You're My Phobia (FRERARD)

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    I swear it's the only fic that made me cry my eyes out!!!
    I want to write a speech but unlike you, I can't write. So let's just say this is a really really short "speech" hehe.
    I hope one day maybe you will be become a famous writer...I will be you're biggest fan HAHAHAHA!!! (That was evil laughter so you know) ;)
    This was the most amazing story and I guess it saddens me to know you're going to quit it.

    *Off topic* I added you on myspace :)
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    BAHBAHBAH! I've missed too much O_O Holy mother of a good f**k.

    I'm yeah, a bit disappointed of you leaving it. But if you have your personal reasons, I respect them honorably. I want you to know that I loved the concept of this story. Not the typical "boy meets boy, boy falls for boy, boy and boy bunk at it like rabbits." You input something original, at least for me. And yeah, cliché should die. Honestly.

    So, I'm going to miss this story. I haven't commented in awhile, but I hadn't caught up until today. FINALLY! Anyway, you're my phobia is going to be a legend on this site. And if it won't, I'll make sure it will. I want to PM you to ask you a few things and tips, so be ready for it.

    And about the grammar, yeah you had erros. But who cares? Neither of us is a professional writer. So who gives a flying f**k about it? The story is good, the plot is good and the author is good. Need to say more? I don't think so. Oh boy, I'm seriously going to miss this. But if you can't continue, then I accept it :) I'll leave it to my imagination.

    I hope we see you soon over here or elsewhere with other ideas. I'm craving for more of that piece of brain of yours.

    Good job, congratulations for being the AOTM and good luck, hun! See ya' :)
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    I saw this in the morning before I left for school, so it gave me time think 'bout it....

    I am definitely dissapointed, i really enjoyed this story, but you have your reasons and I respect that :) I'm lucky enough to have stumbled across this and to have had the pleasure to read it <3
    And your 'rant' or whatever on originality made me soooooo f**king happy... I hope people take that into consideration....
    I actually got a pretty good idea for a Frerard and i'm pretty sure its original... but I doubt I'll start it anytime soon since I;m not very experienced with writting, but I might get off my butt and put my brain to work, so yeah, thank you for inspiring me <3
    Best of Luck,


    Manda <3
  4. I loved it all! I can't hate a single word.
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    Oh man, you're leaving this story?
    Hell, it was one of my all-time favourites :D

    But hey, you have your reasons, and we totally respect that!
    I must say, this was one of the most amazing, original, breathtaking stories I have ever read, and it was definitely an honour to have even read a single chapter.
    I'll miss it greatly!
    You're an amazing writer, so I do hope you do keep writing!
    Someday... :]

    Cheers to you <3
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    *new reader*

    This is probably one of my favorites, I'm kinda dissapointed that it ended like this. :( Maybe someone else should continue it...
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    A/N: writing the last chapter has become a difficult task for me, so I’ve decided that I’m just going to give you all a brief summary of what happens. I know this will never make up for all your disappointed faces, but I hope you at least get some joy from reading it. Once again, thank you all for your support *sappy finale goodbye shall be located once description is finished*

    Chapter Seventeen: See You On The Other Side

    *All has become well for Frank and Gerard as there relations begins to grow stronger and stronger. Frank had finally come to realization that he loves Gerards, he is obsessed with him, the very thought of him send shivers down his spine. His soft fingertips graze Gerard’s cheek and he watches as he winces in pain yet he does not pull away, simply because he cannot. Gerard’s phobia has no disappeared, but it is slightly improving. His fear of the pain of love is still present as Frank kisses him gently before he slips into slumber, and every night the soft lullaby in witch Frank created lulls Gerard into sleep, and for the first time, he feels safe. He feels welcomed, loved..

    He feels as if he is home. And he is.
    Home is in Frank Iero’s arms.

    ‘The one in witch cases you pain, is the one who can cure your scars’

    *The feeling of dread surrounds Gerard as he walks gently down the hospital halls. “Something is wrong” he hears himself mutter, his voice is hoarse and dry as he walks towards the entrance of the hospital and there he sees it, an overly large crowd surrounding the two large door’s located at the from of the hospital. Gerard feel’s himself walking towards it, he pushes his way through the crowd, his heart beating faster at ever step as he pushes the curious and gasping audience out of his way. Then he sees it, the familiar mop of brown hair, his heart stops, as he now frankly pushes his way towards the still body in witch doctors surrounded, and then he opens his mouth wide and lets out an agonizing scream.


