Maybe he would still be alive. I don’t know how long I cried until I fell asleep.

    “Gee pwease don’t leave me ever.”
    I looked up at my big brother. His hazel eyes were big and shone brightly. He smiled down at me and pulled me into a tight hug.
    “Why would I do that?”
    “Daddy did.”
    “I won’t Mikey never. Promise.”

    “But you have.” I whispered as I awoke. I remembered the day Gee had made that promise, not long after dad had left. I was six at the time and he was nine. I knew that he wasn’t going to keep that promise. I just didn’t know he would break it so soon.
    Tears once again made their way down my face as I thought of the memory. I curled up on the bed and pulled the covers up over me, just wanting to get away from the world.

    A/N: Im sorry. Please dont murder me this story is nowhere near finished and if you do youll never get to see how it ends.
  15. OMG IM CRYING AT THIS! :'( GEE CANT BE DEAD! :'( Somewhere at the back of my mind something is saying it's not Gee in the car and that it's someone elses or Davids.... :unsure: maybe Gee escaped and carried on doing what he was before... or David's taken him.... :(oh god! Gee just CANT be dead! :':)':)':)'(
  16. Viktoria Kaulitz <3

    Viktoria Kaulitz <3 New Member

    Im sorry that it upset you. I didnt mean to honest. Your gonna have to keep reading to see whats gonna happen though. Next chapter will be up shortly.
  17. /\/\/\/\/\/\ Dont worry honest :) Cant wait for the next chapter! As I always say 'When there is Frerard there is Hope' xxx <3 xx You're an awesome writer I get lost in this fic xx
  18. Viktoria Kaulitz <3

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    Ahh thankyou. you dont have to wait long for the next chapter because here it is short and sweet. I might be able to put one more up tonight but im not sure. Here ya go :)

    Chapter 23

    Frankie’s POV.

    Me and Mikey stood by the small grey stone that had been placed in the ground almost a year ago. Tears filled my eyes as I thought of Gerard. My mind wondered to the first time that I had seen him. I knew immediately that he was the one. But now he had been ripped away from me.
    I looked at Mikey who was silently crying. Neither of us had been able to come to terms with Gerard not being here anymore. It didn’t feel right and I almost couldn’t cope.

    I stood on top of the roof of the block of apartments looking down at the road below.
    “Frankie please don’t do this. Please.”
    “Mikey I’m not sure if I can carry on. I miss him too much.”
    It was two weeks after the funeral and I just couldn’t let him go.
    “I can’t lose you too Frankie.”
    Mikey had begun to cry and this was what held me back. Mikey needed me. His big brother had been taken away from him and I couldn’t leave him alone. I stepped off of the ledge and held Mikey close.
    “I’m sorry”….

    “I miss him so much. If I hadn’t said anything…”
    “Mikey I told you it was nothing to do with you. Even the police said it. Mikey somebody did that to him. It wasn’t as if he did it because you said that stuff. He wouldn’t and you know it.”
    “Yeah I suppose.”
    I looked at the grave one more time before pulling on Mikey’s arm.
    “Come on its getting late.”
    We walked back to the house and sat in the living room quietly. This was what we did every other Saturday. Went to see Gee then just came back here and sat in silence, remembering him. Everytime I thought of him I couldn’t help but think of all the trouble that we went through.
    I didn’t care about that though. I loved him as he was and I just wanted to help him. I felt like poop as I remembered the last time I saw his face. He looked so emotionless. Things had ended badly between the three of us and I wished that I could change things but I knew that I couldn’t. I would never be able to.
    I got up and left silently as I saw that Mikey was asleep. I walked upstairs to the room that I had been staying in. Mikeys mom was away and I had said that I would stay here with him. I picked up my guitar and started to strum softly thinking of words and singing them aloud.
    “Know how much I want to show you you’re the only one for me.” I stopped and then whispered “I mean this forever.”
    I could hear Gerard saying those words to me. It was stupid I know but, I could, as if he had said it once. I felt his lips against my forehead and closed my eyes remembering him. His smell and his laughter filled the room and I fell asleep with a smile playing at the corners of my mouth.
  19. Awww Great update.... Gerard is actually dead... I guess we will have to come to terms with it....
    I found that so cute at the last part made me smile :)
    Frankie and Mikey have got to keep it together...
    An amazing update :)
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    Thankyou here is the last chapter for today but i promise there is gonna be more tomorrow. And again im sorry its short. Next one will be loger. :)

    Chapter 24

    A young man with short blond hair was exiting an old, run-down apartment just outside of New Jersey. He was thin and had very pale skin. His eyes were large and of a deep hazel colour. He squinted as the sunlight hit his eyes. It had been dark in the apartment. It was dark in every apartment he went to.
    He stumbled down the sidewalk, feeling lightheaded but happy. He had managed to ease his cravings for today at least. His arms were littered with scars that were even paler than his skin and were raised. There were a few new track lines criss-crossing over his forearms. They were red and angry. The scabs had cracked on one and it was leaving a small trail or ruby blood on his arm. He didn’t notice.
    “Hey Bob wait for me.” He called running after his friend. The bigger man stopped and turned round, grinning stupidly. He had hair that was also blond but much darker than that of the other. As the pair walked down the street they got looks of disgust from people. They were stoned. Nobody was going to do anything about it though. No one ever did.
    In a moment of insanity of just an expression of their immaturity the two stuck out their tongues and flipped off a woman who was walking down the street. She hurried along and the men laughed hysterically.
    “Hey Bobby boy we showed her.”
    “Please don’t call me Bobby boy ever again or I will kill you.” Bob laughed.
    “You cant kill a dead man.” Giggled the smaller man as he ran ahead.
    The two were making their way to Belleville in New Jersey.
    “So uh how longs it gonna take us to get there?” Bob asked as they clambered into the car and sped down the highway.
    “I dunno. All I know is that I miss my brother and my Frankie. I’ve been away to long.” He wound down his window letting the air hit his face. He took a deep breath and yelled as loud as he could. “LOOK OUT NEW JERSEY GERARD WAY IS COMING HOME.”

    A/N: So maybe he isnt dead. Confused yet?

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