You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    Awwwww so sweet! :3
    Passion and love making, just perfect and beautiful <3
    Amazing update as always. :) <3
    More soon when you can pwease (but no pressure or rush) :3
  2. That is so HOT!
  3. crescendo.

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    Oh that was amazing... I am so upset I didn't get to beta though :'(
    I'm glad Frank was so understanding and Gerard explained everything to him anyway. It was so beautiful
  4. Frerard has to communicate with each other and that's what they are doing. Keep them going!

    I love it!
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    *new reader!* (well kinda it took me a week to read all of it haha)
    i LOVE ur story your an amazing writer and i love how much process frank&gee made like it wasnt instant love they had to work at it. i cant wait till ya update again xoxoTaylor
    ps sorry my comments are lame lawl
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    wow that is so amazing
    it is the best frerard, and even though my frerard was a five star yours is such a better five star it deserves it and my stars out of 100
    *************************************************************************************************************************************** 100/100 stars it deserves it and i hardly give complements so this is the biggest complement i have given but you truly deserve it
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    Guess what! I have an update for you guys!! Although, Kat is going to kill me; this is the second update in a row she hasn't gotten to beta before I posted it! I so need to stop that...

    Chapter 53

    “So I did some looking, and right near the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts next week,” Frank starts as he and Gee are finally getting dressed, “there’s this park called Elm Park. It has a bunch of old bridges and stuff. It looks really pretty. I wouldn’t mind having the wedding there.”

    “If that’s where you want to have it, it’s fine with me.” Gee pulls on a black leather jacket over his old band t-shirt. “I suppose we need to have an idea of where to have it before our appointment today.”

    Frank giggles at the thought of what they are getting ready for. Today, they are making some arrangements for the wedding. “The only problem with Massachusetts is the law requiring a three day wait for the license.”

    “I think we pass through there a few days before. We’ll just have to make sure we stop and apply on our way through.” Gee hugs Frank tightly, rubbing a hand up and down Frank’s back, and places a quick kiss on Frank’s cheek. “We’ll get it worked out. You ‘bout ready to leave?”

    Frank looks down at himself, eyeing what he can see of his clothes pressed against Gee’s. “I guess.”

    In the car, the conversation continues. “How formal do you want this to be? The wedding, I mean.” Gee asks Frank.

    “Not too formal, really. I’d be happy to marry you in a courthouse honestly. I just want to make it official.” Frank turns his gaze towards Gee as Gee drives down the road. A large grin grows on Gee’s features.

    “Well, you said you like that park. Do you want a ceremony and a party afterwards?”

    “I’d like that, but not a huge one. Just a few family friends, like less than the party last night… and those three aren’t invited.” Gee laughs at Frank’s tone.

    “I completely agree.”

    “What do you want, Gee? You keep asking me what I want, but don’t you have something you want for our wedding?”

    “You to be happy?” Gee pauses. He really doesn’t care. He never thought he’d be marrying anyone, so whatever Frank wants is what it will be. “I really don’t have any specific desires.”

    “Uh-huh,” Frank grunts, completely unconvinced.


    The young lady at the counter smiles sweetly at them as Frank and Gee stroll into the bakery hand in hand. Gee has long since left his qualms about public displays of affection behind. “How may I help you?” she asks.

    “We have an appointment for a cake tasting,” Gee replies, nodding his head Frank’s direction.

    “And what name was it made under?”

    “Iero-Way.” Frank looks to Gee as the woman walks into the back.

    “Iero-Way?” he asks Gee.

    “I didn’t know whose name to give them, so I gave them both,” Gee giggles. Frank thinks for a minute.

    “Frank Iero-Way… Gerard Iero-Way…” he whispers to himself, before announcing to Gee, “I like it. We should change our names to that.” Gee winks at Frank.

    “I like it, too.”

    “Iero-Way party,” a different woman calls from behind the counter.

    “We’re here,” Frank answers this time, raising an open hand up next to his head.

    “If you’ll follow me please…” She is wearing a white uniform covered on the front in little splotches of colors. Gee can appreciate the “artist look;” he often wears stains of ink on his hands. Her short, strawberry-blonde hair is pulled back behind her head. She leads the two to a smaller room that is obviously decorated to please the taste of discriminating brides and not two men. In the center of the room is a table with six chairs.

    “Let me start with, my name is Cara. I’m the head decorator here. I do all the wedding cakes. It’s nice to meet you.”

    “I’m Gerard. This is Frank.”

    “Do you not have anyone else with you today?” she asks politely.

    “No, it’s just us. We’re kinda planning this with very short notice.”

    Cara nods. “I’m just not used to consultations with only the groom.”

    Gee gives her a puzzled look, but Frank catches her mistake. “We’re both ‘the groom’ actually. We’re marrying each other.”

    “Well, congratulations,” Cara states with mock enthusiasm. Frank’s not sure if this is just mundane and routine to her or if she has a problem with same-sex marriage, but he dismisses her attitude. “I’m assuming then you aren’t marrying in New Jersey.”

    “No, we’re thinking Elm Park in Worcester.”

    “Oh, that’s a nice place. We do a lot of cakes for weddings out there. You said this is being planned quickly. How soon will you be needing the cake?”

