You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    (I was unaware all this was going on, or I would have addressed it earlier.)

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  3. *new reader* uh...hi! :) imma try not make myself seem too awkward...I wish myself luck :) I just wanted to tell you that this is a brilliant story, and I'm definitely going to keep reading and checking for updates! You are so amazingly talented! This story makes me go all gooey inside LOL... And yeah, now there's the awkward part...skittle anyone?
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    I loved the chapter :] It was adorable and I'm looking forward to the big wedding chapter, Dear.

    Next update I'll respond quicker xD

    I'm guessing something amazing is going to happen soon.. Hmm. Much Love. xx
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  9. Hey!! *NEW READER*
    I am almost through the whole thing and just one word for you AMAZING!
    I never really know what to say in these things...
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    ^Hi, new reader!! *waves* Thanks for reading!!

    So long overdue, I have finally completed the next chapter... As always, I am so appreciative of your continued patience and support as I try to continue writing and begin the new school year! :wub:

    Chapter 54
    “What about this one?” Frank pulls out another tux from the rack. Gee crinkles his nose, slightly shaking his head no.

    “It’s too… too traditional… too normal for us.”

    Frank had called and made the reservations for the park for the day before the show in Massachusetts. Today, they are selecting their tuxedos.

    “They have more, Gerard,” Frank states with a slight chuckle in his voice. “We’ve only looked at two.”

    “I want something with an ascot, none of this tie bull poop… and a ruffled shirt.”

    Frank laughs, “Let’s see what we can find.” Frank rummages through the rack some more. Gee gingerly touches a few like he might catch a deadly disease.

    He knows he wants this. He wants to marry Frank, but this is moving very quickly. When he proposed the idea of getting married before the show, he hadn’t thought of how fast all the arrangements would need to be made. He glances at Frank. The look on Frank’s face exudes his elation of the whole process. Gee tries to smile to himself, to tell himself he’s just having cold feet. He lifts the sleeve of another tux with a couple of fingertips.

    “Gee, Gee,” Frank calls overly enthusiastically. He must have found something, Gee thinks. “Look at this one, Gee.” Frank is pulling the tux off the rack. All Gee can see is the back of it until Frank turns it around. Gee smiles, a genuine smile this time.

    “I love it, Sugar. But what are you going to wear?”

    “I know exactly what I want,” Frank answers with a wink. All Gee can do is giggle. “Why don’t you go try this one on while I go find mine?”


    Gee stands in front of the three panel mirror looking at himself in the suit he is going to marry Frank in. A wave of nausea twists his stomach. He lets his eyes slip shut, drawing in a slow deep breath and holding it. I love him. That’s why I’m here. Gee slowly lets the air out of his lungs as his chin drops to his chest. This is just nerves. I never thought I’d be marrying anyone. I know I want to marry Frank. I do!

    “Gee, how’s it goin’ in there? Let me see!” Gee startles at Frank’s voice jerking him back to reality from his thoughts. He says the first thing that comes to his mind.

    “You can’t see me right now. It’s bad luck!” he exclaims in a voice he hopes doesn’t show his jittery nerves right now.

    “That’s for the bride in her dress, dummy.”

    “Well…” Gee easily slides back into a joking manner, “we seem to be short one of those in this party here, so I am applying it to both of us.” Gee can hear Frank’s stifled giggles through the door of the dressing room.

    After a moment Frank responds. “Fine. Then I’m going to try mine on then. And I’m not gonna even let you see it on the hanger,” a mock tone of aggravation in his voice.


    “What else are we going to do today?” Frank knows he has a plan for the rest of the day, if he can get Gee to go along.

    “Lunch? I don’t know.” Gee has been unusually quiet since they left the tuxedo shop. He is still reeling from the bout of apprehension he had back there. And he knows Frank must have plans. The question is what Frank wants to go do.

    “We still have time for a drive. I don’t mind drivin’ it. You can lay back and nap if you want.” Gee eyes Frank from the passenger seat. Frank never takes his eyes off the road, telling Gee this is going to be something hard for Frank to ask for.

    “Where are we driving to, Frankie?” Gee asks as playfully as he can manage, trying to make this request easier for him.

    Frank just stares straight ahead. He finally takes a breath and rushes out, “Massachusetts.”

    Gee knows why and the knotted feeling in his stomach suddenly returns. He swallows hard. “I thought we were going to do that on our way through there before hand,” his voice losing his lighthearted tone.

    “I just…” Frank hesitates, “I just wanna make sure it’s taken care of. I don’t wanna run into any problems.”

    They sit in silence for a minute. To Gee, this is the final commitment, going to apply for the marriage license. And Frank knows it. Gee swallows down the bile masquerading as anxiety in his throat.

    “We don’t have to, Gee. I was just trying to make sure we didn’t run into any problems.” Gee can hear the slight disappointment in Frank’s words. His lips begin to part, about to speak as he turns towards Frank. Frank raises his left hand to brush a strand of hair out of his face. That faint white line catches Gee’s gaze.

    As suddenly as his anxiety had appeared, a wave of calm replaces it. Just as he had told Frank it would, that permanent mark is all Gee needs to remind him that this is exactly as it should be and how much he loves Frank. He slides his hand over Frank’s thigh, patting the inside of it softly.

    “I suppose we should get something to eat on the way, don’t you?”


    I am not completely happy with this chapter, but I didn't want to make you wait longer for a better version. I hope you still enjoyed it all the same!
  11. *claps* yay! I like this story a LOT :) <new reader> hi :) anyway, you are mega talented! I love this story, you and it are awesome :) keep updating! Pleeeeeeeease!!!! :)

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    Aww! Poor Gee has wedding jitters. I guess it's understandable considering he wasn't planning on getting married at all just a short while ago. (I wonder if he had this in real life?) I hope he won't chicken out, even if it does allow for a great plot...:glare:

    Hope to read more soon!
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    Great update!
    Shame Gee was getting cold feet, and its kinda sad how what Frank did reminds him why hes doing this... :/
    I agree with the above ^^ would make a great plot instead of happily ever after, but I really do want the wedding to happen (even if you have to make some more bad things happen).
    Cant wait for another update but take as long as you want and need. :)
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    *CLAPS* very well done and i think that this is fine so dont go worrying it is really good, and are we going to see a picture of the cake or is it just gonna be a picture in our heads and i would not of minded if the story came a bit later it is fine with me
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    okay, im only on page 4 but this is so intense, its really good and im gonna be late for school if i carry on reading so i better stop, i dont wanna but this stry is so well written and is diffrent to others ones i have read, well done!
  16. Poor Gerard getting the jitters. That's so cute! Have to put that aside and have our favourite couple united!

    Update, please!
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    Hate to tell you all but she is not going to update for a while. Something happened (it's personal) so she is not going to be online for a while.
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    Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything is ok. Give her my best and I'm sure we will all be patient and wait here until she gets back!

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    awww i am so sorry to hear about it i hope things are better soon (not so i can read the story) because i am caring and i hope she is better/ finding things better soon
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    Thanks to everyone for the concern and nice words! I am hoping to be back to writing and posting my fics as usual very soon.

    Unfortunately, I must say I will not be returning in the same manner I was on before. I have had to see how much time I was spending online, and it was too much. I will be keeping in contact with my regular friends via PM's though!!

    Loves to all!

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