    There his brother’s body lies, lifeless as a forgotten rag doll.
    ”WHAT HAPPENED MUM? WHAT HAPPENED!” Gerard screams as Frank sits by his side, rubbing his arm’s trying to calm his heartbroken boyfriend as he sobs helplessly, screaming at his emotionless mother.

    She does not speak for hours it seems until her small voice squeaks, “he came for you Gerard.. he came to see you..”

    It was later discovered and recorded that Michel James Way was hit by a car, but continued running towards New Jersey Hospital in search of his believed brother. Several of his ribs were broken, one in particular pierced his left lung causing a large wound to form. Michel lungs soon began to overflow with blood, until his breathing became ruff and he collapsed, but as shown and proven by harsh grazed skins it was said he crawled his way towards the doors before collapsing completely and slowly passed away.

    December 4th, Gerard attended his dearly beloved brother’s funeral, and for the first time in months he felt alone, his beautiful and loving brother was gone.

    He died for you Gerard, you’re the reason his dead. Frank Iero himself couldn’t tell Gerard it was going to be okay, because as a matter of factly, he himself didn’t know. Frank began to disappear during the day a lot frequently leaving Gerard to his quiet until an all to familiar face barged into his hospital room one morning.

    * There he stood, tall and proud looking down at his son with pity. “Son.. I’m so sorry”

    After years and years of abandonment Gerards father welcomes himself into Gerard Way’s life once more explaining his new successful life with his new life Lina.

    Linda had found Donald Way drinking his life away, and decided to talk to him as a project for her carrier (Councilor) and work experience with dealing with depressed men such as Donald Way. “Talking to a random wouldn’t hurt would it?”

    Indeed it did not as Lina began to council Donald frequently for free until he became sober enough to apply for a job, soon after they feel in love and were married on June 7th. Lina bore two beautiful daughters, Stephanie Way and Jane Ella Way.

    Gerard was furious when he learnt that Donald Way, his “father” has decided to take him home with him, “we can be a family Gerard, a nice little happy family” he has said. Yet the word was too occur when he discovered that his father lived South California.

    He would have to leave Frank..
    His Frank
    * Gerard became depressed as he only had 3 days left with his beloved Frank, however his and Frank’s relationship seemed to separate as Frank was making daily disappearances.

    The second day, Gerard sob silently on his bed, bags packed and reedy to go surrounded him, he sighted softly as he felt missed hands of Frank Iero curl around him. After hours of serious talk.. they came to a conclusions, a conclusion that would put everything in its place.

    ”I have a plan baby.. a beautiful plan..” Frank whispered, kissing Gerards temples.

    A/N: play the song 23 by jimmy eat world, RIGHT NOW! This is the final part to my story!

    Finale Chapter: ..I Forgive, I Forget, I Tumble.
    Song: 23 – Jimmy Eat World

    The flowing wind blew at his lose hospital gown as he stood high above the world, he felt as if he were a god of some kind. His lover stood behind him, arms wrapped around his waste firmly, and for the first time in the young mans life his touch did not burn him. Why should it anyway? This was the end for himself and his lover. There story would walk these hospital halls, they would be phrased and hated, but these thoughts did not disturb Gerard. “How did we get here Frankie, why are we here?” the elder man questioned as he looked down upon the people who walked carelessly below. “I don’t know baby..” Frank whispered, kissing Gerards neck softly. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to-“

    Gerard shook his head, shaking these words from Franks chapped lips as he turned his body towards Frank. “No.. I-I want to..” Gerard mumbled.

    Gerards body was facing Franks as they took a step backwards closer to the edge of the Hospitals roof, “I love you Frank” Gerard whispered, taking a few steps back ones more, he stropped as the heel of his foot hung slightly of the edge, this was the end.

    For a second the play Romeo and Juliet came sweeping into his mind, Gerard smiled dumbly at the tough at Frank’s body was pressed firmly into his.

    And then it happed..

    Frank’s small lips curved into a smirk. “I’m sorry Gerard, but I don’t LOVE FAGGOTS!”

    Gerards heart stopped as Frank’s hand pushed and he feel backwards, yet fear was not present in his eyes as he began to lose balance and tumble, but before he lost full contact of Frank’s warm skin, he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small crumbled piece of paper until he slowly slipped away, he watched as Franks fingers curled around it as he slipped until he was finally falling..

