You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    Just had a MAJOR catch up.. It's all so sweet and I'm so glad you've had them have little real life problems mixed in with all the lovey stuff.. =')

    Hope all is okay, much love for you. (and the story, but you are far more important.)
    Update only when possible, nobody's going to rush you. ^_^

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    new reader:) im in love with this story! you've had me giggleing, and crying through out this story! lol cant wait for an update!
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    Ok, I'm all better! It's ok that you won't be able to post a lot! I'm glad that you've returned (obviously) and will wait patiently for as long as you need! Best of luck with whatever is troubling you!!!!

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    yeyeyeyey she back and it fine :)
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    I FINALLY wrote a new chapter for this! YEY!! :mosh: But it's just filler really...

    Chapter 55

    “May I help you, sirs?” the lady behind the counter greets. She has dark brown hair pulled up behind her head, with dark brown eyes, and wears a shade of pink lip gloss that matches her blouse. Frank practically bounces up to the counter.

    “We need to apply for a marriage license,” he states overly enthusiastic. Gerard just giggles.

    “And this is for a same sex marriage?”

    “Yes, ma’am.” The lady smiles at Frank.

    “Are you aware that only a few states will recognize yours as a lawful union? In most states, your completed marriage license will be just another piece of paper.”

    “We live in New Jersey,” Frank answers her question, knowing she would know that New Jersey law recognizes same sex marriages.

    “Oh, okay.” She pulls a few sheets of paper from a drawer below the counter and then clips them on a clipboard. “Fill these out, and then bring them back up to the counter,” she states as Frank takes the clipboard.

    The two take a seat across the lobby, and Frank begins filling out the paperwork. It’s basic information about their addresses, parents’ names, dates of birth, et cetera. Gerard notices a young blonde taking quite the interest in Frank. Jealousy begins to stir in the pit of his stomach unknowingly.

    Once Frank has filled in as much of the information as he can, he passes the clipboard to Gerard. Gerard busies himself with filling in the still blank entries.

    “I like your tattoos. Those are pretty awesome,” Gerard hears a female voice say. He looks up and straight into the face of the young blonde.

    “Thanks,” Frank replies nonchalantly, hardly glancing at the girl. He’s more interested in Gerard finishing up the paperwork.

    “Are you getting married?”

    “Yes, we are,” Gerard snaps a little too harshly. Frank smiles and pats his thigh.

    “This is my fiancé,” Frank informs her, barely tossing her a second glance.

    “Oh.” The blonde girl sounds deflated and walks off.

    “This isn’t the best place to be trying to meet someone,” Gerard mumbles as he rolls his eyes at her back.

    “She wasn’t my type,” Frank jokes. “She wasn’t Gerardy enough for me.”

    Gerard lets out a single chuckles and smiles at Frank. “Gerardy?”

    “Would you prefer ‘Gerard-like’?” Frank laughs. “Just finish the paperwork.”

    Gerard quickly finishes and signs his name under Frank’s. He takes a deep breath, relieved that all that’s left now are the I do’s; he knows Frank is happy about that as well. Both walk back over to the counter, Frank still practically bouncing.

    “Finished?” the lady in the pink shirt asks.

    “Yes we are,” Gerard answers this time. The lady looks over the paperwork.

    “And I’m going to need both of your state issued ID’s please.” She pauses. “You know these applications are public records, right?” she asks when she notices their employment information. “This isn’t going to be kept confidential.”

    Frank’s face scrunches in concern as he turns it towards Gerard, his bounce suddenly gone. Gerard smiles sweetly at him and winks.

    “We don’t plan on keeping it secret for long. We plan on making it known to our fans very soon.” Frank’s face relaxes into a grin, and Gerard pecks his lips. “Why would we want to keep it a secret, Sugar?” he asks frank directly but rhetorically. Frank only smiles bigger in reply, his bounce returning once again.

    “Okay, then,” the lady behind the counter interrupts their moment. “It appears everything is in order. Out of state applications take a few extra days sometimes, so your license should be ready for pick up in a little over a week. All I need now is to go make copies of your driver’s licenses. I’ll be right back.” She walks through a door and out of sight.

    “See, Baby?” It’s good we came today instead of waiting,” Frank slightly taunts Gerard.

    “Yeah, yeah. I guess you were right, Frankie.”

    Quickly the lady returns. “Here are your ID’s back. I wish you both congratulations and the best of luck.”

    “Thank you,” the pair replies in unison. They turn and walk out of the office, and Gerard sees the young blonde again eyeing Frank. He glares at the girl and laces his fingers between Frank’s.

    Once they are back out in the parking lot, Frank speaks. “What was all that jealousy about?” his tone soft.

    “I didn’t like her ogling at you like that.”

    “I’m not going anywhere, you know. I’m all yours… forever.”

