You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    good to hear everything went well!
  2. I barely know you but I'm glad your surgery went well, too. Yay, new chapter soon :D
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    it's okay i have this thing where i always feel like a person comes first
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    Chapter 57

    “Do you have everything?” Frank calls out from the bedroom as he zips up another piece of their luggage.

    “Yes,” Gee calls back.

    “You got the tuxes?”


    “The vows?”


    “The list of phone numbers for the bakery, the caterer, the priest… everybody?”


    “The marriage license?”

    “Frankie…” Gee calls back unamused, “we haven’t picked it up yet.”

    “Just making sure you’re listening.” Frank walks into the living room where Gee is gathering all of their bags by the door. He drags the luggage over to the pile and then wraps his arms around Gee’s torso.

    “You realize the next time we walk back through that door, we’ll be husband and husband?”

    Frank pecks Gee’s lips. “I do, Baby.”

    “It doesn’t count yet,” Gee muses.

    “Just practicing,” Frank says as he turns away once again to retrieve another bag.

    “Ray oughta be here shortly.” Gee checks his watch. “Actually, already!”

    Frank reemerges from the bathroom. “He’ll be here,” he replies, as he tosses the toiletries bag on top of the rest of bags. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. Gee swings it open in a huff.

    “Finally…” he greets Ray.

    Ray smirks. “In a hurry to get married?”

    “He’s excited,” Frank retorts. “We both are.”

    Ray throws his hands up in surrender. “Fine. Sorry. So what are we taking of this pile here?”

    “All of it,” Gee answers.

    All of it?! My car’s not that big, ya know! I mean, girls pack this much.”

    “That’d be my Frankie dearest,” Gee replies with a giggle.

    Frank rolls his eyes at Gee’s comment. “We’ll put some in the front seat.”

    “What am I, a taxi service?” Ray questions rhetorically. “Seriously, remind me again why you two don’t drive one of your cars to meet the bus.”

    “We can’t leave that many cars parked in the studio parking lot for over a week. You know that,” Gee reminds him.

    “Fine. You girlscome get your crap in my car so we can go.”

    Without much more talking, Frank and Gee get their stuff added to Ray’s in his car. Once all the stuff is in, Gee locks the door to his house and piles up in the backseat of the car with Frank under Pansy’s case.

    As Ray backs out of the driveway, Gee leans over to kiss Frank, but Ray cuts him off before he can.

    “Nah-ah, not in my car! You two are free to do whatever you want to each other, just not in my car… or in my sight, for that matter. I’ma get enough of the lovey-dovey stuff from the two of you this trip already.”

    “Whatever you say, Fro-mond,” Frank retorts.

    “And don’t call me ‘Fro-mond’.”

    “Someone’s not happy or cheery this morning,” Gee muses in Frank’s direction. Frank giggles, trying hard not to belly laugh.

    “I heard that,” Ray claims. Frank can no longer stifle his giggles and bursts out in full laughter. “Maybe you are too happy this morning.”

    The rest of the short drive to the record label’s office is mostly quiet. Only Frank’s and Gee’s intermittent stifled giggles break the silence. By the time they reach the parking lot, Ray is ready to be out of the car away from the two lovers and dreads having to spend weeks on the bus with them. He nearly jumps from the car before it stops.

    Mikey walks towards the car. “You okay there, Ray?”

    “No! Just take a look at the two damn love birds in my back seat!” He shutters visably. “They won’t stop giggling or touching each other… in my car!

    “They’re just excited is all,” Mikey calmly states.

    “That’s what I said,” Frank calls from the other side of the car, “but Fro-mond didn’t listen to me, so I’m sure he’s not gonna listen to you either.”

    “Can’t a guy be happy about marrying one of his best friends?” Gee questions as he hugs his younger brother.

    “I would think I’d be pretty happy if I were marrying a best friend… of the female species, that is,” Mikey replies.

    Ray rolls his eyes playfully. “Fine. Take their side. We’ll see how long you can handle their sickening lovey-dovey touchy crap.” He smiles at Mikey and pats him on the shoulder. “I bet you can’t make it a whole day with them in that bus.”

    “I bet I can. I’ve been dealing with them for the last two weeks. A day is a walk in the park for me.”

    “We’ll see. They’re extra annoying today.”