    Oh, he’s like a snake disguised as a flower.
    Did a dragon ever hide in such a beautiful cave?
    He’s a beautiful tyrant, and a fiendish angel!
    He’s a raven with the feather’s of a dove.
    He’s a lamb who hunts like a wolf!
    I hate him, yet he seems the most wonderful man.
    He’s turned out to be the exact opposite of what he seems.
    He’s a saint who should be damned, he’s a villain who seemed honorable.
    Oh nature, what were you doing in hell? Why did you put the souls of a criminal into the perfect body of a man?
    Was there ever such a book with such a beautiful cover?
    – Romeo & Juliet- ACT3, Scene 2.

    *The mood bestowed it’s florescent rays upon the young man as his body seemed to float down close and closer to the rough pavement, it all came to him. The wind rippled his clothing, wing swirled his hair, yet he refused to look away from the boy who had pushed him. Their eyes would remain locked until the very end.. and in that movement he, Gerard Way truly understood the meaning of death. The meaning of there love…

    Gerard remained still as nurses seeped passed him, ignoring his very existence.

    He watched as the boys form disappeared into the darkness, and he couldn't help but feel some gratitude towards the young boy, he was what seemed to be only 12, but he had faced and experienced thing that maybe a 16 year old would have. He may have been small, and looked child-like but deep inside he was a man.

    "So I’ll protect him until the very end...” Those words so strong and meaningful, especially coming from a 12 year old.

    Gerard couldn't help but look around the slightly empty area as those words seemed to scar his mind and soul. Gerard's eye's skimmed the door's once more, his heart skipped a beat as a couple entered. He couldn't help the fact that his eyes widened as they held hands giggling and smiling in content. He wasn't sure why the sight hurt him so, when it didn't come as a big surprise, there were couples everywhere. He truly understood the concept of love though, he had never been in love, but he new what it was, and that right there was love. The way they held each other, the way there lips met in a passionate kiss.

    As Gerard Way feel through the abysses of unknown he could no longer lie to himself. He had seen them, he had known all along that Frank was never in love with him. He was obsessed with destroy.

    Not loving.
    *The wide moon that rose high above him seemed to bestow a blanket of unnatural glow on the young body as his burning hands slipped from those of his former lover, his body feel, slipping away until he was take about by the whistling wind, if he was childish enough, he would have said he was flying but he new better, he was falling.. and for the first time in his entire life, was okay with it. He wasn’t startled, nor was he scared, but calm as the wind rippled his clothing around, his arm’s spreading wide beside him, and even though he was human.. he had grown wings, he was god’s angel and he new, oh did he know. The boy’s eye made contact with those of his lover, who stood above him as he was slowly slipping further and further away. “I forgive you..” he whispered as the boy eye’s filled with tears, and just like Gerard Way himself, they fell.

    Franks P.O.V -- *Frank watched Gerard small frame disappear, tears drizzled down his cheek. With shaking hands he lifted the letter Gerard had slipped into his hand.

    Frank’s eyes widened, his mouth opened wide as a loud scream escaped his lips. There in his shaking hands was the faded image of his father and him as a young boy. Gerard had never burnt the images, he had lied. Franks’ eyes skimmed the small paper, and his heart seemed to ache.

    “You’re my phobia Frankie..
    …and I’m your obsession.”

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ground grew closer and closer, his heart fluttered slightly as a soft wet substance landed carelessly upon his cheek.. “Frankie” he whispered “I’ll wait for you..”

    And then as fast as it had started it ended.

    - FIN -


    Dear Readers, yes I am aware that was extremely confusing, and I apologies for its “shitness”, but I will explained so keep reading. x)

    You see, Frank Iero suffers from OCD, and he has curtain rituals he must complete, certain things he must do, and destroying Gerard was one of them. However, this is where the story twists, Gerard all along new he was going to die, he new and he accepted it. Frank didn’t push him for the sake of it, he did it to save him.

    Frank Iero pushed Gerard as a final lesson. Gerard’s death was the 10th rule. “Never be frightened, keep you head up.. and no matter how far you fall, you get back up” – That is why it describes Gerard “growing wings”.

    Gerard witnessed Frank’s love with james, and he was hurt but he understood that frank could never love him. Frank had to be an butthole to save Gerard.

    Frank hurt and killed Gerard so no on else could, get it?

    Some would say it was an act of hatred, but its not! It was an act of love and loyalty, Frank destroyed Gerard with his hopes and dreams, where as anyone would strip Gerard of his pride.