    Gee and Frank exchange a glance. “Eleven days,” they answer in unison.

    “As long I have more than seven… So, any ideas on the cake?”

    “Is there… what options are there?” Gee’s never thought much about wedding cakes, but how many kinds could there be?

    “You can do a stacked tiered cake, a separated tiered cake, cheesecakes, individual cakes for each table at the reception… I’ve even done a wedding that the bride wanted a display of cupcakes. So, any ideas?”

    “Babe?” Gee looks to Frank. Frank just looks back at him then turns towards Cara.

    “A regular cake?”

    “Let’s do this…” Cara stands and steps over to a small shelf with several binders on it. She pulls one off and settles back down at the table, flipping open the cover and turning it to face the guys. “This is a book of examples. If you see anything that catches your eye, we can take that and customize it for you, make it a little more ‘you’.”

    Frank flips a couple of pages. Both of them carefully look at each page. Most of the cakes are very traditional with a bride and groom on top of it, lots of white and pink, plenty of flowers, and dainty details. Frank finally speaks up after looking at over a dozen pictures, “Do you have anything less… less gir—feminine?”

    Cara smiles. “Towards the back.” She leans over and flips quite a few pages in the book. “Here we go. Could you tell me more about yourselves or your wedding? I might be able to help you narrow it down.”

    After another hour and a half, Frank and Gee have helped Cara design a custom wedding cake. They have had what seems like an entire meal of different types of cake layers and icings and selected their favorites of the group. Once they have reserved the park for the date next week, the only thing left to do is pay for the cake and the delivery fees.


    So, please don't shoot me. I know this is more filler than anything. I've been doing so much research on same-sex marriages, marriage laws, venues, locations of venues, etc, it was all I could think of. The only thing I don't have to research is wedding cakes; I used to be a cake decorator. I even designed and sketched their cake myself, YEY!!

    Love you guys!! Please leave your thoughts!!
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    really good and cant wait it will be such a sweet wedding, it will be full of love *hopefully* and it will be ace to read more <3 it
  9. crescendo.

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    -takes out machine gun- Really Miz you couldn't wait until Monday... or today even -sighs- oh well, but there were a few things I could've touched up.
    I love the chapter though dear. I thought it was very cute :)
  10. Miz Erie

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    Don't blame me! It was KK and Nikki on MCRF! They were BEGGING me for an update! How could I deny them their drug?! (I didn't think you would be on today, and, if you did, I think you would have time to beta it for me!!)

    You can still touch it up! It would be great for the post on Mibba, whenever I get to this chapter on Mibba! And I'm not posting the ATSWTE until you get done with it!!

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    :lol: Fine -puts away the gun and pulls out "Threat Angel's" Bow and Arrow... get it... next time tell them that I HAVE to beta it first
  12. Miz Erie

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    ^Yes, ma'am.
  13. Loved that update! whoot! Worcester! loving this fic XD
    Cant wait for the wedding! XD
    keep updating its awesome XD
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    Awesome update as usual! <3 :3
    Really wanna know what the cake looks like! :p
    Cant wait for the wedding! :D

    I am jealous you used to be a cake decorator, my ambition in life is to be a pastry chef! :3
    Anyway... looking forward to the next update but as always take your time, no rush ;)
  15. Miz Erie

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    ^I loved decorating cakes, but professionally wasn't for me!

    I want to be a published author! My backup plan is to be an Engineering Graphic drafter.
  16. ~Toxic-Bliss~

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    Yeah it is great fun and I know were your coming from, but I love baking and do it a lot, my best creation being this years birthday cake, the cake itself green and black then painted on the icing with food colouring! :3 Would show a pic, but 1 not sure how and 2 on a comp on holiday atm. :L
    Anyway, from what you write on here you would and Im sure will make an amazing published author! ;D and thats a pretty cool back up plan! ;)
    And whoops, kinda off topic sorry...
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    Guys, I love cake as much as the next kid, but let's try to keep this on topic. :)
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    @MyFrerardKisses :w00t: OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love your MCR remake of the Kesha song!!!! That is so awesome! Can I borrow that...indefinitely? :whistling:...:ninja:

    @Miz Erie I love this story!!! And now I want cake!!!!! Update soon!!!!!!! :^_^:
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    Prufrock: Hate to say this, it was still related to the story and the conversation was over about two hours ago. They also didn't go very over board what two posts each maximum.
    I don't want to sound like a witch but it is true
    The chapter was about Frank and Gerard getting a wedding CAKE there really isn't much more to talk about but the CAKE
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    ^ If the last chapter was about Frank and Gerard getting their wedding cake, then discussing that would be fine. However, talking about past/future jobs and cakes you've made is clearly not on topic. I'm aware that the conversation had apparently stopped a couple hours prior to my post, but it could've easily been picked back up when one of them returned to the thread later. Also, hate to say it, but going off topic doesn't begin when you make *insert random number* posts. It happens as soon as someone posts something that's off topic. It's my job to moderate this section of the site and that's what I'm doing when I attempt to nip things like this in the bud. If you have any questions about this, feel free to PM me. I'm done discussing it here.

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