    At the same time, Frank and Gee stick out their tongues like children at Ray and then make a big production of kissing each other. Mikey just chuckles at them and begins loading his stuff into the bus.


    Just a bit more fluffy filler, but I am moving closer to that day...
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    The day where they get married and f**k? :lol:
    Love it dearie
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    Hahaha, you say that like they have yet to f**k in this fic! I'm struggling to make that particular chapter something you guys haven't read before, but damn if I haven't exhausted my brain already for positions... (not really! hehe)
  7. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeally good :D -thumbs up- I know im new on this, and there's probably not going to be a lot left to comment on, but I just want you to know you're an amazing writer and I'm gonna practically stalking your stories hehe :D I love how you have the good grammar; not many of the stories i read on here have that about them & it irritates me. :p Well, great update!!
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    Frank and Gee are so cute it's insane!!! I love how they are excited to be married!!! Soon boys, soon!!!! I love this!!! Also, I am glad that you are feeling better!! More when you can!!!!!!

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    awwwwww frankie and gee make me smile and ray get used to it okay it is only fair that they can do as they wish *sticks tongue out at ray along side gee and frankie* :p great update more when you can :)
  10. f**k!!! Okay so, NEW READER here. I've been reading this story for the past couple weeks and the only thing I've don all day is read this, sleep, and listen to music. Sooo... I really enjoy this story and this comment would be a lot better if my brain wasn't dead today.
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    ^Hi new reader! Welcome to my humble little story of Frerard. I have more strories if you'd like to read them. They are linked in my siggie! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    To everyone, I hope you very much enjoy this chapter. I've had it written and beta'ed for over a week, but I'm just getting it posted. I apologize about that! Here we go...

    Chapter 58

    A small breeze of warm wind blows the white bows tied to the aisle seats and the mock alter. The priest stands before the quickly growing crowd of the few family and friends that have been invited. The flowers of the autumn colored bouquets and the fall leaves soak up the warm rays of sun beaming down in the park.

    “It’s a beautiful day for a wedding, isn’t it, Mom?” Frank voices with emotions evident as he stands inside his small tent.

    Linda turns to look at her son, her eyes glinting with the tears of her happiness threatening to fall down her cheeks. Her only child, her baby boy, is marrying the man of his dreams today.

    “It sure is, Sweetheart,” she replies as she pulls Frank into an embrace. “It sure is a beautiful day.”

    Linda brushes imaginary lint from the shoulders of Frank’s tuxedo.

    “Mom, would you pin my boutonniere on for me? I want it to be straight.”

    “Of course, Dear.” Linda takes the single white rosebud boutonniere from Frank and begins positioning it on Frank’s lapel.

    “I’m not nervous, Mom. I just very excited. Shouldn’t I be nervous?”

    “Not necessarily, Frankie,” replies Linda in an affectionate, motherly tone. “If you know Gerard is right for you and you trust you are doing the right thing, why should you be nervous or anxious about it?”

    “Because all you hear about is how nervous people are on their wedding day, and I’m not at all. I can’t wait to be ‘Frank Anthony Iero-Way.’”

    Linda smiles, a tear finally escaping her eyelashes.

    “Oh, Mom,” Frank quickly grabs a tissue from his mother’s purse and dabs her cheek, “you’re going to ruin your makeup.”

    Linda can’t stop a giggle. Even on his wedding day, Frank is concerned with everyone else. Linda pins the boutonniere in place and puts a hand on either of Frank’s cheeks.

    “You’re going to be a wonderful husband to Gerard, Sweetheart.”

    “And Gerard’s going to take good care of Frank, Linda,” states Ray as he steps into the small tent they are in.

    “I know he’ll take good care of my boy. He has so far.”

    “How’s Gee doing over there in his tent?” Frank asks.

    “Same as you. His mom is nearly in tears too. Mikey’s about to walk her to her seat, which is why I’m here. I need to take Linda to her seat as well.”

    “Oh, one more hug before I go?”

    “Sure, Mom.”

    Linda embraces her son tightly once again, whispering in his ear, “I love you so much, and I am so proud of you!” After a moment, she releases Frank, grabs her purse, and goes to take Ray’s extended arm.

    “I’ll be back shortly,” Ray calls out right before him and Linda exit the temporary shelter.