    Gerard Way was destined to die, and as said in the start of the fic “there Is no such thing as happy ending” was pretty much the epilog of the ‘rules’


    Anyways, so yes. If you have anymore questions, feel free to message me, or better still email me your email, and I’ll add you to my personal account ‘[email protected]



    I’m so friken sorry this was pretty much poop, but I couldn’t write the last chapter, it was to ahrd for me. =/ anyways, comment! Tell me what you think, like it? Hate it?

    Say the truth, I don’t mind.
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    Now, as promised and warned, I shall write my sappy butt good bye letter now! MWAHAH!

    Firstly I’d like to point out, that I am aware that “last chapter” was nothing special, and I’m sure if I finished the actual fic I would have written it in a lot more detail so I apologies if it disappointed you, but anyways.. yes kiddies, that was the end. Gerard gets pushed my Frankie, and he dies.

    Sad ending much?
    NOOO! It was happy believe it or not! As I explained above, he, Frank, destroyed Gerard no no one else did. *Wipes tears * and yuppp, mikey dies. GOSSHH SO SAD!


    Anyways.. back to my sappy-ness. I would like to say thank you. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy writing this fic. I flippen had a blast! I’ve meet so many awesome people, some in witch there words inspire me..

    You guys rules. Your words make a shitty day shine I swear.

    I’ve had some fans come up to me, tell me I’ve inspired them to do something different, write some crazy butt poop, and I swear to god that has never made me happier. One of the reasons I stopped reading Frerard was because of the cliché crap, and it annoyed me to the point when I got sick of it. SO COME ONN! Write some original poop! Flippen send it to me!! I’d love to read every single one of you guy’s fics!

    No joke. Go on! Write some fic ermm, where Gerard is a tree. LOl

    Make it wild and original, twist it around! Go wild, and most importantly guys, don’t give up. DO NOT, GIVE UP!

    No matter how much you wanna stop, don’t. I know, how hypocritical of me to say, but don’t do what I did, don’t stop keep going. It’s a seriously shitty feeling when all this crap happens and you finally say “that’s enough. No more”

    (I have reasons as I mentioned before.. so.. don’t eat me! lols)

    Anywho, be original, write crazy as said before and don’t give up!

    I give my regards to you all, I cant say I’ll be back but I most definitely will if you guys message me with your awesome ORIGINAL FICS!

    I’ll make sure to read eh, KK! xP

    Anyways, kiddies, write your options, hate it? Tell me? Like it? Tell me?

    Tell what what ya thought of the whole fic.

    Love you all.

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    That mad me cry. It was wrote with so much emotions, so much feelings, and I don't understand how you managed it. I can totally feel the same that Gerard felt in that point, out from your description.

    I loved how you described that part. The line
    made me shiver, and when Gerard understood the meaning with dead, I had to take a breath, because I didn't breath at all.

    The two last lines. You couldn't made it more perfect.

    I don't know what more to say. You made it completely perfect, nobody else would make me sit with feeling that's in me right now. It's beautiful. So sad, but still so beautiful. Thank you so much.
  10. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    Whoa..I don't even know where to begin! I freaking love this story, and I've loved it from the beginning. It's so intense, and it was always something happening, no boring poop. As for me, this story came alive, because you wrote it so beautiful and stunning and alive, so I could picture it all. I'm really sad this is over, but every good story comes to an end..Eventually. But no sad faces, because this was amazing!
  11. Christine

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    Wow... The combination of that song and reading the end has me almost crying.
    I loved it, and I loved the twist. It was so... Unexpected. Different. It was awesome!
  12. MandaMaru

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    I can't think of anything to describe that other than beautiful.
    My heart is aching (stole a line) and I seriously think I'm going to burst in tears.
    So f**king sad, but beautiful and breathtaking.
    I doubt I'll ever read something as this amazing.
  13. Sussak

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    You know, people would tell that was a drastical twist. I say it was perfect.

    I comprehend everything. Frank wasn't being selfish, Frank wasn't being an butthole. Frank was saving his lover, and even if he supposedly couldn't love Gerard, he loved hime. A different kind of love, but still. It was a romantic act, a vow of kind and love for Gerard. Saving him from his future demons. Saving him from his future sins. Saving him from himself.

    Gerard. He loved Frankie, but he knew Frank would have never loved him. But he cared, he cared so much. He saved him from a fatality. From life. And all in all, it was a dreadful romance. Filled with insecurity, pain, love and dismission. He forgave Frankie, because after all, Frank pushed him to death just to save him. He was his saviour. He would be waiting for his lover to eternity.

