You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    That was a brilliant and well-written chapter.
    I'm really enjoying this!
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    aww that was so sweet and loved the shower smexy-ness :) it was Brill loved it like allways
    update when it comes ::)) loved this soo much :)
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    How did I manage to miss three updates D:
    First off, thank you for the cameo ^_^ I feel so proud to be in your amazing fic :3 <3
    The shmexiness was just I can't describe just *O* and the last update was just so perfect and sweet and gahh I love this fic so much <3
    Anyway can't wait for le next update (but obviously in your own time) I'm sure it shall be amazing :p
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    thats fine dont worry we are all supportive of your choice's so hope things are okay and yeah dont wory :)
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    That's alright, love. Take your time.

    Hope everything's okay!
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    So this is not the long, dramatic ending I had in mind for this fic. I'm not really sure this is how I want to end it either. (That means there might actually be another chapter in the makings; I just have to hammer it out and see if it works out well or not. Plus, I'd kind of like it have a nice even number of chapters, per my OCD.) But I didn't want to continue leaving you all hanging so here it is, the world finally knows what we've all known for a few chapters now...

    Chapter 63

    All of the guys are standing at stage right. The warm-up act has just left the stage, and the lights have gone off. The crowd is screaming as usual. Gee moves to stand beside Frank, and he slides his hand down into Frank’s. Frank gives Gee’s hands a small squeeze. Together, hand in hand, Gee and Frank head out on stage. Unwillingly, the two let go of each other’s hand to take their places on stage.

    “Are you guys ready to rock?” Gee shouts into the microphone as the lights come back up. The horde of fans roars. Without delay, the guys start the first song of the playlist. Gee and Frank don’t care if the crowd sees them looking at each other often; they are about to make everything official to the fans anyway. Gee is happy with that.

    As the music continues on, Gee gets lost in thought, mindlessly singing the lyrics that are by now second nature to him. He thinks about how long of a journey it’s been since that first fateful show where he kissed Frank. He thinks about all the struggles they have been through on the road to becoming husband and husband. He thinks about just how close he came to losing Frank only a month ago. He turns to look at Frank. Frank is jumping around on the stage, happier than he has ever been. Gee smiles to himself as he casually strolls over to where Frank is.

    The song ends. Gee places his lips close to Frank’s ear.

    “You sure?” is all he asks, but he knows Frank understands.

    “Baby, if you’re ready, then I’m sure.”

    Gee places a hidden kiss behind Frank’s ear, then turns to look at Mikey and Ray. Both know what is about to come out of Gee’s mouth, and both nod their heads at Gee in approval. Gee smiles contently and turns to face the crowd.

    He steps up to the edge of the stage.

    “I have some exciting news for all of you in attendance tonight. We as a band are stepping up our stance against homophobia.” A few people scream, but the majority of the crowd waits in anticipation, hanging on Gee’s every word. “This has not been the easiest thing to bring myself to tell you, so I hope… we hope that you’ll take this news well.” The mass of people roar in agreement.

    “Some of you might have noticed this small band of gold around my finger tonight.” He holds his hand up, presenting his wedding band to the crowd. The crowd screams. “Well, I have recently gotten legally married. It has been a long road getting to this point.” The fangirls all scream. Frank slowly starts to make his way towards Gee, just as they had talked about before the show. “And luckily,” Gee continues, “you all happen to know my new spouse quite well.” The din of the crowd continues to buzz; some of the attendees have figured it out and are just awaiting confirmation. “I’m sure some of you probably think you know who this mystery person is already.” Frank finally made his way up to be completely beside Gee. Gee wraps his arm around Frank’s back, placing his hand in the small of it. “Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you my husband, Frank Iero-Way!”

    The crowd goes crazy. Slowly, someone stars chanting “Let’s see Frerard. Let’s see Frerard.” It quickly catches on with the other people in attendance. As quickly as a wildfire spreads, so does the chanting amongst the multitude. Gee and Frank both turn to look at Mikey and Ray. Mikey is just smiling like an idiot while Ray just grins and shrugs his shoulders. Gee and Frank look to each other simultaneously.

    “You knew they were gonna want it,” Frank quietly says to Gee.

    “So? We gonna give it to them?”

    “Why not?”

    Even Gee’s eyes are smiling as he leans down towards Frank. Both of them allow their eyes to slide shut as their lips make contact. Drowning out the din of the crowd, both kiss each other softly and passionately. The crowd screams as loud as ever, and hundreds of flashbulb capture the moment in My Chemical Romance history. Frank slowly breaks the kiss.

    He reaches for Gee’s microphone. “Now can we get back to the show, Baby?” he jest. Gee place a quick kiss on Frank’s cheek.

    “I suppose we should. Don’t you guys think so?” Gee asks the crowd. The crowd goes crazy once again as the music for the next song begins.


    I know it's short, but please leave me some nice comments!!
    Loves and hugs to all!
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    WOW it was amazing i loved it and i am glad they officially told their fans it was an amazing finish (if so) you no it was awesome :) great job
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    My heart jumped when I saw this update.
    Absolutely amazing.

    I'm so glad they finally managed to announce their relationship.
    What a lovely chapter (and ending?)
  10. This was cute ^_^ <3
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    So, I have returned to post my last post on this thread, which sadly is not going to be an update. I have gone over and over in my head, battling out whether or not I wanted to write an epilogue for this story.

    Sadly, I have decided I like the way it ends, so I am going to leave it as it is. I hope no one is too terribly disappointed!

    I have truly enjoyed writing this fic, mainly because I wrote it for myself. But thankfully, I found many friends along the way that enjoyed my story with me! I thank each and every person that has read or who will eventually read this fic! It has been my great pleasure to share with you my fantasy of that known as Frerard.

    Hopefully one day, I'll find a new story and begin again, but for now I bid you all "adieu!"
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    I'm going to miss this story so much.
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    I am too!
    I could have sworn on my life that I commented on this, but maybe it was through pm.
    I think that the chapter is adorable.
    Anyway, don't forget to pm a critic to move this to the completed section
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    ^Me three !!

    A perfect ending I must say, and I eagerly anticipate a new story, be it in the near or far future, I shan't be far away. <3

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