    Frank is left alone. He wishes he had a mirror so he could check to make sure he looks alright. Then his thoughts lead him to Gee, who is just yards away doing the very same thing Frank is doing, sitting alone and reflecting. The thought of Gee brings a soft smile to Frank’s lips. He imagines Gee is filled with nerves about now, but Frank is okay with that.

    Suddenly Ray reemerges into the tent. “You and Gee are meeting at the back of the aisle and not the front, right?”


    “Well, it’s about time.” Ray pats Frank on the shoulder.

    “What? No hug?” Ray laughs and hugs Frank.

    “Congratulations, Frank.”

    “Thanks, man.”

    “But this doesn’t give you a free pass to f**k in the bus all the time,” Ray jokes. Frank just laughs in response.

    Ray hears the priest, Father Abrams, call him from outside. He sticks his head out.

    “We’re ready for you two to come out,” the elder says.

    “Thanks you, Father,” Ray replies and then brings his head back inside the tent door. “You ready?”

    “More than ever! You got Gee’s ring?”

    “In my pocket.” Ray pats his chest.

    “Then let’s go.”

    Ray and Frank step out into the sunlight. A string quartet begins playing soft music as Father Abrams makes his way to the front of the alter.

    All Frank can see is Ray’s fro and back at first. Mikey follows the priest down the aisle and takes his place as Gee’s best man. Then it’s Ray’s turn to take his place as Frank’s best man.

    As Ray steps towards the aisle, Frank finally sees Gee. His face is a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Frank takes a step forward, and their eyes meet. Suddenly, Gee’s face drains of all his anxiety.

    The quartet stops playing for a moment then begins playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The two step forward, and Frank takes Gee’s arm in his.

    “You look gorgeous,” he whispers to Gee.

    “So do you, Sugar.”

    Frank can’t stop himself from allowing his lips to curl up into a tooth-bearing grin.

    It’s a perfect day for a wedding, Gee thinks.


    Anyone cheering or crying? I hope so! It's been a long time coming for these two! Loves and hugs to ALL my readers!!
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    aww i was literally in tears of joy it is so cute i am so glad that they are happy i was in tears but they were happy tears well done :'( <--- happy) cant wait for the actual marriage i bet the moms will be in tears by the end of it loves and hugs to you too
  13. Frank can’t stop himself from allowing his lips to curl up into a tooth-bearing grin.
    Hahaha just as I read this, this is what happened to me. I really do love this story a lot.
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    Whoo whoo! I was wondering when you were gonna post this. I adore this chapter <3
  15. AWWWWWWWWWWWH. I've been waiting for this chapter.... it's everything I thought it'd be ;D Anyways, great job, can't wait for the rest of the wedding. Is it gonna be a 'happily ever after' wedding, or a 'something goes wrong' wedding? Just curious... :D
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    Hi! I don't know if I've commented on this story- I've kinda been creeping on this for a long time, but that's only because I couldn't find my password and it wouldn't let me reset it! :p Anyway, I love love love this story! It's my favorite Frerard I've ever read ( and I've read a lot ) This chapter was so adorably adorable! I love it! Hopefully, nothing will go wrong. (Like that's ever gonna happen.) I can't wait for the actual wedding. :)
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    I just read the last chapter and this one and im bawling, its so sweet and amazing and awwwwwww * speechless*
    It's so beautiful and gahh I love this fic <3_<3
    I wanna read on so bad, but obviously take your time no rush :3
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    This is sooo good!!! Can't wait for the ceremony! I will try not to cry as much as my character will.

    No promises.

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    I am back to the land of Internet in My Own Home, so I am working feverishly on the chapter that is WAY overdue.

    It has been a LONG time since certain promises were made, so if you were promised a small cameo in this and I have yet to fulfill that promise, please let me know here so I can make that happen. I promise to have the next chapter written by the end of the week and out to my beta, Kat. As for how long it will take her to get it betaed and back to me is up to her, but as soon as I have it back from her, it WILL be posted.

    I apologize for my long break in this story. I have had some personal issues I had to deal with, including internet troubles. I am officially back, but I am sorry to say my life will no longer be all consumed by my fanfics as before.

    I look forward to having completed this fic soon! Thanks for everyones continued support!!
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    Well it is amazing either way so if you take a while to update we are fine with that :) this fic is perfect

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