    And just in the end, they would be both safe. Gerard in the above, spreading out his wings, watching out for Frankie. And Frankie phasing on the streets, willing for the moment to see his lover again. Not matters how, love is pain and they would take all the pain their bodies and souls could, until the very end.

    BEAUTIFUL story. Jeez, five stars for this. Even if Gerard had died, it's the first time I don't feel like he should have lived. Like, he's better off up there. And Frank, he'd keep on living, thinking and secretly loving Gerard forever. In a bizarre, strange way.

    I actually like crazy ideas. The combination of insanity, hatred, love and a twisted plotline is the best key for a kick butt story.

    Amazing, bravo, spectacular.

  14. MCRxParader

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    Words fail me right now.
    I just can't think of the proper way to describe that ending.
    I'm just utterly speechless.

    I think it was definitely smart how Frank pushed Gerard so that way he would be the one to kill him, and not somebody else.
    It was genius, in a twisted sort of way.

    And those lines that Gerard wrote. "You're my phobia, and I'm your obsession", just...genius. Magnificent, flawless. I just can't think of such a word to describe something as amazing as this story. I can't. You just blew my mind with that.

    Wonderful. Beautiful. Flawless. Incredible. Magnificent. Fantastic. Original. Breathtaking. Mind-blowing. Those are the only words I can think of right now, but this story is so much more than words can describe.

    Just, wow.
    You're incredible.

    Cheers to you, once again <3
  15. BombME

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    Your words continue to inspire me, thank you all so much, im so glad you enjoyed it. :)
  16. Disenchanted232

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    y did you have to kill him? I know it was to help him, I guess, but I'm sitting here crying my eyes out...literally (if you think I'm joking, I'm not)
    I thought Frankie did love him, to save him from everyone else...
    It was great, I hope you keep writing more fics!!
  17. Wow. Oh my God. Just.. Wow.
  18. awake-and-unafraid

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    Ok.... that ending was ... interesting.... I'm sorry to say, but i am completely unoriginal and am a sucker for happy endings... but i guess i shouldn't have expected a happy ending.... 'cause this wasn't a generally happy story XD. I loved the whole thing up until the last chapter (which was kinda confusing... [i couldn't tell who was falling or what]) it was all beautifully written. you writing is so strong... i was even crying at one point T_T. Apart from my fantasy happy ending (XD) the ending you wrote was probably the next best one. it was very fitting that Frank was the one to kill Gerard. Off Topic but it reminded me a lot of a part of Memoirs of Geisha when one woman said something like "I will beat you hard, so she won't beat you harder.". Frank was just saving Gerard from something worse that was undoubtedly going to come in the future. I so glad that you finished the story... it was a great last up date. Thanx for the wonderful fic. :hug:
  19. bert+ronnie4lyf

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    i can honestly say that that was the best fanfiction i have ever read!!

  20. frerard777

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    Never ever say this was shitty!

    This ending chapter... It was perfect, the perfect ending for this story. It wasn't a happy ending nor a sad one, it wasn't bad but in the same time wasn't good. I understand that Frank did it for Gerard's good, I understand it perfectly, maybe it sounds crazy but I think he did the right thing, he protected Gerard in his own way.
    It was meant to be that way.

    It wasn't killing someone, it was saving someone. It wasn't love, it was obsession, it wasn't fear, it was f**king phobia.

    It was the most perfect ending for the most perfect story. I couldn't stop crying while reading it, and the song fitted perfectly. Now I'm sure everytime I'll hear it I'll start crying because of this "happy ending".

    Gerard understood Frank perfectly, he understood his actions, his thoughts. Frank had a big mess on his head, but Gerard understood it. And their two worlds collided and made a big explosion of emotions, bad ones, good ones. But it was always meant to be, Gerard's death. And now Gerard can only wait for Frank to go with him someday.

    Frank had his own way of thinking, maybe because he suffered of OCD, maybe because he was that way. But the way he did everything, the way he though, I loved it, maybe it's freak-ish but that's what I felt. When Frank started to scream at the end, I'm not sure if it was because he understood everything, or because he realixed everything. But really, that part was when I started to cry even more. The note Gerard gave him reflected all the story in some words.

    Geez, I don't have words to describe how much I love this, I'm just reading it over and over again. I love it, really. It was perfect.

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