    “I know, Sugar, I know. I’ll just be a little more at ease when everyone else knows it too.” To Gerard’s surprise, he actually means it and in more than one way.

    They make it to the car and both climb in. “You sure? I got the feeling you were a little weirded out earlier at the Tux shop.”

    “Bein’ honest, I was, but I’ll be okay. I really do love you! And in all seriousness, I am a little excited about making the big announcement to our fans. I think they are going to take the news really well.”

    Frank is speechless. Gerard is seldom that open and honest with him, but he knows Gerard is telling the truth. And this truth is welcome knowledge to Frank’s ears.


    Please leave me a comment!!
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    My gosh I can't wait!!!! I think I may be more excited than Gee and Frankie!! In fact, I KNOW I am!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!:hearts: Update as soon as you can!!! But you don't have to rush on my account. I will survive...I think!:tongue:

    BTW, I am SO glad that you have returned! I hope all is going well on your end!!!! Great hearing from you again! Lots of love!:^_^:

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    -New Reader...sorta-

    I. Love. This.

    I love they way they just fit so well together and this wasn't some 'Love-At-First-Sight' and they end up getting married with no trouble. I loved they way you made Frank in love with Gerard and Gerard with Frank not some Totally-happy-no-problems-with-each-other type thing, but more of what a real relationship is like. Ups ands downs, fights aurguments ect.

    I would type more, but i'm on my iPod, so after the next update i'll write more :3

    Over all I simply love this fic, amazing update :) :wub:
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    dawwwwwww who cares if it is a filler gerard and frankie are nearly married nearly can't wait oh i wonder what the crowds reation will be naahh i will wait i love this and i like the fact that i am more happy than gee and frankie oh well cant wait till they get married
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    OMGee Your back *dances around in joy* and with an incredibly amazing update!!!! :D <3
    *is getting seriously excited for the wedding now!!!* just dhgklwregwrklg!
    *doesnt know what else to say*
    Just awesome and amazing and cant wait for the next update!!! :3 <3
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    Gah I want a new chapter!!. -keeps hitting refresh waiting for a pm to pop up-
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    Just for Kat... (not really, I had it written already but hadn't gotten it typed up yet...) because I love her SO!!!

    Chapter 56

    By the time the guys get home, it’s growing late into the night. They had driven on a little farther to see the park in person where they would be saying their vows, and then they had stopped once they were back on the road towards home for some dinner. The closer towards home they got, the more peaceful Gee became with this whole thing.

    Gee unlocks the door and steps in ahead of Frank. As soon as Frank shuts the door and turns to walk further in, Gee smashes their lips together. Frank melts into Gee’s touch. Their tongues dance together in what has become second nature to them both. Not really wanting to, Frank breaks the passionate kiss.

    “You couldn’t wait until we made it to the bed?” Frank asks in a quiet, joking manner.

    “Nah-ah,” Gee breathes. He wraps a hand around the back of Frank’s head to pull him back into another kiss while the fingers of his other hand hook into the waistband of Frank’s jeans. Frank hums into the kiss at the sensation of Gee beginning to undo his jeans. This time Gee breaks the kiss.

    Hanging on to the button on Frank’s jeans, Gee pulls the willing Frank towards to bedroom, not even bothering to turn on any lights. As they enter, Gee turns towards Frank and slides his hand over Frank’s hips under his undone jeans, hooking his thumbs on the waistband. He slowly slides the jeans down, enjoying the sensation of rubbing Frank the way he is and the sight of Frank’s freshly unclothed hard-on.

    A low, throaty groan escapes Frank as Gee begins teasing the tip of Frank’s length with his tongue. Without warning, Frank pushes Gee off balance and into the floor. He quickly disposes of his jeans into the darkness and goes to work on doing the same with Gee’s jeans. After they too have disappeared into the dark, Frank straddles Gee’s hips and begins moving his hips, rubbing their hard dicks together.

    “You couldn’t wait until we got to the bed?” Gee mocks in a tone that can’t hide his desire.

    “You didn’t seem like you cared much about the bed. But I suppose the lube is in the nightstand, isn’t it?” Frank replies, his own lust as evident as Gee’s.

    “Mm-hmm,” Gee hums.

    “But I like the floor…” Even though he can barely see in the darkness, Gee knows Frank is giving him puppy eyes.

    “You’re the one gonna have rug burn on your knees in the morning, not me.”

    Gee hears Frank giggle. “Then I suppose I’ll have to grab the comforter while I’m getting the lube, won’t I?” Frank quickly retrieves the two items. Gee takes the opportunity to lose his shirt. Frank does the same while Gee spreads the comforter out.

    Without wasting any more time, Frank pours some lube on his fingers, smearing it on Gee’s entrance before sliding in two fingers. Gee moans in approval. Frank goes to work stretching Gee out while rubbing and gently tugging on Gee’s balls. Gee quickly adapts, and Frank slides in another finger. A deep sound rolls off Gee’s tongue resembling Frank’s name. Frank takes it as a sign that Gee is prepared enough.

    Frank gets up on his knees and presses the tip of his length against Gee’s awaiting entrance. Slowly Frank pushes himself into Gee’s warmth. Gee pushes up against Frank. Frank moves his hips gently at first to somewhat allow Gee to adjust.

    “Oh my… Frank…” Gee moans.

    “Uh-huh,” Frank breathes in reply.

    Gee bucks his hips to urge Frank to thrust faster, which Frank is happy to oblige. Gee slides his hands around Frank’s side and digs his fingertips into his shoulders, pulling them chest to chest.

    Together two bodies writhe together on the floor in the dark, filling the room with moans and breathily called names. Gee runs his hands down Frank’s sides and down to his butt, cupping a cheek in each hand. Frank thrusts deeper causing Gee’s back to arch sharply. The friction of both of their stomachs on Gee’s length brings him over the edge, and his thick, white juice forces its way out. Feeling the warmth of Gee’s cum on his stomach and the clinching of Gee’s muscles brings Frank closer to own bliss. He slams his hips into Gee’s butt only a few more times before releasing his own orgasm inside of Gee.

    Sweaty and spent, Frank collapses on Gee’s chest. Gee slides his hands back up the small of Frank’s back to encircle Frank. Frank lies still, enjoying the smell of Gee’s musk, the sound of Gee’s heart racing, and the feeling of Gee’s arms wrapped around him. There is absolutely no other place in the entire world Frank or Gee would rather be.

    After some time has passed, Gee asks, “Frankie, Sugar, are you ever going to pull out?”

    “Why? I love where I’m at.”

    “But I need to go pee.”

    Frank groans. “Okay, fine then,” he replies in mock frustration. While Gee goes to relieve himself, Frank makes his way through the dark to replace the comforter on the bed and put the lube back in the drawer.

    When Gee returns, Frank begins to walk out of the room.

    “Where are you going?”

    “You’re not the only one that has to go, Babe.”

    Gee flips on the light for only a moment to see that Frank has readied the bed for them. He flips the light back off and climbs into their bed. Shortly after, Frank joins him.

    “I’m surprised we aren’t sleeping in the floor,” Gee jests at Frank.

    “Nah. It’s been a long day, and I’d rather sleep in our comfy bed snuggled up to my comfy soon-to-be-husband.”

    “I love you, Frankie,” Gee says softly.

    “I love you too, Gee.”

    They snuggle up close together to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Hugs and Loves to everyone!! I'm not going to be on for a few days, so everyone knows. (I have to have my gallbladder taken out... :()

    Edit: WOW! I'm over 13,000 views. I'm so humbled!
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    Woot woot! deds to moi -dances-
    I really like this chapter even if you think it's repetitive. Even so it's just so good though
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    awwwwwwwwww that is so amazing and cute at the same time well done
  14. *New Reader*
    I think this story is a m a z i n g !!! I started reading it last night, and after that I read nonstop! I'm finally caught up! I can't wait to see what's going to happen next! They're so cute together, I laughed and cried, it's funny. My sister kept looking at me funny, she was like "what are you reading" at the exact moment I was reading one of the 'older' parts. Then she was like "EWWWWWW" and left my room lol, it was funny. But I'm really looking forward to the next update! No rushing, just hoping! Good job!
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    ^Aww, thank you. I am working on the next chapter now. I have two oneshots and another chapter fic that I have links to in my signature down there, if you'd like to read those. Unfortunately this fic is nearing the end... :'(

    I appreciate that your one comment is on my fic. There are certainly some good fics on this forum! I am humbled that certain people *coughyouknowwhoyouarecough* regard mine so highly! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to let me know you enjoyed what you've read so far.
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    As per usual...I LOVED IT!!!!!!! More when you can!!!!

    Also, I hope your surgery went/will go well!!!!!!
  17. Yeah, I got that it is near ending. I just really wanted to see the wedding chapter.(; You did a really good job, the starting, how they eventually got close, the problems and drawbacks. I really want to see how this story ends. I'm pretty surprised with myself; I actually read everything before in 2 days tops. lol I guess that means you're a reeeeeally good writer, which you are. Can't wait for the next update! No pressure; take as much time as you need. I'm sure it will come out fabulous! :D
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    Hi, sweetie. Thanks for the comment, and, so everyone knows (if they care to know :roll: ), my surgery went very well. I am recooperating quite well, and using my down time to work on my fics. :clap:

    I shall have the new chapter up in a day or two.
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    as long as you are getting better is all that matters and take your time writing and good that you are getting better
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    ^Thanks, darling!

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